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Chapter 81 [Female blacksmith] In the Bathtub

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 Dorothea is red up to her ears

 She looks half panicked, her lips are smacking with a blank expression on her face

 ”What is it? You seem to be more naive than I thought.”

 Alexis lifts the edge of her lip, and Dorothea gives him a miffed look

 ”What, what’s that? It’s just because the prince suddenly started acting strange…!”

 It’s fine, it’s not

 ”It’s not fine!”

 Pulling Dorothea’s arm away from her, Alexis again urged her, “It’s okay,” he said

 ”I just wanted to fuck you right now, so why don’t you?”

 With these words, Alexis covered Dorothea’s lips

 ”Uh, hmm…”

 Dorothea’s expression turned into one of stunned amazement, and she suddenly became quiet as if she were a borrowed cat

 After a while, Alexis’ lips parted and Dorothea’s face took on an angry expression

 ”W-What is it? Y-You are suddenly…!”

 Dorothea comes back to her senses and pokes at him, her attitude seems to hide her embarrassment, and Alexis lets out a laugh

 ”I’m just doing what I want to do.”

 ”Heh. W-What do you mean by that…?”

 Dorothea’s voice fades to a whisper

 Instead, her cheeks turned redder than ever

 ”Wh-Wh-What is that? What’s gotten into you? Y-You’re so weird. It’s definitely weird. Prince is weird. I-I-I can’t believe it… you want to kiss me! It’s weird… It’s really weird.”

 Dorothea’s eyes are black and white

 But the pounding of her heart tells Alexis exactly how she really feels

 —Dorothea is thrilled by the forceful pressure

 (I see. This is what she wants…)

 At this, Alexis decides to do as he pleases

 So, he tightens his grip on Dorothea’s hand causing she says “Ouch!”

 However, he does not care about that and pulls Dorothea so tightly that she presses her body against his, and then he kisses her lips as they come close to each other again

 ”Hamh—, M-mmmhh—!”

 Dorothea tries to pull her body back, but Alexis pulls her back forcefully and pries her closed lips open with his tongue

 ”Auuu— Squelch. Kiss, Kiss, Slurp….”

 While Dorothea is puzzled, Alexis licks her mouth one way and then the other

 He also run his hands over Dorothea’s luscious breasts in the hot water

 ”Hyah. W-What are you— Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 When Dorothea wanted to protest, she was unable to do so because of the oral play

 Instead, she felt a tingling sensation rising in her mouth and from her breast

 (Uuu. No way. I can’t believe I’m getting comfortable in all the places when prince is touching me…)

 Dorothea is ashamed of her body’s reaction

 ”Hhhhh. Suck, suck, suck…”

 As if she was boiling, Dorothea turned bright red and gradually lost her resistance

 And then, Alexis whispers in her ear all of sudden

 ”You’re so cute, Dorothea.”


 Dorothea is completely speechless

 (Oh, no! I can’t do it anymore…)

 Dorothea’s body weakens

 ”No, don’t, prince. Don’t say that…”

 Her voice is trembling as she lets out a sigh

 Alexis asks, “Why?”

 Dorothea leans her weight on Alexis

 ”Because. You can’t say that to me when you don’t mean it. N-No, I can’t be the only one who’s being serious. That would be stupid…”

 When Dorothea showed resistance, Alexis asked her

 ”Are you going to be serious with me?”


 Dorothea was at her wits’ end

 ”…I-I want to be serious…”

 Dorothea finally said and put her hand on Alexis’ back

 ”But Prince only treats me like a whore, doesn’t he? That’s not fair. It’s not fair… it’s not fair…”

 Dorothea mutters to herself, and Alexis pulls her back against the edge of the stone bathtub

 ”But isn’t it because you’re making me so horny? It makes me want to stick my dick in your pussy so bad”

 Alexis stretches out his cock in the hot water and places it on Dorothea’s pussy. Dorothea’s body shuddered at this sensation

 ”Haah, haah… don’t be so mean to me…”

 ”You also invite me like a whore.”

