Avalon 131

Chapter 131

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 After returning to the fort, the next morning came.

 With the sun shining through the window and birds chirping in the distance, Alexis did not get up from the bed for a long time.


 Now, Alexis was lying in his nightclothes, a light tunic, and trunks-type pants, thinking about something.

 The members for the next team have been decided, and the fact that Jerome has been transformed into a monster has been reported to his home country.

 However, Alexis had a reason not to go to Avalon as it is.

 (If we encounter aniki’s monster again. We’ll end up dying like dogs without any countermeasures. We have to take measures to deal with him so that we won’t be defeated next time. For that purpose—)

 Alexis had a vague idea of what to do next. To make an arrangement with Fransisca, he needed to make an appointment with Fransisca.

 (But she usually doesn’t talk to me because of the royal family’s secrets and rules…)

 Alexis was tossing and turning in her sleep.

 His mind was occupied with Jerome’s monster and there was no time to pay attention to anything else.

 At that moment, he heard a knock in his room.


 ”Oh, no. Had I been thinking so much that I had forgotten the passage of time?” Alexis rushed to get up from the bed with a start.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 He called out through the door and received a reply through the door.

 ”Alex, you’re still there!”

 The voice belonged to Fatima.


 It was unusual for her to visit in the morning. Anyway, Alexis urged her to come in and open the door.

 As the door was opened, Fatima did not come into the room.

 She was dressed as a maid, and Fatima spoke to Alexis.

 ”It’s okay here, the task will be over soon”

 ”Is something wrong?”

 ”Well, actually…”

 She looked restless and this is what she said.

 ”Her Highness is not feeling well… According to the medical officer who examined her, it seems to be a cold caused by fatigue. That’s why she can’t go to the command center today”

 ”…I see”

 (Well, she’s worked too hard this time…)

 Alexis thought so.

 (And is this cold my fault? Yes, definitely, it’s my fault)

 Alexis nodded his head in agreement and then spoke.

 ”Okay, let’s go visit her”

 At this, Fatima’s expression softened.

 ”I’d appreciate it if you would. I may not be able to take over her duties today, but I can help you on behalf of Her Highness”

 ”Thank you. I’ll look forward to working with you today”

 Alexis said, and Fatima nodded her head, “Okay”.

* * *

 After telling Fatima that he would be late and letting Fatima work in the command center, Alexis got dressed, had to breakfast, and then went to Fransisca’s room.

 Alexis stood in front of the door of Fransisca’s room, knocked, and called out.

 ”Fransisca, I heard you caught a cold. How are you feeling?”

 He waited for a while, but there was no answer.

 He considered turning back, but he was worried if something had happened to her.

 ”You’re here, aren’t you? I’ll come in without permission”

 After saying this, Alexis opened the door and entered her room.

 He had been in her room only a few times, but it was as neat as ever, with softly colored decorations, furnishings, and curtains.

 And there is a sweet smell, though it is hard to tell where it is wafting from.

 (A woman’s room is… different from a man’s room, isn’t it?)

 Alexis thought about it deeply, but it was not the time to think about it.

 He wonders what Fransisca is doing, and turns his eyes toward the bed.

 And there she was, wrapped in the bedclothes, breathing softly in her sleep.

 (…Huff, she just fell asleep…)

 Alexis is somewhat relieved and pats his chest. For a while, he watches her sleeping figure without saying a word.

 Her platinum-combed hair is flowing on the bed.

 Her cheeks, which had been so white and fine that they seemed to have slipped away, were now slightly flushed as if her body temperature was high.

 Her eyelashes framing her closed eyelids are long and delicate like silver work, and her closed cherry-red lips are full and soft.

 ”…She is a beautiful girl,” Alexis thought to himself.

 Those words were meant for her.

 Even her sleeping face is beautiful when he looks at her again now.

 Nowadays, it is a matter of course that she loves him, but now that Alexis thinks about it again, he realizes that it is a terrible thing.

