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Chapter 60 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Lose Herself in Sex Day After Day

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Alexis looked thoughtful afterwards

 And in the morning, on her way to the command center, Fransisca prepared herself, of course. She was prepared for all kinds of nasty things today

 More than prepared, she was half expecting it. Fransisca did not mind these moments with him

 ”Good morning, Alexis-sama.”

 Today again Fransisca opens the door of the command center after catching her breath

 Alexis, who was sitting in a chair at the table, is turning the pages of his report with a nod

 It seems that Alexis is still wearing the same difficult expression today as yesterday


 Fransisca sat down in the chair next to Alexis and leaned closer to him

 ”What are you looking at?”

 She put her head on Alexis’ shoulder and looked at the report

 ”Yes, I’m just checking the current status of the defense team, the current troop strength and the current formation…”

 Alexis turns the page as he speaks

 Fransisca is surprised that Alexis did not touch the page

 But, because yesterday and the day before, he had started to do so, saying that he felt light-headed when he woke up and wanted to be refreshed

 Fransisca watched Alexis’ work for a while, and when he started to discreetly wrap his arms around her, she whispered quietly in his ear, “Oh, um”

 ”Isn’t it too early for you to be working…? They say that if you are in too much of a hurry, you will lose efficiency. Well, you know… It’s better to clear your head first…”

 Alexis looks at Fransisca who is mumbling

 His eyes are grinning and Fransisca is relieved to see him as usual

 ”What? Are you so desperate that you want it?”

 Alexis puts her hands behind Fransisca’s back and pulls her into a hug, squeezing her breasts through her clothes

 Fransisca’s cheeks stained with embarrassment at being told to her face that she had been raped

 ”Well, that’s… That’s…”

 Fransisca flinched for a while and then nodded her head with a sigh

 Then she leans her body against Alexis’s and lets out a sweet, debauched sound that only a female who wants do naughty things

 ”Y-Yes. That’s natural… Just looking at Alexis-sama makes me soggy…”

 Fransisca gently put her hand on her lower half

 Alexis thinks that it is not a man who does not do anything when he is so invited

 So, Alexis squeezes Fransisca’s breast with one hand and reaches up her skirt with the other

 He reaches down and touches her secret place, and finds that she is wearing nothing today

 After stroking the soft hairs on her bare pubic mound, he insert his finger into the crevice of her crack



 Fransisca writhes a little

 Alexis continues to scratch his finger up and down in the muck, and Fransisca’s body jerks

 ”Haah, haah. Hwahhh… I’m ready to take the p*nis… in my inside whenever you want …”

 Fransisca opens her legs, breathing heavily

 ”So, what you’re saying is that you don’t care what I do for foreplay, just give you my cock…”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca’s ears are reddening

 This reaction seems to have been apt, and Alexis was a little disappointed

 He felt as if he had been told that he had no fingering technique

 (Well, it is true that my cock feels better than my fingers…)

 Alexis loosens his pants and stretches his dick out from it

 As he sits down on the chair, he moves his cock to Fransisca’s still sagging secret place

 *Squelch, thrust..

 As Fransisca says, it is already ready to receive Alexis’ cock into its hot muddy depths

 ”Ah, hwahhh!”

 Fransisca’s whole body is shaking as she clung to Alexis’s arms with increasing strength. She had no choice but to support her weight with her arms because her waist was about to be shattered

 Meanwhile, Alexis is penetrating the walls of her vagina with his cock and slipping it deeper into the honey pot, while he started to roll up the report on the table again with his free hand

 ”Mmm… A-Alexis-sama, mmm, ah, ah, ah – please be serious, please!”

 Fransisca protests, panting and moaning

 ”Serious? I’m serious, aren’t I?”

 Alexis smirks and pats the report

 Of course, he doesn’t forget to piston Fransisca inside

 ”Hwahhhhhhhh… I don’t mean that…!”

 Sure, Alexis is serious about his work, as she says

 ”No… You have to be more serious… about violating me… hwah, mmm… I don’t like it when you don’t…!”

 Fransisca finally reaches out with both hands and pulls Alexis’ head toward her


 Fransisca kisses Alexis’ face as if she was about to lose her balance and was in a panic to put her hands on the desk

 ”Mmm, kiss, mmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca rubs her body against Alexis’ with an enraptured expression

 ”Haaahhh. Ah, that’s so good, that’s so good, that’s so good!”

 She sucks hard on his lips while her tongue wagging as she speaks

 ”H-Hey. Francis…oh my God…”

 While Alexis is upset by her unexpectedly aggressive behavior, Fransisca seems to be climbing to a higher level by wiggling her hips

 ”Kiss… Lick, lick… nfuu… I’m homing…!”

 Fransisca swallowed Alexis’ saliva as she clung to Alexis’ neck with a look of deep emotion

 She was so desperate that Alexis sighed and said

 ”Huff, it can’t be helped, you little slut. You’re such a slut and a pervert, aren’t you? I’m going to make you taste my cock as much as you want. Come on, you little slut!”

 *Thrust! Alexis thrusts his cock into the depths that he knows Fransisca will surely enjoy

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Fransisca’s hips quivered and shook, and she couldn’t help but pull her lips away from Alexis’s

 ”Don’t call me a slut, don’t call me a pervert, I’m not a slut, I’m not a pervert…”

 Fransisca seems to be unable to stop her hips from moving even as she says this

 She wiggles her hips and shivers, still clinging to Alexis

 ”Ahhh, I’m going to come!”

 Fransisca’s eyes are round and her expression is one of ecstasy

 ”See, that’s what I’m talking about, isn’t it slutty?”

 Alexis pushes his cock deep into her cervix while saying this

 ”Hwahh, Ah, ahhhh!”

 Fransisca seems to have reached her climax at this point, but Alexis’s cock is still rampant inside her womb. The pleasure that rushes through her is even greater than her climax, and she can’t stop it

 ”Ahhhh…. God, it’s amazing, Alexis-sama…! I don’t care if I’m a slut, I don’t care if I’m a pervert…!”

 Fransisca drools and tries to move her hips more, but she seems to be too weak to move on her own anymore

 ”Ahhhhhhhh… please let me cum, please let it out inside me, pleaseee…”

 When she pleads with a lustful expression on her face, Alexis is left with no other choice but to cum

 ”Okay, okay, I’m going to let it out. You’re going to have to drink all of it, okay?”

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