Avalon 54

Chapter 54 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Behave More like a Slave

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 The next day, the members of the exploration return a slightly longer than usual vacation.

 ――Although, for Alexis, the captain, and Fransisca, the second-in-command, the vacation is not so long that they can take a rest.

 There are things that need to be done even inside the fortress.

 ”Well,” says Alexis, who came to the command center in the morning, sitting down on a chair and spreading a paper on the table.

 ”I’m going to check the documents that the soldiers have prepared before the next exploration… and I’ll also check the situation of the defense team. And then, I need to decide on the instructions…”

 With Avalon’s withdrawal, the situation in this fort has been changing in various ways.

 For example, the daily life in Fort Rohka has been no different from that of a frontline base, since the front line was just a stone’s throw away.

 However, since the distance from the Fort to the Avalon has been widening, it may be time to call in people other than soldiers, such as servants.

 Up to now, cooking, and other tasks have been done by the soldiers for logistical support. There are almost no female workers in this fort.

 It may be time to call in maids and cooks to improve morale.

 (Besides, I have to check out the situation in Sagrado territory. There must be a lot of lands exposed from the darkness…)

 Actually, the darkness does not diminish as soon as the boss is defeated. But, the darkness will slowly recede over a period of about one day, according to the soldiers on the front line. Therefore, Alexis and the others will not be able to see the actual place until the next time they visit there.

 (Anyway, there are some things I would like to get done on this time off.)

 But I need to discuss this with Fransisca.

 Even though Alexis has accepted the command from Fransisca, Fransisca is the head of the Sagrado territory. As long as the Krangal Kingdom does not claim the Sagrado territory, Fransisca should be responsible for it.

 (In short, nothing will start without Fransisca’s arrival.)

 Alexis turns to the door of the command center while thinking this.

 ”What the hell is that guy doing? I didn’t say anything too difficult, right…?”

 That’s when it happened.

 The door opened, and Fransisca rushed in looking panicked.

 ”I-I’m sorry I’m late, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s shoulders are moving up and down, as if she had run all the way here. But there is something wrong with her.

 Her cheeks are bright red, and she is rubbing her legs together while pulling and stretching the skirt of her white one-piece dress as if she is worried about her butt.

 ”By your looks, did you really do as you were told?”

 Fransisca’s cheeks become redder and redder at Alexis’ question.

 ”I-I have no choice. Because it’s A-Alexis-sama’ order…”

 ”But you’re late instead, aren’t you?”

 ”B-Because I’m so embarrassed to be dressed like this… so, I haven’t had the courage to leave my room for a while…”

 Fransisca speaks in a dazed voice.

 If she didn’t like it so much, she shouldn’t have done it so obediently. But she must think that if she refuses Alexis’ order, Alexis might cut off her support.

 (…well, I’m the one who is exploiting it for my own convenience…)

 Lately he has been thinking. Maybe it’s time to forgive her.

 But Fransisca doesn’t reject it, and in the end, he gets carried away. Well, he thinks that it’s her fault too.

 ”Then, I’ll check if you’re dressed like you’re told.”

 With these words, Alexis points to Fransisca’s skirt and says, “Lift it up”.

 Fransisca nods her head, blushing up to her ears, and reaches up her skirt with her hands.

 Her eyes are moist with shame, but she does not resist or hesitate.

 She grips the hem of her skirt and pulls it up for Alexis.

 What emerged is a naked, bare belly.

 Since she was wearing a garter belt and socks, it might not be noticeable to the naked eye that she was not wearing any underwear. However, if it is observed closely, the discerning person may notice it because her butt is more emphasized than usual.

 The space between her tightly closed thighs is wet with something other than sweat, and Fransisca made a small sound when she moved her legs.

 ”You’re already soaking wet. Do you got aroused by going out in public without pants on? Really, you’re a pervert”

 Alexis pointed out, and Fransisca’s cheeks flushed vermilion.


 Fransisca’s breath catches in her throat as Alexis looks at her in a perverted way.

 ”Y-You told me that from tomorrow I should be dressed like a slave so that I could always be able to get Alexis’s thing in my mouth… You know, I’ve been waiting for it so I didn’t pleasure myself… Then, Alexis-sama, can you use me?”

