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Chapter 229 [Medical Officer] Last Training

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 After that, Lily was summoned every day as a caretaker for the five days Alexis stayed with her

 She was not aware that she was being used as a slave, but she was keenly aware of how the other women around Alexis felt and what kind of position they were in

 Even on the last day, Lily accompanied Alexis to the room prepared for him and said, “Thank you for your hard work today. Let me prepare your bath.”

 With these words, she goes to the bathroom

 As she fills the bathtub with hot water, she lets out a sigh that comes out naturally

 —Tomorrow he will be gone

 Every day she was allowed to have him all to herself, and he took care of her. But, today is the last day

 (Your Majesty, my prince…)

 Secretly and alone… she thought she shed tears..

 But then… “Don’t make me miss you again…”

 Such a voice came from behind her… and she wiped her tears in haste and turned around

 ”Your Majesty…”

 She looks up at Alexis who is standing in front of her in a daze

 Alexis smiles and puts his hand on her head

 ”Let’s just fuck like normal today, shall we? Actually, I wish I could have at least given you a date”

 Feeling her caring words, Lily feels her cheeks get hotter and hotter

 ”No, I’m fine…”

 She shakes her head and turns away

 But before she could open her mouth to say that again, Alexis hugged her, who was holding back the urge to cry


 Lily gasps, but soon she reaches out her arms and hugs Alexis back

 She can now do this action without resistance or shame, more surely than five days ago

 ”Your Majesty… I…”

 She gropes for the words

 ”…love you. Your Majesty…”

 Alexis nodded silently and patted Lily on the head

 Lily felt accepted, and her arms tightened around him

 After a while, Alexis took Lily out of the bathroom and undressed her

 After she herself is completely naked, she returns to the bathroom again

 They chat and bathe normally, and then he takes her to bed

 He pushes her down and holds her

 They start with a kiss and then embrace each other while playing with each other’s breasts

 The kisses started with a light touch, and soon their tongues became entwined with each other

 The hand that had only touched her breast started to caress Lily’s thigh and then moved to her secret place

 He brushes through her under hair and inserts his fingers into the crevice of her crack

 Lily moans and shivers

 The amount of spunk on the finger is less than usual

 ”…Lily?” He calls her name, and her cheeks are stained with shame

 ”Haah, haah… Your Majesty, down there…”

 She opens her mouth, her eyes downcast in confusion

 ”I don’t have enough,” she drawled out

 ”I have to be your property… I have to be at your mercy more and more, and I have to be made to feel like your servant more and more…”

 Lily’s breath catches in her throat from shame and heightened emotions

 And Alexis laughs

 ”Okay,” he whispers to her, putting his hand on her neck

 Slowly he increases the force of his hand

 Lily’s breathing stops. But then, he kisses her and relaxes his hand

 ”Haah, haah, haah…”

 Alexis then puts his cock in her secret place as she breathes hard and repeatedly. At the same time, he heard a wet sound

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Lily’s chin comes up as the cock slips into her

 Alexis also squeezes her neck

 With another squeeze, Alexis let his cock penetrate deeper into Lily’s secret place

 Along with the tightening of his hand, he can feel the tightening of her vagina

 When he loosens his hand again while poking the cervix with the glans, he sees her gasping in between heavy breathing

 Breathing is the root of life. Even if it is in the palm of his hand

 It is as if this situation makes Lily feel joy and love from deep within her

 ”Haah, haah, Your Majesty—”

 Lily makes a sweet voice and looks at him with sweet eyes

 ”I want you to abuse me. I want you to…”

 ”Yes, I know.”

 Alexis kisses Lily’s lips with satisfaction

 It was as satisfying as seeing the object he had worked so hard to create

 ”You’ve become a great slave, haven’t you?”

 He turned Lily’s face with his p*nis still in her lower mouth

 ”You love to be tortured, don’t you?”

 Alexis asks her, stroking her soft and fleshy buttocks gently

 Lily’s face flushes with shame

 But she understands. She knows how to answer this question

 Lily lets out a shaky breath, then nods her head in agreement

 ”…Yes,” she affirmed in a muffled voice, and Alexis slapped her ass with the palm of his hand


 Lily’s body jumps up

 ”Just five days ago you said you didn’t want to be rough, but now you’ve turned into a very horny little thing, haven’t you? You’re a bad girl.”

 He slaps her on the buttocks again, and she says, “I’m sorry.”

 ”Ah, Your Majesty. I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

 Still, he slaps her buttocks again and again as she apologizes

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