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Chapter 44

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 Everything is finally ready

 The rest day is over, and the group, now equipped with new equipment and weapons, rides a carriage to the darkness zone, the gateway to Avalon dungeon

 Inside Lorenzo’s bag he carries, in addition to food and camping gear, is a crystal ball that has been analyzed by this day

 But seeing the crystal ball, which turns out to be a perfect size for a ball gag, makes Fransisca have mixed feelings these days

 Nevertheless, the members decided to see what they could find on the way to the destination

 ”Well then, the following is the list of crystal balls… or crest stones…”

 The first thing Fransisca took out from the bag is a a notebook. It contains the results of the desperate attempts of the soldiers of Fort Rohka to identify the objects

 ”This is the first time for me to read through the list itself. I probably should have done it yesterday, but I didn’t have time.”

 Fransisca’s cheeks are stained and she seemed to have some difficulty in saying so. She remembered the reason why she had no time because she had been doing something naughty with Alexis

 But then she regained her composure and said, “Anyway,” while looking over the list of things

 ”Uhh… The soldiers named the crystal ball as a crest stone because it always has a crest-like engraving on it. And this is the crest stone.”

 Fransisca took out a crest stone as a sample

 It had the word “Monster” written in black ink in large letters

 ”…Ah, it seems that the soldiers also wrote the effect of the stone so that it would be easy to understand.”

 Fransisca muttered softly

 But then, Fatima is puzzled, “Y-Your highness, are you sure you want use such a thing? Isn’t that an artifact, at least?”

 ”Yeah… I think there are other crest stone beside that, so why don’t we change it…?”

 Sara said as she looked into the bag

 The design of the bag is messed up, but it seems that they chose practical use rather than appearance

 ”And, it’s hard to understand the word “monster” if it’s just a word. Still, what exactly are the effects?”

 Sara asked

 Fransisca turned the page of the list and looked for the entry “Monster”

 ”…Ah, here it is. It is said to summon… “unspecified number of monster”.”

 ”Summon monster?! That sounds powerful! Does that mean that monster will become our allies…?”

 Fatima gulps and Fransisca says

 ”Umm… I heard that summoned monster are always hostile and three of our men were wounded to test the effect…”

 ”Doesn’t that mean nothing…? Wouldn’t that be rather troublesome…?”

 Lorenzo nodded quietly beside Sara

 ”I-Is there anything else…?!”

 Fatima looked in her bag and pulled out a crest stone labeled “Teleport”

 ”What is… this?”

 When Fatima showed the stone, Fransisca put the crest stone with the monster’s letter back in her bag and went through the list again

 ”Teleport…? It is said that it can warp to any place. But be careful, because it sometimes warps into the wall. It seems that one of the soldiers went into the wall to test the effect and demolished a part of the fortress.”

 ”That’s… very dangerous…”

 Fatima was stunned, and Sara followed her, “…It seems so.”

 ”Fatima-chan! Do you have any more proper effects?”

 At Sara’s urging, Fatima rummages through her bag

 ”H-How about this…?!”

 The next thing Fatima pulls out is a crest stone with the “Armor Break” letter

 ”I have a bad feeling about this… so, how is it, Your Highness…!”

 Fransisca reads the list in front of Sara, who watches with bated breath. She reads it out

 ”Armor break… uh… eh, what?!”

 Fransisca’s upset voice causes a stir

 ”W-What’s the matter?!”

 ”What the hell is written…?”

 Fransisca let out a sigh under the breathless stares of her vassals. Her face also flushed red

 ”Eh… Well, that’s… it says it melts clothes and armors…”

 At that moment, Alexis’ ears twitched, as he had been sitting silently on the dais all this time

 ”What…? That’s a very useful effect…!”

 Alexis suddenly turns around and says that. But, Sara panicked and shouted, “Hey! look ahead!”

 ”Alex, a man’s heart should not be moved by such things…!”

 Lorenzo growled with his arms folded, his legs trembling slightly

 ”You say so, but Lorenzo is actually moved, isn’t he?! You’re just acting like a priest!”

 Alexis is a child at heart as he retorts in anger

 Fransisca, who knew exactly what he was thinking, blushed and involuntarily said

 ”A-Alexis-sama… please stop it…”

 ”Don’t be dumb. Look ahead and take control!”

 Sara urged him again, and Alexis reluctantly returned to the controls

 ”Why don’t you take over sometimes, Sara?”

 Alexis’s shoulders slumped but Sara replied, “Sometimes, yeah”. She muttered to herself that this is how the sixth prince is treated

 ”Well, there’s a soldier who’s been sent to see if it works… well… so… should I read the rest of this article?”

 Fransisca’s cheeks are stained, and Fatima exclaims impatiently

 ”In the first place, what in the world is that effect? And are they written in the same way in all the sections?”

 ”Yes, it seems so…”

 ”Krangal soldier. This is a waste of time…!”

 Fatima is holding her head in her hands and Alexis, as a member of the royal family, could not help but think, “I think so too…”

 ”Unlike Sagrado people who are serious, Krangal people are more entertaining… Well, I hope you can tolerate them a little.”

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