Avalon 15

Chapter 15 [Princess-maiden] In the Dungeon (Brief Stop)

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”N-no matter what?”

 Fransisca tried to persist.

 ”Yes, of course”

 Alexis replied crisply.

 ”Uh… W-what if I say no?”

 ”Hmm… well, who should I call? Lorenzo?”

 Alexis smiles wickedly, while Fransisca turns red and groans.

 ”Y-you’re so mean, Alexis-sama… doing it in the dungeon…”

 ”Really? I guess you still need more discipline”

 Alexis moves his gauntleted fingertips.

 ”These fingers, covered with steel, must hurt a lot more than usual”


 Fransisca was freaking out.

 ”But it can’t be helped, can it? I’m defenseless without my armor, and I can’t take it off either”

 ”Ugh, I-I understand. Alexis-sama will do!”

 Fransisca said hurriedly, but Alexis laughs and says.

 ”Hmm, your answer is incorrect. Shouldn’t it be “Please watch over me”? I mean, you’re asking someone to do something, so do it right”

 ”U…ugh, A-Alexis-sama… please, look at me…”

 Fransisca turns bright red and speaks in desperation.

 What she probably meant was “look,” but Alexis was thrilled, thinking that she had asked him to watch her undress.

 ”Well, I’ll watch you take it off”


 Fransisca let out a sigh and turned away from Alexis.

 At least, she tries not to look at him.

 She undoes her belt, sheathes her two swords, removes her armor and puts it on the floor, leaving only her clothes behind.

 Her clothes is a one-piece dress with a slit, fastened with a sturdy leather corset.

 The dress itself, strengthened by leather reinforcements in the chest and in other major parts of the body, fully represents a combat-ready garment.

 As Fransisca undid the leather straps that held the dress in place, she loosened the corset. The corset slips down her hips and falls to her feet.

 Then she undid the straps of the dress as well.

 ”Hah, hah”

 Fransisca’s breathing was ragged. She was too shy and tense to breathe well.

 Her thighs also rubbed against each other.

 But at last, her clothes loosened and it fell to her feet.

 Her supple white back is revealed.

 Her buttocks wrapped in white panties, her upper thighs covered by a garter belt, and she wears a long pair of knee socks with long boots.

 Fransisca then removed her long boots.

 And finally, she puts her hand on her panties and takes a deep breath.

 As she does so, Alexis calls out to her.

 ”Fransisca, turn around”


 Fransisca is startled, but Alexis tells her.

 ”It’s okay. You’re my slave, right?”

 ”Y-yes. That’s right… but…”

 When Fransisca admits this, Alexis replies.

 ”Hah, hah…”

 With a pounding heart, Fransisca eventually looked back at Alexis slowly.

 Her amethyst eyes were moist.

 Her upper body was completely bare, exposing her plump breasts and her sunken navel.

 On her lower body, she wears only white panties with lace, a garter belt, and socks. Her legs are shuffling uncomfortably, and she brings one hand in front of her breast to cover only the pale baby pink part with her hand, as if she wants to hide her breast.

 In spite of her appearance, she is trying to be considerate to Alexis’ wishes.

 Still, her sense of shame seems to prevail, and she is covering her breast with her hand.

 ”How long are you going to keep doing that? If you don’t take off your clothes, you won’t be able to bathe”

 When Alexis pointed this out to her, Fransisca was a bit jumpy, then nodded her head “…Y-yes”.

 She moved her hands down from her breasts and hooked her fingers into her panties again.

 Fransisca’s cheeks were flushed and she was breathing tremblingly, but she pulled down her panties smoothly.

 Her underhair, which is the same silver color as her hair, is visible, but it is so thin and colored that it looks almost hairless. The triangle-shaped pubic mound is also clearly visible.

 ”Hah, hah…”

 Fransisca finally took off her panties, exposing herself to Alexis in nothing but a garter belt and socks.

 Alexis was smiling and giving her a licking look.

 ”So, you’re taking off your panties first? The most embarrassing part is not wearing anything, but the socks and garter belt are still there. That’s very erotic”

 Fransisca’s ears turn red when he is clearly pointed out.

 (N-no. Don’t say it like that…)

 When she rubbed her legs together, her ears heard the sound of her secret place.


 Fransisca blushes more and more, meanwhile Alexis, who had heard the sound, grins even more.

 ”What’s the matter with you, are you excited to be seen?”

 ”N-no, it can’t be…”

 ”How can you get wet if you’re not excited?”


 Fransisca almost cried, but Alexis was right.

 Fransisca’s pussy was starting to get a tingling sensation.

 (W-why did I…?)

 Unconsciously, Fransisca glances at Alexis’ lower body.

 (I-it’s like yesterday…)

 Her lustful gaze was perfectly detected by Alexis.

 ”What, you want me to do something nasty to you?”

 Fransisca looked away in a hurry as Alexis walked up to her.

 ”N-no!? Of course not!”

 ”Heh, you are stubborn as ever, aren’t you?”

 With a smirk, Alexis says, “But I’m the one who wants to fuck you”.

 ”And I don’t care what you think, you’re still my slave, so why shouldn’t I?”

 Alexis lifts her plate armor with one quick movement, revealing his pants to Fransisca, which were hidden under the armor. When Fransisca saw that his crotch, which was in pants, was raised, she turned red with excitement.

 ”Come on, my slave, you should loosen your master’s pants like a slave!”

 ”Eh, m-me…?”

 ”Who else is here but you?”

