Avalon 96

Chapter 96 [Princess-maiden] Waking Up from Cowgirl Position

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 ”Nn… Uh…”

 In the morning, the sunlight that shines in through the window is truly unforgiving.

 Fransisca’s eyes glazed over and she turned over while pulling back the quilt to find Alexis’ sleeping face right beside her.


 *Fwap! she woke up with a start. Along with getting up with a start, she feels a fluttering sensation in her abdomen and stop moving.

 ”Ah, hey! What is this situation…?”

 No wonder Fransisca rolls her eyes.

 She fell asleep after done it with Alexis yesterday, and now they’re sleeping together again. So far, so good. No, it’s not good, but that’s beside the point.

 The p*nis still inserted and her abdomen still bulging. It made a bouncing sound when she moved her body lightly. At this sight, she can’t help but think that the white cloud remains poured.

 (A-Alexis-sama is so dexterous…)

 Fransisca thinks so, but it is probably the result of her freely stretching and twisting body. She turns up the futon and peeks at the tentacle, which are apparently stretched to the limit and connected to each other.

 ”Ah… I’m still connected to Alexis-sama’s…”

 In other words, they’ve been like this all night.

 Penis still in, semen still in her abdomen.

 (Oh…ugh, I’m so happy…)

 Naturally, Fransisca’s cheeks relaxed.

 She stays there for a long time. They’re sharing a bed again, but that’s what sharing means…

 (A-And Alexis-sama, he said he loved me last night…)

 Although it was a casual remark, whether it was a lie or not, she felt happy just to hear the words.

 Fransisca glances at Alexis’ sleeping face.

 He is still sleeping soundly.

 Naturally, Fransisca moves.

 She leans forward and slowly covers Alexis with her lips.

 ”Mmm… Alexis, samaa…”

 As she traces the shape of his lips, she get more and more nervous. Her body becomes hot.

 Fransisca gently inserts her hand into Alexis’ clothes.

 She touches his chest, nuzzles her face against his strong neck, and moves her hips slowly.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 The tentacles don’t move, but the semen that’s still stored in her shakes and stimulates her.

 ”Oh, mmm… Alexis, sama…”

 Because of this, she is getting more and more aroused.

 Fransisca kissed Alexis’ earlobe as well and pressed her breast against his chest through her clothes.

 That’s when it happened.


 Alexis’ eyelids slowly opened.

 Then Alexis saw Fransisca in the middle of her lasciviousness.


 Fransisca’s cheeks, which had been brought back to reality from the dream by the meeting of their eyes, turned red quickly.


 Alexis blinked his eyes for a moment, stared at the situation, and then smiled at her.

 ”You’ve been up early, huh?”

 He said sarcastically, and Fransisca’s cheeks reddened even more.

 ”Y-Yes, because. Alexis-sama’s, still in there…”

 Before she can finish her excuse, Alexis pushes the tip of his cock deep inside Fransisca’s womb.

 Fransisca raises her eyebrows and shivers. It is a very good reaction for yesterday’s day.

 Fortunately, the tentacle in her crotch is now stretched out, not standing up, and it seem to be in good shape to start moving.

 ”…Do you want me to pull it out?

 Fransisca’s ears turn red when she hears Alexis’ voice whispering.

 ”Hwahh—B-But, today’s strategy… Hyaaaa!”

 Fransisca’s movement is stopped by a jerking motion.

 Her vagina is squirting out a secretion, and she’s twitching and lapping at Alexis’s cock.

 ”You started this, didn’t you? What are you talking about?”

 Alexis traces his finger along the joint, and Fransisca is trembling on Alexis’ body.

 ”Yes, ah… B-Because…”

 ”Are you still making excuses?”

 ”Because, Alexis-sama’s semen has been in my stomach all the time, it’s churning…”

 She was probably not too upset about the situation.

 But Fransisca’s eyes were getting dim and her hips were moving.

 ”Well, you look like you can’t stand it either”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca turns her head away, as if she is trying to hide it.

 ”N-No. I mean, … ah!”

 A light poke with the head of the glans is enough to make Fransisca’s body jump up.

 ”Haah, haah. I-It’s naughty. It’s so naughty, Alexis-sama…”

 ”If you say so, you’re the one.”

 Alexis was getting impatient and started pistoning Fransisca from the back to the front.

 While he was lying down, he repeatedly pulled his cock in and out as if he was trying to scrape off the semen by moving only one part of it.

 Then a little gap was created at the joint, or a cloud of semen was leaking out, soaking Alexis’ lower body and the bed sheet.

 However, Fransisca seemed to like this movement, and when she put her hands on Alexis’ abdomen, she was arched her back and shaking her body.

 ”Hwahh, ah, ahhhh!”

 Fransisca was completely in the cowgirl position and was at the mercy of Alexis’ cock.

 ”Haaah, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming, Alexis-samaaaa—”

 With her body trembling, Fransisca screamed that she was about to climax.

 Alexis gasps for air as her vagina tightens, confirming this.

 ”Oh my God. You come so early in the morning, don’t you? You’re about to start your day, and you’re coming with a cock in your lower half before you even start?”