 ”I didn’t even do that. And yet, the prince…”

 Contrary to her words, Dorothea slowly opens her legs, her face a bit haunted, as if she is accepting Alexis

 ”What are you talking about in this position?”

 Alexis points out, and Dorothea lets out a heated sigh

 ”Ahhjh… I-I don’t know. My body just does it on its own…”

 Alexis curves her cock upward and inserts it into her vagina, rubbing against Dorothea’s erect clitoris

 ”Oh, oh… Oh, ahh!”

 Dorothea was shaking her body trembling widely

 Dorothea had also been wanting Alexis for a long time. After all, her body was wet inside, and she was squeezing Alexis’ cock tightly

 The tightness made her body tremble even more, and she was responding violently, “Ah, ah, ahhhh!”. Then, she reachs her climax

 ”Haaaaah, ohhhh—this is so tight… Prince’s thing so thick… my inside so full… it’s squeezing me…”

 Dorothea complains with teary eyes

 And in fact, Dorothea’s tightness is so strong that Alexis can hardly move his dick

 Still, Alexis rocks his cock and rubs it against Dorothea’s clitoris. This is something that a normal p*nis would not be able to do

 But soon, unable to resist it, Dorothea screams, “Ahh! Ah! Aaaaaaahhhh—”

 ”Aaahh— Again…. I’m cummmming—!!”

 Dorothea’s whole body trembled and shook

 ”I really feel like a whore…— like I’ve become a perverted whore…—”

 With a completely melted expression on her face, she started shaking her hips as she said this

 The tightness of her hips made Alexis let out a scream

 ”Damn… ugh. It feels so good inside you, so good…”

 ”Haaahn— Really? Is it true? Does my perverted pussy feel good?”

 Dorothea smiles at him

 ”Yes, it feels so good. I want to cum all over it,” Alexis replies

 ”Haah, haah… you can cum. It’s okay, prince.”

 Dorothea was bucking her hips

 ”It’s so tingly inside. I’ve always wanted to be fucked by you…!”

 Dorothea finally let out her true feelings and clutched Alexis tightly

 ”Give it to me, prince! Please cum inside me, I want you to cum inside me!”

 In fact, Alexis was nodding his head because he was almost at his limit

 ”Well, I’ll pour it in your frustrated pussy.”

 ”Yes, come on. Come on, fill me up.”

 Dorothea said this with an expression that completely skipped her rationality, so Alexis pressed his hips against her and unleashed the cum hhe had been holding back


 ”Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

 Dorothea seemed to have reached her climax again, and her body was shaking violently

 ”Haaahhh— No, no, this is it… I’m going crazy…”

 With an ecstatic expression on her face, her abdomen bulged out and her whole body convulsed repeatedly

 ”Kuh… ugh, haah, haah…”

 Alexis also could not do anything but stay in the same position because of the tightness of her ejaculation after it was over

 The tightness of Dorothea’s vaginal hole, which was twitching and twitching repeatedly, continued to give a faint stimulation to the hypersensitive p*nis after the ejaculation

 ”Haaah, haaah… ugh!”

 Alexis was being squeezed by Dorothea’s vagina until the last drop remained in her urethra

 ”Good grief… You have such an amazing vagina…”

 Alexis held Dorothea in his arms and caught his breath for a while

 ”Mmm… Y-Yes…? Even Prince’s is thick and hard… Ah, I always feel like I’m going to lose consciousness…?”

 Dorothea replies in this way while getting scared, but she doesn’t seem to be aware that the reason she feels this way is because of the tightness of her own body

 ”…well, we’ll have to stay like this for a while until things settle down…”

 Dorothea gave a small nod in response to Alexis’ comment

 ”Yeah… T-That’s the only way… isn’t it? I-I’d be in pain too if you were forced to pull it out now…. So, it can’t be helped…?”

 Dorothea mutters in her mouth as if she is making an excuse

 However, it was impossible for her to continue in this state in a place where she did not know who might come at any moment

 Soon after, the side door of the bathroom was opened




 Fransisca, Sara, and Valencia reacted with surprise in three different ways

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