Avalon 52

Chapter 52

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 The Lord of Fort Rohka has returned.

 Dorothea, the resident blacksmith, is the most irritated to hear such news.

 ”Hmm… He’s so late. Too slow!”

 Eventually Dorothea couldn’t take it anymore and slammed the table in the workshop.

 ”Even though the princess and the others brought theirs… What’s that idiot prince doing!”

 Dorothea turns to look at the equipment racks, which are lined with weapons that have just been brought in today.

 Of course, after using the weapons, they need to be cared for. But Alexis shows no sign of bringing it in.

 ”Ugh. I don’t want to go see that idiot prince. I really, really, really hate him…!”

 Dorothea shivers for a while, but then she can’t help it. She lowers her shoulders.

 (I guess I’ll just have to go… if he is not coming, then I’ll just have to go and get them myself… it’s not like I’m not taking care of his armor…)

 Dorothea thinks about this and reluctantly leaves the workshop.

* * *

 At this time, Alexis is in the middle of getting dressed.

 There is still some time before he baths after returning from the dungeon, so he decides to change his clothes at least for the time being. Just then—


 The door is slammed rudely, and Alexis, who was just about to put on his pants in his nude body, looks at Dorothea.

 Dorothea turned red and shivered at this scene.

 ”You idiot!!!!”

 She rushes into the room, and as soon as she does, she punches his face.


 Alexis rolls backward with his pants caught on his knee.

 ”Stupid! Pervert! Dirty!”

 Dorothea yelled at him with a reddish face and Alexis had a lot to say.

 ”Hey, you were the one who opened the door without my permission, weren’t you? I mean, you’re always in the wrong place at the wrong time!”


 Dorothea comes to her senses and exclaims.


 Alexis sat up with a sigh.

 ”So, what do you want? Don’t tell me you came all the way to my room just to beat me up and call me a pervert?”

 Dorothea blushed at Alexis’s exasperated words.

 ”No, I didn’t come all the way here just for that…! And in the first place, it’s true that you’re a pervert, isn’t it? You’re such a pervert that you can’t control yourself!”


 Alexis was annoyed.

 If that’s what she came here to say, fine. Alexis thought to himself.

 ”I don’t want to hear that from a girl with a perverted-looking body. A girl with such a big clit,” Alexis pointed at Dorothea’s bottom half hidden by her mini-skirt.

 ”Kuhh… D-Don’t say it…!”

 Apparently, this is very damaging to Dorothea, and in no time her voice loses its power.

 ”Prince, you’re terrible! I’ve been worried about it for a long time, you know? But you always throw me away after you have done… Ah, I don’t know why I’m here like this…”

 Dorothea’s shoulders shaking and her voice sounding like she’s about to cry. And seeing her like that, Alexis quickly rushes up.

 ”H-Hey, hey, why are you crying…?!”

 ”Of course I want to cry, you idiot!

 ”Ah, you…”

 Alexis walks up to Dorothea but is at a loss as to what to do further.

 He has no idea how to handle a girl in such a situation. And unable to do anything about it, he tries to think of a way to deal with her, using all the knowledge he can muster.

 Even though he is not proud of it, he has had a certain amount of experience with women in the recent past. Like Fransisca, Fatima, Sara, and so on.

 (…But how the hell should I do!)

 Alexis wanted to hold her head.

 He doesn’t remember the last time he made a girl cry like this. In the first place, he just remembered that he treated Fransisca as much as he wanted when he made her cry…

 Thus, the conclusion he came to is, “What a convenient partner a she is!”.

 For a moment, he was tempted to treat Dorothea as a convenient partner.

 But then, Alexis shook her head.

 (If I do such a thing for such a reason, I would become a devil, wouldn’t I?)

 At any rate, Alexis decides to appease Dorothea in a straightforward manner. For starters, he thought he would make it up to her at a later date, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

 Thinking about it, this might have caused Dorothea to worry for nothing.

 ”Uh… well…”

 Alexis puts on his pants for the moment and walks up to Dorothea again.

 ”There’s a good reason you’re here, isn’t there? In the first place, you are needed, that’s why I asked the home country for a blacksmith.”

 Alexis thinks this is a good time to respond to Dorothea’s earlier statement.

