Avalon 132

Chapter 132 [Princess-Maiden She is on a Sickbed, but She Invites Me to Commit Her

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 Unable to resist any longer, Alexis had pushed Fransisca down on the bed.

 Her hair flutters out, like a platinum carpet being spread out.

 ”You’ve got some nerve telling me what to do, huh? Is that how much you want to be punished?”

 Alexis smiles down at Fransisca.

 Fransisca smiled a charming smile.

 ”It’s okay, you can punish me… You could do anything if you stay by my side”

 ”…You’re such a jerk.”

 Alexis sighs.

 He always thought she was not a possessive person, but is she really being this way? Or Is she surprisingly lonely?

 When he started to think so, he felt less inclined to punish her. Besides, she has a cold and he can’t force her to do it.

 But still, he can’t seem to back down if she seduces him like this.

 ”…I don’t have a choice”

 Alexis strokes Fransisca’s hair and she blinks.

 But soon she starts to close her eyes as if it feels good to do so.

 ”Nn…Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca’s eyes narrowed as if she was happy to see him.

 She reaches out her hand to him, and Alexis slowly lowers himself to meet it.

 Fransisca then hugged him tightly from below.

 Her breasts, which had been gently undulated by her lying on her back, overlapped with Alexis’ chest through her clothes.

 At this moment, Alexis immediately looked at her breasts peeking out from the thin one-piece nightgown she was wearing.

 When he dropped a kiss there, she flinched.

 And he continued to move his lips to tease her.

 ”Mmm, …ha, mmm…”

 Fransisca flinches hesitantly.

 Then she hugged Alexis’ head tightly.

 Her breathing is shallow and she is beginning to rub. She wriggles down, lifts her knees, and wraps her legs around Alexis’ waist.

 ”Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca, who is used to painful stimulation, finds this frustrating. She holds Alexis’ head with one arm, then lowers her other hand, pulls up her skirt, and reaches for her secret place.

 She scratches the wet crotch of her shorts several times with her fingertips, and then reaches out to the side of her panties. Just as the slender fingertips are about to slip into the gap between the base of her thighs and the panties, Alexis grabs Fransisca’s arm and lifts it over her head.

 ”What’s the matter? You shouldn’t have done that, should you?”

 Alexis looks down from above and smiles faintly.


 Fransisca breathed, her cheeks rising.


 Fransisca opens her mouth to make an excuse, and then the flush in her cheeks intensifies.

 ”…My body… My pussy…it’s so hot, I can’t stand it…”

 In the end, Fransisca confides in a muffled voice.

 ”Isn’t that enough? You have a cold. You’re not supposed to do anything strenuous, and let me take care of it, okay?”


 Fransisca looked a little tearful but nodded her head.

 ”I-I will follow Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca said, and Alexis nodded and patted her head, “Yes, that’s right”

 Once again, Fransisca closed her eyes and sighed.

 After covering her lips, Alexis caresses Fransisca’s breast through her clothes.

 Fransisca felt much better than in the previous situation where she was only kissed on her breast.

 However, the sensation is still very painful, and she twists her body.

 ”Mmm… Mmm, mmm…”

 Unexpectedly, Fransisca lays her hand on Alexis’ hand while she grabs her own clothes tightly.


 She turns to Alexis to tell him to touch her directly.

 But her eyes meet Alexis’s funny gaze.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”No… Nothing. It’s nothing…”

 Fransisca shuts her mouth. She didn’t seem to have an opinion.

 Instead, she wriggled her hips, and Alexis’s hand rested on Fransisca’s.

 ”Don’t move without me, okay?”

 ”Oh, um…”

 Fransisca nodded and had to resist the urge to move.

 Alexis’ palms crawled over her breasts through her clothes. He traces around the perimeter of her breast, avoiding the center.

 Fransisca feels ticklish and her agonizing desire is only getting stronger.

 Her body becomes hot and numb, and the tingling intensifies.

 ”Alexis-sama, please, please…”

 Fransisca finally utters a pleading voice.

 ”What is it?”

 ”Touch me. I want you to touch me more…”

 Fransisca pleads, but Alexis says, “No, I can’t”.

 ”You’re sick, you can’t do anything rough, right?”

