Avalon 82

Chapter 82

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 Alexis was now in the bathroom, feeling small.

 —No. It’s a situation that would normally make any man envious. After all, Alexis is surrounded by four naked beauties and pretty girls.

 ”…So,” Sara, the smallest girl in the room, opened her mouth.

 ”Are you saying that all of us here have physical experience with Alex-kun?”

 ”…Could you please stop talking so nonsensical?”

 Alexis murmurs in a whisper.

 ”D-Don’t tell me that Maria already has…”

 It was Fransisca who suddenly said, realizing what was happening.

 ”No! Of course not! I haven’t done anything to Maria yet! I swear!!”

 Alexis said hurriedly, and Valencia gulps and grabs the bath towel that is covering her body, “Not yet…?”.

 ”…Alexis-sama. So, you’re that… kind of person…?”

 Valencia’s eyes drifted to timidly, as if she was about to say a forbidden word.

 ”What do you mean by that kind of person? I’m a royal!”

 Hearing Alexis’ assertion, Sara nodded her head and said, “—indeed”.

 ”Actually, it’s normal for royalty to have dozens of concubines, isn’t it? I’m not familiar with it from the Sagrado point of view, but…”

 ”Right? I’m still one of the few, aren’t I…?!”

 Alexis asked for sympathy, but the women present did not seem to think that it was a question of more or less.

 ”It’s not whether it’s more or less,” Valencia said, following Sara’s words.

 ”I think… it’s more a matter of the horizontal connection. And Dorothea, you are not a Sagrado. We Sagradoans have a weakness for Alexis-sama, so even if we can’t help being the victims of his insatiable carnal desires, But I don’t see how Dorothea could…”

 ”Weakness!? Victim of insatiable carnal desire! You make it sound like I’m a villain!”

 Watching them argue, Dorothea understood who Alexis was talking to except her.

 ”Prince. I can’t believe you’ve been messing around with the big shot…”

 As if in shock, Dorothea moves away from him quietly.

 ”Hey, you!”

 Alexis was flustered.

 ”As I said, I’m the big guy here, remember?!”

 ”That’s a lie. Isn’t the princess-miko better than you? Even I know that the hierarchy of royalty is determined by the length of their history…”

 ”…Externally, that may be true. But what Alexis-sama says is not wrong, is it?”

 Fransisca follows up with a wry smile.

 ”Yes, yes, yes!”

 Alexis nodded his head hurriedly, but it seemed that Dorothea’s feelings were not restored after being completely doused with cold water.

 ”Still… Prince is a pervert and an idiot.”

 That’s all Dorothea said in a whisper, then got out of the bathroom and walked away.

 Alexis was shocked at this.

 ”Uh…? I think she look at me lower and lower…”

 ”It seems so. She looked at you with complete disdain.”

 ”That’s right. She looked at you as if you were a piece of filth!”

 Sara and Valencia each give Alexis a precise description of the situation.

 ”Hey, Fransisca, aren’t your vassals too merciless?”

 ”…I don’t know, but I think they are both good vassals.”

 The smiling Fransisca says this seriously, which makes Alexis think that the world is a very confusing place.

 She is a good-natured person, so she does not mind being lectured by her vassals, but for Alexis, he would prefer to be lectured by them as little as possible. .

 ”I don’t want a sermon… I won’t let this stop me from what I’ve always wanted!”

 ”I’m going to get out of here,” That’s what Alexis had decided.

 It is true that he can’t bear to abandon the situation surrounded by the naked beauties, but they are harsh to him. In other words, they are the enemy.

 Considering that he us in enemy territory, what is there to hesitate about leaving?

 Alexis gets out of the hot water quickly, and leaves like a hare.

* * *

 ”Haah… they say that three women make a bad situation, but that’s more like nagging than bad…”

 Alexis was walking down the hallway, rubbing his hair with a towel after taking a bath.

 Maria, who had just returned from the box garden, was walking from the other side of the hallway.

 ”Oh, Maria. Are you done with your watch?”

 Maria looks surprised, and then her cheeks turn red quickly.

 ”Oh, um… Yes… D-D-Dorothea-chan just came and said she’d change my place…”

 Looking at Maria, who is talking with a nervous look on her face and playing with her glasses, Alexis lets out a giggle, thinking that she is the same as ever.

 ”You’re still the same, huh? Why don’t you ease up on that?”

 ”Uh… y-yes.”

 Maria’s shoulders slumped, as if she felt scolded.

 ”…I-I’m sorry …. But, I, I can’t do it. I wonder if I’m just born that way… when I talk to people, I get…ugh…nervous…”

 In fact, her body seems to be tense just as she says, and it may be her personality.

 ”Well, it doesn’t matter. The girls are taking a bath right now, why don’t you go and take a bath too? You must be tired.”

 Alexis pats Maria on the shoulder casually, and she stiffens up.


 For a moment, her eyes were filled with distaste as she looked at Alexis, and Alexis was upset.

 Maria quickly turned her head and nodded her head, “Y-Yes,” she whispered.

 ”Then, I think I should go… I…”

 Maria muttered in a muffled voice as she looked away from him.


 Alexis scratches his hair, seeing Maria’s hasty attitude as she walks away.

 (Did I do something to make her hate me…?)

 He thinks and tilts his head.

* * *

 It was that night.

 Alexis was dozing on the bed that was set up in the room that he had newly chosen as his room, when he heard a knock at the door.

 He almost forgets that he is in a dungeon when he hears a knock at his door.

 ”What is it? Fransisca, I told you no need to keep a fairy today, didn’t I?”

 After turning over with these words, Alexis notices that the wallpaper is a different color than usual and finally remembers that he is in an artifact that has been deployed in the dungeon.

 (Then, who knocked on the door?)

 Alexis hears a voice.

 ”I-It’s not Her Highness. It’s me. It’s Valencia.”


 Alexis tilts his head and sits cross-legged on the bed, then opens the door and asks her to come in.

 ”Excuse me!” After a few words, Valencia comes into the room, still wearing her armor and sword.

 ”You are the one who visits me every night…”

 Alexis mutters, remembering that Valencia had asked him while they were in the fort.

 ”So, what do you want to talk about this time?”

 Alexis asks, and Valencia’s lips pursed into a tight line.

 ”Let me have my revenge!,” she said.


 Alexis asked back, and Valencia replied, “Yes,” she said.

 ”Today, I couldn’t satisfy Alexis-sama because I wasn’t good enough, and as a result, I had to bother Her Highness… So, I think I can’t go on like this!”

 ”…You can’t go on like this?”

 ”What is she talking about?” Alexis received this look from Valencia.

 ”Alexis-sama, teach me how to intercourse. So, that I can take Her Highness’s place with dignity!”

 She said seriously.

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