Avalon 31

Chapter 31 [Princess-maiden] Masturbation Training

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 Fransisca did as Alexis instructed and sat down on a blanket.

 When she sat down as she was told to, Alexis instructed her.

 ”That’s not what I mean. You should folded your legs”


 ”Put them forward”


 ”What are you doing with them closed? Open your legs in a perfect M-shape, now!”


 She is too shy to follow the last instruction. After all, Alexis is right in front of her. So――

 ”I-I don’t want to expose my private parts in front of the gents…”

 Fransisca turns red and shivers, but Alexis has something to say.

 ”Don’t you think this shame is useless when you are already naked?”

 ”No, it’s not useless!”

 Fransisca hugged Alexis tightly and stared at him with tearful eyes.

 But Alexis had a trump card.

 ”Oh, so that’s how you’re going to resist me? It’s okay, I don’t mind. Don’t you want me to put my cock in your pussy?”


 Fransisca was startled, and eventually she opened her legs willingly. And even thought Fransisca was hated herself for having to do it, she still did it.

 But when she exposed her shameful place in front of Alexis, her heart throbbed and tingled even more.

 Fransisca’s breath becomes ragged as she becomes aware of her love juices oozing out.


 ”You are really a pervert to enjoy being seen”

 Instead of being angry, Fransisca gets tingly when Alexis insults her like that.


 And Alexis can’t help but wonder if Fransisca is going to cum even without touching her.

 Today, though, he decides to teach her how to masturbate.

 ”Touch your own breasts first. Try it yourself like I do all the time”

 (L-like Alexis-sama always does…?)

 Fransisca was nervous, but nodded her head and reached out her hand to her breast fearfully.

 She squeezed her breast first. She usually feel a ticklish sensation when Alexis does this, but she did not feel anything here.

 So she reached out her hand toward her nipple and rubbed it with her finger.


 The slight sensation she felt was different from the one she usually felt when she washed herself in the bath, and Fransisca’s eyebrows twitched.

 It was obvious to Alexis that Fransisca, who was silently touching both nipples, was not feeling much pleasure.

 ”Hey, you know how to feel better, don’t you? Don’t hold back”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca is startled.


 Fransisca feels Alexis’ gaze on her, and she thinks with a flush on her cheeks.

 (D-doing something like that…? I wonder if it’s okay…)

 Fransisca was afraid, but she put her finger on it. Just then.


 Fransisca shuddered at the tingling sensation mixed with pain.

 ”Keep your voice down”

 But Alexis tells her to keep her voice down, and Fransisca hastily holds her tongue.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca manages to stifle her voice, but she still wants Alexis to be satisfied, so she uses her hands on her nipples.

 ”Fuuh, ah, agh, mmmm…!”

 Fransisca seemed to like the act of pinching and pulling her nipples.

 After all, only when she did so, her body shook and trembled.

 Alexis thought that it was easy to see objectively just by looking at her.

 ”Then, isn’t it time to go? Now touch your own pussy”

 Alexis instructs.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Yes…”

 With tears in the corners of her eyes, Fransisca gently removes her hands from her nipples and moves them down to her own pussy.

 ”Touch that one too, just like I’m doing to you”

 Alexis tells her to do so, and Fransisca places her fingertips between the cracks.


 The sensation is unexpectedly strong, and she shudders.

 ”W-what is this? What is this feeling?”

 ”It’s like when I touch you, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes… B-but it’s not like this in the bath…”

 To a puzzled Fransisca, Alexis says.

 ”That’s because you’re feeling naughty, that’s why”


 Fransisca’s cheeks flush.

 ”Come on, rub your fingers on it. Maybe focus on the clitoris?”

 ”The clitoris…?”

 ”Oh, you don’t know what that is either. There’s a protrusion, touch it”

 Alexis told Fransisca to play with her fingertips in her secret place. And it makes a squeaking sound, which makes Fransisca feel embarrassed.

