Avalon 172

Chapter 172 [Female Knight and Maid] The First Time the Sisters are Covered in Semen Together

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 ”No, you can’t do that, Alexis-sama! You’re a Priest-king now…”

 Valencia’s resistance was short-lived as she was forced back against the wall, and her lips were sealed.

 As soon as her lips parted, Valencia turned bright red and covered her mouth with her hands, causing Alexis to freeze.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”What are you doing!? What are you doing?”

 ”Really, Valencia was very noisy today,” Alexis thought.

 ”Wasn’t it good?”

 ”Huh!? No, it’s just that…”

 Valencia’s gaze drifted, and then she whispered.

 ”…I didn’t expect that. I never thought that Alexis-sama would kiss me…”

 With Valencia’s words, Alexis realized that this was the first time he had kissed her.

 Alexis looked at Valencia, who kept her mouth closed and looked at her. Then, when he looked at her, she stopped making eye contact, and Alexis muttered, “…I’m sorry.”

 He pulled her hands away from her mouth and closed her lips again when she looked up in surprise.


 Valencia let out a small muffled sound and fell silent.

 Alexis traced the shape of her lips as he moved his hand to slowly remove the heavy armor covering her body.

 Valencia’s body jerked as she heard the clank of the armor’s torso as it fell to the ground, and she pushed Alexis back with both hands still clasped in the gauntlets.

 ”No, you can’t. No matter how much you ask me, I can’t do it anymore. You should only be bound to Her Highness”

 Unable to control her tears, Valencia had to speak.

 Since her sister would not help her, she had no choice but to persuade him with her own words. But it was short-lived, and Valencia, who is naturally fragile with tears, could not stop them from falling.

 ”*Sob*…ugh… No, I said no… *Sob* *Sob*”

 Alexis removes the rest of Valencia’s armor, which is still shaking but showing no resistance. By the time he was done, Valencia was sobbing.

 ”*Sob* Uuuu~, Even though I said no”

 Valencia was crying as if Alexis were trying to force her to do something.

 And he felt embarrassed.

 ”Hey, you know what?”

 Alexis rubbed her head and ended up hugging Valencia.

 While he could feel her full breasts against his chest through his clothes, Alexis now concentrated on patting her head.

 ”Can’t you talk a little more calmly?”

 ”Because, you know,” she speaks between her huffing and puffing.

 ”Y-You can’t. But Alexis-sama won’t listen to me, and Ane-sama won’t help me. Besides, I don’t mind… That’s why it bothers me! Uwaaaaaaa!”

 ”Hey, you…”

 Alexis couldn’t help but chuckle.

 However, if she said she didn’t mind, she should be fine.

 Alexis pulls Valencia’s arm firmly while he puts his hand into the top of the outfit that accentuates her curves.

 After stroking her smooth, firm, soft abdomen, he moves his hand to her breast.

 Valencia’s body trembled a little when he lightly rubbed the fluffy lower part.

 ”…Mmm, mm… A-Alexis, sama…”

 Instead of a quiet cry, a troubled, almost lost voice leaked.

 ”N-N-No, I said no…”

 She wriggles lightly, but Alexis can clearly see that she has no resistance. Valencia is not weak. If she resisted, she could easily slip out of Alexis’ grasp.

 ”You said no, but you don’t mind, do you?”

 Alexis puts his mouth close to Valencia’s ear as he speaks.

 He then lightly strokes her earlobe with his lips, and Valencia’s body shivers.

 ”Hyah…! Ah… no…!”

 Valencia makes a muffled, almost muffled, resistance between her, unintentionally spilling out her charming voice.

 Such a weak refusal is taken as an invitation.

 ”Haah, haah… I can’t betray Her Highness…”

 Valencia speaks, her breath hitching at the tingling sensation.

 And Alexis replies, “It’s okay.”

 ”You’re not going to betray her”

 ”W-Why not?”

 ”I’m a Krangal before I’m a Sagrado. In Krangal, it’s normal to have concubines. Even Fransisca understands that”


 Valencia stopped Alexis’s hand when she saw that the clothes Alexis was trying to pull up caught on her breast.

 ”E-Even if it’s customary in Sagrado…”

 ”It doesn’t matter”

 ”Then, please listen to me! No matter how Alexis-sama…”

 Valencia’s lips trembled, and her eyes were teary.

 But her cheeks are flushed, and her breath is uneven. No matter how much she resisted, Alexis’ caresses made her body ready for it.

 As if he sees through it, Alexis’ hand reaches under Valencia’s skirt.

 When Alexis’ hand touches her thigh, Valencia shakes her body.

 ”Ah. A-Alexis-sama!”

 Valencia wriggled and tried to escape from Alexis’ hands, but Alexis pushed Valencia’s body against the wall.

 The wind on her cheeks and the grass brushing against her legs reminded Valencia immediately that she was outside.

