Avalon 53

Chapter 53 [Female blacksmith] Make a Cocky Female Blacksmith Apologize and Declare Her a Whore

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 Alexis grabbed Dorothea’s spats as she lay on the bed and pulled it down.

 ”Eeek?! Has anyone told you it’s okay to fuck me yet?”

 ”Yet? Does that mean if the timing is right, I can do it?”

 ”T-That’s not what I meant!”

 While trying to catch Dorothea off guard, Alexis rolls up her skirt to reveal the childish cotton panties she was wearing.

 ”You should pay a little more attention to your underwear. You’re on the same level as Sara…”

 ”What?! Are you screwing Sara-san too?”

 Seeing Dorothea’s reaction, Alexis realized he had slipped up.

 ”W-Well… just once? Yes, just once.”

 ”Haah… Well, it’s normal for royalty to be polygamous. It’s normal for them to have many lovers”

 Dorothea looks at him as if she wants to say something, and Alexis said.

 ”Are you jealous?”

 ”What? Of course not!”

 Dorothea says back firmly.

 Her angry expression does not give away her true intentions.

 Maybe she is already angry at the current situation.

 (Well, it’s just a matter of making her feel better from now on, right?)

 Alexis turns Dorothea around again and puts his hand on her panties.

 At this, Dorothea’s cheeks turn bright red again.

 ”Hey! I told you to stop!”

 ”Oh-ho? I never heard that before.”

 ”Ugh, prince, you’re so mean!”

 Alexis pretended not to hear Dorothea’s voice and pulled down her panties. He then spreads Dorothea’s thighs apart as she tries to close her legs.

 ”Ugh, that’s terrible… awful…”

 Dorothea is crying, and sobbing.

 However, Alexis lowers his face to Dorothea’s secret place, half surprised that she would come here unprepared for such a thing.

 ”You. Why did you come to my room if you don’t like this? You didn’t come here just to curse, did you?”

 As he asks her this, he spreads her not-so-wet pussy open and flicks his tongue over Dorothea’s not-quite-erect but still large enough prick.

 ”Ah.. Of course not…?! Ahhh! Lick that, lick that again… Stupid, idiot!”

 Dorothea tries to move her legs, but Alexis holds her thighs aside and restrains her while he continues to caress her buds with the tip of his tongue.

 ”So, what? Why did you come to my room?”

 Alexis is so mean that he doesn’t stop licking her clitoris even as he asks so.

 ”Hyaan, ah, hmm… T-That’s… Uhyaan”

 She tries to speak, but her voice breaks in the middle of a word.

 Between her open legs, her saliva-coated buds gradually become red and erect.

 ”Come on, say it quickly. If you don’t say it, I won’t stop?”

 Alexis continues to stick his tongue in and out of her.

 ”I-I can’t say this… ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!”

 Dorothea’s body shudders with pleasure that rises uncontrollably.

 ”I mean… you’re so pervert! You’re always licking my pussy, ah, ah, you’re such a pervert!”

 ”Oh-ho? You can’t tell me why you came to my room, but you’re very rude to me”

 Alexis holds her now enlarged clitoris between his lips and sucks on it.


 He then place his fingers on Dorothea’s quivering clitoris and move his face away to check the honeycomb, which is now thick with clear fluid.

 ”What’s wrong with having such a touchable clitoris?”

 ”Y-You’re so violent!”

 Hearing so, Alexis pinches Dorothea’s clitoris, and says a single word “Shut up, I’m going to pinch you.”

 ”Ah, ahiiiiiiiiii!!”

 Dorothea screams out in a semi-exclamatory voice due to the strong stimulation.

 ”Ouch, ouch, ouch, stop it!!”

 Dorothea’s inner thighs are squeezed tightly.

 Alexis then relaxes his grip and pokes her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, which is twitching, seeming to be hypersensitive to the current stimulation. Then…


 Dorothea’s body shakes violently.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, wait. Stop it…”

 She wishes for an interruption, but of course Alexis is not going to listen to her.

 Because the amount of nectar was increasing in front of his eyes, and it was beginning to trickle down her inner thighs.

 ”What? Why would I wait?”

 Alexis slips his middle finger into Dorothea’s honey pot while saying that.


 Dorothea’s body moved wildly.

 Her hips trembled as Aelxis scratched the hot muddy depths with his finger, making a wet sound.

