Avalon 134

Chapter 134 [Maid] Sweet and Forced to Excrete Semen Publicly

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 But while Fatima said she didn’t need to make up for “that”, Alexis felt that it would be boring not to do anything.

 ”Huff… finally, it’s the end of the day!”

 Alexis stretches out as he closes the list given to him by the soldiers.

 ”Thanks for your hard work. Would you like me to make you some tea? After all, tired people usually want something sweet. If you wish to, I’ll prepare some tea cakes”

 Fatima smiles and makes this suggestion.

 Although it is undoubtedly appreciated, Alexis doesn’t know what to say…

 ”I see, something sweet. Sure, something sweet would be nice. Okay, Fatima”

 Alexis beckoned a little and whispered some ideas to her by her ear.

 Immediately, Fatima’s cheeks turned red.


 Fatima’s face turned red, and she backed away from him.

 ”What are you thinking, Alex!”

 ”Hey, it’s good, isn’t it?”

 Alexis gives a big smile.

 ”uh, uuuuu…”

 Fatima’s mouth flutters as she turns red, but then she says.

 ”I-I don’t know. I don’t care anymore! Alex is such a jerk!”

 With these words, she turned around and walked out of the room as if she was running away.

 And then, Alexis looks away from Fatima.

 (I thought Fatima would have agreed to my request…)

 Now, Alexis is left alone, folding his arms and puzzling his head.

* * *

 After a while, Fatima came back to the command center.

 ”Uh, uhhh.”

 Her cheeks were bright red, and she was dressed in a maid’s uniform, holding a tray with a tea set on it, and fidgeting restlessly.

 But before Alexis could look at her, Fatima strode to the desk and *Clank! Placed the tray with the tea set on it.

 Then she glared at Alexis, saying, “H-Here, t-this is good, right?”

 Alexis grinned at her and said, “Show me.”

 As she had told, Fatima reached for the ribbon on her chest, with her face bright red, and undid it quickly.

 Then she unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse, exposing her breast hesitantly.

 Underneath her blouse, two large breasts popped out and were covered with a lot of sweet syrup.

 The nectar is colored by red berries for cakes, so the breasts are covered with a transparent, glossy red.

 ”Yup, that’s it and come here”

 Alexis sits down in the chair, beckoning Fatima to sit down.

 When Fatima walks toward Alexis with a red face, Alexis pulls her arm and makes her sit on the chair next to him, leaning down against him.

 ”After all, a sweet treat is the best thing for a tired body.”

 Alexis reached her tongue to Fatima’s breast as he spoke.

 But Fatima protested with a muffled voice and a slight tremor.

 ”Wh-What are you thinking, Alex…? A-Ask me to do something stupid… Mmm!”

 Fatima’s voice is trembling with shame, but she occasionally pauses her speech as if she is ticklish at being licked.

 ”But, you like it when you do stupid things like that with me, don’t you?”

 Alexis says in a good mood, and Fatima exclaims.

 ”…L-Like…? You say…?”

 Fatima couldn’t help it when Alexis said that.

 ”Ugh. You’re really a mean person…!”

 Fatima turns red and touches Alexis’ head against her chest as if she is complaining about her resentment.

 Alexis, who is not at all pleased to be called a mean person, says, “What’s the matter with you?”.

 Then Fatima says.

 ”B-Because, you know, I can’t resist if you tell me you like me… I mean, you know all about my feelings, and it’s not fair of you to take advantage of them…”

 Fatima hugs the back of Alexis’s head tightly as she speaks in a muffled voice.

 ”Also, you’re the only one…. that I would do such a thing”


 Alexis is embarrassed.

 ”W-What do you mean? You listen to Fransisca too, right?”

 Fatima sighed as she said this to him, trying to hide her embarrassment.

 ”…I don’t listen to it. If it had been Her Highness who made this request, I would have lectured her for at least an hour. I’m an educator, after all.”


 I see. Alexis was convinced.

 ”S-So… I can’t let her highness see me like this…”

 Fatima is whispering in a muffled voice.

 But doing something like that makes Alexis’s heart shudder.

 He can hear Fatima’s heart pounding against his chest, and the way she holds his head in her arms is gentle.

 Still, as Alexis carefully licked off the nectar on Fatima’s breast, the tickle seemed to be replaced by another sensation.

 ”…Mmm, Kuh, mmm…”

 Her breath was getting hotter and hotter.

 Then, after a few more licks, Alexis says, “Is this the only place?”.

 Fatima’s cheeks turned bright red, and she bit her lip.


 With a silent sigh, she begins to take off her clothes and walk away.

