Avalon 170

Chapter 170 [Maid] Violating a Maid Who Refuses to Allow Him to Do so Because of His Position

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 Fatima pushed Alexis’s body firmly against hers in protest as their overlapping lips parted.

 ”I… I… Mmm…”

 Before Fatima could say anything else, Alexis closed her lips again. Then he inserted his tongue between her lips and sucked on her mouth.


 Fatima’s eyes drifted to the other side as she let out a muffled cry saying she couldn’t help but feel something. Then she pushed Alexis’ shoulder unsteadily and made herself get up, but then she didn’t resist any further.

 Taking advantage of this, Alexis licked Fatima’s mouth and put one hand on her breast through her clothes.

 The fabric of her thin dress wrinkled as he dug his fingers into it. Even through the cloth, he can feel the softness and warmth of her breasts against his palms.

 He rubs them evenly as if he is trying to loosen them.

 Soon the corners of Fatima’s eyes drooped.

 ”Puha— Mmm… Mm, mmm…”

 When Alexis stroked her repeatedly, a muffled charming sound came from Fatima’s lips.

 ”You fall so easily, don’t you?”

 Alexis laughs as his lips part from hers.

 Fatima’s face turns red, and she turns tearful eyes to Alexis as if she protests.

 ”Ugh—H-How can I not feel anything when I’m touched like this…!”

 ”Is that so? But there are girls in this world who don’t feel anything. Especially if they’re with a guy, they don’t care about”

 Alexis starts rubbing both of her breasts with his other hand.

 ”That’s not fair…!”

 Fatima said, writhing between her wild sighs.

 ”How can you think I don’t care…! Even though you know… Alex. Even though you know how I feel…”

 Fatima gives Alexis an angry look, but her expression melts, and she seems to relax every time Alexis rubs her breasts.

 ”…Ah, mmm—N-No, get your hands off me…”

 Fatima’s hand grabbed Alexis’ wrist.

 ”Don’t you like me?”

 Alexis asks, not letting go of his hand, and Fatima says, “I said that’s not fair…!”

 ”I don’t hate you! And because I don’t hate you… I-I feel like I’m being swept away… But as a priest in the service of the royal family… this isn’t right…”

 Fatima, lying on her back on the bed with tears, stares into Alexis above her.

 ”I-I have to serve you properly from now on… To the holy priest-king. And as a pious priest… You and I are different now. I can’t allow you to be defiled…”

 What Fatima meant when she said this, as if biting her tongue, Alexis did not understand.

 So, he just said, “What’s holy,” and laughed.

 ”If I’m going to get defiled by doing this, I’d rather be the one who did it to you, wouldn’t it?”

 When Alexis reached for Fatima’s thighs, she closed her legs tightly and shook her head.

 ”No… T-That’s not what I’m talking about. You’re the one who should be served. The Priest King. So, I must be modest…”

 Fatima was trembling.

 Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes. Her body was lifted by anticipation, but she was also frightened by guilt.

 As if to relieve her guilt, Alexis lifted her skirt and stroked her tightly closed inner thighs.

 But “No, no,” Fatima repeats in a muffled voice.

 Still, Alexis runs his fingers over the mound covered by her panties.

 Fatima shuddered and shook her head, closing her legs more tightly than before.

 ”No, you have to stop now…”

 ”No, I won’t,” Alexis replied.

 He lowered his upper body, kissed Fatima’s trembling lips like a small animal, put one hand in his panties, and stroked the part of her pubic mound that could be touched even when her legs were closed. Soon, he could feel her pubic hairs on the palm of his hand.

 Although he could not touch the folds, he traced the top of the folds with the tip of his finger, and Fatima’s body trembled a little, and a hot breath escaped from her mouth.

 ”Mm, mmm…—Alex…!”

 The moment their lips parted, Fatima wriggled to escape from Alexis.

 ”No, please, enough! Or else, I…!”

 ”—Or else, what are you going to do?” Alexis laughs.

 ”You gonna yell at me? Or beat me? —Or, yes, you could use your magic”

 Fatima shuddered.

 ”Ugh… I-I’ll do it…! I, I, Alex…!”

 Realizing that she was about to lift her arms, Alexis backed away. He did so to allow her to move freely.

 Fatima quickly sat up and pointed her right index finger at Alexis, trying to utter the chant with tears in her eyes.

 Soon, however, she closed her lips and uttered a small groan.

 ”I’m really going to do it, you know…!? I’m really going to do it…!?”

 ”Yeah, whatever you want”

 Alexis grinned.

 ”If I use magic, even if it’s you, you’ll get hurt…”

 Fatima’s gaze begins to drift as she holds her left hand to support her trembling right hand.

 Alexis shrugs.

 ”So, I said no problem, right? If you’re going to reject me, I’m saying you’re going to have to be reasonable”

 ”…Mmm, ughh…”

 Fatima dropped her gaze in an unsure manner.

 Finally, she lowers her hands and says in a muffled voice, “No…”

 ”I can’t hurt you… I can’t do anything to you…”

 As Fatima groaned like that, Alexis pushed her down again.

 ”—So you’re saying you won’t reject me?”

 While saying so, Alexis took out a rope he had been preparing for some time.

 He had prepared the rope from his room for this purpose.

 At the same time, Fatima’s eyes went black and white, and she exclaimed, “Where did you get that from?”

 ”Of course, it came from my room, didn’t it? I’ve been trying to talk to you for a while now”

 Saying this, Alexis tied Fatima’s hands and then pulled them firmly behind her back to lie on her face.

 With her hands strapped behind her back and her upper body pressed against the bed, she could not get up on her own, no matter how hard she tried.

