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Chapter 81 [Female blacksmith] In the Bathtub

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 Sara and Valencia should be delighted

 Because the inside of the box garden is very luxurious

 —Though not as luxurious as the court

 However, there is a spacious garden full of flowers and grasses, a fountain with a gushing water spout, and at the back of the garden, there is a two-storied, gothic-style, horizontal mansion as if it were a nobleman’s residence

 When they passed through a large door, they found themselves in an entrance hall. From the looks of the building, it seems to have many rooms

 The rooms are not only private rooms, but also a dining room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and they seemed to be well furnished and equipped

 Fransisca has told that no one had entered the mansion for four generations, yet it looked as if it had been newly built without a trace of dust

 ”It looks like it was just built.”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca smiles without seeming too surprised, “Yes, it does,” she says

 ”The ancient mage created this place with their boundary magic. It is a place that is not subject to deterioration or age. Like Avalon.”

 ”I see. Avalon is also a boundary magic?”

 Yes. Though its nature and purpose are completely different…”

 Alexis nodded in agreement with Fransisca’s words

 ”Hey, Fransisca…”

 Alexis was about to say something, but then swallowed and Fransisca looked at him with a questioning look on her face, “What’s wrong?”

 ”…Ah, yeah. It’s nothing.”

 Alexis shook his head

* * *

 Since there are less than ten guest rooms that can be used as bedrooms, each of them chose a suitable room as their private room, and then they broke up

 After that, they are free to take a rest or look around the mansion they have not yet visited, but they are still in the midst of Avalon, where they are not free to relax. Perhaps everyone will choose to take a break today

 ”…But even monsters are not free to come and go as long as they touch that light, are they?”

 To Alexis’s point, Fransisca’s answer was “…Yes” as if she suddenly remembered it just before the breakup

 Thanks to this, we had to set up a lookout in front of the pillar of light where the box garden was located

 ”For now, we only need one guard as before, don’t we? If we shout, it will echo inside the building.”

 ”Well, if we can’t hear it, as long as I or Maria apply transmission, we will be able to hear it.”

 Fransisca and Sara each suggested this, so it was decided that there would be one guard each, as before

 Still, it was a pleasure to have a place to rest

 And since they have one more member this time, they have more time to rest

 No, there is something else that Alexis is most happy about

 That is

 ”In this bathroom. I can go in without worrying about the time…!”

 Yes, there’s no one here to share the baths with

 And now his deformed dong can go freely in the open without fear of being seen


 Alexis went straight to the bathroom, took off his clothes in the changing room, and slid into the bathroom with a shout

 The fact that he is so excited is a secret only from him

 ”Hahaha! I’m free. I’m freeeeee!”

 He stands in the big bathroom and swings his dong from side to side. “Maybe I’ll be able to fly away like this,” Alexis thinks

 ”For now, can you stop it…?”

 Alexis was startled by such a reply

 He was too excited to notice that there was already a guest in the bathroom

 ”Prince is an idiot, isn’t he? Or rather, he is a pervert. Prince is a perverted fool…”

 It was Dorothea who, with her face bright red, sank her body up to her shoulders into the muddy water in the bathtub

 Her cat-like eyes were fixed on Alexis with a cold color in them, and her black hair, which she usually wears in a ponytail, was tied in a high bun


 Alexis exclaimed

 ”Did you see that?! You saw it, didn’t you?”

 ”I saw it… I mean, you showed it to me…”

 ”Wait, why are you in there?”

 ”Because I wanted to. And you? Why did you come in?”

 ”Of course, if there’s a bathroom in there, why wouldn’t I come in? There’s no separate bathroom for men and women in this room. There’s only one bathroom to begin with.”

 ”..Maybe that’s the reason…”

 Alexis’s point made sense to Dorothea. However, Alexis immediately turned reluctant

 ”—But, you’re still appear in bad time…”

 ”…Why is it my fault? It was the prince who had the bad timing, wasn’t it?”

 ”Hey Dorothea. —The fault of the lord is the fault of his vassal.”