 She loosens the apron strings of her maid’s dress and removes her blouse from her shoulders.

 Then, seeing that her belly and lower abdomen were also covered with honey, Alexis grinned at her.

 ”You wanted me to do this to you, too, didn’t you?”

 He bent down and flicked his tongue over her belly, and Fatima’s body trembled.

 ”Mmmm—Haah, haah… i-it’s not that…”

 Fatima’s wet eyes are looking down.

 But then, Alexis licks her navel area, and Fatima reacts with a jerk.

 ”Ah…, mmm…”

 Fatima tried to keep her mouth shut, but Alexis pulled down her panties, making her blush even more.

 ”Look, you are soaking wet”

 When Alexis pointed out, Fatima closed her legs and tried to push back Alexis’ hand with both hands.

 ”Oops, I’m not going to let you resist”

 Alexis grabbed Fatima’s hands firmly and took her hands toward the back of the chair. Then he tied her wrists together with a towel.

 ”Mmm, Alex… you’re always so forceful…”

 Fatima speaks uncomfortably, moving her crippled hands. But, her voice is almost muffled, so it sounds like she is trying to hide her embarrassment.

 ”Aren’t you glad to be treated like this?”

 Taking advantage of the fact that her hands were limp, Alexis slid down her panties without hesitation and pushed her legs apart.

 ”Ahhh,” a little voice escaped from Fatima’s lips.

 ”Haah, haah… A-Alex… Don’t look at me…”

 Fatima turns her face away from him, blushing red with shame, but despite her comment, her honey pot is still overflowing with her own honey.

 ”That’s strange. Isn’t this one sweeter than the other one?”

 Alexis then flicks her tongue into Fatima’s secret place, and Fatima’s legs are trembling as she says, “Y-You stupid, stupid…”.

 Her hips shook as the tongue tip was inserted deep into the honey pot.

 But for Fatima, it was not the place she was looking for.


 Fatima’s hips swayed awkwardly with her limp body, and her voice sounded like she was about to disappear.

 When Alexis urges her to go on with only a glance, Fatima turns bright red and says.

 ”I…want you to insert it…,” she said in a muffled voice.

 Of course, Alexis knew where she wanted me to insert it. But he couldn’t help but ask.

 ”Where do you want me to insert it?”

 Fatima understood that Alexis was being mean.

 Still, she wriggles her legs impatiently and turns her teary eyes toward Alexis.

 ”E-Even though you know what I mean, you’re such a…!”

 ”I can’t help it, can I? I want to hear it.”

 Alexis says with a big smile, and Fatima turns red and flaps her mouth. However, it was short-lived.

 ”…I-I want it in my ass… please…”

 Alexis couldn’t stop grinning.

 He stands up and covers her with his arms while she sits on the chair.

 ”You’re still making unusual requests, aren’t you? You know what an asshole is, don’t you? You know it’s not a usual place to put a dick, right?”


 Fatima’s cheeks flushed red, but she nodded approvingly.

 ”Yes, I know it…”

 Fatima affirmed in a muffled voice.

 ”You know it, but you want it?”

 Alexis asked, and Fatima nodded.

 ”I-It’s your fault. You taught me all these bad things…”

 Fatima’s lips twitched, but she knew this was a weak excuse.

 ”Is it my fault?” Alexis smiles.

 ”But I didn’t teach you. I was trying to save you from the monster, wasn’t I? It’s your own fault that you fell for it”


 Fatima can’t even breathe a word when he says that.

 But even though she knows that she can’t help it.


 Fatima rubs her legs together.

 ”I-I wanted it, you know. I can’t help it… I-It’s Alex’s p*nis’s fault…!”

 Fatima complains in a trembling voice with tears in her eyes.

 ”Haha…. okay, okay.”

 Alexis loosened his pants with a smile on his mouth and stretched out his p*nis.

 When Fatima saw this, she felt a tight grip on her chest.

 Her heart throbbed with desire for Alexis’s cock, and her hot eyes followed Alexis’ tentacle.

 Then, slowly, Alexis stretches his cock between Fatima’s legs.


 Fatima’s eyes, which had been narrowed in anticipation, widened.

 Alexis presses his cock against her moist, wet folds of flesh.


 Fatima’s body trembled.

 ”Haah, haah… Alex…”

 Fatima opens her legs to the left and right.

 Her hands are bound to the backrest, so she has no other way to lure Alexis.

 The tips of Alexis’ tentacles gently poked Fatima’s petals as if they were kissing.


 Fatima’s body jumps up and down.


 Fatima’s eyes turn to Alexis.

 Alexis smirks at Fatima.

 ”You want it in your asshole that bad?”

