Avalon 28

Chapter 28 [Princess-maiden] Punishment by Spanking

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Alexis smiles at Francisca with a winning grin while holding her arm.

 ”Hey, Francisca? In short, no matter how hard you struggle, your body is honest. You like your position as a slave, right? Admit it”

 ”A-admit it…”

 Francisca was annoyed.

 She was annoyed. Very annoyed, but…

 ”…B-but this is your fault…?”

 Francisca blurted out, turning red up to her ears.

 ”I couldn’t get rid the tingling in my body… b-because it was you who made me like this…”


 Alexis’ eyes widen.

 And Francisca nodded her head.

 ”Yes… that place… and the inside of my stomach… it’s tingling… it’s bothering me…”

 Francisca grabs Alexis’s clothes tightly and starts to glare up with tears of shame in her eyes.

 ”No matter how hard I tried to hold back, I couldn’t get it off at all… I-I mean, you knew that, didn’t you? And yet… you’re terrible, Alexis-sama…”

 Then Francisca let out a deep sigh.

 Alexis was stunned for a while.

 ”I see… it’s tingling. In short, it’s aching, isn’t it?”

 Alexis’s question made Francisca’s heart flutter. But, as it turns out, aching is a very appropriate word.

 So, she gives a small nod.

 ”Okay. But it’s not my fault”

 Alexis said so casually that Francisca felt annoyed.

 ”What…? W-why?!”

 ”Because, you see? If you’re aching, it means you want my dick. And I’m not giving you any kind of crazy drugs or anything, okay? It’s your own problem, that’s all”

 ”Eh, ehh…?!”

 Francisca’s ears turn bright red.

 But, Alexis smiling.

 ”Well, if that’s the case, I guess there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing now, right?”

 Alexis squeezes Francisca’s breasts through her clothes.


 She makes a piercing sound and her face turns even redder.

 Seeing her, Alexis smiled.

 ”Well, now that I’m the one to blame, how do you want me to take care of this?”

 ”Oh, um… Uh…”

 Francisca, placed in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position, could do nothing but be horrified.

 But at the same time, she felt hot.

 (A-Alexis-sama will do something naughty to me again…)

 The thought made her heart pound with anticipation, and Francisca was astonished.

 (I-I really am what Alexis-sama says…)

 After all, Francisca had not really realized it until just now.

 But then Alexis smiles at her and says.

 ”First of all, you owe me an apology, don’t you?”

 ”A-an apology?”

 ”Yeah. You should apologize to the place you love the most”

 Saying this, Alexis loosened his belt and stretched out his p*nis.

 Francisca’s cheeks flushed instantly as he urged her on.


 Francisca kneels down in front of Alexis and gently touches the object which is now at the same height as her face.

 ”P-please forgive me, Alexis-sama…”

 ”Just that? You should apologize more properly”


 Francisca was humiliated.

 But she tried her best to speak with tears in her eyes.

 ”P-Please forgive me… I was really naughty… P-please forgive that I blamed you. W-will you forgive me?”

 Francisca kisses his p*nis lightly.

 At this time, her breath came out lightly.

 She exhales, her eyes look somewhat vacant, and gently clasps the object.

 But at this moment, the thing shook so much that she was surprised and let go of her hand.

 ”I won’t forgive you”

 Alexis said with a grin.

 Anyway, there was no way he was going to forgive her. But Francisca was clearly aroused by this action.


 Alexis smiles at Francisca’s disappointed expression and says.

 ”I guess I’ll have to punish you”


 Francisca’s wet eyes flicker.

 (As I thought from the beginning, this girl is a masochist…)

 While thinking this, Alexis told Francisca to get down on all fours.

 ”Eh?? On all fours…?”

 She is a very educated girl, and as expected, she hesitates to get down on all fours. But Alexis has a magic word.

 ”What are you to me?”


 Francisca huffs, and then her gaze wavers.

 ”…your slave…”

 ”Then it’s strange for you to disobey me, isn’t it?”

 Francisca nodded her head and sat down fearfully with her hands on the floor, then lifted her buttocks.

 Her cheeks turned bright red, as if she was aware of her dog-like posture.

 ”Turn around”

 Alexis instructed Francisca to turn her body so that her buttocks are facing him.

 (U-uuu. This position is…)

 She is so embarrassed that even her ears are turning red. But then――



 Francisca was suddenly thrown forward by the impact on her butt, even through the cloth.


