Avalon 23

Chapter 23 [Princess-maiden] Prohibited from Ejecting the Semen

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Fatima was relieved to see Fransisca emerging from the curtain.

 ”Your Highness? Thank God you are safe!”

 Fatima immediately tries to hold Fransisca’s hand, but Fransisca’s body shakes at that moment and she lets out a cry of “Hyahhh!”.


 Fransisca blushes and shuts her mouth, and Fatima looks at her suspiciously.

 ”Your Highness, is something wrong?”

 ”N-nothing at all… Hahaha, it’s nothing…”

 Fransisca stared at Alexis with teary eyes while breathing heavily, but Alexis looked away with a smirk on his face.

 (Uuuh. A-Alexis-sama!!)

 Fransisca was squeezing her inner thighs while screaming in her mind.

 But she still managed to smile at Fatima, who looked at her curiously, although her eyes were still teary.

 ”I-I’m still not feeling well…”

 ”That’s understandable. You was poisoned just a few minutes ago”

 Fatima readily believes her and turns to Alexis.

 ”Alex, I don’t want to put Her Highness through any more hardship. Why don’t we go back now?”

 ”Okay. Then, Lorenzo”

 Alexis spoke to Lorenzo, who was standing beside him with his arms folded.

 ”I’m sorry, but I need you to help me fold up the camp”

 ”Yeah, sure”

 Lorenzo replied and began to quickly fold the curtain.

 By the way, the three of them seemed very calm, even though Alexis and Fransisca had been doing such a thing just a few minutes before, separated by a cloth curtain, and even though they could have heard Fransisca’s voice. Do they have any feelings at all?

 Alexis’ doubts seem to have appeared on his faces, and Sara says, “Oh,” and smiles smugly at Alexis.

 ”You see, Sara and the others didn’t hear anything. I’ve cast a spell [Voice Transfer]”

 [Voice Transfer] is a magic that transfers a voice from one place to another. Probably, Alexis and Fransisca’s voices were delivered to the depths of the dungeon where only monsters exist.

 ”I see… you are very clever…”

 When Alexis admires her, Sara says, “Well, I am an adult who has bitten both sweet and sour,” and puffed out her flabby chest. This loli girl who is tall enough to be used as an armrest is saying something.


 Seeing Alexis’ expression of wanting to say something, Sara’s face turns to one of discontent.

 ”What is it? Are you thinking of something rude right now, Alexis? I’m helping you in so many ways, isn’t that too much?”

 ”Ah… I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 Alexis was in a hurry to apologize.

 While Alexis was having such a conversation with Sara, Fatima noticed that Fransisca’s legs were shaking and helped her to the wall.

 ”Your Highness, why don’t you at least lean against the wall and make yourself comfortable?”

 ”*Pant* *Pant* T-thank you…”

 Fransisca breathlessly thanks Fatima.

 In fact, the suggestion is helpful, as she is about to fall to her knees.

 ”…Ahaa *Pant* *Pant*…”

 Fransisca managed to maintain her posture by putting her body against the wall.

 ”Your Highness, you look like you’re in pain…are you sure you’re okay?”

 Fatima looks at Fransisca with concern.

 ”I’m fine… just leave me alone, I’ll be fine soon…”

 Fransisca’s cheeks are stained as she says this, and she looks away with a frown.

 ”I understand…”

 Fatima tried to move away from Fransisca and immediately noticed a discomfort in her stomach.

 ”…Hmm? Your Highness, your stomach feels a bit…”


 Fransisca blushes and puts her hand on her distended lower stomach, but when she does so, the semen inside is pushed out from her vagina, and the pry-pad inside her vagina is about to come out.

 The next moment, a tingling, numbing pleasure shot up her spine.


 Fransisca’s body trembles, and she slumps down on the floor, unable to stand it. She has just reached her climax.

 (I, I, in front of everyone, noo…!)

 Fransisca wanted to cry, but as usual the senses were not helping.

 Soon she was shaken again by the chirping and shaking of the semen that was stimulating her from the inside.

 ”Fugu, gghh, mmm…”

 The trembling of her whole body was unbearable, but she managed to keep her voice down by biting her lip.

 ”Your Highness!”

 Fransisca stilled the panicked Fatima by holding out her palm.

 ”――Haaah, haaah, haaah, it’s okay, it’s okay…!”

 She yells in a hushed voice, but Fatima is taken aback.

 ”B-But, Your Highness, your belly looks swollen. S-Sara should take a look!”

 ”No, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’ll get better if leave it alone…!”

 Fransisca’s speech shows that she has completely lost her composure.

 Seeing this, Alexis thought, “Fatima, don’t poke her too much,” but Fatima doesn’t seem to be familiar with this area. Unable to resist, he decides to help Fransisca.

 He pulls Fatima’s hand and pulls her toward him, and talks to her.

 ”You know, even princess don’t like to be touched. You know what it means?”

 ”That’s… true”

 Fatima nodded her head and her cheeks became flushed, as if she was thinking about something.

 Meanwhile, Lorenzo seemed to have finished folding the camp, and he nodded his head as he put the bag on his back.

 ”We’re all set. Anytime we are ready”

 ”Okay. Then, Fransisca, you take care of the rest”


 Fransisca nodded and pulled a pendant from her chest, though she was still out of breath.

 With this, the team left the dungeon.

* * *

 Once outside the dungeon, Alexis stretched out wide, “Hmm,” after checking to make sure everyone was there.