 Still, as she moves her fingertips, she feels a tingling sensation in her lower part of her body, and she lets out a moan.

 ”Ah, fuah, ah…”

 Fransisca is embarrassed just by letting out a modest sound.

 In any case, Alexis is sure to see her perfectly. She is showing off her legs in an M-shape.

 As Alexis watches her, Fransisca glances at Alexis and finds that his licking eyes are on her secret place, which makes Fransisca tingle.

 (Ah… I’m being watched so much by Alexis-sama…)

 She is happy.

 Fransisca thinks that it must be because of her love for Alexis that she feels so much joy at being seen in such a lowly state.

 At that moment, the tip of the finger she had been playing with suddenly found the buds of her flesh.

 And suddently, a hot sensation enveloped her lower body.


 Fransisca covers her mouth with one hand.

 Alexis lifts the edge of her lip and smiles.

 ”I’ll at least help you cover your mouth”

 Fransisca’s heart pounded as Alexis stepped closer to her.

 ”You can do that now. Touch your clit and put your other hand inside your pussy and insert it. Don’t worry, you’re already so used to it with my cock that I’m sure you’ll easily swallow one or two of your slender fingers”

 As he says this, Alexis sits down cross-legged and Fransisca sitting on his lap while he covers her mouth with one hand.

 From this position, he cannot see her, but he can directly feel her body heat and her breath.

 On the other hand, Fransisca only nodded her head and did not resist because she was excited by Alexis’ embrace.

 The fact that Alexis was hugging her back made her heart beat faster, and playing with her secret parts made her feel even more comfortable.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 With a shudder, Fransisca reached her other hand to the secret place and slid her index finger there as she was told.

 Just then Alexis’ hand reached out and grabbed her hand, and then he said, “Here,” and slipped her finger into the jar.

 Fransisca’s ears were reddening as she heard a watery sound and felt her love juice flowing out of her finger.

 ”Come on, keep pulling it in and out, and touch your clitoris too, okay?”

 Alexis told her to do so, and Fransisca’s lower part of her body was filled with a sweet numbness that made her tremble.

 ”Nnuu, mm, mmm, mmmm…!”

 She would have screamed out loud if Alexis had not covered her mouth.

 And soon, Fransisca feels a tingling sensation.

 (Ah… I’m cumming…!)

 Fransisca lifted her hips and unconsciously accelerated the movement of her hand.

 A loud “squelch” sound was made, but now it only served to increase the sensitivity of the hand.


 Fransisca turns her chin away and shakes her hips.

 (I’m cumming, Alexis-sama…!)

 She declares in her mind. And then…


 Fransisca’s body convulses with her mouth closed by Alexis.

 Even Alexis can tell from her trembling, the way she sweats, and the tension in her body that she has reached her limit.

 ”Okay, you did good!”

 He removes his hand from Fransisca’s mouth and puts it on her head instead.

 Fransisca turned around and squeezed Alexis.

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Fransisca gives him a blank look and makes a sweet voice.

 ”You promised, didn’t you? You promised me a reward…”

 She presses her breasts against him, her breath uneven, and Alexis gulps down some saliva.

 ”Y-yeahh… but you just came, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes… but I think I’d rather have Alexis-sama do it…”

 Fransisca was putting her face into Alexis’s face.

 She felt her uterus descend when she reached the point of orgasm, and this time she felt an irresistible desire for Alexis’s semen. She couldn’t wait to feel the sensation of her womb filling up with his cum.

 ”Is she okay?” Alexis thought, but he couldn’t stand to see the face of the lustful female so close to him.


 Alexis finally couldn’t resist and pulled Fransisca to her and took her lips.


 Fransisca made a slight muffled sound and did not resist.

 This kiss should have been the first time for Fransisca, since the first time they kissed was when she was insane from the aphrodisiac.

 This was a surprise to Alexis too, but at the same time a relief.

 Still, there was a feeling of reserve, and he easily let go of her lips.

