Avalon 26

Chapter 26 [Maid] Blindfolded and Committed From Behind

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Alexis made Fatima put her hands on the wall and thrust her butt out.

 Unlike the last time when she was wearing a Conjurer’s robe, this time Fatima is dressed in a maid’s uniform.

 So, right now, Alexis saw a beautiful blonde maid, her cheeks flushed red while thrusting her butt toward him.

 (I should do this just in case)

 Alexis finds a towel in the room and wraps it around Fatima’s eyes.

 And as her vision was suddenly blocked, Fatima looked puzzled, “Oh, Alex…?”.

 ”Well, I thought it would be less embarrassing. After all, it was something difficult for Fatima herself too, wasn’t it?”

 ”T-that’s true…”

 Fatima seemed convinced, but Alexis was thinking, “Well, actually, it was for a different purpose”.

 Last time she didn’t look back, so she didn’t notice, but now, he couldn’t let her know that he was sticking his p*nis in her. That might shock her.

 (I’ll pretend that this is also my utmost kindness)

 Alexis thought so and lifted up the skirt that was covering Fatima’s butt. Then her big, soft and plump ass was exposed.

 Fatima does not seem to understand what is being done to her and she keeps still with her eyes covered.

 (Is the garter belt black today? I mean, Fatima often wears black garter stockings)

 When Alexis runs his hand on the black panties which match the color of the stockings, Fatima’s body shakes.

 ”Wha!? What are you doing…?”

 ”Isn’t this to deal with the monster? Please be patient”


 Fatima turns bright red but bites her lip tightly, seeming to suppress her shame.

 ”Then, I’m going to have to take this off first before I insert the stick into you”

 Just as Alexis said this, he slid her panties down to her ankles.

 Fatima was startled by the sensation of what he was doing to her, but she seemed to be patient and silent.

 Then, Alexis squatted down just as he was taking off her panties, so that her plump buttocks were right in front of him.

 He grabbed her buttocks with both hands and spread them apart, and there was a wrinkled hole with its mouth tightly closed.

 Last time, the mouth had opened a little wider because the monster had just entered, but this time it would be painful if it remained like this.

 ”I’m going to loosen it up first”

 With these words, Alexis began to run his tongue up and down her anus.


 Fatima’s body shuddered.

 ”W-what are you doing? S-something slippery…!”

 ”Fatima, I’m preparing to put the stick inside you”

 Alexis kept licking and licking as he answered.

 ”I-I see… uhh… Mmm… Kh…”

 Fatima seems to feel a thrilling sensation, and she sometimes shivers and trembles.

 Her anus twitches and then tightens, as if she is nervous.

 ”Hey, relax!”

 Alexis says, to which Fatima replies meekly, “A-all right…”.

 And slowly she opens her asshole, gasping for breath.

 She does this because she doesn’t know what she is doing.

 As Alexis saw this, he poked the hole, which was slightly opened, with the tip of his tongue and Fatima’s body jerked.

 ”Ahh, ah…!”

 She let out her voice unintentionally and turned her face down in a panic.

 ”Ah… no, this is…!”

 ”It’s okay, don’t worry about it”

 Alexis insert his little finger into her asshole and it is slowly swallowed. Then, a slimy, sticky liquid, which could be intestinal juices or something else, gets entangled with his finger.

 Thinking it was time to go, Alexis stood up, loosening his belt.

 Naturally, his tentacle crawled out of the gap and is already hard and swollen.

 ”Okay, I’m going to put the stick in you”

 After this statement, Alexis stretched his tentacles on Fatima’s buttocks.

 And with both hands, Alexis spread Fatima’s buttocks apart again and pushed the glans of his tentacle against her anus with a forceful thrust.

 ”Ha, ah… guh…!”

 Fatima was screaming but still thrust out her buttocks to accept the penetration.

 And she was already gasping in pain althought the penetration just the head of the p*nis.

