Avalon 124

Chapter 124 [Woman Knight] Irrumatio with Semen Latrine Treatment

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 Alexis sat cross-legged on the bed and asked Valencia to take off her armor.

 ”I-I understand…”

 Valencia made a red face and began to take off her armor in a very slow movement.

 Underneath her armor, she is wearing a high neck shirt and a pleated miniskirt. On her feet, when she removes her leg armor, she appears to be wearing boots.

 However, when looking at her without her armor, it reminds Alexis that Valencia also has full breasts, though not as full as Fatima’s. Normally, her breasts are hidden by her armor, and they are not visible from the outside.

 So, there is not much to see of this fascinating fruit except like this time, which is usually hidden by her armor.

 ”Don’t your breasts increase in size when you take off your armor?”

 Valencia’s cheeks turn even redder when she hears Alexis’ comment.

 ”I-It will get in the way when I swing my sword. So, I try not to make it too noticeable…”

 ”I see.”

 So, having big tits is a hardship. Alexis thinks to himself as if he thinks of someone else.

 ”T-Then, what should I do after this?”

 Valencia, who had asked such question, seemed to be in the mode of waiting for instructions.

 As was the case with Fransisca when they were together before, it seems that she is not good at thinking and acting spontaneously.

 ”Ah, that’s right. Well, then, just take off your boots and come over here.”

 Alexis beckoned.

 Valencia nodded and took off her boots, leaving only her black two-high socks on her feet.

 She climbs onto the bed and Alexis pulls her close and hugs her, enjoying the warmth of Valencia’s body.


 Valencia let out a ticklish sound, as if she was not used to being hugged.

 Alexis, who is enjoying her bubbly reaction, declares, “Well, then…”

 ”Today, as a reward, I’ll make it just the way you like it.”

 ”Mmm…-A-as a reward, you mean…?”

 Suddenly, Valencia’s breasts were grabbed through her clothes as she let out a puzzled voice.

 Because of the tightness of her clothes, the change in the shape of her breasts could be observed closely through her clothes.

 There was something unexpectedly refreshing about watching them change their shape as the fabric was pulled and then filled in with the fingers that Alexis had pushed in.

 Valencia was ticklish while Alexis was doing it, occasionally shaking her body and leaking out a voice, “Kya…—Ah, mmm…,” as if she was ticklish.

 And it didn’t take long for her voice to become more lustrous.


 Every time her breast was stroked through her clothes, she shivered and trembled.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, ah…”

 Valencia clutches Alexis and looks at him with moist eyes as if she wants to say something to him.

 Her breath comes in gasps, her impatient blue eyes alternating between Alexis’ expression and her hands caressing his chest through his clothes.

 ”Oh, um…”

 It seems that she wants him to intensify the frustrating sensation.

 He understood that, but Alexis pretended not to understand and asked “What is it?”.

 ”Oh, I see. You want me to do this, don’t you?”

 Alexis pretended to be inspired and put his lips to her earlobe.

 He sucked lightly, and Valencia squealed, “Hwaaa”.

 ”Hyah, ah, no, not my ear—”

 Her body shakes violently.

 The caresses on her ears are making her feel the sensation.

 ”You don’t want it? But it makes you feel so good, doesn’t it?”

 ”T-That’s true, but, my ears. I don’t want to hear that…”

 Valencia looks embarrassed and her face turns bright red.

 Her embarrassment piles up when Alexis only touches her ears and her breasts through her clothes.

 ”Haah, haah, I want more, in different place…”

 Valencia finally utters a muffled voice.


 Alexis asked, and Valencia answered, “…nothing”.

 Well, it’s not just shame. In her case, she may have a sense of resistance to giving instructions by making her own request.

 Knowing her feelings, Alexis was mean enough to keep her from touching other places.

 Then Valencia, who seemed to be wondering how to start the conversation, finally interrupted, “Oh, umm”.

 ”I-I-It’s okay…”


 ”It’s okay! No, it’s okay if you take your clothes off…”

 Apparently, that was the best Valencia could do.

 Alexis grinned, thinking that was all.

 ”Really? You mean you want me to see you naked?”

 ”Hawa!? Ah! Well, uh… That’s not what I meant…!”

 Valencia blushed up to her ears and said, “I was just wondering if Alexis-sama wanted me to do that…” but her voice almost fading.