 Francisca turns around, sounding upset.


 Alexis raises one hand in the air. And then…


 The palm of his hand slams into her butt again.


 Francisca screams.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, what are you doing?”

 ”I told you I’m going to punish you”

 Alexis continued to hit her with his hand two or three times, snapping, snapping, and snapping.

 Each time, Francisca screamed.

 The pain should not be so great through her clothes, but this situation must be unbearable for a princess.

 ”I’m sorry, please forgive me, already!”

 Seeing Francisca sobbing and begging for forgiveness, Alexis thinks, “Did I overdo it?” .

 (I had a feeling this girl could do it. And it’s romantic for a man to beat a woman’s ass)

 Still, when he sees her giggle and squirm, he has no choice but to stop.

 With a reluctant hand, Alexis pulls Francisca from behind and sits her down on his lap, where he is sitting cross-legged.

 He then pats her head and says, “Oh…I’m sorry. Was that too hard?”

 Francisca nods her head with a small nod, still sobbing, and then turns around and hugs Alexis tightly.

 Her behavior makes Alexis feel awkward.

 Has she ever been pampered like this before?

 After all, she was just surprised when he asked her to stop being his slave but she clung to him.

 ”Whatever,” Alexis thought.

 No matter what Francisca was thinking, being a slave meant that she had no choice but to accept his p*nis anyway.

 (…in that case, let’s get to it…)

 Alexis puts his hand on Francisca’s thigh, which is still squatting.

 He doesn’t have the auspicious notion of first comforting her until she stops crying. Although he has the conscience to stop anything she dislikes too much, he is dealing with a slave. So, there is no reservation.

 After all, his tentacle p*nis is bulging and warping from seeing the spanking he just do it. Alexis also has no taste for holding back his son, who is waiting impatiently with Cowper’s juice.

 Anyway, he first slips his fingers under Fransisca panties, reminding her to wait for his p*nis, which is about to reach her secret place before his hand does.

 On there, a watery sound was heard and he felt the wetness on his finger.

 At this sensation, Francisca shudders, and then looks up at him with her breath coming in gasps.

 ”A-Alexis… sama…”

 Her cheeks are wet with tears, but her eyes are mellow.


 Alexis was surprised, but moved his finger toward the jar.

 “Ah, ah…” a charming cry escaped from Francisca’s lips.

 She giggles as her jar slurps and swallows Alexis’ finger.

 ”Your place is so wet”

 ”Eh, uh…”

 Francisca’s cheeks turn crimson, as if she had not expected it.

 ”But I only spanked you, didn’t I?”

 He move his fingers again. And then, Francisca shakes her body with a shiver and moans, “Ha, ha, ah, ah!”

 ”Oh, and after that, I just made you apologize and order you on all fours. But why are you so wet?”

 As he move his finger back and forth, Francisca’s body shakes and trembles.

 ”Hwaaaaa. Alexis-sama, no more…”

 ”Are you coming already?”

 Then Francisca nodded her head.

 ”I-I’m coming, cumming…”

 Not only the movement of Alexis’ fingers, but also Francisca’s hips began to move, trying to climb to a higher level by herself. And just when she was about to burst with pleasure, Alexis’ fingers slid out of her jar.

 Due to this, Francisca’s chest rises and falls, and she is in tears.


 Francisca screams in protest, but Alexis asks her, “Who told you to come?” .

 ”Ahh… I’m sorry… but I want to come…”

 Francisca moans and wriggles her ass, making a shaking sound.

 ”Please, Alexis-sama, I’ve been holding back for so long…? I’ve been so tingling… p-please…”

 ”Why must I reward you for being such a selfish s*x slave?”


 Francisca instantly looks like she is about to cry.

 She moves around, then gets off from Alexis’ lap, gets down on all fours by herself, and turns her butt toward him.

 ”P-please forgive me… P-punish me harder… *Pant* *Pant* Please give me a reward…!”

 She was desperate.

 ”Hmm? Choosing to be spanked herself, you’re a pervert, aren’t you?”

 ”Ah… t-that’s…”

 Francisca’s eyes drifted to the other side, as if her shame was getting the better of her.

 But Alexis slaps her butt.


 Francisca’s body trembles.

 However, Alexis slaps her butt again and again with the palm of his hand.

 Again, Francisca screams, and Alexis think to himself, “I’ll stop it in moderation. In the first place, my dong wanted to get in there as soon as possible”.