 ”But, but…”

 When Fransisca moves her hips, Alexis’ hand slaps Fransisca’s lower abdomen.


 Her body is tingling to the limit, and the pain is converted into a tingling sensation of pleasure.

 ”That’s… that’s it. Please slap me like that, please…”

 ”So, you want to get slapped, huh? Well, it may make you feel better”

 Alexis lightly slaps her hips with the palm of his hand, and Fransisca’s body trembles.

 ”Ohhhh—That’s good here. I want Alexis-sama to hit me…”

 Fransisca smiles enraptured and wriggles around frustratedly.

 ”When you hit me, it makes me feel good… so please, Alexis-samaaaa…”

 ”You’re a total pervert, huh? I’ve told you many times. I can’t do anything too hard.”

 ”But, please. I’ll die if Alexis-sama doesn’t do it…”

 When I grab Fransisca’s bangs and pull them, a tingling sensation seems to rise up in me, and Fransisca’s mouth relaxes and her body shakes.

 ”Haaah—Alexis-sama, that’s good. Please make love to me a lot…”

 ”Really… Your whole body is like a s*xual zone…”

 Alexis dares to look at Fransisca and then covers her lips with his. Then he slips his hand under her skirt and inserts his fingers under her panties.

 When he dug his fingers into the crack covered with her thin under hair, a squeaking sound was heard.

 He stirred his fingers in the still, hot slush, and Fransisca’s body jumped up and hugged Alexis tightly.

 ”Ah, ah. Ahhh, ahhhhh! Alexis-sama, that’s—”

 Fransisca let out a cry of excitement.

 She moves her hips and tries to rub herself against Alexis’ fingers, so Alexis lightly slaps her cheek to restrain her.

 Then Fransisca let out a pleasure-filled voice, “Hwahhh”.

 ”Haah, my cheeks are tingling. I’m so tingly that my hips are shaking…”

 She says in a melting voice.

 ”I felt nothing worth punishing you, you know. After all, you get pleasure from everything I do to you. Really, you’re just a real pervert”

 Alexis says as he plays with her secret spot with his finger.

 ”Hwahh, ahhh… Don’t say that! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I can’t be punished…”

 After saying this in a mellow voice, Fransisca wiggles her hips.

 ”—But, I can’t stand it… Alexis-samaaa, please… Please give me your cock… inside me, please…”

 ”Oh, God. You can’t stand it and you beg for it? Didn’t I tell you not to do anything without my permission?”

 ”Ah… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. So, Alexis-sama, please punish me more…”

 Fransisca pleaded with him in a fading voice, but Alexis said, “What’s the point of punishing you? But, I don’t have a choice, huh?”.

 ”Well then, I’m going to give you my cock for your selfish, perverted pussy. Open it yourself and beg me, won’t you?”


 Fransisca nodded her head and pulled her skirt up to her waist, looking very red.

 When Alexis leaves, she takes off her panties as well and spreads her bare legs, which are now bare.

 The indecent posture of spreading her legs in the letter “M” position would have been embarrassing to the well-bred Fransisca.

 However, the fact that she is exposed to Alexis even if she has to suppress her sense of shame makes Fransisca’s arousal even greater.

 She put her hands on the folds of flesh that covered her secret place and pushed the petals apart from side to side.

 Her clitoris, which was erect and bright red, was openly exposed to Alexis’ eyes.

 Her flaccid honey pot opened and closed its mouth with each gasp of her own.

 ”P-Please, Alexis-sama… Please put your cock in my perverted pussy, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s voice trembles and she begs with a red face.

 ”What? You’re sick and you’re begging for my cock?”

 Fransisca nodded in response to Alexis’ words.

 ”Yes, I am… I need Alexis-sama’s cock even when I’m sick…”

 ”Absolutely, you are such a pervert”

 Saying this, Alexis pulls down his pants and shows Fransisca his tentacle. Fransisca starts to smile enchantingly.

 ”Ah… I don’t mind being a pervert. So, call me pervert. After all, If I can be a pervert for Alexis-sama, that’s fine with me…”

 After saying this, Fransisca thrusts her hips out, keeping her parted hips apart, and says again.

 ”Please put it inside me, Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis nodded and said, “Okay,” and then covered her body.

 Then he reached out with his tentacle and, following Fransisca’s lead, thrust his cock deep into her honey pot.

