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Chapter 173 [Female Knight and Maid] The First Time the Sisters are Covered in Semen Together, Two

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 Sometime later, they turned pale when they saw their bodies and clothes completely stained with a cloud of white

 So Alexis gave up his research and took the two in the carriage to a nearby lake in the woods to wash their clothes and bodies

 Because of this unexpected turn of events, even though it was caused by Alexis, they had no choice but to stay there for the rest of the day

 (…it’s not wise to make an enemy of two sisters together)

 Alexis knew this very well on the way to bring them here by carriage

 At any rate, while they bathed, Alexis prepared a tent beside a tree and a campfire nearby

 And by the time they were done, both had cleaned themselves up, and Fatima called out to Alexis, “…Um.”

 Meanwhile, as Alexis was putting wood on the fire, Fatima walked up to him, dressed in her underwear, hiding her body, and whispered to him, “Alex.”

 ”I need something to wear while the clothes are drying”

 ”Hmm? —Well, how about this?”

 Alexis climbed into the curtained back of the carriage and came back with two thin blankets in his hands

 He hands them to Fatima and says, “These are the blankets from the camp.”

 ”Hmm, ah…thank you”

 Fatima thanks him and leaves

 When Alexis begins to skewer and grill the fish he has caught, both sisters come back

 They both have blankets on and sit on either side of Alexis

 ”Really, Alexis-sama does things without thinking about the rest, so we’re all in a mess”

 As soon as they sat down, Valencia started to complain

 And being told that, Alexis couldn’t help but feel a sense of narrowness in his shoulders

 ”Okay, okay, I apologized for that”

 ”No, I’m not going to let you get away with that…”

 ”Well, well. Forgive me. I’ll give you a fish”

 ”You think I’m gonna take the bait?”

 As they discussed this with Valencia on the left, Fatima on the right mumbled, “…oh, it’s burnt…”

 Then Fatima flipped the fish over and started to continue cooking before Alexis could even touch it

 ”Hmm… one dish is not enough. Do you have any seasonings in the back of the carriage, Alex?”

 Fatima turns around as soon as she gets up and asks a question, and Alexis nods hurriedly

 ”Yes, there is an encampment kit in the back of the carriage.”

 Fatima nodded and quickly went into the curtain on the back of the carriage

 Soon she tucked the blanket over her shoulders to keep it from slipping off and returned with cooking utensils and portable food

 ”Hey, Fatima? At least let me take care of it today…”

 ”…No. I’m just worried”

 Saying this, Fatima begins to cook the food, not caring if Alexis is concerned or not

 She puts a pot of dried stem vegetables chopped with a knife on the fire, prepares soup, and even starts to make tea while dressed awkwardly

 ”As usual, you are very skillful…”

 Alexis was planning to do everything today as a way of apologizing

 But now, he could only watch it

 ”Look, Ane-sama will be doing it anyway. And one fish is not enough,” Valencia, standing next to Alexis, said in a brash tone, making Alexis angry

 ”Hey, don’t talk big to me when you didn’t do anything. I’m the one who caught the fish. And if it’s just you, you’ll be baited anyway”

 ”Ugh… you’re wrong if you think I’ll be easily baited!”

 Valencia said, her hand on the sheathed sword she was carrying at her side. But Alexis stopped her in a hurry, saying, “Calm down, don’t get angry over something like that.”

* * *

 After that, the sun had already set, and it was dark, with only the light from the campfire

 Following the meal, Valencia seemed to be in a better mood

 ”Well, the clothes will be dry in the morning. Let’s leave the horses, and Alexis-sama will watch over us tonight, and we’ll rest”

 Alexis was stunned to hear Valencia telling Fatima this

 ”I thought you weren’t easily baited…”

 ”No, I wasn’t baited! I was just paying my respects to His Majesty Alexis!”

 Valencia tried to explain quickly, but Alexis didn’t feel he was being respected

 ”…Alex… Sorry for tonight’s watch…”

 Fatima called apologetically

 ”—Yeah. I’ll do it. I mean, why don’t we just use horses? They’re trained to neigh if there’s anything wrong.”

 ”…That’s good, too”

 ”Well, I’ll keep a watch late, but I’ll take a break for a while. Let’s rest today and get ready for tomorrow”

 Hearing Alexis’ answer, Fatima nodded her head

 Thus, they decided to rest in the tent on the back of the carriage for the time being

 When Alexis lay down, Valencia said, “Hehehe, I’m next to Alexis-sama!” and lay down on the right side of the tent

 ”Really, you…”

 Alexis chuckles, and then Fatima comes to lie down on the other side. Then she pulled Alexis’ arm tightly and hugged him with a smile, saying, “…me too…”

 With the blanket pulled off, Fatima’s breast was directly against Alexis’ arm


 Alexis fell silent and swallowed spit

 Probably Valencia heard the sound. She hugged him on the other side and pressed her breast against Alexis’s arm

 ”That’s not fair, Ane-sama. If that’s the case, I’ll squeeze him too”

 ”…you guys…”

 Alexis shook his head

 ”If you do this to me… you know what I mean, don’t you?”

 Alexis sighs ostentatiously as he thinks about the snake running amok down his pants

 ”…That’s all right, but what about the guards?”

 ”…Yes. You shouldn’t do anything too tiring”

 The sisters came to him from both sides, offering advice

 Of course, they were not interested in doing anything s*xual, but they pushed their naked bodies against him

 Thinking that this was unacceptable, Alexis held the sisters’ bodies on either side of him

 ”I guess I’m going to have to make you two play with my dick all the way…?”

 Fatima and Valencia looked surprised when they saw Alexis talking like this

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