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Chapter 45 [Maid] Pretending to Sleep with Her and Plotting to Take Her Purity in the Haste of the Moment

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After confirming that Lorenzo’s physical condition is OK, the dungeon exploration is resumed

 ”By the way, this thing will disappear in time, right?”

 Lorenzo touched his newly grown horn with concern

 ”From the way it looks, I don’t think it will disappear? …Let me examine it out when we get back from the dungeon.”

 Sara’s suggestion made Lorenzo shudder

 ”You’ve been like that since you were a court magician, and I’m afraid of your curiosity…!”

 ”Oh, come on, it’s okay. I won’t hurt you”

 Sara is smiling happily. She must think she has found a good research subject

 (Is Sara like this for everything?)

 Alexis thought so deeply

* * *

 Around the third layer, they set up camp for the day

 They also had planned to keep an eye on Lorenzo throughout the day just in case something happened to him, and to return immediately if anything happened to him

 ”I’m glad. Everything seems to be all right. That’s good, that’s good.”

 In response to Lorenzo who chewed dried meat while saying so, Fatima asked him, “Should you really describe it as being all right? Or should there be something wrong already…”

 Just then, Sara suddenly became serious and opened her mouth beside Fatima

 ”Well, we don’t know yet, do we? It could be that the mutation is going to progress rapidly…”


 ”Not only horns, but maybe scales will grow out of it, or a tail?”


 Lorenzo growled, and Fransisca called out to Sara

 ”Hey, don’t scare him. Sara, you’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”

 ”Oh, did you notice?”

 Sara smiles and sticks out her tongue. Her gestures are as childish as her appearance

 ”…Well, we’ll have to wait and see about Lorenzo. Let’s continue to monitor the situation tomorrow as well.”

 Alexis concluded, to which the others responded with “yes.”

 Thus ended the exploration for the day

* * *

 That night..

 Alexis hears a rustling sound and opens his eyes while his body wrapped in a blanket

 He looked towards the owner of the noise and saw that Lorenzo has just left the curtains of the camp. It must have been time for a change of guard

 In his place, Fatima came back into the curtain

 After breathing “…Huff,” Fatima stops, and Alexis closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep

 ”Why am I pretending to be asleep?”, but by the time he comes back to himself, it is too late

 After all, when he opened his lid a little, he noticed that Fatima is staring at him, which made it even more difficult for him to say that he is actually awake. He is even more reluctant to say “I’m actually awake!”. Still..

 (…what the hell is this girl doing…)

 Alexis felt uncomfortable and had no choice but to continue pretending to be asleep

 She still stares at him with a blank expression, so he doesn’t know what she is thinking

 Is she unhappy? Well, of course she is. After all, he had played too much with her asshole. Just when he’s starting to think that..


 Fatima smiled a little

 It’s probably because of her natural facial features. She looks so beautiful in such a situation and gives a gentle and calm impression that is different from her usual cool atmosphere

 (W-What is it…?)

 Fatima crouched down to Alexis, who was upset inwardly

 ”…Alex, you sleep lot. Even though you’re usually like that… But your sleeping face is so cute.”

 What does she mean “usually”? Is she trying to tell me that I’m usually dull? Just when Alexis thinks about it

 ”Geez… Now is the only time I can do what I want.”

 Fatima’s hand gently strokes Alexis’ bangs as if she is suppressing something painful

 Seeing her like this, Alexis feels a prankish urge welling up in him

 Yes, that’s right. Why doesn’t he pretend to be asleep and push her down? Then, she might let him insert his thing. If she doesn’t like it, he can just say he was sleepwalking. All right, let’s do this!

 Alexis is quite shallow when his thought process extends to the lower half of his body

 Then, without noticing such a characteristic of his, Alexis lets out a “Mmm” and rolls over toward her

 (…Did I wake him up?)

 Fatima stiffens in surprise and flails her legs, but Alexis pushes her and makes her fall down


 She almost screams, but she swallows it down because she thinks quickly not to wake the people around her. Thanks to this, she quickly lost her voice and Alexis, with his eyes closed, leapt onto Fatima’s body, and pushed her down on the ground

 ”A-Alex… Rain…”

 Fatima looked at him with black and white eyes, but her voice is still muffled. The pattern of caring must have been imprinted deep into her mind and body


 Alexis buried her face in Fatima’s ample breasts through her conjurer’s robe. However, he felt the hard texture of her skin and wanted to click his tongue

 (Damn… I see, she’s wearing a chain mail! Damn, it’s ruining the softness and sensitivity…!)

 Alexis puts her palm on Fatima’s breast and squeezes it while thought so. Then, he thinks that Dorothea has made a very sturdy object, since his fingers do not dig into it


 Fatima looks troubled and eventually chooses to put her hand on Alexis’ shoulder

 She shakes him lightly, still in a quiet voice, considerate of her surroundings

 ”Ugh, I can’t move. I’m sorry, but I need you to get up…”

 Of course, Fatima is stuck. Although Alexis does not wear the full plate armor for sleeping comfort, at least, he wears the armor part. So, no matter how light the material is, the weight of Alexis himself combined with the weight of Fatima makes it impossible for him to resist

 (Oh, no…)

 Fatima gave up shaking Alexis’s shoulders when she saw that he is not waking up at all

 How should I wake him up now? A loud voice would be a nuisance… But hitting him would be too pitiful. It would hurt me, and I don’t want to hurt him

 Then, the only thing left is to use the wake-up spell… But then I must concentrate my mind more

 As Fatima is thinking about this..

 ”Mmm, munyamunya…”

 Alexis’s face, which she thought was on her chest, is raised up, and now it’s coming to her face


 Fatima’s lips pressed tightly as she stared blankly at him


 As expected in this situation, she could not help but let out her voice. However, she immediately stifled her voice

 (W-What!? Alex, is he crazy!?)

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