 Fransisca seemed to have closed her eyes, and when she opened them, there were pouty, defenseless eyes.

 (This girl…I don’t know if she gets it wrong…)

 Alexis is somewhat frustrated, but he loosens his belt with a click and takes out his tentacle p*nis.

 ”Then I’ll give you a reward as I promised…”

 Saying this, Alexis laid Fransisca down on her back on the blanket and covered her.

 He held her from above and moved his tentacle p*nis toward Fransisca’s secret place.

 The position of the jar was immediately obvious.

 Thrust! Squelch!

 The cock slid into Fransisca’s vagina, making a watery sound.

 Perhaps it was the afterglow of the orgasm, a pulsating, throbbing sensation engulfing Alexis p*nis.

 ”Ahh, Alexis-samaa”

 Fransisca looked at Alexis in ecstasy.

 And again, Alexis kiss Fransisca’s mouth and moved his cock.

 ”Mmm? Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm――!”

 Fransisca’s hips trembled and tears came to the corners of her eyes.

 (Ahh, this, this is good…!)

 Fransisca hugged Alexis tightly.

 Then, she asked Alexis to come deeper.

 Immediately Alexis seemed to notice this and moved forward with his cock.


 Fransisca felt her hips bucking and shaking.

 The most intense moment was when Alexis’ p*nis entered her uterus and pushed up against the walls of her uterus.


 Fransisca’s hips were shaking and she was reaching the point. Still, Alexis continued to rub the walls of her uterus, and Fransisca’s pleasure was unstoppable.


 Her body trembled and she cried out as she devoured the pleasure.

 ”Come on, I’ll let it out. Isn’t this what you wanted?”

 Alexis said this in between Fransisca’s gasps and ejaculations, and then ejaculated.

 Today, too, the cum poured in.

 Fransisca accepted Alexis’s cum, hugging him tightly, and then she moved her hand away from Alexis and pulled his face to hers, and then she put her lips on his.


 Alexis is surprised, but he can’t stop the cum from spurting out even now.

 In the end, he finishes his cumshot by tracing the shape of Fransisca’s lips.

 And when their bellies touch, there is a chapping sound in Fransisca’s womb.


 After a while, Alexis pulls his lips away from Fransisca, who is shaking with a look of ecstasy on her face.

 ”*Huff*… hey, you…”

 Alexis exhales and makes a dumbfounded sound.

 ”Eh…? W-what’s happening?”

 Fransisca was puzzled.

 Alexis let out a sigh at the sight of her.

 ”What are you doing kissing me so easily…?”

 ”Eh…? W-was I wrong? But Alexis-sama kissed me first…”

 Fransisca looks like she’s about to cry, and Alexis shakes his head.

 ”Well, that’s not what I meant. I-it was, you see, a momentum…”

 Alexis scratches his cheek in embarrassment.

 ”…I mean, it’s the kind of thing that you would save for someone you love…you know, I don’t really feel like I’m being offered your heart and soul just because you’re my slave. So don’t worry about it, you can refuse, okay?”


 Fransisca’s expression was puzzled.

 ”…ah, that’s enough”

 Alexis is getting tired of this. For the time being, he has to deal with the current situation first.

 (Okay, I have the rugs, let’s just let it out for the day. So, for the rest, I can wash the blankets)

 When Alexis decided so and got up, the impact must have shaken the semen in Fransisca’s vagina.

 And Fransisca lets out a small moan sound.

 ”Then, I’m going to pull out, so you can take it out as it is today”

 When he said so, Fransisca said quickly, “Wait!”



 Fransisca’s cheeks flush as she realizes she said that quickly, but then she says.

 ”Can we… stay like this a little longer…?”

 She leaned forward as she pulled on Alexis hand.

 Then she came to Alexis and hugged him.


 Fransisca closes her eyes and through her pressed breasts Alexis can feel her heart pounding in her chest.

 (I don’t understand…)

 Alexis thinks about it but decides to stay in this position for a little while longer.

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