 (In the first place, a princess-maiden is supposed to be one of the many in the world who I can’t even speak to, let alone touch, even if I wanted to…)

 Slowly Alexis pulled the chair beside the bed and sat down to watch Fransisca’s sleeping face.

 ”Mmm…,” a small voice escaped from Fransisca’s lips.

 Her thin white fingertips peek out from the bedclothes, and Alexis moves his hand closer to her. Then she squeezes Alexis’ index finger tightly and murmurs in her sleep, “Alexis-sama…”.

 Naturally, Alexis was not pleased and groaned.

 (But now, she’s mine, isn’t she? After all, I’ve already had my fill of her… Well, I never know what’s going to happen to me…)

 As he was thinking like that.

 ”Hmm, hmm…”

 She seemed to flinch a little again, and then her eyes opened faintly.

 ”Hmm…? Alexis, sama…?”

 Her voice sounded as if she was about to fade away, and their gazes met.

 ”Ah… S-Sorry. Did I wake you?”

 Fransisca gives a soft smile when Alexis calls out to her.

 ”…Alexis-sama’s here”

 ”Ah… Y-Yeah…”

 ”Fufu. Alexis, sama”

 Fransisca let out a sweet sound and sat up, hugging Alexis tightly. The heat and softness of her body penetrate through the thin nightgown, and Alexis becomes upset.

 ”Are your colds alright?”

 ”I’m fine. I can move, and it’s nothing serious. But Fatima…”

 ”Well, anyway, you don’t need to be moving today. You should rest well”

 As he responds, Alexis thinks, “I’m not as bad as I thought…?”

 Well, a day’s sleep should do the trick, he guesses. So he tries to lift himself up from the chair. But—

 ”…Where are you going, Alexis-sama?”

 Fransisca kept her weight on him, holding him tight, and she did not let go of him.

 ”What? Well, I’m going to take care of some business at the fort… and I have Fatima waiting for me”

 ”Fatima? Are you going to Fatima’s place? Alexis-sama cares more about Fatima than me…?”


 Alexis froze as if he had heard a line out of character from her.

 ”No, don’t… I don’t want you to stay at Fatima’s… I don’t like it when you don’t look at me all the time…”

 Fransisca comes up to him. And her eyes are fixed on him.

 There is no doubt about it. She’s insane.

 ”Hey, Fransisc… Mmm”

 Alexis stops mid-sentence as his mouth is covered.

 Naturally, Fransisca kissed him.

 Her lips are hot to the touch. This is not good for him. After all, he might catch a cold. Alexis thought so.

 He wants to tell her that she needs to get some sleep.

 But he can’t. Because Fransisca presses herself against him more and sticks her tongue in his mouth.

 ”*Kiss*… *Smooch*… *Slurp*… Mmm…”

 Fransisca is licking Alexis’ oral cavity and rinsing her saliva with a fascinated expression on her face.

 (What is going on here…?)

 Alexis is stunned, but he can’t seem to control his lower body.

 After all, when she presses her soft body against him so hard, and when her tongue are intertwined with his tongue, his p*nis is getting swollen and stretched out.

 Finally, Alexis wonders what he should do when the cock pushes up his pants.

 Meanwhile, Fransisca’s hand, which had been on Alexis’ chest, comes down and starts stroking Alexis’ bulge through his pants.

 ”Mmmm… Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s lips were parted, but she was smiling a melting smile.

 It was the expression of a female in heat.

 With the same expression, Fransisca whispers to him.

 ”Alexis-sama’s p*nis is mine, you know…? Don’t give your semen to anyone else. You must give me, and only me, all of it… you understand?”

 Fransisca says this slowly and with a smile.

 Meanwhile, her hand is gently stroking Alexis’ p*nis.

 ”Hey, you—”

 It’s not the usual Fransisca.

 He wondered if she was really all right. If not, she makes him worry.

 But… when she does this, he can’t help but say…

 ”Who the hell do you think you are?”

 Alexis asked with a grin.

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