Avalon 55

Chapter 55

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 As Alexis slowly quenched his thirst with a cup of tea from the tea set, Fatima prepared a towel for Fransisca.

 She wiped and cleaned Fransisca’s body, who was lying down and still drifting in and out of consciousness, and Fransisca’s eyes started to look at Fatima, and soon after that, Fransisca’s cheeks were stained.


 Fransisca seems to feel shy and her gaze drifts.

 ”Your Highness, please make yourself comfortable. I will take care of the rest.”

 Fatima smiles and tells her, then wipes off Alexis’s white fluid and Fransisca’s. As she does so, she still remains on her feet.

 She is convinced by the smell that is still rising in the air, a smell that is already familiar to her without her realizing it.

 ”…Alex… you…”

 Fatima stops mid-sentence, but Alexis understands what she is trying to say.

 ”Ah, the thing that kept Fatima’s monster quiet? That’s my seed.”


 Fatima is silent.

 She glares at Alexis and thinks of at least one word of disgust.

 But all that was going through Fatima’s mind was the fascinating scene she had just witnessed. The ecstatic smile of Fransisca, who was being penetrated by Alexis.

 (I wonder if I had the same expression as Her Highness)

 When Fatima was stunned into silence, Alexis continued the story saying, “But you know what?”.

 ”At that time, my thing was the only thing that could help you when you panicked. And you still feel that way.”

 His words makes Fatima jump, and then her cheeks turn bright red.

 ”…Eh, umm, your thing…”

 Fatima looks at Alexis with a sidelong glance.

 ”Well, it seems very different from what I’ve heard…”

 ”Oh, this?”

 Alexis puts her hand on his crotch and thinks for a moment.

 ”――…a man’s thing, the length, the hardness, and the vigor, there are differences among individuals…”

 He said this with a distant look in his eyes.

 ”Well, I’ve certainly heard that before.”

 However, Fatima was convinced by this explanation. Since she had never seen the actual thing, she could swallow some sense of discomfort when she was told like that.

 To such Fatima, Alexis spoke fluently.

 ”Well, I know it will be hard for you to accept my body like Fransisca’s right now, but I’m sure you will get used to the previous insertion in time. I don’t want to force you to do it from the beginning. You can get used to being a slave slowly from now on.”

 Fatima nodded her head in agreement with Alexis’ words. But right after that.

 ”Wait a minute.”

 Fatima clutched the towel tightly and Alexis asks back, “Hmm?”.

 ”If Her Highness says she won’t quit being a slave, then what am I doing this for? What for…!?”

 Fatima stands up quickly, shaking her shoulders, and approaches Alexis.

 Alexis turned her eyes away from Fatima and whistled in a nonchalant posture.

 ”Alex! I’m serious…!”

 When Fatima tried to get closer, Fransisca said to her, “Don’t do that!”

 Fransisca then fixes her disheveled clothes and smiles at Fatima.

 ”I really don’t want Fatima to take me. But if it’s what Alexis wants, that’s good. It’s a good thing for you that he wants you as a slave, because it means that he likes your body. I can’t believe you’re rebelling against him. If you don’t stop your rebellious attitude before I change my mind, I’ll have Alexis-sama all to myself, okay?”

 ”Y-Your Highness!”

 Fatima looked back at Fransisca and let out a pitiful cry.

 It seemed that it was already too late.

 ”Ah… this is an abominable situation. A Princess-maiden, of all people, would have been so stupid as to look at a dirty man’s… thing. How do you plan to show your face to the God?”

 While Fatima was turning bright red and trembling, Fransisca was tugging at the hem of her skirt.

 ”…Fatima, is it bad for purity? Although I don’t know about that, there is one thing I want Fatima to correct.”

 Fransisca blurts out with a disgruntled look on her face.

 Of course Fatima tries to take her lord’s words seriously.

 ”What is it?”

 ”Alexis-sama’s words are not profane. Can you correct it?”


 She’s really no good. This princess is no no.

 At least that much Fatima was sure of.

* * *

 ”Let’s just get back to business”

 Alexis said, and now the scene in the office was back to normal.

 Fatima watched with indescribable feelings as the captain and the vice-captain sat around the table, preparing documents and discussing in earnest.

 (I’m ashamed that they don’t say anything after I know their relationship…)

 In fact, there is a problem before the desire for Alexis’ things.

