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Chapter 42 [Princess Maiden and Female Blacksmith] A Princess who Wants to be Committed and a Female Blacksmith whose Timing is Bad

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 Shortly after Alexis sees Fatima off, he hears a knock at his door

 (Huh? Did she come back?)

 He thinks so, and reply, “The door is open!”

 The door opened, and Fransisca entered the room

 ”U-Umm, Alexis-sama, have you already done with Fatima…?”

 Fransisca looked embarrassed, but she came into the room with a wiggle, which made Alexis roll his eyes

 ”What, you’re here as well? What if we’re in the middle of something?”

 ”I-It’s no problem. I just met with Fatima.”

 After saying so, she mumbled with reddish face, “…Well, I saw her stomach was bulging, so I recognized it right away.”

 Upon seeing Fransisca’s complicated expression, Alexis smiles at her

 ”Oh, right. You love getting do it inside, don’t you?”

 Fransisca growls a little and turns her head down

 However, her desire for Alexis to do something naughty was more important than that

 So, Fransisca tried to string together the words “T-That’s” as if she was having a hard time saying it

 However, she seems to have chosen to approach Alexis in the end

 She walks toward Alexis, who is sitting on the bed, and stops right in front of him


 She doesn’t do anything more, and she seems not to know what to do

 In that case, Alexis thinks he should discipline her

 ”If you want me to do it, you have to kneel here and motivate me. But you know I just had done it with Fatima, right? So, without a little luck, I might not be able to handle you?”

 Fransisca gulped when she heard Alexis’ words

 And thinking that she had to do her best, she kneeled down in front of Alexis’ lap, pushing down her shyness. She then kneels down in front of him between his legs and looks up at Alexis

 ”S-So, what do I do?”

 ”Well, what do you do? You can touch me, you can show me your naughty face, or you can just beg me with words. Don’t you understand it even if I don’t tell you?”

 After hearing Alexis’ exasperated voice, Fransisca shook her head

 ”I-I understand…”

 She didn’t want to be disliked

 However, no matter which method he suggested, she felt embarrassed

 But Alexis would never make a move if she didn’t approach him. Fransisca also has already learned that he is that kind of person

 In the end, Fransisca, rummages through her clothes with a blush

 She pulls them down to her bosom, exposing her white breasts, and then starts to touch Alexis’s body gently through his pants

 ”A-Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca gasps for air because of the embarrassing and degrading behavior she is performing

 Nevertheless, to Alexis, Fransisca’s breasts look modest compared to Fatima’s breasts that she had just seen, even through the cloth

 Her breasts are big enough to give a good breastjob, which is not a luxury, but it does make him feel little good

 In addition, the stimulation is too indirect. Of course, he doesn’t move a muscle


 Because this is not going to work, Fransisca finally puts her hand on Alexis’ pants. She loosens his belt and pulls down his pants, and gently pulls out a small, soft object. It is a rather new visual for Fransisca, since she usually sees it bulging, stretching, and moving

 Not only that, but the freshly used one was still wet and dirty with various liquids

 ”A-Alexis-sama’s thing, why is it like this…?”

 Fransisca could not help but let out a bewildered sound

 She thought it looked like a puppy wandering around in the rain soaking wet. But in reality, it was more of a caterpillar than a puppy

 ”I told you, didn’t I? I just had done it with Fatima and I’m satisfied. It takes a lot of effort to get her in the mood. Come on, you should’ve waited a little longer…”

 Alexis looks down at Fransisca, who is sitting on her knees with her cheeks stained and staring intently at the object

 ”…I’m not saying you can’t. It depends on how hard you try. But if licking and touching my thing is too hard. You can even beg me for it, you know? You are a slave, but I’ll give you special permission this time.”

 Alexis would love to hear the secret words spoken by the innocent voice from her lips, which are still in a posture of shame. He really wanted to hear it now


 Fransisca’s cheeks become more vermilion

 But perhaps her desire to be naughty is stronger than her shame, eventually she moves her face toward his object

 ”A-Alexis, sama…”

 She spins the words in a muffled voice

 ”C-Could you do something naughty for me too? Like Fatima…”

 Fransisca gulps a saliva

 ”O-On this place…?”

