Avalon 135

Chapter 135

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 After a good night’s sleep, Fransisca seemed to be recovered the next day entirely.

 So, Alexis went to Fransisca’s room to check on her and found Fatima and Lily, who had come to take care of her.

 ”Fatima, thank you for yesterday. You helped me a lot”

 ”No, it’s not necessary”

 While Fransisca and Fatima were talking, Lily was just leaving the room.

 She turns her head with a blush on her cheeks when she notices Alexis standing in front of the door.

 ”Oh, uh, um… Excuse me”

 Lily leaves as if running away.

 ”What? Why…?”

 Alexis looks away with a blank stare, and Fransisca, who noticed Alexis’ arrival, speaks to him.

 ”…I think I said something strange to her. Since yesterday she has been acting strange”

 ”Huh… What did you say to Lily?”

 ”What did I say? Uh…”

 Fransisca tilts her head a little.

 ”I remember that Lily was very worried about my health, so I told her that Alexis-sama was just loving me…”

 ”That’s… No doubt about it. That’s the reason”

 Apparently, it was not a good decision to leave Fransisca and Lily alone together, after all.

 In the past, Fransisca had been open about her affair with a third party, and because it was with Fatima and Sara, there had been no problem until now.

 ”I mean, you should be aware of the fact that such things are embarrassing”

 ”Eh…” Fransisca’s cheeks are stained by Alexis’s words, and she looks at Fatima.

 ”I was thinking the same thing, Your Highness”

 That is the reply from Fatima, and Fransisca realizes that she has no reinforcements. She looks at both of them with a panicked expression on her face.

 ”I-Is that wrong? Didn’t I choose the right person?”

 ”Of course not, at least not Lily…”

 ”…Yes, definitely not”

 Alexis and Fatima’s comments made Fransisca’s shoulders droop with disappointment.

 ”Ugh… what should I do? I’ve already said it”

 ”Then, Your Highness, you should be prepared for some awkwardness for the time being. Lily seems a bit inexperienced”

 Fatima sounded half-impressed. But Alexis nodded his head in agreement.

 ”…Still, Alexis-sama, you are here for something, aren’t you?”

 Fransisca suddenly brought up the subject, and Alexis remembered.

 ”Oh, Fransisca, you are looking well now, aren’t you? Are you free today?”

 ”Eh? …Well, if you say I don’t have anything to do, then yes, I do”

 At Fransisca’s puzzled twinkling eyes, Alexis nodded his head, “Okay”.

 ”Then you’ll have to go along with my idea”

 ”Idea…?” Fransisca’s eyes were blinking as she asked.

* * *

 After Fatima left the room, Alexis remained in Fransisca’s room and sat on a chair nearby. He told Fransisca, sitting on the bed in her regular clothes, what his idea was.

 Fransisca blinked her eyes in surprise when prompted, “Well, actually, it’s about Avalon”.

 Her reaction caught Alexis’s attention, and he made a sour face.

 ”W-What is it…?”

 ”No. Since you said you had an idea, I thought you’d come up with something naughty again…”

 ”What the hell do you think I am?”


 Fransisca’s words were slurred with her gaze drifted, and Alexis knew it would be a bad answer.

 However, it was not as if he was unaware of her usual behavior.

 ”Well, I can do whatever you want, whatever naughty and dirty things you want, on the spur of the moment…”

 Alexis mutters with a sense of humiliation, and Fransisca turns red.

 ”Eh? Uh, you mean… it that…?”

 She gave a flirtatious look after her gaze drifted away and reminded Alexis that she was right. Alexis remembers.

 She is not in a hurry or opposed to this kind of thing. In fact, she tends to only make Alexis happy.

 ”Still, no, not now. This is not going to get to the point”

 Fransisca nodded and said, “…That’s true,” but her expression was somewhat disappointed. Nevertheless, the main topic was the main issue now.

 ”Aniki is still roaming around in the dungeon. Suppose we continue to go under the dungeon unprotected and reencounter him. In that case, there is no guarantee that we will be able to return safely, and we will have to keep running back to the dungeon”

 ”…I agree,” Fransisca nodded in agreement.

 She seemed to realize that this was a really serious topic, and her expression quickly changed to a serious one.

 ”So, I’d like to go to the dungeon after we’ve countermeasure the problem”

 When Alexis started, “Countermeasures…?” Fransisca blinked at him.

 ”Yes,” nodded Alexis.

 ”What do you think about Aniki’s weakness…or the monster’s weakness?”

 When Alexis asked her that question, Fransisca answered after a long pondering.

 ”…Each of them has a weak point in its flesh. If we can identify them and target them accurately, the battle will be easier…”

 ”Well, you have a point, but it is also difficult to identify the weak points. For example, at the moment, the part that seems to be Aniki’s weak point is that wing part, but what if he’s prepared to be attacked with his body to dodge the strike that points out his weak point?”

 ”Well… That would be a problem”

 Fransisca puts her hand on her chin and tilts her head.

 ”I mean, to attack that weak point, we have to jump into the risky area. If we’re wrong, we’re risking our lives…”

 ”Right? And that’s it!” Alexis slapped his knee.

 ”Can’t we use what surely and definitely we know to be the weak point no matter what part of the body we are attacking? Don’t you remember that?”

 Alexis leaned forward and started to speak.

 Fransisca looked puzzled.

 ”Surely we know the weak point…?”

 ”I mean, your pendant,” Alexis’ pointed finger pointed at Fransisca’s pendant, which was still hidden behind her dress.

 ”This…?” Fransisca blinks her eyes and looks down at her bosom, but she doesn’t seem to understand what it is.

 ”You said that the light emitted by the pendant is not good for monsters. If we know the nature of the light and its material, we can use it as a weapon, can’t we? And maybe the material of the pendant is something that exists in Sagrado? After all, it belongs to Sagrado. Whatever the period, there is no doubt that it was made in the territory of Sagrado, right?”

 Alexis thought it was a good idea and suggested it to Fransisca.

 However, Fransisca’s reaction was somewhat disinclined.

 ”Hmm… this pendant was indeed produced in Sagrado’s territory…”

 Saying this, she tightly grabbed the pendant on her chest through her clothes.

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