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Chapter 56 [Princess-maiden] Princess Demands a Seeding

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 In the early morning hours, when the sun had not yet risen

 Fatima lies on her bed in her private room, breathing heavily

 ”Ah, I’ve done it again…”

 With self-loathing, she looks at the fingertips of her right hand

 There is a clear liquid entangled in her finger, glistening in a slimy, lascivious way

 At this moment, Fatima exposes her naked body on the bed and exhales deeply again and again

 ”I-I did this again, all alone…”

 Even though she felt dirty, she couldn’t stop masturbating

 Because when she closed her eyes, the love affair of her lord came back to her mind over and over again, irresistibly

 She could not forget them even if she wanted to

 After all, she knew why Fransisca looks so ecstatic. ――That’s why

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Fatima places her hand on her secret place again and starts to move her fingers

 One hand goes under the bush, the other hand goes behind it to the still twitching chrysanthemum

 ”Ha, ah, ah, ah, mmmm…!”

 Her body trembles

 ”――hwah, ha, ah… ugh… I-I did it again…”

 Fatima closed her eyes in self-loathing

 However, the sun would start to rise soon. So, she has to start moving

 After all, yesterday, Fatima was approached by Alexis

 ”Hey Fatima, do you have any free time while you are in the fort?”

 Thus, Fatima was told to go to Alexis every day

 That in itself was fine. Because Fransisca could be close to him. After all, she will be near Fransisca. It reminded her of her old life

 From the beginning, it was Fatima’s job to be Fransisca’s companion and caretaker. In addition to Fatima, there were two educators, four guards, and three assistants. In total, there were ten attendants at all times, and depending on the day and location, three to six additional attendants would be added

 In this way, Fransisca has always lived surrounded by priests, shutting out all but the most sacred information

 (Maybe we went too far…)

 Fatima has much to reflect on these days

 Fransisca had an important position as a Princess-maiden, which is why, unlike other priestesses, she cannot use magic. This is not surprising. It is said that the princesses of Sagrado have magical power in their voices when they sing. In return, it is difficult for them to use general magic, regardless of their magical potential

 As a helpless and sacred princess, Fransisca was a challenge to those around her. Because Fransisca was unreliable not only in her abilities but also in her temperament, no one could leave her alone

 Therefore, no one knew that she had other talents with the sword until Sagrado Kingdom was no more

 After coming to the fort, Fransisca said, “You can treat me as a Princess-maiden only after the kingdom is restored,” and she wanted to be treated as a captain

 In the beginning, Fatima watched Fransisca acting alone with some trepidation, but it was around that time that she learned of the unexpectedly strong-willed side of the princess, whom she had always thought unreliable

 (Perhaps the current position of the princess is, in a sense, something we have created…)

 Considering this, she cannot blame the sixth prince of Krangal for being in a slick mood

 It is a fact that he has helped her a lot in the first place

 (Even though I don’t know, it is true that it is a dirty deed…)

 However, she sometimes think that if that is the will of the God, it might not be a bad thing to do

* * *

 By the time Fatima had finished changing into her maid’s uniform and went to the command center, it had already begun

 In the command center, which had been placed only with documents, maps, and weapons, Fransisca is sucking Alexis’ cock, who is sitting cross-legged with only the top half of his clothes bare

 ”Mmm… Kiss, Kiss, Lick”

 Fransisca sat with her hands on her hips, her eyes closed, and her mouth working hard

 Meanwhile, Alexis’ hands are on Fransisca’s breasts

 Although Fatima was prepared for this, she stands there in shock, but Alexis looks at her and says

 ”Good morning, Fatima.”

 ”Ah… uh…”

 Fatima couldn’t say it out loud, but Alexis says something as if it were a matter of course

 ”I’m sorry, can you get us some tea? Enough for all of us.”

 ”Uh… O-Okay…”

 After a short pause, Fatima glances at Fransisca and she quickly averts her reddened face and runs out of the room

 ”Make sure you come back soon.”