 Alexis grins at her faithful words.

 ”Very well. As a reward for your good behavior, I’ll use you right away.”

 Alexis gets up from his chair and walks over to Fransisca.

 Fransisca’s eyes shook with anticipation, and without being told, she placed her hands against the wall and presented her bare ass to him.

 Alexis loosens his pants and pulls out his cock, which he thrusts into Fransisca’s vagina without any foreplay.


 Fransisca squeals with pleasure as her cheeks turn bright red.

 As a matter of fact, her vagina was so wet that Alexis had no need to touch her. It could swallow Alexis’s load at any time.

 ”It’s great! Your cunt is ready for use”

 Fransisca’s face relaxes happily as Alexis pat her head while penetrating her from behind.

 ”Yes… I’ve always wanted Alexis-sama to put it in me… ah, ah, hwaah…! From now on, please use me a lot more… ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 Fransisca’s body trembled.

 Then, she turns her tear-stained eyes toward Alexis.

 ”I’m about to come, Alexis-sama!”

 ”You’re coming too fast. Hold on a little longer.”

 ”Yes… fuuhhhh, uhh, ahhh…”

 Fransisca tries to do as Alexis says.

 Her vaginal hole tightens, as if she is straining her body to endure. But Fransisca shakes her head no, as if that is not enough to hold her back.

 ”Hwahh, noo, noo, stop it… I can’t stand it…”

 ”Are you telling me what to do? You bad girl”

 Alexis twisted and rubbed the walls of her vagina as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper.

 Fransisca could not resist the movement of the cock and let out a loud cry.

 ”No… No more, I’m sorry, I’m sorry――”

 Fransisca begins to apologize.

 At that moment, Alexis stops moving when he hears a knock at the door of the command center.


 Fransisca lets out a small voice, as if in protest at the fact that the movement had stopped.

 ”I brought you some tea, Alex.”

 It was Fatima who was speaking through the door.

 Earlier than Fransisca, Alexis had asked Fatima, dressed in a maid’s uniform, to make tea for him when he found her in the corridor.

 ”Oh no, Fatima will see me…”

 Fransisca seemed to have the last bit of reason left in her, as she mumbled with a bright red face and a fading voice.

 But Alexis was moving his cock again, as if to blow away the last of her reason.

 ”Ah, ahhhh!”

 Fransisca’s muffled voice escaped her mouth again.

 But Alexis answered, “You can come in,” to which Fransisca muttered, “No way!”.

 However, the last bit of her rationality is blown away as Alexis thrusts his cock further and further into her cervix.

 ”Ah, ahhh! Hwaaahhhh!”

 Fatima entered the room and saw her lord screaming while being penetrated by Alexis from behind.

 For a moment, Fatima looked blankly, then she grabbed the tray which she almost dropped in her haste.

 ”W-What are you doing, Alex!”

 ”You’re lucky, Fatima, because if you had dropped it, I would have punished you!”

 As he said this, Alexis did not stop poking Fransisca.

 At first glance, it seems that Fransisca is the only one who is moaning and shaking, since Alexis is standing on Fransisca’s back and is only using his object, a tentacle, to penetrate Fransisca.

 However, Fatima could clearly recognize that they were connected because she could see what looked like a male organ extending from Alexis’ crotch and connecting to the back of Fransisca’s crotch.

 ”I’m coming, Alexis-sama, I’m commming!”

 When Fransisca cried out desperately with tears in the corners of her eyes, Alexis slapped her ass cheeks with the palm of his hand.

 ”Haven’t I given you permission yet?”

 ”But… But… Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

 Fransisca finally lost her patience, her chin tilted up and her whole body trembling.

 After a long climax, a single tear drops from the corner of Fransisca’s eye.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 After shaking her body, Fransisca mutters, “I’m sorry,” in a voice that sounds like she is about to cry.

 ”Hauu… I came… b-because I couldn’t hold it back…”

 Fransisca mutters sadly.

 ”I guess I’m going to punish you for this.”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca’s body trembles.


 Fransisca feels a sense of joy when she hears the word “punishment”.

