Avalon 100

Chapter 100

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 ”Um… how should I put it? I’m sorry…”

 In the morning, Fatima bowed deeply.

 Alexis did not expect to have someone staying in his room for two days in a row.

 As for the semen pool, even Alexis could not bear to leave a near-sick person in the room as it was, so he called the servants to clean and change his clothes, and then he put Fatima to bed again.

 Fatima was so weak that she did not wake up even when he moved her or changed her clothes.

 So Alexis made her lie down on his bed again, but thought about carrying her to her room.

 But when he tried to pick her up, Fatima clung to his arm. And in her sleep, she said, “Alex… I missed you…,”.


 Alexis fell silent and thought for a moment. In the end, he decided that one night would be enough. So he left it as it was.

 However, if it was good for Alexis, it was not so good for Fatima.

 ”How could I have stayed in a room of the opposite s*x while I was still unmarried? I feel like a delinquent or a girl with low chastity. How am I supposed to show Her Highness that I’m her caretaker?””

 Alexis looked at Fatima who was still sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands and thought “…She’s like Fransisca, huh…”.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll just have to ask Alex to marry me…—oh, no. Alex is royalty. How can I do that…?”

 Seeing Fatima brooding, Alexis thinks, “Ah, yeah, she’s a Sagrado. This is where I can see the difference in values and race,”.

 ”Hey Fatima, that’s not the point”

 Alexis really wants to end this with “that”. But instead he says…

 ”We’re going out today.”


 Fatima looks up with a puzzled expression on her face.

 ”Now that you’re able to move, and Avalon is closed today. You have a date with me. Do you understand?”

 ”Eh. Ah, uhh—”

 Fatima is puzzled, but she seems to swallow Alexis’ words gradually, and the vermilion color on her cheeks is getting redder.

 Anyway, Alexis took Fatima’s hand and said, “Come on, let’s go,”.

 ”If you don’t hurry up, today will be over. Go get ready! Go to the bathroom, change your clothes. We’ve got a lot to do, don’t we? And don’t forget to get your medicine from Sara.”

 ”Eh? B-But… Her Highness…”

 Fatima says, feeling a little self-conscious. However, Alexis says to her, “Why are you absentmindedly?,”.

 ”It’s just a few days, okay? I mean, you’re too overprotective, you know. Ah, yeah, this is a good time to ease up on your overprotectiveness. All right, get your asses in gear!”


 Fatima was puzzled, but thought better of it, “Well… surely, Her Highness seems to be stronger than expected…,”.

 ”I-I understand…”

 Fatima finally nodded her head, though hesitantly.

* * *

 After getting Fatima out of the room, Alexis also decided to start getting ready.

 After all, this was, after all, the first time in a while that he would be going back to his home, Krangal Kingdom. It’s the only place where a date can be arranged.

 (A day trip is definitely not possible… then I’ll have to leave Fransisca in charge. I’ll let the substitute guardian take over the dungeon)

 Thus, Alexis decides to go talk to Fransisca.

* * *

 He knocked on the door of Fransisca’s room, and the door immediately opened, and Fransisca appeared, dressed in her casual clothes.

 ”G-Good morning, Alexis-sama”.

 Fransisca gives a fluffy smile.

 But she must have sensed something when she saw that Alexis was dressed differently from his usual attire, not so much for mobility, but more like a townie going out.

 ”What are you going to do about the dungeon today?”

 Alexis thought it was a quick question, since she had asked him that herself.

 ”I’m sorry, but I’m going to be out for three or four days. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but it might take me that long…”

 ”Are you going out?”

 ”Yes, to Krangal. But I’m not going to the capital. It’s too far. I’m thinking of Izard. It’s smaller than the capital, but it’s a port town, so I can get everything I need.”

 ”Izard? Is there a theater there?”

 ”Hmm? Yeah, a small one…”

 ”She’s asking a strange question,” Alexis thought and blinked his eyes.

 ”Then, please take Fatima to the theater. Fatima, I’ve always wanted to see a play.”

 Fransisca puts her hands together and smiles at him. She seems to know most of what is going on. But Alexis did not remember telling her about his appointment with Fatima. Someone must have told her.

 ”…I’m sorry,” Alexis said without thinking.

 He felt guilty for some reason.

 But Fransisca’s eyes fluttered and she looked at him as if she had been in a daze.

 ”Eh? Why are you apologizing?”

 Apparently, Fransisca seriously did not understand why Alexis had apologized. Alexis was hesitant to say anything, but eventually he spoke reluctantly.

 ”No, I mean… I mean… I said I’d love you…”

 Fransisca was silent for a while, and then her cheeks turned bright red quickly.

 ”Eh? A-Ah, that, were you serious? Eh—ehh!?”

 Seeing her surprisingly loud reaction, Alexis was taken aback.

 ”Well… You know. If you don’t like it that much, shall I retract my previous remark?”

 Fransisca shook her head.

 ”No, no! Don’t take it back!”

 Alexis sighed as she said this hurriedly.

 ”Huff… You’re not tight…”

 ”Hmm… but… but… I’m glad to hear that, however…”

 Fransisca tilted her head with a somewhat troubled expression and said, “I feel like I’m forcing you to say something… You don’t have to do anything, okay?”

 She says this in a reserved manner.

 ”You know… You’re such a…”

 Alexis strokes Fransisca’s hair roughly in disgust.

 ”Just when I thought I was ready to give up a little, this is what you do to me…”

 Alexis grumbled in frustration.

 Fransisca, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel her cheeks relax.

 ”Fufu. But you really don’t have to be modest, okay? I’m well aware that Krangal royalty have multiple women in their lives.”

 ”Yes… Well, that’s true.”

 Alexis nodded but was not convinced.

 ”As a Sagrado, if this is really a good idea?,” He thought.

 Maybe Alexis’ expression showed his lack of clarity?

 ”—And besides,” said Fransisca, smiling and putting her hands on top of each other.

 ”You always promised to go out with Fatima, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes. Well, that’s true.”

 ”Yes, yes, but then, please don’t break your promise. Fatima is very dear to me. So I don’t want you to betray her.”

 After Fransisca said this, she hurriedly added, “Oh, you are important to me, too.”

 ”Huff, I don’t know what I’m thinking of…”

 Her consideration for the strange place makes Alexis let out a giggle.

 But after a while, he nodded his head saying “—okay, I know, I know…,”.

 ”Well, don’t worry, I have a motto that I won’t let a woman cry once I’ve had her. I’ll try not to make her cry.”

 ”Hmm. Then you have to be careful not to make too many girls cry, don’t you, Alexis-sama?”

 Fransisca smiles happily, and Alexis says with a wry smile, “I guess you’re right,” and his smile deepens.

 But he thought to himself, “Doesn’t this girl have any jealousy or possessiveness?”.

 However, Fransisca’s smiling face makes it seem that she really doesn’t care.

 ”Well, I’m going to go now. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

 Fransisca smiled and waved her hand at Alexis, who returned the kiss with a smile.

 ”Okay, have a good trip. I’ll put a guardian in your place.”

 ”I’d appreciate it if you do. However, if you don’t find the right one, please refrain from going. Avalon is not the same as it was in the beginning. We need a person who has the right skills. For example, at least as good as your knight—.”

 Alexis turns his back to Fransisca and sighs.

 ”…Anyway, it might be difficult for a soldier like the one in this fort… Well, you can take a form of rest.”

 With these words, Alexis left.

 ”Yes, Alexis-sama.”

 Fransisca looked at him and said so. After that, She tilted hER head.

 ”Hmm… is there anyone suitable? Just to be sure, let’s check the list…”

 She was talking to herself like this.

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