 Fatima, huffing and puffing turned her head back and stared tearfully at Alexis.

 ”I-I told you I only wanted to talk…!”

 ”When did I agree to that?”

 Alexis was taking Fatima’s protests in stride and slipping Fatima’s panties down to her knees.

 Then, a transparent string came out from the crack of Fatima’s panties, soaking the sheet. When he looked down, he saw that the crotch of her panties was already stained.

 ”…Well, it’s just like you, but still, you’re very sloppy today…”

 When Alexis trailed his finger along Fatima’s slimy crack, Fatima’s body jumped up and down.

 ”Hwaa… Ah…! Don’t, don’t, don’t touch me!”

 Fatima waved her hips side to side as if trying to escape from Alexis, but it looked like she was inviting him.

 Alexis spat very hard and pulled down his pants with his other hand, which was not holding Fatima, and stretched his p*nis.

 ”You know what? You like the feeling of immorality more than you think, you know”

 When Alexis rubbed Fatima’s wet muck with his p*nis, Fatima’s body shuddered.

 ”Ohh… no, stop, stop, stop…!”

 Although she said “No,” even the stimulation to the front part of Fatima’s body, which is supposed to be weak as a s*xual zone for her, made her wiggle and slump her butt down.

 ”Haah… Ah, ah…”.

 Fatima, with teary eyes, realizes that the lower part of her body has completely lost its strength, and she can do nothing but look at Alexis in a daze.

 (I can’t believe it… I love the feeling of immorality…)

 Just the sight of Alexis moving closer to her asshole with his p*nis stretched out sends a shiver down her spine.

 (Oh…no, I, I shouldn’t be like this…)

 Fatima herself knows it.

 The more guilty she feels, the more she thinks she has to stop, but she feels a thrill of pleasure.

 (—Ah, but…)

 Fatima closes her eyes and feels Alexis’s glans pressing against her butt.

 ”You were the one who taught me… this… this bad thing… Ah, you taught me this…”

 In mid-sentence, Alexis’ tentacle slipped inside Fatima’s asshole.

 ”Hwahhh—-Ah, ah…!”

 Fatima shuddered involuntarily.

 Her anus, which had stored hot tingling sensations, exploded from Alexis’ universal stroking. Then, a sweet sensation like a tingling numbness covers the lower half of her body.

 ”Haaaaaaahhhh—Not like this, not like this—! There is no way I can stop…!”

 Fatima was shaking her ass in ecstasy.

 ”Alex is fucking me, all over… ah, ahhhh—! My ass, it’s melting!”

 Alexis couldn’t help smiling at Fatima’s butt thrusting out as if she had lost herself in the scene’s passion.

 ”What do you think? The sensation of being penetrated by the Priest-King? Isn’t it a little overwhelming?”

 ”Ahhhh—I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Alex—!”

 Fatima couldn’t stop wiggling her ass as she apologized.

 The sensation of his cock thrusting in and out of her quickly aroused her entire body.

 ”Haahh, ah, ahhh! I’m going crazy—I’m going to melt—!”

 Fatima’s whole body was trembling as her upper body, including her big breasts, was pushed limp against the bed.

 ”I’m cumming—Your Majesty! I’m being violated by the Priest King—Oh, my ass, my asssss! !”

 ”How does it feel? Does the Priest King’s cock feel good?”

 ”Haahhhhh—it feels so good, so good, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Fatima had reached her limit.

 She shuddered, and her bowels tightened around the p*nis from the tip to the base.

 Alexis also ejaculated into Fatima’s bowels at the same time.

 Fatima, who had been relaxed, did not mind the sensation of the white cum entering her but only smiled in ecstasy.

 ”Mmm…ugh… Hehe… Y-Your majesty… Y-Your majesty semen inside me…”

 Fatima’s voice was so muffled at the end that it did not reach Alexis’ ears.

 After a while, Alexis pulled his p*nis out of Fatima’s ass.

 ”Kuhh…—Haah, haah…”

 Fatima’s body shook, and then she fell to the bed.

 Her chest was moving up and down, and she looked resigned, and her eyes were drifting, but she said in a muffled voice, “I told you not to do that…”

 ”But you still like it, don’t you? You like doing this with me, don’t you?”

 Alexis’ point was right on the mark. But Fatima mustn’t admit it. No matter how much she likes and loves him, she can’t say it anymore.

 (Well, I am. I’m still blessed to have been allowed once in the past…)

 Fatima was depressed with tears in her eyes.

 Alexis untied the rope that bound Fatima and patted her head.

 ”I told you before that you don’t have to hold back, okay? I told you I would forgive you, right?”


 Fatima trailed off and reached out her hand, squeezing Alexis’ hand tightly. Then she brought it to his lips, “…I love you,” she said in a whisper.

 ”I still love you…! I love you… to do this with you. …. I’ve always loved you…”

 Alexis, who had not expected to be told this much, laughed involuntarily.

 But when he lay down on the bed, he lay down with Fatima and hugged her again, patting her head.

 ”I haven’t given up on you either, you know. What’s this about Sagrado joining the royal family? If I’m king, I rule. If I say I’ll have concubines, I’ll have concubines, okay?”

 ”Ugh… Y-You’re talking nonsense…”

 Fatima looked at Alexis with a puzzled expression on her face. But soon, she looked down and put her head to Alexis. Because she could not stop her cheeks from loosening.

 Fatima was happy that Alexis had told her that. Even though she knew how unprecedented he was talking.

 ”If you say so, maybe so…”

 He might even be able to change the rules of Sagrado that have been in place for a long time…

 Fatima closes her eyes, thinking this.

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