 Her eyes welled up with anticipation of what was to come, and she squeezed her ass tightly against Alexis.

 ”I-I understand, Alexis-sama. Please punish me for being bad…”

 Fransisca’s eyes were already glazed over and she was shaking her ass against Alexis’ waist as if she was begging for it.

 ”Alex, that’s not what you promised!”

 Alexis and Fransisca’s eyes turned to Fatima at the same time.

 Fatima’s cheeks were bright red and she was trembling.

 ”You said you would release Her Highness if I became your slave!”

 ”Did I say anything like that?

 Alexis replied as he pulled his cock out of Fransisca’s vagina.


 In front of Fatima’s exclaiming eyes, Alexis’ cock was finally exposed.

 If Fatima had looked directly at Alexis’ cock at this moment, she would have noticed that his cock was quite different from what was commonly known in the world.

 But in his haste, Fatima turned her eyes away.

 ”Well, I don’t think the Princess-maiden herself has any intention to do anything about it…”

 Saying this, Alexis pushed Fransisca’s head downwards.

 Fransisca then fell on all fours, as Alexis pressed down on her.

 Alexis put his cock on Fransisca’s mouth. Then Fransisca opened her mouth and allowed Alexis’ cock to enter her throat.

 ”Mmm… kiss, slurpp, slurppp”

 Without Alexis’s prompting, Fransisca flicks her tongue and sucks again.

 She wipes the filth from Alexis’s genitalia.


 Alexis shuddered.

 Then, while grabbing Fransisca, he turns to Fatima and said.

 ”Look, she’s sucking my cock so happily, you know? Does this look like the face of a girl who’s being forced to do it?”

 At Alexis’ prompting, Fatima turns her gaze fearfully back to Fransisca.

 For a moment, Fransisca looks at Fatima.

 She blushes red with embarrassment and catches Fatima’s eyes, then her expression melts.

 Suddenly, Alexis pulls her hair and pushes his cock into the back of her throat. Alexis is now contracting his cock to a normal length, but it is wriggling more than humanly possible, and it is stroking the back of Fransisca’s throat.


 Fransisca let out a muffled cry.

 What she felt was a tingling pleasure that ran up her spine along with a feeling of vomiting.

 ”Mmm! Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

 Fransisca moans each time her face is moved back and forth by Alexis.

 The cock comes and goes, slurping and slurping in her mouth.

 Only when it left her throat was Fransisca allowed to breathe in. It feels as if Alexis has even taken control of her breathing, and a feeling of humiliation caresses Fransisca’s spine.

 ”Huggghhhhh, ahhhhh!”

 The speed of Alexis’ movements gradually quickens, and when he finally pulls away, the force of the movement causes Alexis’ cock to slip out of Fransisca’s mouth. The next moment.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ughhhh――”

 Fransisca was gasping uncontrollably as she felt a rush of vomit.

 ”-Oh, you can’t have my semen if I throw up, okay?”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca hurriedly tried to swallow her vomit.

 ”Ngh, ngh, ngh…”

 Alexis grins at Fransisca’s teary eyes as she tries to hold it in.

 ”You’re desperate. Do you want mine that badly?”

 ”Haah, haah, yes. I want Alexis-sama’s…”

 Fransisca nodded her head in haste, and she had lost sight of Fatima.

 It seems this series of actions had erased her margin because she would not be able to get the semen of Alexis, whom she loved. This was more than enough to narrow her vision.

 Eventually, Fransisca manages to swallow her shaking vomit and squats down.

 ”Good, good. You really wanted mine, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, yes, that’s why, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca’s eyes go wide and Alexis nods at her.

 ”Okay, as a reward for your hard work, I’m going to cum anywhere you like. Where do you like?”

 Fransisca then gets down on all fours herself and turns her back to Alexis in a dog-like position, sticking out her ass.

 ”I-Inside me… haah, haah, I want the delicious semen deep inside me…”

 Fransisca pleads with a trembling voice, and Alexis inserts his cock into her again after saying, “You still love cumming inside you, huh?”


 Fransisca begins to squeal with pleasure again.

