Avalon 249

Chapter 249

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 Alexis turned back to go back to work, but something was bothering him.

 As he sits down in the cushioned chair in his office, Alexis braces himself.

 ”Still… hanging, huh?”


 Eden, who was standing beside him as a guard and wearing full body armor, stared at him through her helmet.

 Alexis shakes his head and replies, “Ah, nothing.”

 ”Well, let’s get on with it.”

 As he reached for the paperwork, he thought inwardly about what had just happened.

 He was more impressed than angry at Fernando’s skill in hanging the strong-minded Princess-Maiden upside down with her bottom half bare, even to her father’s eyes.

 But what bothered him at that time was the reaction of Fransisca and Fatima.

 Both of them were silent, their cheeks were dyed and their gazes drifted awkwardly.

 It was obvious that they had something on their mind.

 (They are bad mothers. Tonight, I’m going to punish them severely)

 He smirked at the thought.

* * *

 That evening, before getting into bed in the couple’s bedroom, Alexis took Fransisca out for a walk, feigning whimsy.

 ”It’s very unusual to go for a walk at this time of the day.”

 The queen, who lightly drapes a cape over her negligee, obeys his request.

 She looked at the leather bag Alexis was carrying under his right arm curiously but said nothing.

 Now, they went out into the corridor, and Fransisca came next to Alexis. Her hand was hugged on his arm from his left side with a natural movement.

 But before they knew it, they had decided the direction in which they were going to walk side by side.

 Alexis is on the right and Fransisca is on the left.

 As they walk down the corridor, Alexis thought, “People say that a man will get tired of beautiful women in three days, but it’s been more than ten years now. I’m still not tired of her, am I?” as he looked at her beautiful face.

 Soon they go to the terrace in the courtyard.

 Under the starlit sky, Alexis expected to find no one else there, but there was a guest ahead of him.

 Sitting on the bench, gazing up at the starry sky was Fatima.

 She had also slipped out of her room before bedtime and was wearing a negligee and a simple coat.


 Fransisca is the only one who wonders about her presence.

 Alexis went up the terrace stairs and stood in front of the side room.

 ”…well, since Alex called me”

 Fatima said and stood up.

 ”Is Your Majesty the Queen also invited?”

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama invited me too.”


 Fatima and Fransisca looked at each other at the same time.

 It was probably because they sensed that Alexis had dared to bring them together here.

 Looking at them, Alexis smiles.

 ”You look like you’re wondering why I invited you two here.”


 ”If you don’t mind me asking, may I ask?”

 They both asked, and Alexis nodded.

 ”No, I don’t mind. It’s not something I’m afraid to say. —But, don’t you think you know what to expect when you see this?”

 Alexis brought out a length of rope that he had been carrying in the leather bag he had brought with him.

 Sure enough, both of their faces changed.

 ”Um…Alexis, sama? Uh, uh… I don’t think it’s a good idea to imitate children…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks immediately turn red and she sounds like she’s about to disappear, but then Alexis smiles wickedly.

 ”I haven’t told you what I’m going to do yet, have I? And you thought I will hang you just by looking at the noose?”

 ”Huh!? Uh, uhhhhh… Well, no. I-I didn’t mean…!”

 Her obvious panic is so amusing that Alexis can’t help but smile.

 ”You’re a bad mother. I guess you need to be punished for that, don’t you?”

 When he tightens the rope, Fransisca tenses up, her face turning bright red.

 ”H-H-Here? In this place?”

 ”Yes. Take it off.”

 When he ordered her to take it off, she looked at him with a puzzled look.

 Still, she pulls her cape up in front of her chest to cover her negligee.

 ”I… I am the queen, you know. I have to set an example for the princess-maiden, don’t I? If someone sees me in a castle like this…”

 ”…Speaking of that…you’re right…I’ve been trying to avoid having it outdoors. I have my own external reasons.”


 Seeing Fransisca in tears, he wonders if he has spoiled her too much.

 But then, he said to Fatima, the concubine who had been standing by and watching the proceedings.

 ”Show the queen how to obey me!”

 ”Eh? Me!?”

 Fatima looked shocked, but then her cheeks turned red and she coughed softly.

 ”Well, Alex, I’m a high priest myself.”

 ”Yes. But you used to be Fransisca’s teacher, didn’t you?”

 ”…I don’t think I’ve ever trained anyone that way…”

 While saying so, Fatima’s hand reached for the skirt of her negligee.

 She grabs it and pulls it up, revealing her legs.

 Now she is not wearing socks, but only wooden sandals.

 Her white, soft thighs shine faintly in the moonlight.

 Then, as she pulls up her hem and exposes her lower half in front of Alexis, her secret parts, which are hidden by her golden underhair, are exposed to the air.

 Fatima, who is still a serious high priestess, grabs the hem of her negligee and lifts it up, exposing her bare lower half to Alexis.


 She is silent, breathless, and maybe not at all embarrassed.

 Her cheeks are bright red, she bites her lips, and her eyes are moist.

 ”Let me see your behind.”

 Alexis says, and Fatima nods.

 She turns her back slowly, red-faced. Her legs are shaking slightly.

 Now her butt is visible.

 The wooden plug is firmly inserted there.

 ”You did a good job of spreading yourself today”

 With such a compliment, Alexis reached for the foreign object blocking her butthole.

 She shook it lightly from side to side, and Fatima’s body trembled a little.

 ”Ah… Ahhh…”

 Fatima’s body trembled slightly as she shook it lightly from side to side.

 Her cool blue eyes melted in an instant.

 ”Who in the world can imagine this? That you’re a pervert who loves to have your asshole tormented by the Priest-King whenever he wants.”

 ”Hahh, hahhh— Alex, because you command it.”

 Fatima looks back at him with bright eyes, and Alexis replies, “Of course I do.”

 ”You’re still my slave.”

 After saying this, he looks back at the queen “So…”

 ”Fransisca, that’s the same for you, isn’t it?”

 At that moment, she was moved by Fatima’s lasciviousness, her cheeks were tinted, her eyes were moistened, and her legs were wriggling.

 ”Yes… Yes. Alexis, sama. I, I—”

 He ordered the silver-haired queen, whose lips were trembling, to undress again.

 Fransisca sighs and pulls on her cape.

 She slips it off her shoulders and then puts her hand on her negligee.

 This is the terrace in the courtyard of the castle of Sagrado.

 It is a conspicuous place.

 But at this time of the day, there is no sign of anyone.

 But that doesn’t mean that…

 The queen is allowed to take off her clothes with impunity.

 But Alexis is right.

 (I’m… still a s*x slave.)

 Before a queen, before a mother.

 She was a slave for him.

 Fransisca finally pulls her shoulders out of the negligee and slips it off her arms.

 It falls softly to the floor. Such a sight made Alexis grin.

 The reason was clear.

 Fransisca rubs her legs together against the burning sensation spreading through her lower abdomen.

 She puts her hands behind her back, exposing her breasts, her abdomen, her secret place, her legs, and everything else to Alexis.

 She was also not wearing any underwear.

 But the burning shame makes her whole body tingle sweetly, and she gasps, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

 ”Fatima, take off your clothes too!”

 Alexis says so, and Fatima nods meekly.

 She also takes off her negligee.

 In the deserted courtyard at night, there were two naked women.

 Alexis calls them with a rope and a leather bag in his hand.

 They were undressed on the terrace and then called under the tree.

 Fransisca and Fatima look at each other.

 Both of them had to realize that they would not be allowed to put on their clothes in case of an emergency.

 In the end, however, they choose to follow Alexis.

 They did as he asked.

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