 ”Ah, ah! Ahhh!”

 Dorothea’s head was half in a daze from the sensation of her hips shattering.

 ”You idiot, you keep touching me like that… If you’re going to do it, do it…!”

 She says this while her cheeks turn bright red and she looks away with a displeased look on her face.

 ”Huh?” Alexis giggles.

 ”Should I put it in?”

 ”Eh? Mmm, ah, ah, ah…”

 Dorothea let out a charming cry as the pistoning continued again.


 (It’s so humiliating…)

 She thinks so, but her body doesn’t listen to her.

 Dorothea has no choice but to cry and let her body turn red with shame.

 She is caressed by a pervert man and feels a sweet sensation without any choice. She hates her body so much, but she can’t resist the pleasure.

 It would have been much better to have a phallus inserted into her body and be pleasured by it. She thought to herself

 (This is just like I’m letting the prince lick my pussy and feel good all by myself…)

 It was the most humiliating thing ever.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, stop it, stop it――”

 If he keep doing that, I’m going to be swept away again!

 Dorothea thought, shaking her head no.

 Just then Alexis’s hand suddenly stopped.


 Dorothea gasps and looks at him suspiciously as his hand suddenly stops.


 ”Hmm, you want me to stop, don’t you?”

 Alexis’s finger slips out of Dorothea’s vagina.


 Dorothea sighs at the sensation of the finger being pulled out.

 Following this, a string of her love juice trickled down between Alexis’ finger and her clitoris.

 ”Haah, haah, mmm… A-Are you sure you want stop…?”

 Dorothea couldn’t believe her eyes.

 She told him to stop, but she didn’t think that Alexis would really stop.

 ”Yes, I will stop. You’re not a whore, are you?”

 Alexis finally dropped the leg he was holding.

 ”Well, I don’t blame you if you don’t like it. The fact is, you’re here as a blacksmith. not a whore.”

 ”Eh… B-But, prince, uh, that…”

 Dorothea wriggles her legs and then blushes.

 ”Y-You’re frustrated, aren’t you? I’ve been thinking about it a lot. This fortress seems to be all men except for the Sagrado executives… so that’s why you’re messing with a woman like me, a woman who hold hammers all the time, right?”

 ”A women, huh?” Alexis thinks.

 It is true that the only unfeminine elements of Dorothea are her strength and, if anything, her lack of breasts.

 But her shiny black hair, always tied in a ponytail, gives her a cat-like charm, as does her ever-changing facial expression. And her wild side is one of her charms.

 ”You have a misjudged yourself”

 To Alexis’ reply, Dorothea said, “What?” .


 ”Don’t tell me you think you’re not s*xy? Is that why you came into a guy’s room like this so easily? Then you’d better defend yourself a little, you’re too defenseless.”

 With a snap, Alexis puts his hand on Dorothea’s head and moves away from her.

 ”Now, if you don’t like this any more, you better get going.”


 Dorothea’s eyes blink, and Alexis looks at her doubtfully.

 ”Oh, um…”

 Dorothea lies on the bed and wriggles her legs.

 The hot tingling sensation in her pussy, which has been built up to the point of climax, is so hot that her head almost turns white, and she can’t get rid of it.

 (H-He just plays with me halfway and then tells me to go… Ah, why is he always so mean…!)

 Dorothea is irritated.

 ”What is it? You’re not going?”

 Alexis reached out to pick Dorothea up.

 When his palms touch her hips, Dorothea’s body jumps.

 ”Hyah, ugh…”

 Dorothea turned red. Her whole body was like a s*xual zone because she had been so thoroughly caressed.

 ”D-Don’t touch me, prince…”

 Dorothea’s voice makes Alexis withdraw his hand.

 ”Oh, I’m sorry.”

 ”Really, you act like a gentleman… but you really want to do it…”

 Dorothea’s cheeks turn bright red and her lips pout as she turns her face away.

 ”And I know it. I know prince is a pervert…”

 ”Haah… But then again, I don’t think I could do it while you’re telling me to stop…”

 Alexis sounded deadpan.

 ”I mean, I’m not into abusing people in the first place. Well, I like to watch girls when they pleasuring themself, but you don’t, do you? So, if you think about it, there’s no reason to continue, right?”


 ”That’s what I’m saying.”

 Dorothea’s gaze becomes restless as she sees Alexis waving his hand as if to say, “You can go now.”