 Alexis swallows his breath, and dares to say something nasty.

 Of course, it’s not a bad idea. It was Fransisca who made it so that he had to torment her to get it over with.

 ”Haaah, no, don’t say that…”

 And, as expected, the point was painful to Fransisca’s ears because of her earnest nature.

 With tears in the corners of her eyes, she couldn’t stop herself from enjoying the pleasure of the moment and moved her hips.

 ”If you don’t want me to tell you, why don’t you just stop?”

 ”No, I can’t stop it anymore. I can’t do it, Alexis-sama—!”

 Fransisca’s eyes are teary and her body is shaking more and more.

 ”Why can’t you stop it?”

 Alexis asked her.

 ”I can’t do it—I’m going to ccum! I’m cummming—!”

 Fransisca shakes and trembles.

 ”Haah. You come in the morning. You really are a pervert.”

 Alexis smirks at her, but then, Fransisca had reached the point as she declared, “I’m cumming, I’m cummming, ah, ahh, ahhhhhh—”.

 Then, after breathing deeply and loudly with her body trembling for a while, she said.

 ”I-I’m… sorry… Even though it’s morning, I’m still cumming…”

 Fransisca apologizes in a muffled voice.

 ”Then?,” Alexis says as he moves his tentacle in a circular motion, and then moves it back and forth again inside her climaxing, twitching vagina.

 ”I’m a bad pervert who comes in the morning. So, I have to be punished by pouring the cum inside me, right?”

 Fransisca’s mouth relaxes as she nods repeatedly.

 ”And—Ah… I’m so happy. I’m so happy, so, please give me lots of spankings in the morning, Alexis-samaaaa—”

 As Fransisca smiled ecstatically, Alexis was spewing his semen into her.

 Thanks to the fact that he had already scraped out some of it, Fransisca’s abdomen was able to easily accumulate new semen again.

 Now, Fransisca is trembling on top of him, and Alexis says to her, savoring the sensation of his ejaculation.

 ”Haah, haah… I’ve been cumming in you since last night, haven’t I? You might actually have a baby if you keep this up, huh?”


 Fransisca shuddered and then let the tears that had been pooling in the corners of her eyes trickle down her cheeks.

 ”Ah, a baby… no… don’t… don’t do it”

 ”Why not? You wanted it, didn’t you?”

 ”B-Because. Because I have to conquer the dungeon…”

 Fransisca’s lips are trembling.

 Alexis thought rudely that he had apparently acquired some intelligence to come up with that idea.

 ”…Well, I was just kidding,” he says, and presses his hips against hers.


 Fransisca’s voice is a mixture of astonishment and charm.

 ”How can we have a boy in a day or so?”

 When Alexis shakes Fransisca’s body by moving his hips, Fransisca makes a stifled, uncontrollable moan sound.

 She seems to be ashamed of herself for doing so, and with a blush on her cheeks, Fransisca protests, “Oh, Alexis-samaaaa,” she says.

 ”Don’t, don’t tease me…”

 Even so, she makes a sweet sound and looks at him sweetly.

 Alexis smiles at her too, because he can tell that she doesn’t mind this exchange.

 However, this was not the time for a leisurely morning joking around.

 It was a very hectic time of the day.

 ”Well, is it about time? I’ve been waiting for you.”

 A familiar voice came through the door and both Alexis and Fransisca stopped moving at the same time.

 ”That’s Sara, isn’t it?”

 With Fransisca on top of him, Alexis responded. As he did so, he thought, well, it’s okay if it’s Sara.

 ”So, what do you want… even though I’m in a nice place…”

 As expected, Sara was unmoved by Alexis’ comment.

 ”I’m sorry about that, but I have to tell you that I’ve been waiting for a while. But it never ends. Can I open the door?”

 As she said that, there was a click of the doorknob, as if she didn’t want to wait for an answer.

 ”Ehh… Sara… don’t come in…”

 While Fransisca blushes, Alexis pulls his p*nis and pulls the bedding up to her shoulders.

 ”I won’t wait any longer. After all, I knocked several times.”

 Sure enough, Sara came into the room even though Fransisca was the other party.

 This is a trick only she can pull off.

 Sara was not only ready for Avalon, but was wearing a white coat over her casual clothes.

 She was dressed like that when she saw the two in bed together, but she did not change her face at all.

 ”Fatima-chan’s treatment is finished, so I want you to go see her as soon as possible. Well… I don’t know how to say it. But I feel a little sorry. Right now.”

 Sara looks troubled and tilts her head.

 ”Little sorry?”

 Alexis blinks, while Fransisca’s face lights up.

 ”Really? Fatima, she’s cured?”

 She seemed to get up unexpectedly with the same momentum, and the bedclothes were rolled up, and Sara’s eyes caught her clothes and lower body soaked by the cloudiness.

 ”Ah… Yes. Please come back to… after Your Highness has cleaned herself up… Also, please come to me later, okay?”

 Hearing Sara’s voice with a slightly scolding tone, Fransisca’s cheeks were turning red.


 With a blank stare, Fransisca had no choice but to reply meekly.

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