Avalon 109

Chapter 109 [Princess-Maiden] Seeing Genital to Check the Protagonist is Real

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 ”Listen, Fransisca, I’m the real deal, okay? You know I’m the real deal, right?”

 ”Yes, I know that. But I have to be sure, don’t I?”

 Fransisca was stubborn.

 She walks toward Alexis, who was sit in his chair, pushes the desk away, and stands in front of him, right in front of the knight in full armor who is standing there, motionless.

 Alexis looks at the knight.

 As usual, the knight face is covered by an armet, so that he cannot read any expression on the knight’s face. No, it is impossible to see the face itself, let alone its expression.

 (…Well, but I had something to do with this Kingsguard. I needed to talk in a place where Jerome was not there. This much is certain, so it’s kind of convenient, isn’t it?)

 Alexis guess so, but first he has to deal with this. He looks at Fransisca who is kneeling in front of him.

 Fransisca touches Alexis’ pants and starts to stroke his crotch. Naturally, Alexis’ p*nis begins to swell.

 Fransisca said “Excuse me,” and then loosened Alexis’ pants and took out his p*nis from there.

 With a hot breath, she said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had this”.

 She then kissed the glans of Alexis’ p*nis.

 She put her face between Alexis’ legs and started to lick it carefully.

 The caress with her tongue starts from the glans, then moves to the back muscle, then to the base, and finally to the ball sack.

 (…But what should I do?)

 In front of the outsider, she was somehow holding Alexis crotch that was about to extend. He is not sure if he should let this outsider know that it is a tentacle or not.

 However, such a careful caresses are too much for him.

 So here is what he does.

 ”Hey, Fransisca!”

 Alexis called out, and when Fransisca looked up, he pulled her arms and helped her to stand. He then pulled her into his arms and sat her down on his lap, facing him.

 ”You know, you said you didn’t like being in front of men…”

 ”Rh? But Eden is a woman.”

 ”…I see.”

 Alexis was convinced. And he thought it was just like his brother.

 But for now, the most important thing was what was in front of him.

 Now he had to finish what started.

 Alexis saw that Fransisca’s skirt was spread over her knees, and his tentacle were finally extended.

 He pulls the panties to the right, which he touches with his glans, and inserts his p*nis into the open gap.

 When he pressed the head between the cracks, he heard a squelch sound and Fransisca let out a cry.

 ”Haah… Haah…. Ahhh, I haven’t had this in so long…”

 Fransisca looks entranced and has a mellow expression on her face.

 But Alexis wondered if this is what she’s really after. Anyway, he advanced his tentacle to her vaginal hole.

 He repeatedly poked at the wet entrance, and Fransisca’s body trembled.

 ”Ahh! Alexis-samaa, don’t tease me…”

 Alexis grins as Fransisca makes a sound with tears in the corners of her eyes and wiggles her hips.

 ”Hmm… You’ve been waiting for my cock that long, haven’t you?”

 ”Haah, haah. Yes, Alexis-sama—I’ve missed you so much. I was very lonely, you know? Please love me, love me as much now that you’re separated from me…”

 Fransisca hugged Alexis tightly and asked for a kiss.

 Alexis was tempted to say that he was real, but he did as she requested.

 Fransisca’s body shook with pleasure and she extended her tongue to him.

 ”Mmm, mmm. Haah, the taste of Alexis-sama… mmmm, nmu… *Slurp*—”

 Fransisca leans forward and kisses Alexis with a look of pleasure on her face.

 As she does so, she wiggles her hips and tries to guide Alexis’s hard cock into her.

 ”Please put it in, Alexis-samaaaa. Please, please, please fill me up…”

 She begs him with a desperate look on her face, and Alexis smiles while he says, “I don’t have a choice”.

 ”Since you’ve been such a good girl, I’m going to give you what you love the most.”

 Saying this, Fransisca’s body shudders and shudders as the tentacle slither toward her vaginal hole.

 ”Haaaaan… This is it, this is it, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Fransisca was enjoying the sensation of the cock slipping into her as if she had a will of her own, while pressing her butt against Alexis’ lap with a fascinated expression on her face.

 ”Haah, haah, this is it. I don’t like it if it’s not this, this is good, Alexis-samaaaa…”

 Fransisca, whose face is filled with ecstasy, asks him to kiss her again.

 Then, with their lips on each other, Alexis move his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina, tracing the walls of her vagina.

 Fransisca also shakes her body when the glans kisses the opening of her uterus.

 ”Ah, ahhh, ahhh! Come inside me. Come deeper, Alexis-sama…”

 ”You still like it deep inside the womb the best, don’t you?”

 ”Yes—Alexis-sama, I like the feeling of your cock torturing me, dominating me.”

 Fransisca’s chin arches back as Alexis insert his cock into her tight cervix.

 ”Hwahh, ah, ahhhhh!”

 She reacts as if she has reached her goal, shaking her whole body.

 But there is more.

 Alexis uses his freely movable p*nis to penetrate deep into the uterine wall.

 Fransisca reacts violently at this move.

 ”Hwoh, oh, ohhhh! Ahhhhh! —That’s it, that’s it, I’m going to cum—!”

 Fransisca declares, her hips bucking and shaking.