 ”N-No! Here, outside…”

 ”It’s okay, no one’s coming—”


 ”And Fatima, she’s done it before with me in even more amazing places, you know?”


 Valencia’s chest rises, and with it, her exclamation.

 Alexis rolled up her skirt to expose her ass and slid her cotton pants down to her knees.

 Her tight yet white buttocks were revealed.

 And with the outside air caressing her ass, Valencia shuddered.

 ”No, you can’t…!”

 ”Are you disobeying your Master?”

 Alexis asked her, and Valencia instantly became quiet and lowered her eyes.

 ”Ah…no. If you say something like that, I…”

 Seeing Valencia’s resistance fade away, Alexis hugged her over her back. He put one hand on her breast in front of her and the other on her lower body.

 Her tightly closed thighs were almost strained.

 Valencia shivered a little at the touch that slipped into hers while stroking her inner thigh.

 ”Ah, ah… No way. I can’t resist. I can’t go against Master…”

 Valencia whispers in a muffled voice, her eyes moistening.

 When Alexis’ fingertip lightly touches the crack, “Ahh,” Valencia lets out a small cry.

 ”Mmm. Haah, ah…”

 When he rubbed Valencia’s crack, her love juice oozed out slowly.

 ”It’s true… You can’t resist, can you?”

 Valencia nodded her head at Alexis’ words.

 Then she bit her lip in frustration, “…I don’t know.”

 ”It’s just that you’re being so pushy. I don’t know anymore…”

 Alexis laughs and says, “It doesn’t matter.”

 With that, he slid his pants down and extended his tentacle p*nis.

 He then secured Valencia’s hips with his hands and put her hands on the wall. At the same time, Valencia fearfully pushed her buttocks out so he could insert his p*nis easily.

 With the tip of his p*nis, Alexis poked the crack of her flesh.

 Then, the well-wetted crack opens to the left and right as if it swallows the tip of the p*nis, and the head of the p*nis is wrapped tightly.

 Soon, Valencia let out a voice, “Mmm, mmm,” as she felt the head of the cock touching the folds.

 ”Haah, hahh. Please, Alexis-sama”

 Valencia said with wet eyes, and Alexis grabbed her by the back of her hair.

 ”Come on. Call me Master like you did before. It’s more appropriate”

 Valencia nodded and reiterated, “Master.”

 ”P-Please… use this part of my body…”

 Valencia’s eyes were wet as she turned her head back to tell Alexis.

 Alexis giggled as he released his grip on her hair, put his hands on her hips again, and then let his cock part deep into the well-wetted nectar.

 ”Hwahhhhh—!” Valencia’s whole body shook.

 ”Haah, haah. T-This… is Master’s…”

 Alexis was wondering why she was shaking her body and reacting as if she was being penetrated for the first time.

 ”What’s wrong? It’s not the first time, is it?”

 Valencia shook her head and said, “No, it’s my first time…,” with an almost muffled voice.

 ”B-Because… It’s my first time receiving… mmm… mmm… receiving Your Majesty’s p*nis, and I’ve never heard about a knight who accepts your p*nis…”

 Valencia seems to be aroused even as she speaks.

 And Alexis saw the hole where he had inserted his p*nis was now overflowing with nectar, spilling out onto the ground.

 ”Oh,” came out from Valencia’s mouth as Alexis extended his p*nis and thrust it deep inside her.

 ”Ah—haah! Mmm! Mmmm, ugh…!”

 Valencia’s body jumped up and down with each piston, and her legs trembled. Then she speaks again, “For the first time.”

 ”Oh, no! Aah! To serve the king with anything but a sword! Ahhh! Alexis-sama, my Lord!”

 Valencia reached back, and Alexis squeezed her hand back.

 ”Aaahhh… haaaa…! I’m so happy—!”

 Valencia was smiling ecstatically with tears in her eyes.

 ”I’m really…-really, really happy, my Lord… I-I’m really serving Alexis-sama…”

 Being raped by Alexis must have made her feel clear that she was being raped by her own Master, and she finally felt that she had become “Alexis’s knight.”

 The guilt seems to be swept away and replaced by a sense of delight.

 Valencia was now entranced, enjoying the sensation of Alexis’ cock stirring inside her.

 When Alexis thrusts deep, Valencia bounces up and down and screams out, and when he lowers his hips, she wriggles her ass and pushes against him.

 Then, she turned her rapt attention to Alexis and said, “Master.”

 ”How do you like my pussy? Ah, ah… i-is it good?”

 Valencia asks in broken intervals, and Alexis can’t help but giggle.

 ”Yes, it feels good. But yours feels even better, doesn’t it?”

 He puts his hand on Valencia’s head, and she nods, “Yes.”

 ”It feels so good, it’s so good… I’m, I’m, I’m cumming…”

 ”Come on,” Alexis responds to Valencia, who is shaking her hips with a melted expression on her face.

