Avalon 228

Chapter 228 [Medical officer] Freshly-learned Abused Mind

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 The next morning Alexis saw a marked improvement in Lily’s behavior.

 Though, in the morning, Alexis was still awakened by the soft sunlight.

 ”…Good morning, Your Majesty.”

 The one who called to him gently now was Lily, who was sitting on the bed.

 She was dressed in a plain one-piece dress, and when she saw that Alexis had woken up, she sat on his waist.

 She then touches Alexis’s morning wood through his pants and turns her red face to the side.

 ”Then… let me say hello to it too…”

 She seems to remember what was taught to her yesterday.

 But that doesn’t mean that this is something she’s been used to doing since yesterday.

 After all, she seems to be embarrassed as she pulls down the pants and puts her face on the object.

 Still, Lily’s effort to follow what was taught to her makes Alexis excited in the morning.

 Now, after letting her lick it for a while, he picked her up in his arms.

 ”You’re doing a good job”

 He pats her head and praises her while he reaches under her skirt.

 She seems to be wearing tights as instructed, the kind for prostitutes with a slit at the secret place.

 Alexis wonders how much shame and resistance a person like her must have felt to wear them and come all the way here. But her willingness to do her best to push them away is cute.

 ”But there is one thing missing…”

 Alexis inserted his finger through the slit and stroked the cotton fabric under it.

 ”You don’t have to wear panties from tomorrow on.”


 Lily stiffened, but then nodded her head.

 ”Okay, good girl.”

 Alexis complimented Lily and lightly nibbled her secret place through her panties.

 Lily’s hand moved slowly down Alexis’s back. Her breath is ragged, and her slippery stuff begins to cling to the fingers through her panties. But then, Alexis pulls his hand away.

 ”Well, let’s have breakfast. After that, we’ll go on a tour.”

 As he gets off the bed, Alexis pushes his still-stretched cock back into his pants.

 Lily looks red, her eyes are moist and she breathes shallowly for a while, but she nods “…yes” without saying anything or asking for anything in particular.

* * *

 This day was a completely different day for Lily.

 Lily was assigned to accompany her lord Alexis on an inspection tour. She guides Alexis, who is unfamiliar with the town, by giving him explanations and supplementary information, and by instructing him on how to deal with the people in charge of various places and what the king requires at any given time.

 This is Lily’s job, but she can’t concentrate on it at all.

 Now, today’s visit was to a construction site for connecting a route to the forest where medicinal herbs are collected.

 Around the site, people are busily moving dirt with wheelbarrows, chopping down trees, and leveling the ground with wooden T-shaped leveling tools.

 Alexis and the others come to the site to inspect the site, and the person in charge comes to them in work clothes, opens a map, and explains where the road extends to and the status of the work being done.

 Lily, however, tends to be in the air.

 After all, what had happened this morning was stuck in her head. No, not only in her head. After all, it was still good. So, it’s stuck in her lower half, too.

 The sweet tingling sensation she gets when he touches her is still there.

 Thanks to this, she follows Alexis with her eyes every time he touches her.

 It makes her feel guilty, not only because she can’t concentrate on her work, but also because she feels that it’s wrong to look at him like this. Because of this, she can’t make eye contact with Alexis who sometimes looks at her.

 Whenever there is eye contact, she turns her head to the side.

 Valencia was also present at the event.

 After all, Valencia is a knightess. And because Lily knows that Alexis is an important Lord for her, too. That is why she feels even more guilty.

 In the first place, Valencia is a serious person once she is at work, and even now she is in a resting posture with her hands folded behind her back, keeping her chest out. Compared to her, it was pathetic that she could not concentrate.

 Maybe Alexis noticed that Lily was still doing this, and when the person in charge left and there was no sign of anyone around except Valencia, he beckoned her to come to him.


 Lily shrugged, afraid that he might get angry.

 But she walked up to him.

 ”Uh, umm, may I help you?”

 She turned her head down, trying not to give away her ulterior motives.

 However, Alexis’s hand reaches out and pulls her toward him in a flash.

 ”Kyah!” She lets out a small cry as she falls into his arms.

 ”Y-Your Majesty…”

 There was no way she could resist. . And her heart was pounding in her chest.

 ”Valencia. Keep an eye out for anyone coming”

 After saying so, Alexis’ hand reached for Lily’s thigh.


 Lily reacted in a way that surprised even herself.

 The tingling she had been holding back for a long time turns into a tingling sensation as his hand touches her thigh.

 ”You’ve been giving me greedy, lewd looks for a long time. I didn’t know you could do that”

 Alexis says happily and pats Lily’s inner thigh.

 Lily shivered and pressed her head against Alexis’s chest, choking back her voice.

 ”Ha—hmm, mmm, hmm, hmm…”

 Lily’s choking voice leaks out slightly.

 Alexis looks at her as if he is mocking her.

 ”You can’t resist your newfound desire for submission, can you?”

 ”That’s not true. That’s wrong. I’m sorry, Please forgive me. But don’t touch me. I’m fine, so…”

 However, a finger inserted through the slit of her tights. And it tickles her in such a place that it may or may not touch her secret place.

 The thrilling sensation makes her body tremble.

 She tried to hold on to Alexis to keep her legs from collapsing.

 At once, she locked eyes with Valencia who was standing behind Alexis. However, Valencia looked somewhat troubled, but she seemed to be on the lookout for people coming as Alexis ordered.

 To such a female knight, Lily felt sorry.

 She felt guilty for keeping her precious Lord to herself.