 Alexis told this as she left, so she had no choice but to wait until things are finished

 ”W-What did Alex have in mind? W-Why did he…?”

 As she is walking down the corridor, she heard the conversation of some soldiers passing by

 ”Hey, you know what? The prince and the princess recently…”

 ”Yes. That oni was having an affair with the prince, wasn’t he?

 ”I didn’t think the princess was with the sixth prince… after all, I thought she was with the fifth prince or something.”

 ”I think so. Still, I envy him”

 ”What are they thinking?” Fatima thinks when the soldiers are conversing with each other with smirks on their faces

 No, they are aware of it. They are aware of the extent of the relationship between the Princess-maiden of Sagrado and the sixth prince of Krangal

 As they pass by, their gazes catch Fatima’s ample breasts. Their eyes are twisting around Fatima’s breast as if they are playing with it

 (…I am used to such a gaze.)

 It is not only Krangals who gaze at breasts

 That’s why Fatima feels complex

 Fatima, as usual, ignores their stares and walks down the corridor to accomplish her goal

 Unlike Fransisca, who has been too protected from the desires of men, Fatima has often had trouble with the Krangal soldiers because of this lack of protection

 But now that she has learned about men’s desires, she is not so aggressive in causing trouble anymore, and she should be thankful for Alexis’ actions

 ”Haah… More importantly, tea, tea. Alex will scold me if I’m too late…”

 Fatima shakes her head in haste to take care of her own business, and opens the door to the kitchen

 The vermilion on her cheeks grows as she wonders if she will soon be back in that sensual room

 She feels as if she is a bad person whose heart is pounding in her chest, but a sweet sense of immorality grows in her heart

* * *

 ”Mmm… Slurppp”

 Fransisca took her mouth away from Alexis’ cock and squinted her eyes

 In front of her eyes, Alexis’ tentacle-like male organ, glistening with her own saliva, is moving in a glamorous manner

 This morning, when she went to the office, she was surprised to see a bed in the office, but she was overjoyed to know that she would be held again today, as she had been yesterday

 ”But only if you do as you’re told, okay?”

 With a jerk, Alexis lifts up Fransisca’s skirt

 Alexis smiles as her panty-less lower half is exposed

 ”Good, good. You did that without me saying anything”


 Fransisca nods with a raised voice

 At this, Alexis tells her to lie down, and Fransisca lays down on the bed

 ”Ah, um… Can I make a baby…?”

 She asked as she looked at Alexis, who is leaning toward her

 However, Alexis looked at her blankly

 ”What? What are you talking about?”

 ”Eh… Umm, yesterday, you said it was a child-bearing act…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks flushed and her gaze drifted

 ”…I-If it’s a baby with Alexis-sama, I’m sure it will be allowed even after the restoration of Kingdom…?”

 Well, Alexis surely said something like that

 ”…Heh? So, do you want me to make love to you today?”

 Alexis puts his cock in Fransisca’s honey pot

 It’s already wet and soggy, ready to swallow Alexis’ load. This is the result of repeated thrusting until it became like this



 Fransisca’s vaginal hole perfectly fits the shape of Alexis’s cock, as if it was designed for this purpose

 This is probably due to the fact that she has never allowed any other object to penetrate her vagina, and it has grown to be a special shape for Alexis

 Then, when the object moves in the special hole, Fransisca’s body jumps

 ”Ahhhh, ahhhh, Alexis, sama…”

 Fransisca puts her arms behind Alexis’ head with a vacant look in her eyes

 ”Put it out inside me. Please spit inside me!”

 Alexis is startled when Fransisca pushed her hips against him, which he thought she was joking

 ”Hey, hey, won’t it be a problem if we have a baby now?”

 ”Haah, haah, so I can’t have a baby?”

 Fransisca’ eyes are moist as if she’s asking him for something, and Alexis can’t help but feel adorable

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