Avalon 250

Chapter 250 [Princess-Maiden and Maid] Hanging Two Wives Together, Part One

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 Alexis decides to rope the two women who have followed him quietly under the tree.

 He ties them directly to their bare skin.

 The location is outdoors, where there might be pedestrian traffic.

 Moreover, both of them are in a respectable position, and it would be out of the question that anyone would see them doing this.

 Nevertheless, they chose to obey Alexis as his slave.

 Now, with the intention of “rewarding” them, Alexis then wrapped ropes around their bodies and hung both of them from a tree.

 Their bodies were tied to the tree, and their hands were tied behind their backs, through which they were hung so that they would be unable to move their hands or feet.

 In this situation, two noble women in tension, unable to move, are left with no choice but to expose their bare skin.

 Their white breasts hanging from their prone bodies are pushed out by the rope, which further emphasizes their fullness. Their asses, which have become softer and softer with maturity, can be admired at a glance.

 As he completes the work, Alexis smirks at them.

 ”I wonder what the children would think if they knew their mother was doing this, and even more so if they knew they were being made to look like this daily?”


 ”D-Don’t say that, Alex”

 Fransisca was absolutely mortified and Fatima’s eyes were downcast.

 Both of them are flushed and their breathing is trembling.

 They are aware that this is wrong, that it is immodest.

 However, their bodies, which have been developed in every part long ago, do not allow them to become calm and considerate adult women.

 The sensation of the rope biting into them is causing their breathing to become ragged little by little.

 Fatima is the first to let out a gasp.

 Seeing this, Alexis grabbed her bangs and made her look up, whispering to her.

 ”Is this making you feel good? You need to be spanked.”

 ”No, I don’t need a spanking…”

 ”Come on, grit your teeth to keep your voice down”

 As soon as he says that, he slaps Fatima’s buttocks, where the plug is still stuck.

 The vibrations from the slap on the buttock are transmitted to the plug, and from there, it seems to reach further into her anus.


 Her face immediately melts and her body shivers, though she is still breathing hard.

 Beside her, Fransisca’s eyes are also moistening and melting, and her breathing is getting rougher.

 Alexis smiled as he saw a clear drop of water trickling down her inner thigh.

 ”You’re not hiding anything either, huh? Come here, I’m going to spank you.”

 ”Ah, Alexis-samaaaa—”

 Fransisca made a desperate sound.

 ”Forgive me, please, forgive me…”

 ”You must think nothing of it when you say it like that. Rather, I know you love it when I do this to you, don’t you?”

 And Alexis slaps Fransisca on the ass with the palm of his hand.


 She couldn’t keep her voice down and let out a charming cry.

 ”Ah, ahh—”

 Then, she nodded her head and jerked her body against the lingering zing in her ass.

 ”If your voice echoes, someone might come in here, you know?”

 Alexis points out, and she shakes her head.

 ”Ah, no, no. Don’t…”

 ”This is to punish you for making a sound.”

 Alexis waves his hand again.

 Then, there’s a loud pound.


 This time, Fransisca seemed to be able to keep her voice down.

 However, her body was shaking from the two blows, her expression had become enraptured, and the amount of her love juice running down her inner thighs was even more palpable.

 It even started to drip down to the ground.

 ”Hahh, Hahh, Hahh…”

 ”Hahh, Hahh…”

 The two women were breathing hard, their faces mellowed as they waited for Alexis to punish them.

 ”What is it? You look like you want something. I guess I haven’t punished you enough, huh?”

 Alexis spanked their asses more and stopped when they turned red.

 By then the girls were shaking and writhing helplessly.

 ”Alexis-sama, I can’t take it anymore—”

 Fransisca’s voice was sad.

 ”Please, fuck me. I want your cock. Please, please, please…”

 Alexis smiles at her pleading voice, and lightly pulls down his pants.

 Then, he extends his already throbbing cock.

 When he reaches his p*nis and rubs it with Fransisca’s breast, she squeals charmingly.

