Avalon 133

Chapter 133

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 Needless to say, a little later, I was scolded by the medical officer who came to clean Fransisca’s room in place of the servant I had called to clean it.

 And the medical officer was Lily.

 It was very awkward to have an acquaintance with the medical officer. Very awkward.


 Lily, who had heard the whole story from the servant, looked at Alexis and sighed.

 ”I’ve heard that you are very vigorous, but I don’t think it would be right for you to be with a sick person, as expected”

 Lily’s cheeks turned bright red as she said this, perhaps because she was not used to this.

 ”I know about your relationship, but… She is a precious princess-maiden entrusted to us by the Sagrado Kingdom, isn’t she? So, you should take a little care of her…”

 Lily turns her back to Alexis and speaks as she checks Fransisca’s temperature and pulse.

 ”I’m sorry. I mean, I was trying to help her”

 ”I-If there was, why did you…”

 Lily’s voice is trembling. She must be very embarrassed to talk about s*xual matters. But as a medical officer, she can’t help but pay attention to it.

 Seeing this, Alexis felt that she was in a difficult position.

 ”No, I know she’s a sick person, but when she asks me out, as a man, I can’t help it…”

 ”S-She’s asking you out…!?”

 Seeing Lily’s exclamation, Alexis panicked.

 ”T-That’s the fact! I’m not making excuses! I’m telling you the truth”

 ”I-I don’t need you to remind me…”

 Lily sighs.

 ”Well… if this is going to happen, we can’t have the prince and the Princess-Maiden together for a while, can we? I’ll take care of the rest, I’m sorry, but prince, you’re off-limits for a while…”

 Lily speaks in a scolding voice but doesn’t use strong words.

 ”Yeah… I understand…”

 Alexis wonders how long it has been since he received such a response.

 It’s a refreshing change, as Krangals have been treating him in a way that is not prince-like for quite some time now.

 ”Now, please leave, prince. Don’t you have work to do?”

 Lily said, and Alexis remembered.

 He remembered that he had left Fatima in charge. Is she going to be okay?

* * *

 Alexis hurriedly left Lily to take care of the rest and went to the command center after cleaning himself up again.

 For a moment, he wondered if it was safe to leave the innocent girl alone with Fransisca. Still, then again, she was Sara’s subordinate. Surely she can handle it. More than that, Fatima is more important right now.

 Though she may know more than others because she sometimes needs help, she has been thrown into the command center with little knowledge of how to do her job.

 ”Sorry Fatima, I’m late!”

 Alexis opened the door to the command center, expecting Fatima to be angry.

 However, Fatima was standing by the desk but was not angry.

 She just let out a deep sigh when she saw Alexis’ face with a somewhat downcast expression on his face. It was unexpected.

 ”…You’re really late. I thought you wouldn’t come for a long time…”

 This was Fatima’s resentful tone.

 ”Oh, uhh. I’m sorry…”

 ”I knew you should have gone to visit Her Highness… but I didn’t think you’d leave me like this. Furthermore, the time it takes to visit Her Highness is “too long”…”


 She guessed right.

 And although she doesn’t point it out clearly, I’m sure she is well aware of the reason why Alexis is so late.

 ”…While you were “playing”, two soldiers came here to report and check on you. I didn’t fully understand what they wanted, so I only acted as an intermediary… but still…”

 Fatima stares at Alexis with blue eyes.

 ”I’ve been thinking for a while now that you lack the self-awareness of a captain, don’t you? No, I’m not saying that such frankness is a bad thing. It’s one of your good points. But, uh, the other day… —that happened… —And you see, not only that. The other day too…—”

 ”Ah… I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry”

 Before he knew it, Alexis sat on his knees, listening to Fatima.

 She guessed precisely what Alexis was having trouble with. She also picked up on little details that made him wonder how much she remembered and used them as examples of bad behavior.

 Although she never raises her voice or makes angry and grumpy remarks, Fatima seems to be the type of person who inflicts damage in a very steady manner with a disappointed look on her face as if she is about to let out a sigh.

 In short, very troublesome.

 (…I see. Is this why Fransisca seems to be a little too smart for Fatima? Because of this, Fransisca seems so hard to deal with Fatima?)

 And, one thing is for sure, she is really angry.

 However, Alexis gets up because he feels that Fatima’s story will never end if he continues to listen to her.

 At that moment, Fatima stopped talking with a startled look.

 ”W-What is it?”

 Alexis walks up to the gasping Fatima.


 Alexis opens his mouth with a sad look on his face.

 ”Well, I know you’ve been holding on to your resentment. So let’s end this conversation, okay? Don’t you think it’s going to end there?”

 Fatima’s cheeks were dyed as she was patted on the shoulder.

 ”No…no, there is a way out! If you don’t think so, it means you have a reasonable idea…!”

 ”Sure, I don’t deny it. But, Fatima?”


 ”Right now, our priority is to finish the job. Don’t you think so?”


 Fatima looked like she had something to say but kept silent, making Alexis feel relieved.

 ”Well, well, don’t be so sulky. I’ll give you plenty of love and affection later when this is over, okay?”

 ”—I-I wasn’t talking about it because I wanted you to…!”

 Alexis interrupts her talk by lightly patting Fatima’s head, which was red to the ears, a couple of times.

 Then, she mumbled something like “I can’t help it…” or “My priority is indeed the office…”.

 ”…You’re so easy…”

 Alexis muttered unintentionally, and it seemed that she had heard it.

 ”I…I’m not so easy! I-I’m just! I don’t have a choice, after all, this is…!”

 ”Okay, okay. Anyway, help me with my work”

 Fatima sighs lightly, although she notices Alexis’ careless attitude.

 ”Huff… you should really make it up to me later, okay…? For real…”

 ”Of course, of course. I’ll tie you in any position, any pose you like”

 ”—D-Don’t talk about making it up to me like that!”

 ”What? Are you not in the mood for bondage? Then I’ll give you an enema…”

 ”I-I said, don’t talk like that…!”

 Fatima protested with a bright red face.

 Still, they decided to carry out their work in harmony.

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