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Chapter 16

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 After two nights and three days of exploring Avalon, the team returned to the fort after successfully defeating the boss found on the sixth layer

 ”Captain, it’s a great achievement! The darkness has faded again!”

 When they returned, a soldier called out to them, and Alexis responded, “Oh, that’s good to hear”

 The new captain is a well-known, since Alexis had told the whole fortress about the new captain on the same day that he revealed himself as the 6th prince

 The soldiers seem to be more comfortable with their own prince as captain than with a stranger’s princess, and the slacking off that was common in Fransisca’s captain time is not so frequent these days

 ”Anyway, I’m going to take a rest. You can all take your time, too”

 After saying this, Alexis went back inside the fort

* * *

 The long march with no return left everyone very tired

 Alexis too lay sprawled out on the bed, snoring and snoring. Just then, there is a knock at his door


 Alexis rolled over, and then, thud! He fell to the floor


 He sits up, rubbing his bruised lower back

 As he did so, he said out loud, “Who is it?”


 Only one person has ever called him that

 ”Oh, Fransisca? What’s up?”

 As Alexis asks, the door is opened with a click

 ”E-excuse me…”

 Fransisca enters the room quietly, seemingly cleansed, wearing a neat white one-piece dress for daily use, not an armor or a combat outfit

 ”A-Alexis-sama, umm…”

 Fransisca is embarrassed and fidgety, and Alexis says, “Yes, what is it?” while he climbs back onto the bed

 Seeing Alexis like this, Fransisca immediately notices

 ”Umm, you haven’t changed your clothes yet…?”

 ”Yeah, I fell asleep. I’m tired…”

 ”Eh… Then, w-what are you going to do tonight then…?”

 Fransisca couldn’t help but let out a puzzled voice

 Of course, she had come to this room with the intention of keeping Alexis company tonight as well

 ”We’re done for today, see you tomorrow”

 Alexis hugged the pillow and Fransisca gasped as he said that

 ”B-but tomorrow we’ll be back in Avalon…”

 ”Hencefore, that’s too much work. So, I’m taking tomorrow off. Tell the other guys… Mmm… *Snort*”

 Soon after, Alexis began to sleep again

 ”A-Alexis… sama…”

 Fransisca’s voice had become quieter. She didn’t want to wake him up

 But, still—

 (…ugh, it’s so tingly…)

 Fransisca also moved her feet patiently

 Ever since Alexis had played with her halfway inside Avalon, the tingling had not gone away at all. When she was concentrating, she could forget about it, but the next thing she knew, the tingles were swelling up and..

 (I-I thought he was finally going to do it…)

 After letting out a sigh, Fransisca comes back to herself

 ”Wait… What did I just think? No, nooo!”

 Fransisca still does not want to admit it

 But eventually Fransisca walks over to Alexis and kneels down on the floor

 “Alexis-sama,” she whispered to him

 ”If you want to sleep, I’ll be waiting for you. So, tomorrow… you can use me, okay? After all… I’m your slave…”

 She turns red when she says that much

 (W-w-what did I say…! I-I’m such an idiot…!)

 Fransisca was flustered by herself even though she had said it herself


 ”U-ugh. I can’t seem to get rid of the tingling…”

 Not knowing what to do with herself, she can’t help but get teary-eyed

 In the end, although she doesn’t want to admit it… although it’s aggravating, she has to realize that she is looking forward to the night with Alexis

 (Will I be able to sleep peacefully tonight…?)

 Fransisca can only sigh with disappointment

* * *

 The next morning, Alexis experienced the worst possible wake-up call

 ”Oh, I smell sweaty…”

 He wakes up early and frowns at his own body odor

 He feels like blaming himself for not taking a bath as soon as he returned from Avalon

 To begin with, Alexis is very careful about the time of taking a bath because of the abnormality between his legs. He can’t enter the bathroom when others are bathing. If he does so, his dong might be cut down

 (The only time of the day when it is not crowded is one hour before bedtime…)

 Alexis lets out a sigh with a feeling of dread

 This means he has to spend the rest of the day with his smelly self and he can’t help but feel depressed

* * *

 Alexis has no choice but to change his clothes and heads for the canteen to have breakfast

 But then, he wonders if it is his imagination that the distance between him and the soldiers is a little too far. No, it is not

 ”Good morning… Your Highness…”

 The soldier’s greeting is cheerless. Even their smiles are twitchy

 (I see. Do I smell that sweaty?)

 Alexis felt a little self-conscious at the thought

* * *

 Did someone tell them?

 Anyway, as he exit the canteen, a voice calls out to him

 ”Alex, I have a few things to say about you today”

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