 Alexis said smiling

 ”Uuuu. No, that’s enough!”

 Dorothea seems to have given up on saying anything more to Alexis

 And instead, with a bright red face, she says, “Turn around.”

 ”What? Why?”

 ”Because I’m leaving, of course! I mean, don’t look at me like that even now!”

 Dorothea spits in frustration, while Alexis looks at her strangely

 ”Why are you in such a hurry to get out? You just came in, didn’t you?”

 ”But Prince is here…”

 ”I don’t mind. You’re more than welcome to stay.”

 ”Well, I guess you’re right…”

 While Dorothea sighs, Alexis walks over to the mirror attached to the wall of the bathroom and starts to wash himself using the soap there

 ”…Besides, you haven’t been with me for a while, haven’t you? I can play with you.”

 ”So annoying… it’s even more annoying when you say it like an idiot.”

 Dorothea let out a sigh at Alexis’s tone of voice, which sounded like he was getting carried away

 And what’s annoying is that… it’s never off the mark

 (But… Isn’t it nice that the prince is a great? He can have his way with all kinds of women while he’s so busy being powerful…)

 Dorothea sighs again

 (Oh, it’s not that I frustrated… Well, to begin with, if the prince hadn’t done what he did, I’d never have known…)

 Dorothea sighs again and again, and Alexis can’t help but feel concerned

 ”You know… You don’t have to be so amazed at your lord’s stupidity. This whole exchange was just a series of light-hearted remarks, okay?”

 ”It’s rare to see a royal family who talks so lightly to common people one after another…”

 At this, Alexis answered with a sigh as usual, “Thank you very much.”

 ”I didn’t mean it as a compliment. I’m really sorry…”

 ”What… it really hurts my feelings to hear you say that to me like that…”

 Alexis flinches, and Dorothea’s gaze begins to drift

 ”…you know. Why did the prince even want to play with me?”

 Suddenly, Dorothea asks a question


 Alexis asked back, while Dorothea’s cheeks turned bright red as she realized what had just slipped out of her mouth

 ”Oh… it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me… but, you know, the prince… After all, it’s not like you’re in need of a girl, is it?”

 ”Well, yeah. It was more like… well, momentum.”

 Alexis’s answer was… well… not far off the mark, and Dorothea’s shoulders slump

 ”Well… You’re right. Of course, that’s all the reason you think of me.”

 ”Oh, come on. Don’t be so down…”

 Dorothea responds to Alexis’ flustered look, “I’m not depressed”

 But Alexis felt sorry for her because she seemed to be in low spirits

 He waited for her to say something, but when he had finished washing her body and her hair, Dorothea remained silent

 Alexis could not leave her alone and turned to her

 ”…Well, momentum is momentum. I think you’re good at what you do”

 ”…But, Prince, you have other girls too…. I’m just one of the many, aren’t I?”

 ”Well, it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that, is there?”

 ”No, you don’t have to comfort me.”

 Dorothea let out another sigh

 ”Because I understand. I know that Prince has a special status. I understand that, you know? But… sometimes I still think it’s unfair. Because to the prince, I’m just another one of his playmates. But for me, I’m by myself…”

 Dorothea seemed to be unusually subdued as she fell silent again after saying that much

 She also said that what she is worried about is her relationship with Alexis

 (What? I don’t know… she has a little bit of a cute side to her…)

 But this feeling makes Alexis horny

 And here they are, after all, a naked man and a naked woman. And if one thinks about it, Dorothea doesn’t seem to be totally disgusted with him

 (…Well then)

 Alexis decides and walks toward Dorothea

 He soaks himself in the bathtub and sits down right next to her

 ”Eh…? P-Prince?”

 Dorothea’s color changes, perhaps because she is aware of the sudden closeness

 ”I-If prince is going to join me, I think I’ll go up there too…”

 Her cheeks turn bright red, and Alexis pulls Dorothea’s hand as she tries to stand up in a hurry


 Alexis catches Dorothea’s off-balance body in the hot water

 There is a crash and a splash

 ”Wa, awawawa…”

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