 Every time Alexis moved his cock, there was a gurgling sound, and what seemed to be Fransisca’s love juice dripped down from the joined area.

 At the same time, Fatima was stunned by the scene.

 Fransisca, who has removed the necessity of being a slave, is desperately seeking Alexis’ body and accepting it ecstatically with a look of intoxication and pleasure on her face.

 (Ah… Her Highness really likes Alex’s thing…)

 Fatima’s throat clears.

 (――I’m so jealous!)

 Fatima thinks so for a moment and shakes her head.

 (Ah, no, what am I…!)

 Meanwhile, Alexis holds Fransisca’s waist and says, “Here it is, I’ll let it out.”

 Then Fransisca pushed her hips out further and nodded her head.

 ”Please cum in my womb, all the way in my womb…”

 ”Oh, you want my seed so much that you keep asking for it?”

 Fransisca nods at Alexis, who gives her a mocking smile.

 ”Yes, I want your seed, Alexis-sama…”

 ”Do you know how to make a baby?”

 ”Yes. Because you taught me. But it doesn’t matter, does it? If you want me to have a baby, I…”

 Alexis resumes his licking of Fransisca’s smiling womb.


 Fransisca starts to scream again.

 ”Come on, I’m going to cum, and take your favorite cum”

 Alexis says as he presses his hips against Fransisca’s ass, and Fransisca nods her head.

 ”Yes! Ah, ah, ah, me too… I-I’m going to cum, it’s coming…”

 Fransisca’s body trembled as she pressed her head against the floor.

 ”Haah, haah, can I come? Can I come with you, Alexis-sama?”

 Fransisca turns her moist eyes to Alexis and Alexis nods, causing Fransisca to shake with delight.

 ”Ahhhh… Thank you, Alexis-sama, I’m going to come, Alexis-sama gave me permission, I’m going to come―― “

 Alexis nodded to Fransisca, who was wiggling her hips in an attempt to rise to a higher level.

 ”Kuh.. oh, let’s cum, shall we?”

 ”Yes! Yes… ah, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

 Fransisca’s back was arched, her face was painted with the color of ecstasy, and her whole body was trembling.


 Alexis released his semen into the depths of her vagina.

 Spurtt! Spurtttt! Spurtttttt!

 In the blink of an eye, Fransisca’s abdomen swelled up.

 The sight was familiar.

 And Fatima, who had been staring at the two of them for a while with her cheeks flushed, opens her eyes.

 ”Eh, ah…”

 (Oh, that…?)

 Soon, in front of Fatima’s eyes, Alexis slowly pulls out his cock as if he is going to show it to her.

 It is so long that Fatima wonder where it used to be in Fransisca’s vagina, and then it slowly reveals itself.

 ――No, there is still enough room. If she looks closely, she can see that Fransisca’s abdomen is changing its shape with his long, serpentine thing of Alexis that had been rampaging through Fransisca’s uterus until a few moments ago.


 Soon the tip of Alexis’s cock is revealed.

 The tip of Alexis’s cock, which had been hanging down slowly according to the force of gravity, shrinks away.


 In front of Fatima’s gasping eyes, Fransisca’s secret hole starts to overflow with a large amount of white spunk.

 ”Ah… why are you pulling out so soon…? I wanted more semen, I wanted it to be bubbling…”

 Fransisca protests vaguely in a weak voice, moving her hips slightly.

 ”You’re my slave, you do what I want, remember?”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca closes her eyes in understanding.

 ”So…if I can do a lot of things that you like, do you make it longer for me?”

 ”Yes, I would”

 ”Eh… Then, I will do my best…”

 Fransisca smiles happily with her eyes narrowed.

 Alexis then puts his hand on her head and says, “You did a good job today”.

 And Fransisca’s cheeks relax happily like a dog praised by its master.

 (…I see. It’s impossible to make Her Highness stop being a slave.)

 Fatima is convinced of this, and at the same time she feels a sense of languor.

 ――But first things first.


 Fatima quietly talks to Alexis.

 But Alexis looks at Fatima and said

 ”Can you give me that? I want to take a break.”

 Alexis says, pointing to the tea set, which is probably already cold.

 Fatima nodded and walked toward the table with the tray.

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