 As he penetrates the soft, moist walls of her vagina, Fransisca moans, “Ah, ahhh, ahhhhh—!” and her body jumps up and down.

 ”Ahhhhhhhh—here, in the back, in the back, in the backkkk…!”

 Fransisca’s legs become entwined around Alexis’ back and she begins to wiggle her hips.

 On the other side, Alexis grabs Fransisca’s bangs again and kisses her lips with his lips, and then kisses her cervix with his glans.

 At this time, Fransisca’s body trembled and she moaned, “Hwahhh, ahhhhh!” as if she was climaxing.

 Well, it was not as if, but rather, she truly climaxed.


 Fransisca’s chest was moving up and down, and she looked as if she wanted to say “Oh no…”, and her vagina was tightening.

 Alexis smiled thinly and murmured.

 ”Hey, you can’t come on your own, can you?”

 ”Ah…I’m sorry, Alexis-sama, I…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks were filled with tears at the corners of her eyes, and Alexis lightly slapped his cheeks saying, “Okay, I’m going to punish you again”.

 Then Fransisca shakes her hips again.

 ”Haah, haah—that punishment, dwon’t…!”

 Fransisca looks entranced and lets out a mellow voice.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Because… I can’t… the pain and the cock thrusting together makes me want to come again…”

 Fransisca wiggles her hips in ecstasy.

 ”But I have told you not to do it too hard, didn’t I? So, this time, I don’t want you to come more than once”

 Alexis says with a smile and pushes his cock deeper into the narrow opening of her womb.

 ”No, I can’t, I can’t…”

 Fransisca shakes her head no, but Alexis pull her bangs hard to control her, and she immediately feels another tingle running through her body.

 ”No, stop, stop itt—”

 Fransisca shuddered, tears streaming down her face and teeth clenched, trying to hold back her desire to cum.

 However, Alexis’ cock slurps through her cervix until it reaches the back of her uterus.

 At this time, Alexis thought to himself, “This girl is surprisingly strong”. But now, he stroked the back of her uterus with the tip of his p*nis.

 ”Ah, don’t, don’t do it, ah, ahhhhhhh—!”

 Fransisca seemed to have reached her climax with a trembling body.

 And as her body shakes, Alexis smiles thinly while watching her climax.

 ”Really, I shouldn’t have pushed you, huh? But I told you not to cum, didn’t I?”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 With a debauched expression on her face, Fransisca repeatedly apologizes.

 ”…Well, I’ll be out in a little while, so you’ll have to bear it this time, won’t you?”

 Alexis said and moved his cock deep inside her womb, making a loud squishy sound.

 Fransisca tried to hold on, but she seemed to be on the verge of another orgasm.

 The walls of her vagina are clamping down on the sucking p*nis, and the trembling of her cervix shows that she is close to her limit.

 Alexis knows this and smiles, saying, “Well, you came twice, so you can make room for the next one can’t you?”.

 Of course, Fransisca shakes her head and clings to Alexis tightly.

 ”No, Dwon’t, I don’t think I can afford it. Please stopp…”

 To Fransisca’s complaint, Alexis says, “Just a little more, just a little more,” as he speeds up the movement of his cock to make himself climb to a higher level.

 ”Come on, it’s coming out!”

 Alexis says, and Fransisca’s body starts to tense up.

 ”Fueh, you’re going to put it out? Ah, dwon’t, I’m gwonna—Ah—Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhh—!”

 Fransisca had managed to hold back, but the sensation of Alexis’ semen being released into her womb caused her to climax again.

 She had climaxed so many times that she was in a state of continuous cumming.

 ”Hwahhh—Don’t do it, stop ittt, please… I’m cumming again, I’m cumming againnnnnn…!”

 She shakes her head as if she wants to resist, but she comes again in a flash.

 Fransisca twitched and jerked several times while Alexis ejaculated, seemingly reaching continuously.

 During this time, she seems to have squirted several times, and the sheets are soaked wet as if she had wet herself.


 When Alexis finished ejaculating, he pulled his load out of her and checked on Fransisca, who was lying on her side, unconscious.

 (…I overdid it)

 Although it was probably already too late, Alexis muttered, “…sorry, Fransisca,” as he looked at her.

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