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Chapter 30 [Princess-maiden] Semen Excretion (Post Play)

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 But soon it didn’t matter

 (Anyway, I still have Fransisca’s softness in the palm of my hand…)

 Alexis smiles

 Tonight he will sleep well, remembering the softness of her breasts

* * *

 Later that night, on the third day of collecting crystals..

 (I-I’m… here again)

 Fransisca felt ashamed of herself as she found herself standing in front of the command center tent. This was her second visit to the tent, so the soldiers around him were looking at her more closely

 In fact, she had thought about refraining if Fatima was going to go. However, when she asked Fatima if her stomach was okay, she answered enthusiastically, “Thanks to everyone, my stomach is still fine!”

 (W-what am I doing? I-I should go back after all…)

 She turned her head back. But――

 ”Hey, where are you going?”

 Alexis comes out of the tent and calls out to Fransisca, causing Fransisca to make a funny noise


 Fransisca turns around, blushing


 Alexis rolled his eyes

 He saw a figure behind the banner and thought it was Fatima

 ”Oh, Fransisca…”

 ”Oh, um… I’ll leave if I’m bothering you..”

 Fransisca was in a hurry to answer, but Alexis was fine with Fransisca being Fransisca

 ”Well, if you’re here, why don’t you drop by?”

 With that, he pulled Fransisca’s arm and let her into the tent

 ”Is Fatima okay?”

 Alexis asked Fransisca as he sat back in his chair and reached for a piece of dried meat he had left on the table

 Fransisca nodded her head

 ”Y-yes. I just asked her about it and she said she was fine, thanks to you”

 ”Well. So you’re here instead?”

 ”Eh?? Ah, I didn’t mean to..”

 Judging from Fransisca’s reddening attitude, she was probably not really paying attention to him. Alexis is disappointed for a moment, but then thinks better of it

 (Then why did she come here? I don’t want to believe it, but…)

 Alexis had a question for her

 ”Are you going to tell me you’re getting the aching again, by any chance?”

 Fransisca freaked out and turned red. She then looked at him as if to say “How did you know?”

 ”As I suspected”

 Alexis mutters, and Fransisca turns her head down, fidgeting to hide her red face


 Fransisca is twiddling her fingers together and seems to be thinking of an excuse, but still very eager. However, Alexis said

 ”You must really like my thing. But even though I have this great one, it’s not always possible, you know? For example, what would you do if Fatima came here today?”

 ”W-well,” Fransisca’s eyes drifted to the other side of the room and then she said, “…B-but what should I do…” with her shoulders slumped, which made Alexis speechlesh

 ”You know… don’t you have the option of doing it alone?”


 Fransisca was puzzled

 ”…But I, I, I don’t have man genital…”

 Fransisca replied in a muffled voice

 ”Hey, you can do it alone without it. I mean, what are those hands of yours? Are they for decoration?”

 ”Eh, my… what?”

 Alexis noticed Fransisca’s puzzled expression

 So, that’s it. This is a girl who had never even had s*xual education before

 (But now Fransisca can’t satisfy her physical needs without me…!)

 That’s all well and good… but there is a real problem. That is, he can’t always be there for her

 Well, Alexis would not mind under any circumstance if she could be sweetly cajoled by saying “Please embrace me” or something

 Even now, she is willing to be with him telling him that she is his slave. However, there will always be a day when he can’t do it no matter what

 ”I can’t help it. I’ll teach you how to do it alone”

 Alexis told him

 ”Y-yes!” Fransisca nodded her head, not understanding what was going on

 Fransisca, as was the case when she approved as a slave, seemed to have a tendency to nod her head carelessly before she knew what was going on

 Alexis wanted to warn her, but decided to leave it aside for now

 ”Well, take off your clothes first. Oh, yes, you can put this on the floor at your feet”

 Alexis got up from his chair and took one of the blankets from the pile on the wall of the tent and spread it out in the middle of the ground

 ”You want me to take it off here?”

 ”Yes. I’ll just watch you today”

 ”Eh? B-but..”

 Fransisca’s eyes are fixed on Alexis’ thing

 But Alexis put the palm of his hand on it, and Fransisca looked away, embarrassed

 ”I’ll put it in when I feel like it”

 Alexis said


 Fransisca’s eyes lit up and Alexis grinned

 ”But only if you do it right, okay? Today you’re going to make yourself come with your fingers. By then, I will do it”

 ”W-with… my fingers…?”

 Fransisca looked at her white, thin fingertips with a worried expression on her face

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