 And Alexis pats her head and says, “Okay, okay”.

 ”Do you want to cum? It’s been a long time, don’t hold back.”

 ”Yesss— Please, Alexis-samaa, I love youuuu, mmm, aaaaaaaaaaahhh—!”

 Fransisca’s entire body shakes as she climaxes, and then she lets go of the wave of climax that seems to last for a long time.

 ”Oh, oh, ohhhhh—I’m cummming again—Alexis-samaa, cummmming”

 ”Cum all you want.”

 Alexis hugged Fransisca, and she seemed to climax again in his arm.

 Her whole body shakes and her cheeks are wet with tears.

 ”Mmm… this is, indeed, Alexis-sama. It’s really Alexis-sama.”

 ”Have you finished checking?”

 Alexis asked, and Fransisca nodded.

 ”Yes, it’s done… Haah, haah—Can I do it again…?”

 Alexis nodded to Fransisca, who asked him with vacant eyes.

 ”I’m relieved to see that you’re still the same pervert. Now, are you ready to drink my seed? Deep in your belly, I mean.”

 Fransisca nodded “Yes,” with a hint of delight.

 ”Please, Alexis-sama, fill me full of your seed…”

 ”Okay, I’ll do it. …Kuh”

 Alexis was ejaculating all at once inside Fransisca.

 Then Fransisca seemed to have reached her goal, and her whole body shook again.

 ”Ahhhhhh—Mmm, I’m so happy, Alexis-sama is inside me, I’m so happyyy…”

 Fransisca closes her eyes, tears streaming down her face, and seems to be enjoying the hot fluid flowing into her abdomen.

 ”—Haah, haah. Mmmm—Hwahh, mmm…”

 After Fransisca wiggles her hips and enjoys the feeling of the churning semen, she opens her eyes, which had been closed.

 By that time, Alexis had also finished ejaculating and was breathing out.

 Then, when their eyes meet, Fransisca smiled with narrowed eyes and said, “You cum a lot.”

 She also gave Alexis a kiss, just a touch this time.

 Then she says in a sweet voice, “Welcome back, Alexis-sama.”

 ”…Ah, I’m back, Fransisca”.

 When Alexis answered, Fransisca smiled and hugged him tightly again.

 ”Yes. I’ve been waiting for you. You know, Alexis-sama? I’ve been thinking about you since we’ve been apart for a few days.”

 As Fransisca prefaced her answer, Alexis ask, “What?”.

 But Fransisca smiles happily and says, “That’s right”.

 ”I think I’m really falling for you from the bottom of my heart.”

 ”…Yeah, I knew that. So you don’t have to tell me, okay?”

 Alexis was in a hurry to nail her.

 After all, it’s so embarrassing to hear those sweet, sweet words in that sweet voice of hers.

 ”Hmmm. Are you embarrassed? Alexis-sama?”

 Fransisca laughs happily, and Alexis is miffed.

 ”No… I’m not embarrassed.”

 ”Hmm, you’re lying. Hehe, you’re so cute.”

 Fransisca was in a really good mood, but Alexis was in a bad mood.

 Being called cute was not good enough for him, as he felt as if he had taken the initiative.

 ”…Really, you.”

 Alexis roughly stroked Fransisca’s head.

 ”I’m the one who says you’re cute. Not the vice versa. Do you understand?”


 But Fransisca gave him a ticklish look and then loosened her cheeks.

 ”…I don’t understand. So please punish me.”


 Alexis was stunned.

 He wants to play two games right here, right now. But the knight is still watching.

 ”When you’re done, we’re done.”


 After patting Fransisca’s head with a dejected expression on his face, Alexis pulls her down from her knees, stands her up, and pulls out the tentacle that are still inserted.

 Droplets of white fluid trickled down from her feet, forming a white puddle on the floor.

 ”I’ll clean this one up later…”

 Alexis quickly puts his p*nis in his pants and turns his eyes to the knight who is still standing motionless.

 As usual, he has no idea what the knight is thinking.

 Not even a single sound of agitation is heard when something like this is done right in front of her eyes. It makes him wonder if there is really a human being inside.

 ”Maybe it’s actually empty inside?”

 Because the knight is so motionless, Alexis walks up to her and starts to observe her.

 ”Mmm… Haah, haah. No, there’s person inside. I saw it down there in the dungeon.”

 Fransisca says this, her breath uneven from the sensation of leaking white fluid.

 ”Is that so?”

 Alexis looked at the knight doubtfully and was startled when he heard a sudden clash of armor.

 ”Whoa, that scared me!”

 The knight turned her head.

 ”…Check, done. Excuse me.”

 As the knight was leaving the room with a few words, Alexis grabbed the knight’s arm and stopped her.

 ”I want to talk to you. I need you to stay here for a while longer. —And Fransisca, you too!”

 Alexis also called out to Fransisca, who was leaving the room to wash the semen stains.

 ”What, me too?”

 Looking at Fransisca’s shocked look, Alexis felt like sighing.

 ”You know what? You don’t want Aniki to know about the dungeon, so why are you taking his men with you?”

 ”Ah… Oh, I shouldn’t have…?”

 Fransisca looked at Alexis with a puzzled look on her face.

 ”Of course it was a bad idea,” Alexis answered firmly.

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