Avalon 117

Chapter 117 [Princess-Maiden] Herself Comes to Visit At Night

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 That night, near bedtime, Fransisca came to Alexis’ room.

 Alexis heard a knock on the door and opened it, but widen his eyes.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 He asked her. As she was asker, she shifted her cloak slightly to show her shoulders. Her slender shoulders were covered by a transparent, pure white negligee made of thin silk.

 ”…I’ve come for a night of company”

 She said and gave a small smile.

 Alexis was puzzled. He had never asked her for company.

 ”We’ll be in the dungeon again tomorrow, you know? You’d better take a good rest. Besides, you haven’t taken much of a vacation, have you?”

 ”If you’re tired, I’ll take it easy. So, now, I’ll be at your service.”

 She said so, and Alexis let her in. However, Alexis still feels uncomfortable.

 ”Lie down, Alexis-sama.”

 She touches Alexis’ arm gently and says so.

 ”No, I’m not tired, that’s all right…”

 Well, if she wants to do it, fine. So Alexis decides and asks Fransisca to take off her cloak.

 Fransisca nodded and dropped her cloak at her feet.

 She was wearing, as expected, a lewd nightgown with a slit in the front. It was the one Alexis had given her before.

 The nightgown shows the body he has held many times.

 The whiteness and fineness of her skin are the same as ever, and the convexity of her body from her large breasts to her narrow waist and well-shaped buttocks is very suggestive. She still has an innocent atmosphere and a body that arouses men’s lust.

 Unusually, Alexis took off his own clothes, got into bed, and called Fransisca.

 Fransisca’s expression becomes somewhat nervous because it is the first time she has been called by Alexis in such a nude manner.

 Nevertheless, Fransisca did as she was told and climbed onto the bed. When she sat down facing Alexis, her cheeks were tinted and her gaze drifted, as if she was even more nervous about the new situation.

 ”I thought you were going to serve me?” Alexis can’t help but let out a laugh.

 ”Yes, that’s what I’m going to do.”

 Fransisca decides to reach out and touch Alexis’ still-unstretched crotch.

 Then she got down on her hands and knees, got into a prone position, and gave a light kiss on the glans.

 While she was lightly touching him like this, Alexis’ dick started to stretch out.


 Fransisca lets out a small breath and smiles.

 Seeing thing, she puts her cheek against Alexis’ tentacle as it grows in length, and Fransisca smiles.

 ”…I feel safe when I touch it”

 She said this and then pulled Alexis’ tentacle up to her and placed it between her breasts.

 She slowly moved her body up and down, rubbing the object between the cleavage of her breasts.

 She also puts her hands on her breasts and starts to move them in a slow and steady motion.

 Alexis feels the melting softness of his p*nis between the smooth fruits of her breasts.

 Although the stimulation is not strong, the sight of Fransisca’s white breast changing its shape as she serves him is enough to arouse his arousal.

 Little by little, the tip of the glans slowly begins to ooze pre-cum.

 Then Fransisca put her mouth on the urethra and swallowed the clear drop.

 ”Mmm… *Slurp*…. Mmm… Puha…. It tastes like Alexis-sama.”

 Fransisca smiled with upturned cheeks. Her wet amethyst eyes narrowed in excitement.

 It was Alexis who taught her to smile like that.

 It was also Alexis who taught Fransisca to make such a s*xy expression. By teaching her sweet pleasure.

 Seeing Fransisca’s transformation by his own hands, Alexis feels a sense of conquest.

 And this is the moment when he becomes convinced that she is all his.

 Now, Fransisca’s tongue is insistently darting into his urethra.

 She was swallowing the pre-cum that came out with the tip of her tongue while she was making tutting noises.

 Every time her soft tongue dabbed at his urethra, Alexis felt a tingling sensation in his lower part of his body.

 Alexis immediately reached out his hands and touched her breasts, which Fransisca herself was pulling together to hold his dick between them. He gently stroked them, tasting their softness and elasticity in his palms, and then he pinched the baby-pink nipples between his fingertips, which were pointed at the tips to make them assertive.

 After enjoying them for a while, he pulled the nipple with a sharp tug, and Fransisca’s body jumped up and down with a jerk.


 He also pinched Fransisca’s nipples, which were breathing lustily, and pulled hard.

 ”Haaahhhh— Ahhhh—”

 Fransisca’s body jumps up as her breasts are stretched.

 She shakes for a while and then breathes heavily.

 ”Haah… P-Please don’t… don’t do it too hard…”

 She then turns her moist and flushed eyes toward Alexis, saying in a muffled voice.