 ”I-I want it…”

 Fatima nodded her head and seemed to be more impatient than embarrassed.

 Alexis knew Fatima’s state of mind. However, he said impatiently.

 ”I told you before that I can’t use the asshole unless you wash it properly, didn’t I? So this time, I’m going to—”

 Alexis was about to say, “I’ll have to put it in your pussy,” when Fatima complained to him.

 ”D-Don’t worry… it’s been washed. So, it’s ready to use…”


 That was surprising, and Alexis looked at Fatima’s face.

 She turns her reddish face downwards, seeming to be aware of her embarrassment. Then she confessed in a voice that sounded like she was about to disappear.

 ”I-I cleaned it up by myself. Because when you told me to put syrup on my body. I knew you would… do this to me…”


 Alexis smiled again.

 ”You mean, you were expecting it from the beginning? Come on. You’re saying I’m stupid, but you’re actually happy about it”

 Alexis pointed out that Fatima was turning red.

 Still, Fatima confided in him that she wanted him to insert it into her.

 ”Y-Yes,” said Fatima, her voice trembling.

 ”I-I’m really happy to be licked by you… I-It’s like I’m yours like my whole body is yours, it makes me so happy…”

 Alexis said, “Well said, ” putting his hand on Fatima’s head.

 Fatima’s cheeks turned bright red, and she became speechless.

 Then, he hugged her body as if covering it, extended his tentacle and put his glans into her anus, which seemed to be waiting for him.

 Since he had already rubbed it between the folds of her flesh, the glans were wet with love juice. So, he used it as a lubricant and slowly inserted it deep into her asshole.

 ”Ah, ah—!”

 Fatima’s whole body trembled with the long-awaited sensation.

 ”Alex— Ahhh—!”

 Fatima wanted to hug Alexis, but she could not do so because her hands were restrained.

 In the end, she cannot do anything except being embraced by Alexis and be subjected to his willful acts.

 However, this fills Fatima’s heart with a sense of satisfaction.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…! D-Deep inside, it’s slipping…!”

 Fatima’s whole body was shaking from the deep penetrating sensation.


 Fatima’s whole body was enveloped by the trembling pleasure. But more than that.

 ”Ahhh—I’m so happy. I’m glad, Alex. I want more, more of you…— Ah, ah, ahhhh—!”

 Fatima reached her limit, and Alexis spoke mockingly as he pistoned his tentacle deep into her bowel.

 ”You came again without telling me, huh?”

 ”Ahhhh, I’m sorry! I-I’m sorry—!”

 Fatima’s body trembled again under Alexis’s continuous torture.

 ”I’m not good at that… —Mmm, nnnn, aaaaahhh—!”

 Fatima’s eyes are narrowed in ecstasy, and her inner thighs are trembling as she arches her back. She must be about to cum again.

 ”Haaah, haah… no more. Again—…”

 ”Huh? Aren’t you so easy to cum?”

 Alexis thrusts his dick deep into her and then pulls it out smoothly.

 ”Hwahhhh, that’s it, that’s it—!”

 The sensation of a foreign object being pulled out is unbearable for her.

 And Fatima’s body convulses, and after her climax, a single tear flows from the corner of her eye.

 ”Mm, mmm…no, nwo more…I can’t finish, I can’t stop…”

 Fatima’s body is shaking with the afterglow. Still, as she says so, Alexis is in the process of pulling out his tentacle. So when Alexis pulls it out again, Fatima shakes again.

 ”Ahhhhhh, hahaha!”

 And finally, while shaking her whole body, she said aloud, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming again…!! “.

 ”No more, Alex… forgive me…”

 Fatima must have had enough and was utterly exhausted.

 She said this in a weak voice, but Alexis had not yet cum. Besides, he is almost ready to come out, and there is no way he can stop now.

 And since Fatima’s hands are tied behind her back, she can’t escape or refuse.

 ”Not yet. I’m going to fuck you until I’m satisfied”

 When Alexis says this, Fatima’s face becomes tense.

 ”I mwan, you’re the one who asked me to fuck your asshole, aren’t you?”

 Fatima was unable to respond to Alexis’s words.

 And once again, Alexis inserted his cock deep into her anus. Then, he pistoned his cock harder to make himself cum there.

 ”Oh, ohhhhh!”

 Fatima shuddered, fed up with her body that was still feeling greedy even though it was exhausted.

 ”Hwahhh, let it out, let it out inside—”

 Although she was exhausted, Fatima was still weakly begging Alexis to let out his semen inside.

 ”…Hmm, do you want me to cum inside you?”

 Fatima nodded her head in agreement as he asked her while pistoning.

