Avalon 27

Chapter 27

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 The next day, an off-day, Alexis was called by Sara to the doctor’s office.

 When he goes there, he finds Fatima standing there looking uncomfortable.

 She seems to be wearing a maid’s uniform today, and her breast bags are well mounted.

 Fransisca also seems to have been called, and when she sees Alexis, she blinks her eyes and says “Alexis-sama was called too?”

 ”Yes, I was, but…”

 Alexis looks at Sara in confusion.

 Fatima is sitting on the bed in the examination room, and Sara is wearing a white lab coat sitting on a chair with her legs dangling as usual.

 And as soon as Sara sees Alexis, she smiles at him and said.

 ”Alex-kun, you’re here at last. And is everyone here?”

 Sara says, but Alexis thinks that Lorenzo is missing.

 ”If you’re talking about members, Lorenzo is missing”

 ”Oh, Alex-kun, do you want to show Fatima-chan’s embarrassment to Lorenzo-kun too? Are you a devil, Alex-kun? I didn’t expect that”

 Hearing Sara’s smiling words, Alexis flinched.

 ”No, I didn’t mean to… I mean, what’s the point of being embarrassed? If that’s the case, then why me and Fransisca too?”

 ”I thought it would be better if the captain and the vice-captain knew. And in fact, I was going to exclude you beside Her Highness. But then, Fatima-chan said that Alex-kun already knows about it”


 This sounds familiar to him.

 He turned his eyes toward Fatima, and she turned away from him with her cheeks turned red.

 ”Okay, I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m sure you have are aware of this, but I’d like to talk about Fatima…”

 Sara prefaces the conversation.

 Although Alexis doesn’t really mind, Sara’s attitude of calling adults around her with “kun” or “chan” is as strange as ever.

 ”I heard there’s a monster parasite in her intestines. I couldn’t confirm it because it seemed to be deep inside, but I could certainly confirm that something like that was nesting there. It seemed to be a mucus or something that emits bodily fluids. So, I put a proctoscope in to examine it and found a viscous liquid that was different from intestinal fluid, and when I collected it and examined it, it seemed to have ingredients similar to saliva”

 Sara talks like that with a straight face.

 She seems to have gotten used to this kind of attitude. And Alexis was impressed by the fact that she was a former magic doctor.

 ”And, it’s gone too deep, so it’s impossible to remove it now. I heard that if it is left alone, it might get out of control. But Fatima-chan told me that if Alex-kun poured some white fluid into it, it would calm down”

 Hearing this, Fatima nodded her head and said, “…That’s right”

 But, Fransisca immediately looked at Alexis.

 ”Uh… yeah, well…”

 Alexis was getting impatient inwardly.

 Sara smiles at Alexis and says with a smile, “I heard that the liquid comes from a long, strange stick that is flexible yet hard.”

 ”Ha, haha…”

 Alexis is secretly chilly. He is afraid that Fatima will find out what is it. And he didn’t know what Sara was thinking.

 But Fransisca seems to know what the white liquid is, and she also knows what this strange stick is.

 For now Alexis gives Fransisca a look.

 He looks at Fransisca as if to say, “Don’t tell anyone!”.


 Fransisca looked away silently and Alexis wanted to say, “Hey, you!?”.

 ”…well, I don’t know what that stick is, but the white liquid was left in the intestines so I could examine it…”

 Sara stares at Alexis for a while and then says.

 ”I won’t pursue it. Anyway, it seems to be working…”

 Sara’s smile made Alexis feel awkward.

 ”S-so… What do you want to talk about?”

 Alexis asks, and Sara says.

 ”Well, I’ll try to find a way to get rid of the parasite, but until then, I think I’m going to ask you for help. It seems that the parasite feeds on Fatima-chan’s excrement, and when it runs out, it moves around in the intestines looking for food, but that could damage the intestinal walls and organs. In other words…”

 ”I-In other words…?”

 Alexis gulps.

 And then, Sara says seriously.

 ”In other words, Fatima-chan’s intestines are always clean even if she doesn’t defecate. Well, I envy her”

 ”That’s… true. I envy her…”

 Fransisca agreed in an unintentional tone.

 Hearing this comment from someone else, Fatima got teary-eyed and said.

 ”Your Highness, don’t envy me at all! It’s dangerous!”

 ”Oh, yes… you’re right. I’m sorry”

 Fransisca apologized.

 ”Well, that’s why I’m going to ask your help, Alex-kun, to inject the liquid regularly. The frequency will depend on the parasite, but I’d say three to five days. Your Highness, please be mindful of that. It would be better for Fatima-chan if Lorenzo-kun is not aware of it, so it is necessary to watch out for the timing when Lorenzo-kun is on guard in the camp in Avalon, or to draw his attention. For this reason, Your Highness’ cooperation will be indispensable”

 When Sara said this to Fransisca, she nodded, “…I understand.”

 ”Well, then, I guess that’s it. I’m sorry to call you here, Your Highness”

 ”No, no, I’m not busy on days off”

 Hearing Sara and Fransisca talking like this, Alexis thinks to himself, “You don’t even care about me!”.

 Even though he is the sixth prince. Even though he is supposed to be superior to Fransisca. But that’s okay.


 Next thing he knows, Fatima is talking to him.

 ”Well… I’m sorry to bother you. Please take care of me”

 Fatima bows awkwardly as she brings her hands together in front of her abdomen.