 ”I-It… hurts…”

 ”But that’s not all, is it? I mean—”

 Alexis holds her nipples between his fingers and smirks.

 ”You like it when they hurt, don’t you?”


 Fransisca’s cheeks are reddened and she is hesitant to open her mouth.

 Before she could say anything, Alexis was pinching Fransisca’s nipples again. Roughly, as if twisting them.

 —Immediately, Fransisca’s body shakes and shivers even though Alexis is still twisting.

 ”Haaaaah, aaaaah!”

 She twitches wildly, as if her spine is being slammed by wild, throbbing pleasure.

 ”Hwah, ah— ah, ahhh!”

 When the force of Alexis’s fingertips weakens, Fransisca breathes heavily this time.

 However, as she still catch her breath, Alexis twist again, pulling harder, and she shivers again.

 ”Hwahhhhh—! No, d-dont—!”


 Alexis weakens to listen.

 Sure enough, Fransisca breathes heavily. And before long, she stops giving him a titjob.

 ”B-Because. The pain makes me tingle. Mmmm—see, please don’t make it too hard…”

 As he listens to her, he rubs her nipples as if he is caressing them with his fingers.

 Fransisca seems to feel it, and her body trembles.

 ”Haah, mmm… A-Alexis-sama… are you listening to me?”

 Fransisca’s lips pout in frustration, but Alexis can tell by the sweetness of her voice and the way she looks at him that this is just communication.

 ”I’m listening. In short, you like it when I do this to you, don’t you?”

 Alexis grins and pinches her nipple again, pulling roughly on her breast.


 Fransisca’s body trembled.

 ”Hwauuh, ahhhh, noo— If you keep pulling on me like this, I’m going to come—!”

 While panting, Fransisca’s hands, which had been holding her breasts, finally drooped down to grip the bed sheets.

 Fransisca’s back also shakes as she turns her hips away from the bed sheet.

 ”Haaaa— No, that’s… don’t!”

 Fransisca complains with tears in the corners of her eyes, her breasts bobbing wildly as she is being violated.

 ”Why don’t you just cum? What’s wrong with you?”

 Alexis did not understand why Fransisca did not want to come, so he increased the pressure of his fingers. Fransisca’s body shook even more.

 ”Ahhhhh! No, no… I said stop!”

 Fransisca wiggles her hips and tries to get her breast away from Alexis’ hand. Of course, there is no way to escape except.

 ”Hyaa, I’m cumming, cumming, hwaahhhhhh—!!”

 Fransisca had reached the point with Alexis twisting her nipples.

 She convulsed for a while, tears streaming down her cheeks.

 ”Mmm—no, no, no…”


 Alexis removes his hands from Fransisca’s breasts and finally pulls her into her arms.

 Then Fransisca’s soft breast softly changed its shape against Alexis chest. It seems that the stimulation was too strong and sensitive, making Fransisca’s body tremble and shake.

 ”Haah, haah, b-because… I wanted you to come in me…”

 With tears in her eyes, she confided a very typical reason.

 Alexis couldn’t help but smile and murmured, “Oh, so that’s what it’s all about”.

 ”Then, Why don’t you said it? I’m going to put it in you a lot”

 Alexis held Fransisca in his arms and poked her in the crevice, which was closed off by her folds of flesh.

 At this, he saw her body trembled.

 He also felt her crack felt soft and wet, yet moist.

 Despite the fact that he did not touch this part of her body, she was already so wet that her love juice was seeping out from the crack, and even the bed sheet was soaked with her love juice.

 ”I didn’t know it was just the breasts…”

 Alexis couldn’t suppress his grin and stretched his cock further.

 When Alexis pushes his dick against her, the cracks of her flesh open from side to side, and it begins to swallow it into the slick muck.

 Alexis stroked the bottom of the muddy bottom first. Then he rub it up and down from the nipple to the bud, this time in the opposite direction. Each time he rubbed up and down, he could hear a slurping sound.

 ”Ahh, ah, ah—!”

 Fransisca seems to feel it even though she has just reached her climax, and she immediately squints her eyes and puts her arms around Alexis’ neck and clings to him.

 As she does so, the blush on her cheeks increases in embarrassment.

 ”Haah, it’s Alexis-sama’s chest…”

 It seems that she is nervous at the direct contact with the body of the opposite s*x because Alexis can feel her heart thumping through his chest, which is touching each other perfectly.

 ”…Come to think of it, I don’t often take my clothes off…”

 Alexis muttered to himself.

 Then Fransisca tightened her hold on him.

 ”Haah, haah. Yes—that’s right. So, please take off the clothes more often, I want to see Alexis-sama naked…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks become redder and redder as she rubs her still squeaking secret against his p*nis while talking like this.