 ”Hahh, hahhhh—Alexis, sama, not in there. I want it in my pussy, in my pussy.”

 ”Is that what the mother of a princess-maiden would say? If anyone hears you say that, your reputation as a virtuous woman will be shattered.”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry—”

 With tears in her voice, Fransisca tries to open her legs, which are tied with a noose, as if she cannot resist.

 ”Because I love cock. I always want Alexis-sama’s cock. To make me like this, it’s terrible. It’s so mean…”

 While Fransisca sobs, Fatima remains silent. In terms of patience, Fatima is probably more patient than Fransisca.

 So Alexis decides to take care of Fransisca first.

 He grabs the rope and pulls it lightly.

 The rope seems to rub her body, and she screams “Ahhh!”

 ”Ah no, not like this, it’s so frustrating that my body breaks down—”

 ”Your body can’t live without my cock, huh?”

 Fransisca opens her mouth with a melted expression on her face as Alexis extends his p*nis to her mouth. He pushed it into her mouth, and she closed her eyes and began to suck it.

 ”Nnn—*Kiss,* *Slurp,* *Kiss—*”

 When he removes his p*nis from her mouth, her tongue crawls from the glans to the neck area of the cock.

 ”Hahh… The cock smells so good…”

 Next to Fransisca, who said this, Fatima clears her throat.

 Seeing this, Alexis smirks.

 ”My other wife is jealous, huh? Fransisca, move to the side slightly”

 ”Mmm… yes. Then, Fatima… let’s lick Alexis-sama together, shall we?”

 Fransisca called out to Fatima in ecstasy. Fatima, on the other hand, took another swallow and nodded.


 Fatima’s wet eyes turned to the concubine.

 Alexis extended his p*nis further so that it was just between them, pulling their bodies together from both sides so that their lips could be pressed together.

 They both reached out their tongues to lick Alexis’ glans, which caused their tongues to touch and tangle on the p*nis from time to time.

 They did not seem bothered by this but simply exchanged saliva with each other over Alexis’ p*nis with rapt faces.

 Both wives, feeling each other’s hot and moist breath close at hand, do not stop serving their husbands’ p*nis.

 Meanwhile, the sensational scene arouses Alexis’ arousal and fills him up, sending shivers down his spine.

 ”Let’s get you wet first”

 Alexis then put his hands on his lower abdomen.

 At the same time, a cloud of white fluid shot out from his p*nis.

 The thick white fluid quickly stained their bodies.

 It made both of them gasp for air, and their heads were drenched with white fluid with a rapt expression on their faces.

 When it subsides, however, both of them start to wriggle around.


 Fransisca was the first to make a sweet voice.

 ”You can still do it, right? Next time, please put it inside my pussy.”

 She smiles sensuously and is a well-established slave.

 Her innocent impression is gone, and now she just looks like a lewd and bewitching moon goddess.

 ”If you want it so bad, you’ll have to make it hard again.”

 She nodded her head and flicked her tongue over his p*nis again with a melted face.

 After letting her do that for a while, Alexis thought it was time to talk to her.

 ”Well, then I’m going to fuck you. But you’ll be fucked while you’re hanging from the tree. Still, Angelica and the others will despise you when they see you, okay? So, do you think you’ll be able to do it?”

 Fransisca shuddered.

 ”Ah… please don’t say that…”

 Her voice was almost fading and she was in tears.

 But she did not stop.

 She kissed his p*nis, which was still near her face, and gave Alexis a greedy look.

 ”Alexis-sama, please—”

 Alexis nodded and pulled Fransisca’s body, which was suspended by the rope, into a position where her ass was facing him.

 As she looked away, Alexis met with Fatima’s eyes.

 ”What, you want me to do this to you too?”

 She bit her lip and shook her head.

 Her breathing is ragged, but she seems to be able to hold it still.

 ”Then, should I let her hold on a little longer?” Thinking of this, Alexis decided to fuck Fransisca first.

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