 ”Inside is fine… I want you to cum inside me…”

 Hearing Fatima’s weak and faltering voice, Alexis had a sudden thought.

 ”…I’ll do it, but show me how you defecate my semen instead…”


 Before he could see Fatima nod, Alexis was shooting his load deep into her bowels.

 He ejaculated into her body, shaking his cock and ejaculating freely.

 ”Y-You’re ejaculating—Eh, ehhh!”

 Fatima seems to have been so preoccupied with Alexis’ sudden demand that she could no longer enjoy the situation.

 Eventually, when he had finished cumming, Alexis saw that her abdomen was bulging and pulled out his cock.

 He then fixes his cock on his pants and again demands to Fatima, who is trembling with a red face after a break.

 ”Well, shall you get it out as you promised? Just like this, in a splash.”

 ”I didn’t promise, I didn’t nod!”

 Fatima was in tears and was shouting this to Alexis.

 It was natural for Fatima to show such resistance. In a word, it was no different from defecating while Alexis was watching her.

 ”But, it’s all right, isn’t it?” Alexis smiles unconcernedly.

 ”You’ve cleaned up well beforehand, haven’t you? Then it’s only my cum that comes out. Besides, you showed me that before.”

 ”T-That’s different…! I was just a little bit crazy at that time, you know, just a little bit insane…!”

 Fatima’s body is shaking a little as she says it back.

 Seeing her like that, Alexis knew precisely what she was talking about.

 ”Look. You’ve got to get your belly moving, okay? That’s how full of cum you’ve got in you. Besides, I bet you’d like to get it out of you, wouldn’t you?”

 ”T-Take this off from my hand! A-And do it in this place with Alex watching! No, no way!”

 Fatima turned pale and moved her bound hands, but they were too tightly bound to come off.

 However, taking advantage of this, Alexis grabbed Fatima’s legs, which were about to be closed, and forced them open, “Come on”.

 ”I’ll be watching you, so let it out.”

 ”I don’t need to watch you. I won’t let it out!”

 Fatima is shaking her head with tears in her eyes.

 ”You’re a bad girl… then I guess I’ll have to do it this way, huh?”

 Once Alexis leaves Fatima’s side, he takes his time to go to the shelf and brings out a handy rope.

 Then, while humming a song, he hooks the ropes around her legs, forcing them apart and applying additional bondage.

 ”Uh-uh! Demon, demon!”

 Fatima cries out in resistance, but Alexis is not so worried.

 After all, she is not strong enough to get out of the bond herself.

 Her hands are tied behind her back, and her legs are wide, exposing her secret place and asshole. She is already in a ridiculous posture. Fatima, however, seems to have lost her composure enough to pay attention to them.

 ”P-Please… Please, quickly, untie me…”

 Alexis smiles at Fatima’s fading voice and explains her current posture.

 As expected, Fatima turns red up to her ears.

 ”Oh no… I can’t do it, please take off the rope…!”

 ”Then, why don’t you hurry up and let it out? I’ll take off the rope if you can defecate in front of me.”

 ”I said…! I can’t do that…!”

 Fatima hurriedly rejected Alexis’ request, but she knew there was no end to it. If Alexis insists, he will never forgive her. She knew that painfully.

 ”Haah, haah, haah…”

 Her breath comes out in a choked gasp because she is trying to hold back the feeling of defecation.

 She also feels a freezing chill running down her body, and cold sweat runs down her back.

 ”Ah… P-Please… No, no more…!”

 Fatima’s pleading voice had become very weak.

 It was the kind of endurance she had to endure after being tortured to physical exhaustion. The limit is a known one.

 ”Ah, ah! Don’t look at me, don’t look at me—”

 Fatima said weakly as she finally defecated right in front of Alexis.

 The white cum pushed out of her asshole soaked the floor with a forceful stream.

 ”—Haah, haah… No, don’t…”

 Fatima turned her face away from Alexis, spilling her tears, and eventually, she had given the last drop of her cum right in front of him.

 Not only was this no place to defecate, but she was doing it right in front of Alexis.

 ”Uh, uuuuu…”

 Fatima was sobbing as the helplessness and weakness attacked her whole body.

 ”I-I’ve been seen! When I’ve let it out…”

 Fatima was in a posture of bondage and was utterly devastated.

 After he undid her ropes and removed the towel from her back, Alexis stroked Fatima’s head.

 ”Good, good, you did a good job.”

 Fatima was so confused by the rising emotions in her that she couldn’t help it.

 ”Ugh… Idiot, idiot…!”

 Fatima sobbed and clung to Alexis’ waist with her body. And for a while, there was nothing left to do but cry.

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