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Chapter 44

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 ”Of course I will, since Alexis-sama says so.”

 Fransisca said softly. But Fatima, on the other hand, said

 ”…Well, if it’s for the sake of Alex’s face… I have no objection”

 Even Sara said, “Yes, you’re right. If Alex-kun says so, then I guess I have no choice.”

 ”Not only Your Highness-maiden but even you guys have become much kinder to Alex. Still, I’m glad the mood of the party is good.”

 Lorenzo, who was the only one who did not know the relationship between Alexis and the girls, nodded his head and said so

* * *

 After that, they arrived at the front line after checking the list of the crest stone

 As usual, after leaving the carriage with the nearby soldiers, Alexis and the others entered the dungeon

 The new weapons and armor worked much better than expected

 So, they are able to face the enemies on the first level more easily than ever before, and they are able to continue their attacl even after descending to the second layer

 ”Finally, we can start exploring the dungeon properly again.”

 Alexis was relieved

 ”But, I think it’s time to take a break.”

 Alexis concerned about his companions, who are beginning to show signs of fatigue, and chose a place to rest in the middle of the second layer

 But then, Lorenzo spotted a spring nearby and immediately rushed over to it, saying, “Whoa!”

 He dropped his bag down on the bank of the spring and said, “Whew, I’m tired!”. However, Sara was in a hurry as she kneeled down beside the fountain

 ”Lorenzo-kun, you shouldn’t drink so easily!”

 ”That’s very kind of you, Sara. You seem to carefully look at poison every time, but until now, I’ve only ever faced fresh water. Can’t you put this trouble behind?”

 As Lorenzo speaks, he saves the water from the fountain with his palm, gulps it down, and grunts, “Puhhhha!”

 ”Kuuuuh, I’m coming back to life!”

 Fransisca sees Lorenzo looking so comfortable and mutters

 ”He’s right, I’ve checked the fountain many times and so far I haven’t come across anything suspicious. We may be a little too cautious, since it will take time to search the dungeon, don’t you think?”

 ”But, Your Highness…”

 Sara was about to retort

 ”Oh… Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh…?!”

 Lorenzo’s voice is heard and they all turn to look at Lorenzo

 ”Lorenzo, what’s wrong?”

 Lorenzo looks back at Alexis who runs toward him

 ”No, my head is suddenly getting ticklish… damn, it’s itchy!”

 Lorenzo reaches out his hand to his skinhead and starts to scratch it. Every time he scratches it, the skin comes off in little pieces

 ”Hey, Lorenzo?!”

 Alexis and the other three women are startled

 ”Lorenzo-kun, are you okay?!”

 Sara rushes to the scene, thinking of applying a healing spell anyway, but by the time she arrives, something has grown out from under Lorenzo’s scratched skin

 At this, Lorenzo exclaims, “What’s going on?!”

 ”Hey, hey, hey…”

 Alexis also stunned to see it right in front of his eyes

 On Lorenzo’s head, a horn like a goat sprouted out

 ”L-Lorenzo-kun, that’s…”

 Sara, as dumbfounded as Alexis, pointed a little toward the fountain and asked for a reflection


 Lorenzo looked into the fountain to see his own reflection, and the next moment he shouted, “What the hell is this…..!?”

 ”You’ve mutated…”

 Fransisca mutters with a blank stare

 ”Your Highness, it seems that this spring is not for drinking and Lorenzo, be careful.”

 Fatima said it with a straight face and Lorenzo quickly retorted “It’s already too late!”

 ”I told you, Avalon is a place where anything can happen…”

 Sara looks calm while shaking her head, perhaps because her life is not in danger

 ”-But in this case, even if you use a poison tester, you may not be able to identify the poison, right?”

 Alexis points out, and Sara claps her hands, “That’s true.”

 ”How can we avoid such a case?”

 Fransisca tilts her head, and Sara responds

 ”Well, if this is the case, then someone has to take the poison…”

 ”Who… who will?”

 Fransisca’s question made all the members look at Lorenzo

 ”What?! Why me!”

 Lorenzo was startled, but Sara gave him a vague smile and said, “Because, you know.”

 ”Who was the one who willingly drank before I could stop it and grew horns like that?”

 Sara’s point was harsh

 ”Damn! That’s right! But that doesn’t mean! Damn!”

 Lorenzo is holding his horned head

 ”Well, you seem fine… but I will check if there are any other changes in your health, okay?”

 Sara says and Lorenzo nodded

 In the end, Sara’s break time is used to check Lorenzo’s physical condition

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