 ”Ah, ah… Hurry up and put it in, Alexis-samaaaaa—!”

 Fransisca sounds as if she is in a hurry.

 ”Please fill me to the brim…”

 As she pleads in a mellow voice, Alexis can’t help but insert it into her.

 He then put his glans against the entrance of the jar.

 As he does so, he can feel her love juice dripping from the jar onto the tip of his p*nis. It seems that it is drooling because she wants to take it into her inside right away.

 ”You’re really becoming a slut, aren’t you?”

 Alexis slurps his cock into her. Fransisca shudders and shudders.

 ”Hwahhhhh—Yes, I’m a slut—”

 Fransisca affirms, rocking her hips back and forth.

 ”Ohhh…oh, ohhh—I can’t imagine myself without it. I love it, I love your p*nis…”

 Fransisca was fascinated, enjoying the sensation of Alexis’ cock going deeper and deeper into her.

 ”Ah, ah, ah— I’m cumming again…”

 Fransisca complains breathlessly.

 ”Well, hold on a little longer. I’m going to put it deep inside you.”


 Fransisca nodded and tightened her arms around Alexis again.

 ”Yes, ah, ah, ahhhh—!”

 *Fwop, fwop, fwop! The tentacle undulate inside her vagina, and Fransisca feels a tingling sensation shoot up from her waist to her head.

 ”Haaaaahhh—ngh, kuh, ahhh!”

 Fransisca grits her teeth and manages to suppress the sensation that threatens to send her flying.

 ”Haaaaah, come on. Put it in—!”

 Fransisca began to push against the entrance of the cervix with enthusiasm.

 Alexis also stretched his p*nis further and pushed the tip of his p*nis into the entrance of the cervix.

 It gurgled and gurgled its way deep into the cervix. Despite the many times he moved his p*nis back and forth, the entrance was always narrow and tight.

 This must be the reason why it is so stimulating for Fransisca.

 ”Ahhh, ahhhhh—!”

 She shakes her body with a loud, jerking motion.

 Then, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she smiled enchantingly.

 ”Ah…Alexis-sama’s…! Alexis-sama’s p*nis, it’s coming… it’s coming in… it’s coming deep inside me…”

 Fransisca started to rock her hips again.

 And Alexis strokes the wall of her womb slowly, not too hard.

 ”Oh, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Fransisca’s jaw dropped and her hips quivered.

 With a look of ecstasy on her face, she further intensifies the movement of her hips.

 ”Haah— This is it, this is it, Alexis, sama—”

 With a slurred mouth, Fransisca asks for a kiss.

 So Alexis closed her lips with his lips.

 ”*Kiss*…— Mmm, *Smooch*… Mmm—”

 He carefully rubbed his p*nis against the back of her vagina, while his tongue twined with hers.

 ”*Kiss*…— *Slurp*…—”

 Fransisca closed her eyes, her body trembling, and followed Alexis’s tongue with a frenzy.

 Fransisca’s tongue entwines with Alexis’ as he thrusts his tongue down her throat. Their saliva mixes with each other causing a wetting sound.

 As if her womb is descending, Fransisca can feel the pole being swallowed deeper and deeper.

 She also felt ger vagina is twisting and twitching as if she is sucking on it, making it feel as if it is sucking on it.

 Alexis also move the head of the p*nis to rub it against the depths of Fransisca’s womb as he felt same. He saw that Fransisca seems to like it, too. But then, Fransisca pulls her lips apart and arches her chin.

 ”Oh, ahhhhh—I’m cumming, Alexis-samaa—!”

 ”Haah, haah… I’m going to cum too”

 When Alexis says this, Fransisca’s tightness increases.

 ”Haaahhh—I’m cumming, cumming—!!”

 Fransisca was climaxing as she declared.

 She spasmed her body and repeatedly spurted clear liquid from her clitoris.

 Fransisca’s legs were wrapped around Alexis’ back, and she was holding him tightly with both arms, shaking for a while.

 ”…Come on, I’m going to cum. That’s the cum you love.”

 Alexis said and ejaculated deep inside her.

 Fransisca shuddered and let out a rapturous “ahhh,” as he ejaculated into her.

 ”I’m so happy. Alexis-samaa, I’m so happy…”

 Fransisca pulled her face close to Alexis’s and said, “Please Kiss me,” and Alexis kissed her.

 As they kissed, their tongues entwined again.

 ”Mmmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca looked happy for a while as she was kissed and ejaculated inside by Alexis.

 When it was over and their lips parted, she smiled and whispered to him “…I love you, Alexis-sama”.

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