 ”We didn’t get much done, but it is inevitable. I guess we’ll ride back to the fort with the horse-drawn wagon for the rest of the day”

 As soon as Fransisca heard the word “horse-drawn carriage”, she was jumpy.

 (W-will I be able to withstand the vibration? In this condition…? I-Impossible? Impossible!)

 Fransisca had reached her limit.

 So she quickly stumbled toward Alexis and clung to him saying.

 ”Alexis-samaaa, p-please. Please, do something about this first, please forgive me!”

 It seems she no longer cared what people thought of her.

 After all, Fransisca cried pitifully to Alexis and repeated the words “please” and “forgive me”.

 ”H-hey, Fransisca”

 Alexis was shocked, not expecting this kind of behavior.

 And her three vassal wondering, “Did he do something to Her Higness?”

 Alexis looked around around with a sense of alarm. Fortunately, this is a forest.

 (It can’t be helped… I would have liked to see Fransisca in trouble more, but I’m afraid that her vassals would stab me if I try any more. Rather than that, I should just make her indebted to me now)

 On such a selfish decision, Alexis grabbed Fransisca’s arm.

 ”It can’t be helped… come here, then”

 Alexis said and tried to take Fransisca deeper into the forest. But, Fatima stops him in hurry.

 ”Alex, what will you do to Your Highness…?”

 ”No, it’s ok Fatima, don’t worry about it”

 It was Fransisca who said that.


 Fransisca manages to smile at the worried look in her eyes.

 ”Alexis-sama has done nothing wrong. I-it’s nothing to worry…haha… so, you guys wait here”

 Fransisca then wanders off into the woods with Alexis leading the way.

 ”Y-Your Highness…”

 Fatima bites her lip.

 (No way, I don’t think Alex is the kind of guy who would do something like that to embarrass the princess… but…)

 ”…I’m kind of curious”

 Sara was the one who whispered this.

 ”Recently, Her Highness has been acting strange… I don’t think it’s just because she found out that Alex is a prince… could it be…?”

 Sara was about to speak first, but quickly closed her mouth.

 ”…W-what is it?”

 Fatima urged her to go on, but Sara shook her head.

 ”No, it’s nothing. Maybe I’m just thinking too much…don’t worry about that, okay?”

 Sara smiled at her and Fatima could only nod her head.

* * *

 Alexis took Fransisca to a deserted place and made sure that no one was watching them.

 Then he said, “Okay,” as he unclasped the gauntlet.

 ”Okay, I’m going to let it out, so… lean against that tree over there and open your legs”

 ”L-Like… this?”

 Fransisca does as she is told, leaning her back against a tree and opening her legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. The princess seems to be embarrassed by this pose, and her cheeks are flushed with red.

 Nevertheless, Fransisca waited breathlessly as Alexis walked up to her and put his hand under her skirt, which made her flustered.

 ”Ah… M-my clothes are going to get dirty…”

 ”Then make sure it doesn’t get dirty”

 ”D-don’t get it dirty…?”

 ”Lift up your skirt by yourself, and I’ll take off your panties, but until then, you’ll have to hold the pestle yourself”

 ”Eh… I-it’s embarrassing to do that…”

 To Fransisca, who looked like she was about to cry, Alexis said.

 ”Then, I don’t care. Anyway, just try not to worry about it getting dirty, okay?”


 Fransisca was teary-eyed and clutching her skirt tightly. She seemed to have made up her mind and lifted up her skirt, and then she started to hold the hem of the skirt in her mouth, perhaps to free her hands.

 With her cheeks flushed bright red, she bit the edge of her skirt in her mouth, and with her lower half of her body exposed, she lowered her hands down to the bottom of the skirt.

 ”Fuuh, fuuhh!”

 Fransisca’s hands are tucked into her panties as she breathes heavily, and she seems to be holding them tightly with her hands.

 As she waited patiently, shaking, Alexis reached for her panties.

 As he pulls it off, he finds that Fransisca’s hands are tightly placed on her secret place. After lifting her toes and removing her panties, Alexis murmurs.

 ”Okay, you can take your hands off now”

 ”Hiii, hiii…”

 Again, Fransisca gently pulls her hands away from her pussy.

 Then Alexis’ hand quickly reached out to Fransisca’s secret place.


 Fransisca was startled and tried to close her legs, but Alexis’ says, “Do you want to get dirty?” and she stopped herself.


 Alexis pulled out the pestle that was inserted into Fransisca’s vagina.

 The next moment, cum starts spilling out in spurts.

 ”Fuuuh, fuuguhhh――”

 Fransisca was shaking from the sensation of semen running down from her vaginal walls.

 ”Come on, put some pressure on your belly!”

 Alexis’ hand presses down on Fransisca’s stomach.


 Fransisca’s body twitched, and then, Splash! The white spunk splashed on the grass on the ground.

 As her mouth was opened, her skirt covered Fransisca’s pubic area with a rustling sound.

 ”――Fuuh, ah, ah…”

 Fransisca’s face became pouty and she almost slid off the tree due to the sense of freedom and the afterglow of the pleasure she had just experienced.

 But Alexis holds her and puts his hand on her head.

 ”You’ve done well”

 Fransisca’s heart was filled with an indescribable feeling of contentment when he was patted on the head.


 Fransisca slowly relaxes her body and closes her eyes, letting out an inarticulate exhale.

 (Why? It’s supposed to be humiliating… but why am I… filled with Alexis-sama’s presence so much…)

 Today was a coincidence. It just happened. Still, Fransisca was rubbing her cheek against Alexis’s chest, making the excuse that it was just for the moment.

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