Avalon 173 2

Chapter 173 [Female Knight and Maid] The First Time the Sisters are Covered in Semen Together, Two

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 ”Alex…are you serious?”

 ”A-Alexis-sama…we already did it today…”

 ”I don’t care about that. If you don’t like it, just put on your clothes”

 Alexis woke up with the two of them in her arms, and Valencia said, “But Alexis-sama is the one who made it impossible for us to get dressed…!”

 ”I don’t care”

 Alexis’ crotch was already on the warpath in response

 ”Sit in front of me one by one. I’ll play with you in turn”

 Saying this, Alexis sat Fatima down in front of him first

 ”Hmm… well, no choice…”

 Fatima sighed, and when she saw Alexis’ face in front of her, she leaned forward to kiss him

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 When their tongues intertwined, a muffled sound escaped, and Fatima immediately quieted down

 Alexis pulled down the blanket covering her body to expose her skin and ran his hands directly on her exposed breasts

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 Fatima jerked lightly and wriggled

 While loosening his pants with one hand and letting his p*nis crawl out, Alexis covered Fatima’s lips and kept one hand caressing her breast while his other hand stroked her ass

 ”Hey… hey! Alexis-sama, have you started already?”

 Valencia was annoyed, but she got down on the ground quietly and started to put her face in the open space between Alexis’ straddle and Fatima’s body and ran her tongue over his p*nis. This was only possible because of Alexis’ long p*nis

 While Valencia was licking his pole, Alexis stretched out his p*nis and rubbed Fatima’s secret place with the head of his p*nis

 ”Haah, mmm, ah…”

 Fatima’s breathing became erratic in between the intertwining of their tongues

 After Alexis stopped kissing Fatima, he raised Valencia and kissed her, holding her with one arm

 He now plays with Valencia’s tongue with Fatima’s saliva still on it

 While doing so, he kept one hand stretched to fondle Fatima’s breast, and his p*nis was still rubbing Fatima’s secret place

 *Squelch! A wet sound came out of Fatima’s secret place

 Meanwhile, Valencia’s hand reaches between Alexis’ legs and slips through the gap in his pants, gently touching his ball sack

 ”Alexis, sama—*Kiss*”

 When their lips part, Valencia swallows a string of saliva and turns to Alexis with a pouty look on her face

 ”I-I can’t help it. I’m serving my Master…”

 As she spoke, Alexis could not help but notice her cheeks relaxed

 ”Don’t get cocky, Valencia!”

 Saying this, Alexis removed Valencia’s blanket with the hand holding her close and grabbed her breast

 ”—Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to fuck you first”

 Alexis said to Valencia, and she said, “Huh? Me first?” while her cheeks were relaxed even though she was surprised

 ”Hmm… I-I understand. You gave the order, didn’t you?”

 Valencia, with a red face, got down on her knees and turned around, sticking out her buttocks

 ”Haah, haah… A-Alexis-sama…”

 ”You’re getting good at the semen toilet posture, aren’t you?”

 Alexis laughed, and Valencia nodded yes

 ”Please cum all over me…”

 Hearing Valencia’s excited voice, Fatima groaned

 ”No, not just Valencia. It has to be me too…”

 Fatima also kneels down and sticks her butt against Alexis

 ”P-Please…Alex… me too…”

 Fatima begs, her voice trembling

 Alexis smiled and nodded, “Yes, of course.”

 ”Then, I’m going to have to make you both cum”

 Fatima and Valencia nodded, and Alexis instructed, “But you can’t come in that position if you don’t get along.”

 ”So, you have to do it this way.”

 Alexis had the sisters lie on each other in the so-called shell-matching position

 Their legs are intertwined, and their hair-colored secret parts are placed tightly together

 ”Ah…Alex, this position…”

 Fatima’s ears turn bright red

 ”A-Ane-sama, don’t move!”

 Valencia jerked her body

 But, at the same time, their secret parts rub against each other, making a squishing sound

 And both of them let out moans together

 Seeing this, Alexis inserted his tentacle p*nis between their overlapping secret parts

 When he moved it back and forth, it made a squishy sound, and the two’s love juices stimulated it to slide around on the rod part

 ”Come on, you should press it tighter together.”

 The sisters understood Alexis’ intention when he said so, and each of them started to press their secret parts against Alexis’ p*nis

 Then, Alexis moved his p*nis again while feeling the good closeness and the warmth of his p*nis

 Soon, both of them started to make charming noises

 ”Ah—ah, ahhhh! Mmm… That… Aahhh!

 ”Hwahhh…! Mmm, Alexis-sama, ah, ahhhh!”

 As the two women writhe, Alexis tells them to play with their breasts alone

 Both Fatima and Valencia reach out to their own breasts and start to lightly tug and roll the nipples while embedding their small, thin palms into the flesh of the ample breasts

 With the sight of the two wild women in his vision, Alexis was moving his cock and getting closer to arousal

 ”Ah—Cumming, cummmming—”

 ”Ane-sama, I’m cumming too… Ahhhh!”

 The two sisters shook their bodies with Alexis’s p*nis between their pussy

 Meanwhile, Alexis also shakes his p*nis and ejaculates as he watches the two sisters reach the top together

 In no time, the carriage’s bed was flooded with white fluid

* * *

 Needless to say, the sisters were angry again after that, but their anger was much weaker than the first time

 ”…Well, well, it was our fault for agreeing to do it…”

 ”…It can’t be helped. Let’s clean it together this time, shall we, my Master?”

 With that said, the two hugged Alexis from both sides with their bodies covered in white stains. Needless to say, Alexis’ clothes need to be washed after that

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