 Fransisca gulped as Alexis told her.

 (I-I’m going to… take Alexis-sama’s cock out? With my own hand? In order to do something so dirty to me…?)

 The thought of it makes Fransisca feel ashamed beyond reason.

 But – even now, her secret place is still tingling.

 (This is because Alexis-sama forced me to do it, I had no choice…)

 When she finished her excuses, Fransisca walked up to him.

 She reached for his belt and began to clack it loose with a clumsy hand.

 Fransisca seems to be struggling, as she is not used to removing another person’s clothes.

 And as Alexis stares at her exposed breasts, Fransisca lets out an embarrassed gasp as if she has noticed it.

 ”Well, if that’s the case, you better get used to taking your clothes off in front of me, okay? Sooner or later it’s going to happen”

 These words reminded Fransisca of what he had been doing to her on a daily basis recently.

 Last night, in the mirror, his hands were on her breasts…


 Fransisca’s heart pounded.

 ”P-Please don’t look at me, it’s embarrassing…”

 Alexis laughs at Fransisca, who turns bright red.

 ”What do you mean, don’t look at me? Do you understand? You’re about to take my cock out of my pants right now, you know that?”

 ”I-I know it… So, don’t tell me…”

 Fransisca looked like she was about to cry as she breathed heavily.

 Still, she eventually loosened Alexis’ belt and pulled his pants down.

 Before the pants could be pulled down, a tentacle-like thing of Alexis’ came out of the gap.


 Fransisca is startled, but Alexis pulls her closer to him.

 There was a small clank of iron against iron, and Fransisca’s breasts were pressed against the cold armor.


 The close distance of the face made Fransisca’s heart pound.

 Meanwhile, on the underside, Alexis’s cock was reaching out to Fransisca’s exposed secret.



 Fransisca’s body shuddered.

 ”Haaah, A-Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis hugged Fransisca, who lets out a wistful cry.

 It is a pity that the armor does not allow him to enjoy the feeling of her soft skin, but he lets his cock enter into her moist and wet hole.

 ”Haah, ah, ahh!”

 There is a sizzling sound as Alexis rubs his cock against her hole, and Fransisca’s body jumps.

 ”Look. Can you feel how wet it is?”

 Alexis asks as he rubs the buds with his glans.

 ”Fuahh, ah? Aaaah, noo!”

 Fransisca couldn’t deny it with tears in her eyes.

 (A-Alexis-sama’s p*nis is rubbing against me, like this…)

 Fransisca’s body became hot.

 ”Oh, no, it’s going to be like yesterday…”

 Without thinking, Fransisca let out a whisper and Alexis said, “Yes, it’s just like yesterday”.

 ”But keep your voice down, okay? Even though there is some distance between the rest of the team, it would be troublesome if they start waking up”

 Fransisca nodded her head and then came to bury her face in Alexis’ chest.

 ”Fuuh, uh, uh. Umm, ha…”

 A stifled voice can be heard up close.

 Alexis also can feel Fransisca’s hot breath on his chest, but his armor is still in the way.

 (Wasn’t it a little wasteful?)

 He thought so, but still, Fransisca was almost naked while he was fully clothed and armored, and they were hugging each other.

 Also, Alexis found that it was not so bad, because he felt like they were having a lascivious lovemaking.

 ”Alexis-sama, Alexis-sama, I-I’m coming… already…”

 Fransisca clutched at him with her hips trembling and looking desperate while she pressed her body against him.

 It was then. Alexis senses the presence of someone.


 Alexis quickly separated from Fransisca and pulled back the tentacles between his legs, and put his hand on the sword at his waist.

 It seemed that a monster had heard their noise from the other side of the dungeon and rushed toward them.

 ”Fransisca, defend yourself!”


 Fransisca, still in a daze, but Alexis shouted, “Do it!” and faced the monster with his big shield.

 (W-we’re still in the middle of it…)

 Fransisca looked like she was about to cry when she felt a strong tingling sensation in her secret place. But Alexis had instructed her to reach for one of her swords.

 So, with a quick move, she pulls the sword out of its scabbard, the one she had acquired in Avalon.

 By that time, Alexis had drawn his sword and shouted “Ha!” and slashes at the monster.

 Bang! He also slammed the shield into the monster’s head, and Alexis shouts, “Switch!”.


 Fransisca’s face immediately tightens up and she jumps out to switch places with Alexis, and then she slash her sword into the monster.

 The monster is cut in two and dissipates in a black smoke.


 Fransisca quickly realizes as she tries to release her incisive posture.

 She was completely naked, wearing only a garter belt and knee socks, which was quite embarrassing for her.


 Fransisca suddenly dropped her sword, and reached out her hands to cover her breasts and her secret parts respectively.

 ”Ha, hauuu!”

 As Fransisca became teary-eyed, Alexis let out a sigh.

 ”…I guess we shouldn’t do it in Avalon after all. Let’s get this bath over with. Oh, and put my pants back on”

 ”Ehh?? But A-Alexis-sama was the one who started this…!”

 Fransisca couldn’t help but complain, but Alexis said.

 ”Oh. So you’re gonna stop me”

 She replies with a sullen look on her face.

 ”Eh, but…”

 ”What am I going to do about this tingling?” Fransisca turns red at that thought.

 (Eh? What am I thinking? No! It’s nothing!)


 Alexis wonders about Fransisca’s attitude.

 ”Nothing, it’s nothing…!”

 But Fransisca answered hurriedly.

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