Avalon 251

Chapter 251 [Princess-Maiden and Maid] Hanging Two Wives Together, Part Two

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 Alexis pulls her soft white butt and inserts his p*nis into her vagina, which is still twitching hungrily.

 With her body slightly separated from Alexis, he stretched out and watched as Fransisca’s vagina was penetrated by his cock, and her vulva was pushed out to the left and right.

 From the joint, the love juice seeping out of her moist vagina was flowing out, making her inner thighs even wetter.


 She let out a charming cry and wriggled around, seemingly unable to resist.

 Each time she writhed, the rope rubbed against the branches of the tree, making a faint creaking sound.

 ”Ah…! Ahh…! Ah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…”

 Alexis lightly slapped Fransisca’s ass as she struggled, her voice sounding desperate.

 ”I haven’t moved you yet, have I? I just put it in. You have a lewd body.”

 ”Hwahh, ahhh… Because, you know…”

 ”How can you feel so much and get so wet in the open, hanging like this?”

 Saying this, Alexis wiggled his p*nis inside her lightly.

 At this, Fransisca’s body jumped up and down.

 ”Ohhh! No, dwon’t, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again!”

 ”You don’t have permission yet.”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry— but, ah, no, that. Pull it out, ah, ah.”

 Without even moving his dick violently, she was twisting and turning herself around, which probably made her feel the p*nis even more.

 Her vagina also moved softly and tightened itself against Alexis.

 This seems to make her feel himself getting better.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry—”

 She seems to be trying to hold back, apologizing with her voice trembling in between her charming voice.

 However, her efforts are in vain, as Alexis lightly moves his p*nis.


 Her chin is turned up, and her whole body convulses.

 The feeling of her vagina squeezing hard made Alexis realize that she had reached her limit.

 It seemed she had reached her climax on her own.

 ”You’re a bad girl.”

 With more force this time, he slaps her butts.

 There was a loud sound, and more handprints appeared on her reddened buttocks.

 At the same time, her vagina tightens.

 ”Ahhh, I’m sorry, please forgive me…”

 She repeats her apology with a slurred tongue, but the honey that has flown out of her vagina does not seem to be subsiding yet.

 Her eyebrows are raised in ecstasy, and her whole body is trembling.

 Feeling the undulating stimulation of her vagina, Alexis gave up on any further stimulation and moved his cock.

 But the more he sinks deep into her, the more her undulating tightness is felt all the way from the tip to the root.

 Still, it felt better for Alexis to go deeper and deeper into the cervix.

 And finally, the head touches the opening of the cervix.


 Fransisca’s reaction became louder.

 The edge of her thinly opened lips lifted up.


 Her buttocks wiggled from side to side, so Alexis smacked them with his hands to stop the lewd gesture.

 But the numbing sensation of being spanked on the buttocks seemed to bring Fransisca pleasure, making her body tremble and her breath melt away.

 Her rationality seems to have been shattered long ago, and she gasps, “Please put it in me.”

 ”My pussy is for Alexis-sama to put his cock in me. So, please give me more, please give me a lot— all of it. Please pour your semen into my pussy.”

 In a sweet voice, she says this to him and Alexis sighs.

 ”How perverted are you going to get?”

 ”As far as you want, Alexis-sama, everything.”

 There is not the slightest hesitation or worry in her reply.

 Anyway, Alexis pried open the cervix as she wished, and then let his tentacle penetrate further into the cervix.

 When it stroked her womb lightly, Fransisca’s body trembled.

 ”Ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Alexis lets out a laugh at the sound of her uncontrollable voice and the sticky tightness of her vagina.

 ”If you scream so loud, someone might come, you know?”

 ”Ah, noooo! Aaahhh!”

 Fransisca’s cheeks turned bright red as if she was climaxing between intense shame and intense pleasure.

 The strong pleasure she felt when she reached the climax seemed to last.

 She seems to have lost all concern about the possibility that someone might come soon, and she just wiggles her hips with a charming voice, with her face completely melted.

 ”Alexis-shama, Alexis-shama!”

 She called Alexis’ name over and over again happily, but her voice was not clear.

 The flood of her love juice seemed to make it impossible for her to keep it inside her vagina, and before he knew it, she was soaking wet from their union to her inner thighs, as if she had wet herself.

 Seeing this, Alexis decided to shake his hips.

 ”Here, I’m going to let it out. Make sure you catch it.”

 ”Yes, put it in. Please!”

 Fransisca nodded her head, half-conscious.

 Just then, Alexis ejaculates and she closes her eyes happily, shaking all over.


 She seems to be immersed in the pleasant sensation, breathing deeply.

 After a while, he pulls his p*nis out from inside of her.