 ”I came here with that intention, too. But prince makes me play other roles too… like a whore…”


 He can’t even think of anything else to say.

 ”Even though I’m only here to be a blacksmith. And from childhood I followed my grandfather and thought only of blacksmithing… that’s why I was a virgin… and I’ve never even had a boyfriend!”


 Alexis couldn’t help but be surprised.

 He knew that she was a virgin at first, but he had no idea that she had never even had a boyfriend.

 Except for a few eccentricities, she is pretty enough and not a priestess like the Sagradoans, so she could have had any number of men if she had wanted to.

 ”But, prince, you took away my first one without my permission… And I wanted to think that it can’t be helped because you’re a prince, but you’re treating me so badly…”

 Hearing Dorothea’s sobbing and crying, Alexis wants to apologizes.

 He also felt sorry for the bad timing she must have been born with…

 ”Hmm. So, what’s the point? If I’m nicer to you, you’ll let me do it in the future?”

 Dorothea’s cheeks turn bright red at Alexis’ conclusion.

 ”What?! W-W-W-Why did you come to that conclusion?!”

 ”Well, because, you thought it couldn’t be helped”

 ”Eh?! No, it’s just that…”

 Alexis stares at Dorothea as she begins to back away.

 ”Actually, I’ve treated you badly, and I’ve often regretted it. Do you want to make it up now?”

 ”Make it up…?”

 ”Yeah. Like… If you’ve never had a boyfriend, I could be your boyfriend.”

 Alexis thought that Dorothea would feel a little better if her boyfriend was the one who took her first.

 ”Huh?! Why would I be happy if the guy I don’t like becomes my boyfriend? I can’t! No way!”

 Alexis was more or less depressed by the immediate answer.

 ”You know what? Is there anyone who would clearly say they don’t like a prince of their own country?”

 ”They are at least aware that they didn’t you”

 ”Well, that’s true, but…”

 Alexis looked at Dorothea for a while. As usual, she is an annoying woman. Maybe they are not compatible.

 Still, after what had happened before, he was going to let the earlier outburst slide and make it up to her.

 ”I see…”

 Alexis realized.

 ”You don’t like being treated like a whore?”

 He asked Dorothea for confirmation. Dorothea’s face turned red but she nodded her head.

 ”T-That’s right. I mean, w-who would be happy about that?”

 ”Well, that may be true. But if you say a whore…”

 Alexis lifted Dorothea up.

 She has a firm body and is strong enough to lift heavy things easily, but when he lifts her like this, he realizes how light she is.

 ”I said so because you make me feel good”

 Dorothea looks obviously upset when I lay her down on the bed.

 ”Eh?! Ah, ahh… that’s right…?”

 Her eyes are fidgety, and Alexis can see that she is trying to find the right moment to get off the bed.

 ”If a whore can’t please a man, what’s the point of being a whore. It’s no different from a blacksmith who can’t hammer iron, isn’t it?”

 ”Well, that may be true, but…”

 She looks puzzled, but when she is compared to a blacksmith, she can easily understand it as a metaphor. Dorothea could only nod.

 Still, Dorothea stiffened, as if she knew what Alexis was thinking.

 ”So, what do you want to say? Even though prince only thinks about letting it out inside me…”

 ”What if it’s not?”

 ”Ugh, you’re full of lies…! Of course prince will get impatient and put his thing inside of me and let it out inside me…!”

 ”Then why don’t we give it a try?”

 Saying this, Alexis lifts Dorothea’s lower body up and puts her in a bunion position, which makes Dorothea panic.

 ”What?! Hey, stop it! I didn’t say you can do it!”

 ”But if that’s the case, you should have refused when I put you in here.”

 ”I-I don’t know what to say…”

 Alexis then sharply pointed out what Dorothea did not want to heard.

 ” Actually, it’s not that you don’t like it at all, is it?”

 ”Eh?! O-Of course not…!”

 Dorothea replies in a confused voice.

 But… her face is red up to her ears.

 In short, Dorothea only dislikes the rough treatment, but she is not a hundred percent averse to the s*xual act itself.

 However, it does not mean that she welcomes it.

 (Okay, I’ve decided. I’m going to make this annoying woman to apologize)

 Alexis is determined to do so.

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