 ”But, prince, it’s not a good idea to let your frustration build up to the point where you run wild…?”

 ”Oh, don’t worry about that, okay? After all, I have other partners.”

 Alexis smiles back.


 Dorothea fidgets with her feet, and Alexis urges her.

 ”Get dressed and go. What are you doing?”

 ”Eh… Uh, uh…”

 Dorothea’s eyes were teary and even her ears were red.

 (Terrible. Terrible, terrible! After making my body so hot, I’ve been told to go quickly…!)

 Dorothea had finally reached the end of her patience.


 ”What? What did you say?”

 Alexis asked back, and Dorothea’s voice trembled as she complained.

 ”I-I’ll tell you the truth! Don’t stop…!”

 Hearing Dorothea’s words, Alexis smiles with satisfaction.

 ”What? Don’t stop what?”

 ”Ah… uhh… My! My… clit…”

 ”What? Your clit is your cock, isn’t it? What could be a more appropriate name for such a magnificent thing you’re wearing?”

 Dorothea shudders at the sound of Alexis’ mocking voice.

 It is humiliating – humiliating, but more than that, her body is urging her to give in to it.

 ”Ah… Ah, my, Clit…”

 Her voice shaking with shame, but Dorothea could not hold back any longer and finally says halfway as if she is screaming.

 ”Touch my clit more…! I want you to touch me with your hands! …A-And my vagina too…!”

 ”Clit? Vagina?”

 Dorothea nodded her head at Alexis’ words. And then.

 ”P-Prince can put your cock in my vagina, too! I-I mean, I want the prince’s cock in my vagina, I want you to make me cum…!”

 Dorothea begged Alexis with tears in her eyes.

 She couldn’t stand the tingling that was burning through her body any longer.

 Alexis grinned at the thought that he had won.

 ”So which one of us is the pervert? Aren’t you the pervert?”

 ”Yes, kuh… I-I’m the pervert…!”

 ”Then you’d better apologize to me, okay? Then I’ll put it in you.”

 Alexis said to Dorothea, who was crying.

 ”I’m sorry, prince! I’m the one who’s a pervert… Ah, I’m the one who wants you to touch my clit…! So please, prince, give me your cock, you pervert…!”

 Dorothea’s face is crumpled in shame, but perhaps unable to resist her body’s demands, she voluntarily turns her head to the curvy position.

 Alexis slips his pants down in front of her eyes, and then his manhood comes out like a bouncing snake.

 Dorothea’s eyes narrow at the sight of his manhood undulating like a snake.

 ”This, this is a man’s…”

 ”What are you talking about now? Isn’t this the third time?”

 As he lean in toward her, Dorothea lets out a charming cry, as if she’s been waiting for me to say something.

 ”Yes, that’s right. But iIt’s the first time I’ve seen it properly…”

 ”What? You’ve never seen it before?”

 Alexis is surprised, but she strokes Dorothea’s hot, sloppy, and ripe secret with her hand.

 ”Hwahhh! I’ve never seen this before but… Ah, uh, that’s why I’m not popular because I’m a woman like that…”

 Dorothea replies with a look of debauchery on her face at the pleasure she has been waiting for.

 Thinking that there might be a reason for this, Alexis is happy that Dorothea does not feel any discomfort with her own organ, and kisses Dorothea’s erect clitoris as he rubs the slime with the tip of his cock.

 Each time he does this, Dorothea’s body jumps up and down, and her voice leaks out

 ”Oh, please prince, come on, come on…”

 She spread her legs to show Alexis her own flaccid honey pot, wanting him to penetrate her teased nucleus.

 When she behaves in such a lewd manner, maybe it’s a reaction to the endurance she has been putting up with? Why does it make Alexis feel liberated?

 ”Hey, you said you’re not a whore”

 Alexis teases her, and Dorothea looks like she is about to cry.

 ”No, don’t be mean… n-no more. I’ll be the prince’s whore…!”

 ”So? And?”

 ”Ahh… let me be the prince’s whore…”

 Dorothea’s eyes are shaking as she speaks, and her resistance seems to be less than before.

 ”Well, that’s good.”

 With these words, Alexis penetrated Dorothea’s honey pot with his cock.


 The long-awaited sensation sent Dorothea over the edge.

 She arched her back, her body trembled and shook as she reached the point, and her vagina squeezed painfully.