 Soon, however, Francisca’s voice starts to sound charming.

 It’s because she can feel the numbness and the vibration of her butt when she’s hit.



 At last there is a clear and charming moan, and Francisca’s face turns bright red.

 But Alexis doesn’t stop slapping her, and the swelling is uncontrollable.

 ”Ahhhhh, Alexis-sama, no, stoppp!!”

 ”But I thought you wanted to be punished, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, but I mean…”

 Unable to read Francisca’s reddening and clumsy expression, Alexis slapped her there again through her skirt. Then…


 With a vigorous twitching and shaking, Francisca had reached her goal.

 Alexis’ eyes widen when he sees her twitching and convulsing afterwards.

 ”Hey, did you come from being spanked?”

 ”Eh, uh…”

 Francisca’s ears turn bright red, as if she is aware of her embarrassment.

 ”You know…”

 Alexis is happy, but this is not the place to praise her.

 He tugs on the back of Francisca’s hair and says, “I didn’t give you permission to cum during the spanking, did I?” .

 ”Ahh… y-yes, I’m sorry…”

 Francisca nodded weakly and Alexis said, “So, I’ll have to punish you more. Do you understand?” .

 However, Alexis himself wants to get his own p*nis inside of Francisca’s body.

 So he lays her on her back and puts her upside down.


 Francisca’s skirt comes up, and her cheeks turn bright red.

 Alexis pulls down her panties and says, “You’re going to be punished, so you’re going to have to put up with it.” .


 Francisca bites her lip and seems to choose to endure her shame.

 Once Alexis takes off her panties, he opens her legs wide and checks her soaking wet secret.

 Not only her secret parts but also her inner thighs are wet with her love juice.

 The jar was opening and closing its mouth, and Alexis was slipping his p*nis into the jar.


 Francisca’s chin arches back as her hips quiver.

 Alexis also felt a tingling sensation in her lower back and smiled.

 ”…Hehe. Now I’m going to have to give you a good spanking deep inside your womb with my cock?”

 Alexis thought that this would be punishment enough, since Francisca did not want Alexis to pour his semen into her.

 So, after looking into her eyes, Francisca nodded her head.

 ”U-umm…? Please torment my womb a lot…”

 As she spoke, Francisca’s breathing became ragged again.

 Alexis was surprised to see her reaction as if she had been waiting for it, but he was still moving his tentacle p*nis.

 ”Haaa? It’s great――Alexis-sama’s p*nis…”

 Francisca’s face turned mellow and she wiggled her hips.

 Alexis lets out a gasp as Francisca’s vagina writhes and wriggles, trying to swallow Alexis’ p*nis deeper and deeper.

 ”Ohhhhh… it’s great, your little cunt. You’re taking my dick so good, aren’t you?”

 Francisca’s hips buckle and quiver as she slurps his cock deeper into her.


 Francisca seems to have reached her goal, and the pressure in her vagina increases even more.

 ”…Dam…! I’m gonna cum, okay?”

 Alexis says, and Francisca hugs Alexis’ waist tightly with her legs.

 ”Come deeper, please come deeper!”

 As Francisca says this, Alexis knocks her cervixes with his p*nis and then pushes in deeper and deeper.


 Francisca’s whole body shuddered.


 Alexis also at his limit, and his cock pulsed loudly just as the glans passed the cervix.

 Spurttttt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurttttt!

 The semen was directly ejected into the uterus, not knowing that it would stay there.

 Perhaps it is because the semen splashes against the walls of her uterus, Francisca’s chin is turned up and her body is twitching wildly.

 ”Haaahhh, ahhh, ahhhhh!”

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… huhhh…”

 Alexis shakes and trembles.

 After a long ejaculation, Alexis finally exhaled and let out a gasp.

 By this time, Francisca’s lower abdomen was fully inflated, and she could clearly feel the spurts of semen in her womb.


 (This us…)

 Francisca closes her eyes with tears in the corners of her eyes.

 (Hauuu… It feels good… My body shakes every time the semen shakes in my stomach…)

 ”Haaah, haaah, mmm…”

 Francisca put her hand on her abdomen and was enjoying the sensation, but soon Alexis started to pull out his p*nis.


 The white spurt of cum overflowed out of her abdomen with a sound in no time, and her abdomen slowly returned to its original size.


 (It’s already over…)

 Francisca let out a sigh of regret.

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