Avalon 22

Chapter 22 [Princess-maiden] Going Crazy with an Aphrodisiac and Pleading for Semen (Part 2)

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Well, first of all, you need to take off your clothes so that it is easier for me to punish you myself”

 Alexis told Fransisca to take off her armor and remove her clothes.

 As she stands on the blanket on the floor, she pulls down her remaining panties and is about to reach for the garter belt when Alexis stops her and says.

 ”Wait, keep your socks and garter belt on”

 Fransisca nodded her head.

 Alexis also removed his gauntlets, armor, and the big shield so that he could touch Fransisca easily. He left his sword hanging at his waist just in case.

 Fransisca seemed to be watching when Alexis finished taking off his armor, and said in a whisper, “P-Punish me…please…”.

 As she does so, Fransisca puts her hands behind her back, and her breasts stick out. Then her two baby-pink nipples stand up and sway.

 Her cheeks are bright red, her eyes are moist, and her breath is trembling.

 Seeing so, Alexis’s lips lifted at the edge of a smile.

 ”You want me to punish your breast?”


 ”What a shameless slave you are, designating the place of your own punishment, aren’t you?”

 ”Ah… I-I’m sorry…”

 Alexis’ hand touches Fransisca’s breast as she tries to apologize.


 Fransisca’s body trembled. The stimulation was like an electric shock, and Fransisca became flustered.

 (I-If I’m squeezed this hard like this, I’ll go crazy…!)

 She thinks quickly and asks Alexis to stop, but Alexis’ fingers pinch her nipples.

 He twists them tightly, and Fransisca screamed loudly, “Aaaaaaahhh!” and shivered all over.

 Alexis caught Fransisca with his chest as she was about to fall down from her knees. While doing so, he continued to crush her nipples with his fingers.

 ”Aaaaah, hyah, ah, aaaaaaaaah!!”

 Fransisca’s body shakes and jerks.

 ”No, stop, stoppp…? I’m going crazyyyyyy!!”

 Fransisca shakes her head no. But Alexis laughs.

 ”Why I must stop? This is your punishment. You know that, don’t you?”

 ”Y-yes, but… aaaaahhhhhh!!”

 Fransisca is screaming so loud her throat feels like it’s about to collapse. It’s almost a scream.

 Her whole body shakes as she does so, and finally Fransisca sits down on the floor.

 ”Hahi, hi, hiiii”

 She is already dazed and saliva is spilling from the edges of her lips.

 ”Hey, hey, are you giving up already?”

 Alexis grabs Fransisca’s head and makes her look up.

 ”Ahh… I-I’m sorry…”

 She looks halfway slurred.

 But then, Alexis was putting his mouth over Fransisca’s mouth. He had been hesitant to do so, but now that he had kissed her, he decided it was okay. However――

 Fransisca’s body trembled when he thrust his tongue into her mouth.

 ”Afu, haku, ha, ah… hamu…”

 When he licked her mouth making squeaking sounds, Fransisca’s body trembled and her voice leaked out.

 Fransisca seems to recognize the pleasure soon, and she presses her body tightly against him and starts to move her tongue by herself.

 ”Haguuu, ha ha, aaah… hhhhhhh――”

 Fransisca was trembling.

 Perhaps under the influence of the aphrodisiac, she seemed to be able to reach a light s*xual orgasm by this alone, and her her body twitched several times.


 After parting her lips, Fransisca lies down on the ground.

 ”P-please, put it in… Please, give me your p*nis quickly… I can’t take it anymore…!”

 As she says this, Fransisca opens her legs and wiggles her hips. And Alexis says.

 ”Hey, you! What were you asking me? Didn’t I tell you not to make your own demands as a slave?”

 Alexis was rubbing Fransisca’s red-hot erect bud, which was peeking out from her soaking wet and open secret passage.

 Then he squeezed it.


 Fransisca was shaking and squirting. It seemed that she had reached her climax.

 The squirt made Alexis’ fingers wet, and Alexis smiles.

 ”Huh? You don’t seem the least bit sorry, do you?”

 He pinches again, just barely, and Fransisca twitches again.

 ”Hyiiiii, I’m sorryyyyyyy? Ahiiii, that’s, ughhh, punishment, cummmmming!”

 Fransisca seems to have reached her climax and is spurting clear liquid again.

 It seems that the pain has turned into pleasure.

 ”Hayaaa, I’m sorry…”

 Even after Alexis loosened his grip, Fransisca was still twitching in ecstasy.

 (That Sara, she mixed something terrible…)

 Alexis thought so, but he was getting impatient because he usually did not see Fransisca in such a lascivious manner.

 Therefore, he freed his tentacles from the impulses, which were about to grow.

 Fransisca’s face relaxes as she sees Alexis’ tentacle grow.

 ”Ahaaa, my favorite… come here… come here… come here…”

 Fransisca reached out and spread her hands over her own honey pot, which was still dripping with her love juices.

 ”Here, put it in, put it in me…”

 ”I told you, don’t make any demands…”

 ”Hahhh, I can’t take it anymore, you may punish me if you want…”

 Fransisca is shaking her ass with her legs spread in an M-shape.

 (I guess a punishment will never be meaningful for this girl now…)

 With this in mind, Alexis decided to cover on top of her.

 He then slid his cock into her soggy mess, causing Fransisca to scream “Hyaaaahhh!”.

 ”Ahhh, this is it, finally, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmming!”

 Fransisca was still convulsing and reaching her climax.

 But it didn’t seem to end there, as she clung to Alexis tightly.

 ”More? Make me cum more, stir me up!”