 And overcome by the conflict with her desire, she finally pushes her precious Lord away.

 But when she saw Alexis leave, she turned pale because she thought she had done it.

 ”—Ho?” Alexis smiles at her.

 ”I can’t believe you resisted me.”


 Alexis whispers to the downcast, trembling Lily.

 ”You’ll be punished later.”

 ”Y… Yes…”

 Lily nods her head, still downcast.

* * *

 That day, after the inspection and dinner, Lily continued her work as Alexis’ caretaker.

 But when she followed Alexis to the door of his room, her heart was already filled with anticipation and nervousness.

 In fact, she should have felt sorry for Alexis first and foremost.

 And yet, she was looking forward to the word “punishment” that he had said to her at noon.

 She’s scared, but at the same time, she longs for it.

 In all her life, she had never had such a feeling.

 And for the first time in her life, Lily was acutely aware of how the women she had seen in the past, such as Fransisca and Fatima, who were happy to be punished by Alexis, were feeling.

 The feeling of having all of one’s mind and will be taken over was incredibly pleasant.

 He will probably do something scary to her. He might treat her roughly. Such things frighten her. But her heart trembles with anticipation.

 And now, as she reaches out to open the door for Alexis, she realizes that her hand is trembling slightly.

 Still, she pushes it aside and finally opens the door.

 She then lets Alexis into the room first, and she herself enters later.

 She does not speak, and gasps for air.

 But at last, she is alone with Alexis.

 Now, unable to move a finger, she remain silent until Alexis turns around and closes the door, which had been left open.


 She had bothered her Lord. She thought. But then, Alexis smiled at her.

 ”Remember it, Lily?”

 Lily gasps and finally nods.

 ”…Punishment… wasn’t it?”

 Alexis smiled and nodded.

 Today, she wanted to say she didn’t want to be rough. But she can’t.

 ”Take off your tights and panties. Lift up your skirt and show your ass”

 Lily obeys Alexis’ words.

 It is so embarrassing to take off her own clothes while he is watching, that she feels like she is going to burst into flames. But she can’t resist. It’s because of the guilt and shame she feels for him.

 She puts her hands on the table, pulls up her skirt, and sticks out her buttocks.

 While doing so, she knew that her private parts were still tingling, hot, and wet. Especially when she took off her panties and walked around, she could feel the slippery sensation of her inner thighs rubbing against each other.

 She was afraid that Alexis would point this out to her, but she pushed down her sense of shame and maintained her posture as he had ordered.

 The tension and the shame made her breath catch on its own.

 ”Turn your head down, but don’t look up.”

 Alexis tells her to do so, and she presses her head against the table.

 In this position, she could not see anything. She can’t even see where he’s standing or what he’s doing.

 Suddenly there is a shock and pain in her buttocks.

 Lily’s body jumps up.


 Her voice sounded very similar to a charming cry.

 A zinging heat spread to her ass. And at the same time, embarrassment hit her whole body at once, and she didn’t know what to do.

 In the meantime, her buttocks were slapped again.


 She felt a jumbled mixture of pain and tingling.

 She doesn’t know what’s happening to her body.

 And afraid of being roughed up. She couldn’t resist it, so she said instead…

 ”I’m sorry—”

 Lily apologized.

 ”I’m sorry, please forgive me. I won’t do it again, I won’t disobey you…”

 I won’t disobey. I won’t— every word made her aware of it. More and more, her mind goes blank.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Your Majesty— ah!”

 Her mind is crippled by fear and tension. It shudders in her chest and turns into a strange sense of elation and excitement.

 ”I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’m sorry—”

 Lily was crying.

 More than pain, she feels a tingling numbness in her chest.

 She wonders if it will continue when suddenly her back is hugged. Alexis hugged her from behind.

 ”You asked me to forgive you, but you didn’t run away from me, did you? Well, I know…”

 Alexis’ lower body is pressed against her buttocks. When his cock touches her secret place, her arousal reaches its limit, and the pleasure surges through her whole body.


 Her back arched, and she reached her climax. She came before it was inserted.

 But before she could apologize, a p*nis entered her vagina. The feeling of Alexis’ p*nis makes her feel pleasure again.

 ”Ah! Aah! Your Majesty!”

 Lily couldn’t think of anything else.

 She was so absorbed in Alexis’ body, that she was shaking her hips.

 She felt sorry for herself for doing so. And her shame and guilt toward Alexis are quickly replaced by a craving for punishment.

 ”Your Majesty, please punish me…”

 She said unconsciously.

 And Lily was slapped on her buttocks again, and she reached her goal.

 But then, Alexis’ hand stroked Lily’s hair.

 ”I’m going to cum…”

 After such a preamble, he ejaculated into her vagina.

 Lily felt euphoric as she felt the white fluid pouring into her womb.

 ”…Your Majesty…”

 Lily is overcome with the euphoric feeling that she has entrusted her body and soul to him.

 Alexis’ hand caresses Lily’s head.

 ”You worked hard today.”

 Alexis says, hugging Lily from behind.

 ”I’ll take care of you tomorrow for all your hard work today.”

 Lily was genuinely happy to hear those words.

 ”I’m so happy, Your Majesty…”

 Lily turned around and hugged Alexis.

 She wanted to be pampered and spoiled so much right now.

 ”Please take care of me a lot.”

 She feels happy to be a “thing” for Alexis.

 ”I am your property. So please do as you like.”

 This act of Lily, made Alexis feel so happy.

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