 ”Oh? You thought I’d want a naked sow?”

 When Alexis says this, Valencia’s face turns sullen and she looks like she’s about to cry.

 ”Ah… P-Please forgive me… And of course… That, I’m…”

 ”You deserve nothing more than a semen toilet where you drink and dispose of my semen.”

 ”Y-Yes. That’s right…”

 Valencia knelt down and looked up at him on all fours.

 ”I’m going to be a cum toilet Alexis-sama, please put it in my mouth.”

 Valencia looked like she was about to cry, but her breath was coming in and her eyes were becoming wide.

 Alexis responded, secretly enjoying the change in her expression, “Don’t blame me later”.

 ”If you’re going play as a semen toilet, just take your clothes off first.”

 ”Eh… B-But Alexis-sama, you don’t want to see a naked bitch like me, right…?”

 ”Yeah. I’m not interested. But you might get your clothes dirty, right?”

 When Alexis answered, Valencia nodded her head and began to take off her clothes.

 She looked as if she was trying to suppress her pain, but she still obeyed meekly.

 As Valencia stripped naked, the two bulges that had been asserted through her clothes became more assertive. With her pale fruit shaking, Valencia gets down on all fours again.

 ”A-Alexis-sama…. Please, use my semen toilet.”

 As Valencia said this, Alexis stood up and pulled his p*nis out of his pants.

 He pushes it, which is already growing in length, into Valencia’s open mouth.

 ”Mmm—,” Valencia lets out a muffled voice.

 Valencia shudders as Alexis grab her bangs.

 She shivers as the p*nis is shoved into her mouth and her bangs are held.

 Then, when her bangs were pulled, Valencia’s body trembled. Meanwhile, Alexis began to piston her face back and forth by pulling and pushing her bangs, but when it came to Valencia, it was not sure.

 Still, Valencia seems to feel comfortable in such a situation. Her expression is pouty, and she lets out a muffled cry and shivers with each tug on her bangs.

 How much more can she endure?

 Curious about that, Alexis decided to extend his cock a little more and go deeper into her throat while he kept pistoning.

 She seemed to know what he was going to do, and her face contorted in pain, but she seemed to choose to open her throat.

 ”Nggg—…,” she stops in mid-sentence, and her breathing also stops.

 She feels the tip of the cock touching her throat, but when the cock is pushed deep into her throat, her airway seems to be blocked.

 However, soon Alexis pushes her forelock and makes his p*nis shallower, and her breathing returns. Her shoulders move up and down violently, and she is gagging as if she is vomiting.

 But as if to interrupt her, Alexis pushes his cock into her again.

 As he repeats this over and over again, Valencia’s body seems to have begun to shudder as if it is being pushed up.

 Her expression became ecstatic and her voice became less anguished.

 Whenever her airway is repeatedly blocked and her throat is released, she lets out a cry of “Nnnnghhh—!”

 It seems that the feeling of vomiting causes her to drool profusely. After all, saliva is pouring out from her chin.

 She must be feeling aroused and aroused by this miserable situation where she is controlled by Alexis even to take a breath, and she can only drip saliva miserably.

 Her face is completely debauched.

 Soon Alexis had pulled out his p*nis and released her mouth when she was only moaning. With a snap, Valencia fell down on the bed, shaking her body several times in ecstasy, perhaps with a lingering sensation.

 But then, Alexis grabbed her bangs and made her look up again, “Hey, toilet”.

 ”I’m not done with you yet. You’re going to have to take mine, aren’t you?”

 Valencia said in a muffled voice, “Yes,” and then opened her mouth.

 Alexis pointed his soon-to-be-exposed cock at her mouth and ejaculated into it.

 Valencia does not seem to have enough strength left to swallow, and she dribbles all of the white fluid that is pouring into her mouth.

 When she was made to lie down again, he drenched her body with the rest.

 Valencia was shaking as she was drenched in Alexis’s white.

 ”—Mmm, haah, haah!”

 She was so miserable that tears spilled down her cheeks.

 But the shivering aftertaste did not calm her body down.

 Rather, the pain in her throat, the residual feeling of vomiting, and the fact that she has no choice but to be covered in a cloud of white make her body burn hot and arouse tingling sensations.

 (I-I’m crazy, I swear… Alexis-sama, that’s why he despises me like this…)

 While she was thinking so, Alexis suddenly picked up Valencia’s body covered with white.