 ”Ggh. You, you, you should hold back a little bit…”

 Dorothea’s vagina is so tight that even Alexis’s elastic cock is unable to move.

 So Alexis’s p*nis is left to Dorothea’s tightness inside. Even so, the slow and steady tightening gives Alexis a continuous pleasure there.

 ”Haah, haah, b-because!”

 Dorothea’s eyes were glazed over and Alexis pinched the buds with his fingers.


 Dorothea’s body trembled again.

 Instead of pistoning his cock, Alexis stimulated Dorothea’s clitoris by rubbing it with his fingertips.

 Dorothea’s body reacts with a big jerking movement.

 ”Ahhh, prince, you’re tight, tight, tight…!”

 Just as she said, her abdomen is straining from the excessive sensation, and her vagina is tightening even more.

 ”…Kuh. It’s so tight inside of you too…”

 Alexis gasps and rubs her clitoris with his finger, holding Dorothea’s writhing body still.

 ”No, no, no, no! If you touch it too much, I’m going to leak, I’m going to leak…”

 She shakes her head no, but Dorothea’s abdomen squeezes and caves in.

 And Alexis continues to rub the tip of her clitoris hard.


 Dorothea seems to have reached it again, and squirt! She was squirting out from the joint with a violent gush.

 She then looked at Alexis’s pants and the bed sheets, which were getting wet quickly, and she looked like she was going to cry.

 ”Ahhh, I’m sorry, prince… I peed your pants…”

 Dorothea’s inexperienced knowledge of s*xuality leads her to mistakenly believe that the tide is urine.

 But Alexis dares not to point it out, and moves his hips slightly as he speaks.

 ”You called me a pervert, but I didn’t think you’re a pervert who pees when a man pokes you”

 Then the tightness inside Dorothea tightens even more.

 ”Ahh… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Ahh… I didn’t mean to…”

 Seeing Dorothea apologizing with tears in her eyes, Alexis felt a sense of satisfaction.

 And Dorothea is no doubt also feeling a strange arousal from this situation. The evidence is that the tightness inside is getting stronger.

 (But… even though I can’t move, I’m afraid I’m going to cum soon…)

 Alexis manages to hold back a surge of emotion, and he talks to Dorothea.

 ”As I thought, you’re a pervert”

 ”Ugh…yes. I’m more of a pervert than you…”

 Alexis didn’t miss the slight relax in Dorothea’s expression as she said this.

 ”…Then, I’m going to cum. You’re going to have to make sure your perverted pussy can take it, okay?”

 He said, but the tightness is so tight that he couldn’t even pull it out, so there is no other option but to come inside her.

 ”Uuh. Prince, please put your seed inside my perverted pussy.”

 Dorothea shook her hips as she said this, and Alexis couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated inside her.



 Alexis ejaculated all at once with more force than he had been able to hold back.

 ”Aaahhh! Prince’s cum is coming…. it’s coming so hard!”

 The pulsating sensation of Alexis’s long prick against all the walls of her vagina gives Dorothea a sensation all over her vagina.

 ”Ahhh, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming agaiinnnnn!”

 Dorothea’s whole body was shaking violently.

 Then she squirted again, and caught Alexis’ huge spurt of cum inside her vagina.

* * *


 When Alexis pulled out his p*nis from her finally loosened vagina, the spilled white spunk stained the bed sheet.

 Dorothea’s breasts rose and fell, and she turned over and buried her tear-stained face in the sheets.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

 Dorothea was crying, which upset Alexis.

 ”Come on, that’s enough, okay? You don’t have to cry…”

 ”Huu… Sob, of course I’m going to cry…!”

 Dorothea replies with her face buried in the sheets.

 ”After all, I only came here to collect the prince’s armor. Why do I have to become a whore?”

 Hearing Dorothea’s complaint, Alexis has a huff.

 ”Come to think of it…”

 Having lived as an adventurer for so long, he had forgotten that the soldiers in the forts and castles where the blacksmiths work had to take care of their armor on a regular basis.

 ”So, that’s why you came to my room at this hour…?”

 He had assumed that this was some kind of invitation for him.

 ”That’s what I was going to say from the beginning, you idiot!”

 Dorothea was lying on her stomach and kicking his back.

 It was a great hit into Alexis’s abdomen, and he gasped “Goha”.

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