 Then, her breasts become more pronounced between her arms.

 ”Oh, ah… well, don’t worry about it”

 Alexis looked at Fatima’s breast while she complied with the request.

 But suddenly he remembers the touch of her breast which he had enjoyed in his palm just yesterday.

 (Oh, yeah. From now on, I will be able to rub her breasts as much as I want on a regular basis…)

 Then, at that moment, he heard a voice saying.

 ”Um, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca, who seemed to have finished talking with Sara before he knew it, spoke to him.

 ”May… I talk to you for a moment?”

 Fransisca looked at him as if she wanted to say something.

 Alexis nodded. He had to find out what she wanted to talk about or what she sensed. It would be unwise to say no at this point.

 ”…then, this way please”

 Fransisca suddenly took Alexis’ hand.

 Alexis was surprised when a tight, thin, white hand grabbed his hand.

 Without any hesitation, Alexis leaves the doctor’s office.

* * *

 Fransisca brings Alexis to her own private room.

 This is the second time that Alexis has visited her room, and it is a very feminine room.

 The curtains on the windows are elaborately decorated, and the colors are generally soft and fluffy. In addition, it smells good.

 When Fransisca saw that Alexis had entered, she closed the door and turned around saying.

 ”Alexis-sama… did you “do” Fatima too?”

 Fransisca’s cold and somewhat tense eyes turned to Alexis.

 ”Oh, so she did notice,” Alexis thought.

 ”So what? It’s none of your business”

 ”…Why? Fatima never did anything bad to you, did she?”

 ”No, she hasn’t. So what?”

 ”Then why is she like me?”

 Fransisca looks as if she is swallowing something somewhat bitter.

 Alexis furrowed his brow in disbelief.

 ”Fatima is not a slave. I’m only doing it because she asked me to do something about it in the first place”

 ”So… Alexis-sama is doing it for Fatima?”

 ”Yes, that’s right”


 Fransisca becomes silent.

 Looking at her somewhat pained face, Alexis wonders what she is thinking. But, anyway, there is one thing that needs to be pointed out.

 ”…Anyway, if you’re aware of the sticks and the liquid, don’t tell Fatima about it”


 Fransisca asked. And Alexis replied.

 ”You see, wouldn’t it be a shock if she found out?”

 ”…Even though you’re doing things to me that would shock me if I knew…”

 Fransisca had a depressed look on her face that made Alexis want to let out a sigh.

 ”Look, I know you’re not happy with your current position. But haven’t you always told me not to be disobedient before that time? Aren’t you going to take responsibility for your own actions?”

 ”Are you saying that this is the way you take responsibility for me?”

 Fransisca grabbed her breast tightly and Alexis said, “Yes, that’s right”.

 ”…Then why weren’t you in your room yesterday? If Alexis-sama says that you take responsibility in this way, then you should have held me last night. But you weren’t in the room. I was there yesterday…”

 Fransisca looks depressed as she speaks.

 Alexis, who had expected to hear a complaint about their current relationship, was taken aback by the unexpected line.

 ”What? What are you talking about? More importantly, you came to my room yesterday…?”


 Fransisca, perhaps realizing the significance of her comment, blushes deeply and looks down.

 So, that was it. She sounded as if she was complaining about the fact that Alexis was not there when she went to embraced by him.

 Alexis seems to get this impression and asks her in a whisper.

 ”…did you want to be embraced?”


 Fransisca’s voice was upside down.

 ”T-that’s, that’s ridiculous!”

 Fransisca panicked, not very good at hiding her true feelings.

 ”…Hmm, is that so?”

 Alexis was so happy that he was smiling.

 ”Well, why don’t you just say so? In short, you were unhappy because I was embracing Fatima when you wanted to, weren’t you?”


 Fransisca screams and Alexis tugs on her arm.

 ”So, what do you say?”


 Fransisca shook her head stubbornly, which made Alexis feel frustrated.

 ”Now that it’s come to this, I’m going to make her tell me what she really thinks…”, he thought.

 ”…Oh yeah, that’s right. You’ve always disapproved of being my slave, haven’t you?”

 Alexis dares to let go of Fransisca’s hand as he says this.

 Then Fransisca’s eyes looked worried, so it seems that she was hooked.

 But her expression was serious and she let out a sigh.

 ”Well, I’ve been thinking something that I shouldn’t keep doing things that you don’t like. And so, I decided…”

 Alexis told her this.

 ”Since I now have a new partner, Fatima, even if it’s a secret, maybe you stop being my slave. So, what do you think?”


 The next moment, Fransisca’s heart leaps out of her chest. It was a unpleasant sensation that sent a chill down her back.

 The next thing Alexis knew, Fransisca was clutching him tightly.

 Alexis himself, who had made the comment, let out a surprised “Oh?”.

 ”No, I don’t want to!”

 Fransisca desperately told in a trembling voice.

 ”Don’t tell me it’s over, Alexis-sama…”

 After she had said that much, Fransisca realized what she had said and a look of surprise crossed her face.

 By then, Alexis was already smiling.


 Fransisca’s ears reddened.

 ”N-no. I-it can’t be…”

 Rather than trying to make things right, Fransisca seemed surprised by her own words.

 Seeing this, Alexis tugged on her arm again and whispered, “Until then, you know what you say, don’t you? Admit it.”

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