 ”I-it hurts… a little bit…”

 As Fatima lets out a shaky cry, Alexis moves his body so close to her back that his chest is almost touching the back of her body.

 ”I think I should loosen up this time, too”

 ”L-loosen up…?”

 ”Yes. You’ll feel more pain than you should because you’ll focus on your buttocks”

 As Alexis said this, he reached out his hands toward Fatima’s breasts.

 He touches them once through the cloth, but they are still so large. And it made him want to touch them directly.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* N-no way…”

 Ignoring Fatima’s cheeks flushing, Alexis reaches for the buttons on the breast of her blouse.

 As he undoes the top buttons, Fatima’s body trembles.

 ”A-Alex… T-that is…”

 ”But Fatima, it would be easier for you if you took this one, wouldn’t it?”

 ”T-that’s… true… but…”

 Fatima admitted with some reluctance.

 ”Well, I’ll handle it. I won’t make things worse”

 When Alexis said this, Fatima felt strangely comfortable to trust him.

 Fatima felt like she was doing something wrong for some reason, but she kept her mouth shut, pushing down her sense of shame.

 In the meantime, Alexis’ hands unbuttoned Fatima’s blouse to the bottom of her breast, separated and spread the breast pouch to the left and right, and finally removed them.

 Her heavy breasts, which looked like watermelons, were bobbing and swaying.

 Even when Alexis buried his hands in them, there was still some left over.

 (Wow, this is… different from Fransisca’s elastic breast, it’s a wonderful texture that makes her breasts feel like a gem for men)

 When Alexis rubbed them freely, Fatima’s lips started to emit a nasally moaning sound.

 ”Ah…? No, this is…”

 Fatima holds her tongue, but Alexis tells her.

 ”Don’t be shy. You’re blindfolded anyway. Why don’t you just think of me as some kind of artifact or something?”

 ”H-how can I think that…? Ah, hauah…”

 Alexis reaches for Fatima’s nipples at which her expression quickly falls. He rolled her fingers over the nipples, which were a size larger than Fransisca’s.

 ”Hwaah, ah, aaaaaah”

 Fatima’s body trembled as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* A-Alex? Don’t just play with my breasts…!”

 She said in a half-slurred voice, and Alex remembered that she was right.

 So, he started to slide his tentacle p*nis deep inside her. At the same time, he enjoys the softness of her breast.

 ”Hyaah, anh, ah, aaah!”

 Fatima’s knees wobble and she lets out a nasally cry, thinking that her ass feels strange.

 However, Alexis still moves his tentacle p*nis deep inside and finally, hits the rubbery, elastic sensation.

 (Oh, the monster is still here…)

 He thought so, but if Fatima’s story was true, her excrement might have been absorbed by this monster… after all, he didn’t felt anything beside the monster.

 (Well, anyway…)

 The inside of Fatima’s asshole was as slippery and tight as ever, and it felt good.

 Thinking this, Alexis decided to let his tentacle stretch and piston it.

 ”Haguu… ah, aaah”

 Fatima made a melting sound at the same time by the rubbing of her breasts.

 Maybe it was because of the shaking of her breasts, Fatima was moaning “Ah, ah, ah…” and her chin was turned upside down.

 ”N-no, stop it, I’m…”

 Fatima gasps for air.


 Alexis asks and Fatima’s cheeks turn red.

 ”While Alex doing this to me… Aau, hyah, aaah”

 ”Is it comfortable for you?”

 Fatima nodded her head a little.

 ”I-I have a strange feeling… ah, ah? Ahh… *Pant* *Pant* I shouldn’t feel this, I shouldn’t feel this sensation…”

 ”It’s okay”

 Alexis whispered to her.

 ”You can’t see anything, can you? Just accept this as a dream. So you can moan all you want and feel as good as you want. Okay?”


 Fatima hesitated, but only for a moment.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* A-Alexxx…”

 Fatima’s body trembled.