 She noticed that Alexis had also taken off his clothes. Probably to avoid getting dirt on his clothes. Anyway, the room itself would automatically return to normal when the time came, but the clothes would not.

 Still, Valencia was surprised that Alexis picked her up and held her in his arms, willing to get dirty.

 While she was puzzled what was going on, Alexis patted her head and said softly.

 ”You did a good job until the end. That’s great.”


 Valencia was filled with tears. At the same time, her heart was burning.

 ”A-Alexis, sama…”

 Before Valencia could say anything, Alexis put Valencia on his cross-legged lap and said, “Well”.

 ”You want a reward for all your hard work, don’t you?”


 Valencia’s face fell as she responded in a muffled voice. It was because she couldn’t look Alexis directly in the face.

 (W-Why am I…?)

 She had just been abused and mistreated, and she was praised for having endured it all.

 This makes her heart pound with joy.

 (M-My… my reward, this is enough…)

 While she was thinking this, Alexis’ hand reaches out to Valencia’s lower body.

 Her still lingering body seemed to have a lot of nectar flowing from her secret place, and Alexis’ hand slipped between her folds and made a squeaking sound.


 Unexpectedly, Valencia wriggles and clings to Alexis.

 Compared to the intense sensations she had felt earlier, the stimulation is too gentle and tender. But it was enough to make Valencia feel shy.

 ”I have to pleasure my girl too, don’t I?”

 Alexis’ fingers slid into Valencia’s honey pot.

 ”Oh, oh, oh—”

 Valencia was trembling with shame.

 ”Ohhhh—No, no, no… Alexis-sama—”

 Alexis had already finished the act, but Valencia was embarrassed that she was the only one who was still being caressed.

 Therefore, Valencia involuntarily wriggled while saying the words of refusal.

 Alexis, however, responded by running his fingers between Valencia’s vagina and hers, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay”.

 ”Just be quiet and let yourself feel it, okay?”

 ”B-But—Ah, aah, ah—”

 The synergistic effect with the lingering sensations soon had Valencia in a state of debauchery.

 The fact that Alexis’ cool eyes are staring at her while she is in such a state of confusion causes her a tremendous amount of embarrassment.

 ”Haah, ah, ah. No… I’m making weird noises…”

 Valencia’s face turns bright red and her arms tighten around Alexis.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh… No, no, no… I can’t think straight…”

 Valencia’s hips buckle and her body shakes slightly.

 ”Haaah, haaah, haaah, ahhh—!”

 Valencia seemed to have reached her climax, and her body was shaking and trembling.

 After a while, Valencia seemed to lose her strength, and she rested her head on Alexis’s shoulder.

 She was breathing heavily, and Alexis stroked her head again after pulling out his sloppy fingers from inside her.

 ”Good night. Well, I guess we still have a little more time, let’s go take a bath.”

 Valencia nodded her head, letting go of her consciousness.

* * *

 Alexis took Valencia to the bathroom, cleansed themselves, and soaked themselves in the bathtub, and then she came back to herself.

 ”Ah-uh. Why are we taking a bath together?”

 Valencia turned to Alexis in front of him and complained.

 ”That’s because there’s only one bathroom here,” Alexis replied nonchalantly.

 ”I mean…. Wasn’t that a reward? You said you would make it just the way I like it, Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis smiles at Valencia, who turns bright red.

 ”Yes. So, I did, didn’t I? I gave you your favorite play.”


 Valencia was so sultry.

 ”What do you think you’re doing to me!?”

 ”What? Of course, even though you’re not the same type of your sister, you’re still a masochist just like her…”


 Valencia was in tears.

 ”With all due respect! Alexis-sama is just trying to make me have a strange s*xuality, right? But the truth is that I like the gentle ones too!”

 ”Really? Do you blame your Lord? Even though you’re a servant?”

 ”What!? Uhh! I don’t mean to blame Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis can’t help but laugh at Valencia’s waning figure.

 ”Heh? Anyway, since when did I become your Lord?”

 Just yesterday, he had used a similar trick on her.

 Remembering this, Valencia’s face became redder and redder.

 ”Alexis-sama! D-Don’t make fun of me!”

 ”Hahaha. This is your problem that you are easy to be teased, right?”

 Alexis laughs and Valencia says, “Ugh. Alexis-sama…!” with a resentful look in her eyes.

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