 She can’t just leave the place where she doesn’t have to be involved and pretend not to know, knowing that her precious lord is in such a position.

 (In fact, it would be best if they could stop this kind of dirty relationship once and for all. But Her Highness has no intention to do so. Certainly, this situation may be suitable to strengthen the alliance with the Krangal Kingdom. But there are many other ways… for example…)

 Fatima’s first thought was a common way for a man and a woman lord to form a strong alliance. It was a political marriage.

 (…Well, it seems to be common to have s*xual relations in that case as well…)

 But a man and a woman who have made a vow in the name of God are allowed to have s*xual relations. However, present relationship is impure.

 (But, if Alex sworn in God’s name, he won’t be allowed to touch me anymore…? If that’s the case, I’d rather have our current relationship…)

 Fatima thinks and shakes her head.

 (Ah… What am I thinking?)


 Fatima is in agony, but she comes to her senses when her lord says something.

 ”Fatima, can you bring that book? The one with the reddish-brown spine…”


 Fatima nodded hurriedly.

 Fransisca smiles at Fatima who immediately hands her the book she has found.

 ”Today is the day off. You must be tired, and you just came back from the dungeon yesterday. So, you don’t have to stay here and take a rest.”

 After all this, Fransisca’s character remains the same.

 At this, Fatima responded with a hearty “No”, while patting her chest.

 ”Someone need to watch over Your Highness to make sure Your Highness doesn’t fall into Alex’s clutches any more…”

 ”What’s that? Does that mean that Fatima wants me? Oh yeah, I was just showing you off and I didn’t do anything to you.”

 Fatima’s face turns red as Alexis smiles.

 ”What…! That’s not what I meant…!”

 ”Huh? Then, you can just watch me for a while like an apprentice slave…”


 Fatima’s cheeks turned redder and redder.

 At that moment, there is a knock at the door and a voice, which come from the door, is, “I have a report, Prince”.

 At this, Alexis tells Fatima to open the door, her expression tightening as she hears the soldier’s voice.

 (…Really, he is that kind of person)

 Fatima opened the door with such feelings.

 And then, a soldier who rushed in in a hurry reports to Alexis and Francisca.

 When she heard the report, the complexion of everyone in this place changed.

* * *

 Alexis’ destination is the prison in the basement of the fort.

 Fransisca and Fatima followed him. The soldier’s report was this.

 ”Actually…last night, a monster disguised as Corporal Lorenzo Hurtado was in the fort. He was just enjoying himself in the bathhouse when we captured him and locked him up in the prison. He seemed to be tired last night, so I am reporting this to you now. I’m afraid to say he’s the real deal, but… what do you think?”

 Oh, yeah, that’s right.

 After a few days of exploring the dungeon, it was, how should Alexis said about… Lorenzo’s newly grown horns. Well, he felt he always like that.

 Thanks to this, he had forgotten to report to the soldiers.

 Perhaps the men of the fort were horrified to see them return yesterday.

 After all, they were afraid that they might cause trouble with the monster who was acting quiet and well dressed and might bring the fort into chaos.

 They fear of not being able to gauge the unfathomable power of an unknown enemy who has already infiltrated into their stronghold, their vital point.

 So, they plan to caught him from behind, just when he had somehow managed to let her guard down. It is true that everyone relaxes while bathing.

 Thus, behind the tightly closed bars was Lorenzo.

 A familiar face with a bald head and two fine curly horns was sitting limp on the cold stone floor, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist.

 ”I’m telling you… I’m the real deal…”

 Lorenzo muttered absentmindedly, probably having been protesting all night. He looks completely exhausted, and his gaze is vacant.


 Fransisca shouted, clutching the bars tightly.

 ”Are you all right? I’m sorry! I forgot to tell you…”

 ”Your Highness!”

 Lorenzo’s eyes filled with vitality as soon as he noticed Fransisca’s presence.

* * *

 Lorenzo was finally released from the cold prison.

 ”I thought I was going to die like this…”

 That was Lorenzo’s story.

 Lorenzo was finally allowed to sleep in a warm bed, and after seeing him off to his room, Alexis and Fransisca hurriedly went around the fort announcing that the horned man was human.

 ”By the way, we need to carefully monitor the mutation”

 It was Fransisca who said this.

 ”In times like this, you can count on Sara!”

 Fatima nodded at Alexis’ suggestion.

 ”She’s good at that. But my monster also under observation…”

 This vacation is going to be a busy one.

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