 ”I’m getting a weird feeling… On my breasts, on my ass… ah, ah, ahhhhhh…”

 While saying this, Fatima’s hips were moving.

 ”It’s amazing ―― Aaah!? I’m melting, funyaaa, I’m meltinggggg…”

 ”Are you gonna cum?”

 ”Cumming? I-I don’t know… Ah, ah, aaaaaahh..!!”

 Fatima’s hips were shaking and trembling.

 And feeling the painful tightening of her intestinal wall, Alexis let out a “Oooh” sound.

 (I-It’s so tight… okay, then…)

 With a jerk, Alexis pushes his tentacle p*nis deep inside.


 Fatima’s whole body shakes and her hand on the walls slips down, but Alexis pulls her toward him with one hand to support her.

 However, one hand is still buried in Fatima’s breast.


 From the feel of the hand on her abdomen and the warmth of the hand on her back, Fatima knew what had just happened.

 ”A-Alex… Ah, ahhh…”

 (No… this is not a dream… I-I’m in Alex’s arms…)

 Due to this realization, Fatima felt embarrassed.

 However, Alexis still pistoning his p*nis into Fatima’s body while she was leaning against him.

 Fatima’s body was bobbing up and down, and her breast was bobbing on the palm of Alexis’ hand.

 ”Hwaaah? Ah, aah? Haaaaahhhh!!”

 As Fatima reacts sensitively, her nape releases a sweet scent into Alexis’s nostrils.

 ”Haaaaah, Fatima…!”

 And due to this, Alexis ejaculates as he buries his face into her neck.

 Spurttt! Spurtttttttt!

 All at once, he poured his load into Fatima’s ass. At the same time, Fatima’s lower abdomen bulges out.

 ”Hanyaaa… Fh, uuu…!”

 Fatima’s body was twitching from the sensation of liquid entering her body.

 And after a few moments of ejaculation, Alexis exhales with a “huff”.

 ”…With this, I put it in properly”

 After saying that, he pulled out his tentacle p*nis.


 As soon as Alexis left, Fatima fell down on the floor.

 As she did so, she reached her hand to her bulging abdomen to make sure there was still liquid inside.

 ”――Hah, hah, hah…”

 Alexis removes the towel from Fatima’s eyes as she repeats her shaky breathing.

 And by the sudden opening of the field of vision and the stimulation of the light, Fatima squinted her eyes and she can’t see Alexis was fixing a piece in his trousers.

 While adjusting his belt, he said to Fatima.

 ”Okay. So, you can’t let it out here, can you? I mean, why don’t you go to the bathroom?”

 ”Uh, yeah… I-I’ll do that…”

 Fatima replies in a muffled voice.

 She tried to stand up with her arms, but it did not seem to succeed. Seeing so, Alexis helped Fatima to stand up and then put her panties back on.

 ”Hah, hah, A-Alex…I’m sorry”

 ”No, it’s okay,” Alexis says to the apologetic Fatima.

 ”Oh, right. I’m sorry to take your time”

 Fatima seemed to be concerned about that now, but Alexis shook his head.

 ”No, don’t worry about it. It wasn’t a big deal”

 (I mean, I was going to fuck Fransisca, but I was satisfied with Fatima)

 Still, Fatima felt that she had made him uncomfortable. So, she said this.

 ”I’m sorry, because of me…”

 ”It’s okay. Just let’s go”

 Alexis called to Fatima, and Fatima nodded her head.

 With his help, they go out into the hallway and head for the bathroom.

 (Alex, I can’t believe you went through all this trouble for me…)

 Fatima’s interest in Alexis was rising steadily because she didn’t know the truth about what was being done to her.

 Alexis, unaware of this, calls out to her.

 ”But if you feel bad about it, next time you’ll make sure Sara takes a good look at you, okay?”

 ”O-okay. I will…”

 Fatima could not help but nod her head, thinking that she could not cause any more trouble to Alexis, even though she did not feel like it.

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