 ”I’m going to make you cum as hard as I can with my cock…”

 Alexis also feels the tightening of her vaginal hole.

 However, he cannot ejaculate yet.

 Alexis speeds up her piston movements, bringing Valencia to climax.

 Valencia rests her body against the wall and moans, “Ah, ahhhhh!” then her whole body trembled.

 After reaching the climax, Alexis pulled his cock out of Valencia’s vagina as she sat down on the spot with her legs relaxed.

 The tentacle p*nis he had removed was still swollen and twitching, glistening with a lot of love juice.

 And Alexis turned around and beckoned.

 But he was startled by Fatima, who had been watching him from behind the stone door of the cemetery, which had been left ajar.

 ”Don’t peek. Come here!”

 Alexis said, and Fatima came out awkwardly.

 ”Did you… did you notice…?”

 Fatima seems to be aware of the embarrassment, and she is blushing up to her ears and looking down.

 The maid’s uniform she is wearing is slightly disheveled. The flush in her cheeks is not just embarrassment.

 ”Do you like to masturbate while watching other people have s*x?”

 When Alexis asks, he must have hit the nail on the head because the red on Fatima’s cheeks become even more intense.

 ”—No, that’s not possible…!”

 Fatima shook her head and tried to deny it. Still, her eyes wet with excitement, her moist skin and her clothes with a slight disorder that was not typical of her proved otherwise.

 ”Come on, come here.”

 Fatima’s gaze drifts to him, looking upset as Alexis walks up to her.

 ”Ah…no, don’t! Don’t just come over here like that—at least, hide it…!”

 Fatima points at Alexis’s p*nis, which is still erect and squirming furiously.

 ”Why do I need to hide it?”

 Alexis grabbed Fatima’s wrist and pulled her tight.

 He put his hand under Fatima’s skirt, which made her cheeks redden, pulled down her panties, and inserted his p*nis into her.

 There was no foreplay. However, Fatima’s asshole accepted his cock slipperily.

 ”Hwaahh? Ah, no, why so suddenly…?”

 Fatima is upset, though her body reacts involuntarily. However, she has loosened up enough to accept the p*nis, and even her anus is wet.

 It is not the intestinal secretions that have made her so wet.

 ”You’ve been touching it with your juice, haven’t you?”

 Alexis penetrates Fatima’s anus and rubs her secret parts with one hand.

 Fatima’s body jumped up and down, “Ah! Ohhhh!” then she screamed out.

 Her expression becomes so debauched that she seems to be about to fall off—And before she knows it, she clings to Alexis’s chest.

 ”Haah—ngh! Ahhh, no, not that kind of thrusting all of a sudden…! Ahh!”

 Said Fatima, with her body trembling, and Alexis said, “Answer my question first.”

 At this, Fatima nodded her head, shaking.

 ”Y… Yes…”

 Fatima turns bright red, seemingly choosing to confess.

 ”Ah, you…ah! Aahhh! I envied you doing it with my sister… I knew it wasn’t right, but… Mmm, mm…!”

 Fatima’s eyes are downcast as if she feels guilty.

 But for her, these feelings are a point of heightened pleasure.

 ”You couldn’t resist, huh? You’re a bad girl…”

 When Alexis said this, Fatima’s body trembled.

 ”Ahhhh! Yes, that’s… that’s… Ah! Ahhh… I… Mm! Mmm, haah… aaah… I’m sorry… Mmm, mm-aaagh!”

 Fatima can’t resist the pleasure she has been suppressing any longer.

 Her whole body shook and trembled as Alexis contracted his deeply penetrated p*nis and slowly pulled it out.

 ”Ah, ah—Ahhhh—!”

 Fatima was shattered by the sensation of being drained from her whole body.

 ”That’s it, that’s it—Mmmm! Ahhhh, God, I’m cumming, Alex, cummmming—!”

 Fatima seemed entranced as she tightened her arms around Alexis, raised her face, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out at him. At this point, Fatima asks for Alexis to linger on her tongue.

 But her sloppily demanding attitude is like a dog’s, and Alexis scoops out Fatima’s tongue with his tongue with a smile on his face.

 Soon, Fatima’s face relaxes with pleasure.

 ”Mmm—Mmm, Alex, mm—!”

 Fatima was reaching her goal with her tongue twining with his.

 Her anus contracted and tightened around Alexis’s p*nis. The sensation was very exciting for Alexis, who had been holding back his ejaculation for a while.

 But Alexis pulled out his p*nis and put Fatima next to Valencia, who was still sitting in a daze.

 Fatima seemed to have no strength in her legs and slumped down.

 Putting his hands on their heads, Alexis was spitting out his semen on them.

 He was soiling all of the sisters with his white sperm.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 ”Mmm, it’s hot…”

 They were receiving Alexis’s spurt with their bodies without making a disgusted face.

 Alexis felt a sense of satisfaction as he watched the sisters’ bodies soiled in white.

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