 Then he looks back at Fatima, who has been neglecting him for a long time.

 She seemed to have been staring at him, and her face was full of greed.

 However, when their eyes met, she turned her face away from him.

 Bu Alexis did not miss the moist look in her eyes.

 ”Are you getting desperate for my things now?”

 Fatima bites her lip and casts her eyes down as she walks up to him.


 But then, Alexis walks up behind her as she chokes, and pulls out the plug that is still stuck in her butt.


 Fatima’s body jerked up.

 After that, her face turned pale and she twitched for a while, which indicated that she had reached a light orgasm just by that one thrust.

 ”See, I didn’t know you could cum with such a simple thing. It’s a sign of endurance, isn’t it?”

 Alexis put some of Fatima’s love juice on her inner thighs with his fingers, and then he moved his fingers shallowly in and out of her gaping anus.

 She was shaking and moaning repeatedly.

 However, it seems that she is not satisfied with just being touched at the entrance and exit, and eventually, she opens her mouth, unable to resist.

 ”Alex, you can’t, you can’t touch it in all those places…”

 ”Hmm, what is it? I mean, you don’t mind, do you?”

 Alexis dares to play dumb.

 Meanwhile, his finger softly strokes the crease of her open anus.

 ”Ahh! Aaahh!”

 Fatima shivered again and again as a tingling sensation seemed to rise up her spine.

 Her asshole was dilated a lot, by the way.

 Even if she did not do anything, it remained open to some extent, and even if it was opened by inserting his index finger, there was still a gap.

 ”It’s a sloppy asshole, huh?”

 Alexis smirks and chuckles, and lets Fatima hear it.

 ”For a high priestess of the queen, you have such a slutty ass. It’s totally turned into a hole for a cock. If that were true, it wouldn’t be good, would it?”

 She shivers with tears in the corners of her eyes as Alexis runs his fingers deep inside her ass.

 ”Ahhhh—Alex, please. I can’t—”

 Alexis smirks at the sound of her emotional voice.

 ”Hmm, what is it? You’re not pleased to hear that your asshole is sloppy?”

 ”Ah, no, it’s not like that. But, I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do…”

 She moved her big buttocks, her voice breaking into tears.

 ”I need Alex to put it in me. Otherwise, I don’t think I can keep my composure anymore…”

 ”Really. You guys just can’t seem to do without me.”

 He removes his fingers and stretches out his p*nis instead.

 When it touches the entrance of the anus, the glans just fill the opening.

 Fatima shivered and nodded her head.

 ”Yes—I do. I need you.”

 As he listened to her words of encouragement, he slowly inserted his p*nis deep inside her anus.

 Shaking her body and turning her chin in a moan, Fatima continued to talk.

 ”I want you to keep doing this. I want you to keep me like this… I want you to fill me like this. Always and forever and ever…”

 ”You’re a fool. How can I let you go now that you’re in my room?”

 ”But I…”

 ”And I’m the one who changed you. You’re mine. No one else can touch you.”

 Alexis stroked Fatima’s hair, then hugged her from behind and drove his cock deeper into her.

 Fatima’s anus still wrapped around his p*nis with a tightness that felt like a bunch of rings.

 When he pulls it out, he feels it more strongly, and when he finally reaches the back of the p*nis, it shrinks back…


 Fatima’s body convulsed and she screamed.

 Then, supporting her melting body with his hands and ropes, Alexis repeatedly inserted his p*nis deep inside her and pulled it out.

 He could not move too hard in her anus, because it hurts too soon. However, there is a particular tightness in the anus, and it is pleasant enough.

 Still, if he touches the vagina lightly, it is moist and wet.

 Then, when he lightly insert his finger into her front hole, her body trembled more and more and she seemed to climax.


 Fatima also can’t suppress her voice when she climaxes hard.

 ”Ah no, no more, no more…”

 She shakes her head as if her sense of shame at making a sound prevails.

 But Alexis fucks her without a care, and she reaches again and again.

 When she starts to relax and only moans, Alexis feels satisfied and decides to let it out.

 After all, continuing to do so seemed to be too much for her physically.

 ”I’m going to let it out, okay?”

 He doesn’t know if his voice reached her or not, but he ejaculates deep inside her anus after he says this to her.

 After he poured his load until he was satisfied, he pulled out his p*nis.

 The white mist overflowed from her asshole, which was still wide open, and quickly stained her from her inner thighs to her toes. It flowed out onto the ground in a trickle.


 Alexis pulls up his pants with a sense of satisfaction.

 But two wives were hanging from ropes in front of him, both of them unconscious.

 ”You’re going to clean up… all by yourself?”

 He murmured, and his shoulders slumped, regretting that he had overdone it.

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