 Fransisca’s face moved toward his soaking wet thing while her breath labored

 ”I want you to… bully me… with your p*nis…”

 Fransisca flicked the tip of her tongue gently over Alexis’ p*nis

 And after a jerk, Alexis smiles at her

 ”Well… but I don’t feel like to do it here. After all, this place is so muddy and dirty”

 Such an attitude stimulated Alexis’ taste for s*x. It made him want to make her serve him with her clean hands and tongue, even though he had no intention to touch her

 But Fransisca was probably unaware of this. Fransisca’s eyes flutter for a moment, but then she closes them

 . After closing her eyes, she flicks her tongue over the object again

 She licks again and again over Alexis’ p*nis with her tongue

 She licks it with her tongue, which is still sloppy with Alexis’ cum and Fatima’s cum

 ”*Lick* *Lick*… Mmm, it’s bitter…”

 Fransisca’s facial expression slightly distorts, but she seems to be more aroused by the act of licking the object, and she starts to move her tongue further with a mellow expression on her face

 Fransisca also sniffs and lets out an exhale

 (Haaah… Alexis-sama’s semen…)

 Fransisca can’t stand it any longer, and she finally sucks his p*nis

 As she was serving him, Alexis’ p*nis finally regained its vigor

 She felt it stirring in her mouth, and her face broke into a smile


 After taking it out of her mouth, Fransisca turns her happy eyes to Alexis’s p*nis

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Alexis-sama’s thing seems to be getting better…?”

 ”Of course. You’ve been sucking on it so good. Did you want me to fuck you that bad?”

 Alexis’ condescending smile sent a tingle through Fransisca

 It was an imprint of repeated experience

 ”Y-Yes. I…”

 Fransisca got up and climbed into Alexis’ lap

 ”I’ve been wanting Alexis-sama’s p*nis for so long… *Pant* *Pant* P-Please, can I put it in…?”

 Fransisca moved her hips and began to grind her own private parts against Alexis’s p*nis

 Only then did Alexis realize that she wasn’t wearing panties

 After all, their touched parts make a squeaking and squelching sound

 ”What, you came here without any panties on? Are you really looking forward to being fucked by me?”

 Alexis points out with a smirk, and Fransisca nods with desperate

 ”Y-Yes. I-I wanted to do this with you as soon as possible. *Pant* *Pant*… So…”

 ”Is that why you are still moving your hips like that, rubbing your pussy against a man’s cock? That Princess-maiden who was a symbol of purity?”

 Alexis says so, but his bullying words only served to heighten Fransisca’s arousal

 ”Haaahn… I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I’m so naughty…”

 Fransisca stares at him with amethyst eyes that have been clouded by lust

 Immediately, Alexis grab her bangs and say, “You look like a bitch in heat, you know?”

 He laughs at her, but Fransisca smiles at him

 ”Yes… After all, I’m Alexis-sama’s semen container. So… *Pant* *Pant* I want you to put a lot in me…”

 Even talking like this seemed to amuse Fransisca now

 ”Very good,” Alexis responded

 He then reached his p*nis toward Fransisca’s secret place as requested and penetrated deep into her wet honey pot


 Fransisca’s whole body trembled with the sensation she had been waiting for

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Alexis-sama, fuahhh, this is good…!”

 Fransisca wiggled her hips on Alexis’ lap

 She hugs Alexis tightly and lays her lips on him

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca kissed him deeply and aggressively while moving her hips

 But Alexis pulls her face away from him and smiles wickedly

 ”Oh, come on, you’re being so hasty with this and that. I mean, I didn’t give you permission to kiss you, did I?”

 ”Ahh… I’m sorry, Alexis-sama. Please, let me kiss you…”

 Alexis thrusts his hips up into Fransisca’s jar, who is stretching out her tongue like a dog and looking hungry

 ”Ah? Aah!” Fransisca was responding violently

 ”Haaahn? Ahhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming…”

 ”Who gave you permission to cum?”

 Fransisca is very excited because Alexis does not slow down his movements even though he said so

 ”Ahhhh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I want to hold back but… ahhhhhhhh!”

 ”When you want to cum, you have to ask permission from your master, okay? Because you are a slave.”

 ”Ahhh? ahhhh? Please let me cum, please let me cum, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca’s whole body was shaking and trembling as the p*nis rubbed relentlessly against the depth of her vagina

 ”Ahhhhh! I can’t hold back after all! I’m going to cum, I’m――”

 Fransisca’s vaginal wall, which was twitching as she was about to climax, attempted to swallow Alexis’ p*nis


 Alexis also wanted to ejaculate, but he still hadn’t given her permission to cum, so he decided to pull his p*nis out of her


 Fransisca gasps for air and looks like she’s about to cry because of the sudden loss of pressure

 ”Why? Why did you pull out in the middle? Ah…please, don’t be mean to me!”

 Fransisca was in tears and tried to rub her secret against his object. But Alexis held her back with her hand


 Fransisca’s shocked look on her face, and Alexis chuckles, “Are you stupid?”

 ”I don’t know what’s the matter with you. I didn’t give you permission to come.”

 Fransisca is shocked by Alexis’ words

 ”Ahh… P-Please… please give me permission… Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll go crazy…”

 ”Hmm. Well, then…”

 Alexis was deep in thought

 He wanted to make her do something fun

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