 To meet Fransisca’s demand, Alexis was moving his cock.

 He moved it freely, concentrating the rubbing on Fransisca’s most responsive spots.

 ”Ahhhhhhhhh? It’s good, it’s amazing, amazing?! Fuaaaaah!!”

 Fransisca’s vagina is endlessly squirming and trying to suck Alexis’ cock.

 Her eyes are glazed over and drool is spilling out from the corners of her loose lips.

 She wiggling her hips so hard that the sound of their skin slapping against each other is heard.

 (Kuh… I can’t take it anymore)

 Alexis tried to pull out his p*nis, but Fransisca wrapped her legs around his back.

 ”No, don’t pull it out, hyaaah, I’m cumming! Cum more! Please thrust harder!”

 ”No, no… ugh”

 Alexis ejaculates even as he says it.

 The feeling of ejaculation comes with a throbbing sensation of a pulsating p*nis.

 ”Huhhhh? Aaahh, it’s amazing… Fuahhhhhh!!”

 Fransisca seems to have reached again by the sensation of cum pouring into her womb.

 In the end, Alexis pours a lot of cum into Fransisca, and her lower abdomen bulges out.

 As soon as she felt her limbs relax, her head fell down with a jerk, and Alexis was frustrated.

 ”H-hey, are you okay…?”

 Alexis thought Fransisca finally came to her senses, but it was no use if she fainted again.

 He smacked her cheek several times, and she seemed to come back to consciousness.


 When her eyes seemed to open slightly, Fransisca blushed instantly.

 ”Eh――A-Alexis-sama…? W-why, I…….”

 Fransisca was first surprised at how close Alexis’ face was.

 But more than that, she felt something strange in her lower body…

 When Alexis moved slightly, the still-inserted p*nis slid out, and Fransisca let out a squeal, “Hyahhhh,” and then her cheeks turned redder and redder.

 ”Eh, w-what is it? What’s going on… Eh, A-Alexis-sama’s in there…?”

 Fransisca’s eyes go black and white. It seems that she doesn’t remember what has just happened.

 (Then I guess I don’t need to tell her everything in detail… her voice was quite loud. Then why bother to tell her?)

 That was Alexis’ way of being kind.

 ”Anyway, that’s it”

 Alexis thrust his p*nis deep into Fransisca hole again as he thought.

 And a high pitched “ahhh” escaped from Fransisca’s mouth.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* W-what are you doing…!”

 Alexis looked at Fransisca’s protesting voice wondering what was wrong.

 Nevertheless, it was a little annoying. Then, let’s go with that. Alexis thinks, and reaches for the pestle that was probably used to mix the medicine, which was left nearby.

 ”Eh? A-Alexis-sama…?”

 Alexis lifts Fransisca’s hips and turns her around.

 Then, he carefully pulls out his own p*nis, while he pushes the pestle firmly against her secret place.

 ”Ehh?? W-what are you…?”

 Alexis inserted the pestle into Fransisca’s vagina, which made her blush and scream in confusion, in order to seal it. Well, the tip was peeking out, but it was enough as a first aid measure.

 ”That’s good”

 Hearing Alexis’ line, Fransisca was impatient.

 ”W-what are you doing?!”

 ”Well, I thought I’d better put a pestle in it”


 ”Because I don’t want you leaking my semen all over the place. It would be messy and the amount of my semen is not normal to begin with”

 As he spoke, Alexis was putting on Fransisca’s panties.

 He pulled it up to the base and told her, “Make sure you put pressure on her pussy so that the pestle won’t fall out”.


 ”Well. Now let’s get dressed as we were before”

 Alexis got up and began to put on his armor as if nothing had happened, which brought tears to Fransisca’s eyes.

 ”Ugh, no. Y-You want me to stay like this?”

 ”Of course. Come on, get dressed. Our friends are waiting for you”

 As he spoke, Alexis stopped putting on his own armor and helped Fransisca to her feet.

 Fransisca’s body shook and her cheeks began to stain again.

 ”A-Alexis-sama’s inside me, bubbling inside me…”

 Fransisca turns bright red and puts her hand on her swollen lower abdomen.

 She squeezed her inner thighs together as she did so.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* I-is it okay to really stay like this? I-It’s impossible…”

 Fransisca’s voice is thin, and she breathes heavily and sometimes looks as if she is trying to bear something.

 It seems that she is feeling the sensation of a foreign object with a pestle still inside her and the sensation of Alexis’ semen churning in her womb.

 And a small moan sometimes escapes from the corner of her lips.

 ”P-please… let me out…”

 Fransisca was shaking weakly with tears in her eyes, and Alexis kicked her out of the room, saying.

 ”Don’t be absurd. Anyway, don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. As soon as we get back to the fort, you can let it out”

 ”Ah, no, I can’t stand it…”

 ”Then why don’t you just wet your pants here and cover this place in semen? So they’ll know what we’ve been doing?”

 ”Ugh, even if you say that…”

 Fransisca had no choice but to keep quiet.

 Everyone knew about it, but Alexis had no intention of telling Fransisca about it.

 Fransisca tried to put on her clothes, but every time she moved, semen bounced around in her belly.

 ”Hyahhh? …uhh…, ugh…”

 Unable to see Fransisca’s body trembling from time to time and still moving slowly, Alexis helped her to put on her clothes.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* T-thank you… very much…”

 Fransisca’s expression is torpid and somewhat agitated as she thanks him under her breath.

 ”Okay, then, let’s go back after we fold up the camp”

 Alexis said, and Fransisca replied, “Y-yes,” in a muffled voice.

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