Avalon 92

Chapter 92 [Mage] Teaching Pleasure to a Mage who Tries to be Clerical

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 Alexis was fidgety.

 He had said that it could wait until after the training, but he couldn’t help thinking about Fransisca whenever he had free time. His brother would be here tomorrow, after all.

 (Ah… Damn. In such a case, I should just clear my head…)

 To clear my head, it’s important to take out a shot.

 He was thinking so, but he didn’t feel like waiting in his room quietly, so he was strolling around the fort aimlessly.

 Should he have taken her with him right away? No, but isn’t that a bit too devilish? But still, she’s late…

 As he was walking with this thought in mind, he came across an unusual pair of people just as he was approaching the bathhouse area.

 It was Maria and Valencia. They seemed to be after taking a bath, and they seemed to be talking something in a friendly manner.

 (I thought she was slow on the street…)

 Alexis wanted to let out a sigh, but there was one thing that bothered him before that. It was Maria’s attitude. He had noticed it before, but he still couldn’t see that attitude without Alexis.

 (…Sure enough. It’s called phobia of men.)

 Alexis thought so, but he would have to talk to Valencia for now. Besides, he needed to give her a sermon.

 With that in mind, Alexis walked toward them.

 ”Hey,” Alexis said, and Valencia turned around in a huff, while Maria’s expression suddenly hardened and she became silent.

 (I’m wondering why Maria is in a place like this with all men… But… No, I remember she said that she didn’t volunteer. But anyway, let’s go to Valencia first.)

 So Alexis talks to Valencia.

 ”What are you doing? I said you can keep on working out, but I didn’t say you could stay on the road, did I?”

 ”I-I’m sorry, Alexis-sama!”

 Valencia straightened her posture with a panicked look. She immediately blushes and continues, “Then”.

 ”I’ll be right there. The place is Alexis-sama’s room, right?”

 ”Y-Yes. Have you cleaned yourself up?”


 ”Then let’s go.”


 Valencia nodded her head, pursed her lips, gave Maria a quick greeting, and ran toward Alexis. That’s when it happened.


 Maria opens her mouth.

 Did she hear what Valencia said to her during the conversation, or had she heard it from Valencia before that? She seems to have had a lot on her mind and turns her reproachful gaze toward Alexis with a somewhat tense look on her face.

 ”I-I don’t think… it’s good to be like that.”

 Maria’s voice sounds as if she is about to disappear, but she says what she wants to say. Alexis is amused by her attitude, which seems to be only frightened, but has a hint of strength in it.

 ”V-Valencia-chan said she’s not used to that kind of thing, so… That’s why…”

 In the middle of the conversation, Maria turned her head down, and after that, she stopped making eye contact with Alexis.

 Valencia shook her head in confusion, as if she was aware that she had conveyed something that could be misunderstood.

 ”Um, Maria-san. I’m fine, so you don’t have to worry about me. I told you that I’m a Sagrado, so I have no choice but to obey Alexis-sama…”

 Was that what they were talking about? Alexis wants to let out a sigh.

 Then Maria might take it as a sign that he is forcing Valencia to do what she says.

 ”Oh, um…”

 Maria finally looks up again.

 But she looks a worried look in her eyes as she speaks, “And…”.

 ”Valencia is still young. That’s why…”

 Maria puts her hand on her chest and finally looks Alexis in the eye.

 ”…Could you like to use me instead?”

 She tells Alexis.

* * *

 This is getting weird, Alexis thinks.

 Later, Alexis returns to his room with Maria, not Valencia, for some reason.

 Alexis and Valencia, both of them had refused that it was necessary, but as usual the misunderstanding had not been cleared up.

 As for Alexis, it was true that he did not care about anyone. So, he thought it would be better to accept her proposal than to continue to make the relationship with Maria worse by being stubborn.

 Besides, her frightened attitude toward Alexis might be eased a little.

 After confirming that Maria had entered, Alexis firmly closed the door to his room and went to his chair to sit down.

 He puts one knee on the seat, half cross-legged, and starts to open his mouth, “Well, then…—”.

 It would be too much to ask her to take off her clothes from the beginning, since she seems to be timid. Then, would it be better to let her get used to the body touch first?

 Just when he was thinking about this and that.

 Maria suddenly puts her hand on the loose-fitting robe she is wearing. Then, she undoes the corset-like belt around her waist, and then she slips the robe off her shoulders.

 Alexis opens his eyes in surprise, and Maria drops the belt and the robe at her feet. She was wearing only her underwear underneath, and her negligee was pushed up, exposing her breasts, which were much bigger than they looked through her clothes.

 The transparent crimson negligee and the crimson thong that opened in the front shined against her white bare skin. And, there is a black butterfly “tattoo” on her right side.

 Alexis was stunned at the sight, which was so different from the impression she had given herself.

 Before Alexis’ eyes, Maria undoes the last of the strings that hold her red-plum colored hair in a braid. Then, her hair softly spreads out toward her back in gentle waves. The innocent atmosphere was gone, and there stood a beautiful woman with a unique s*xiness in her pretty impression.

 Only her glasses still worn and her timid eyes insisted that the woman in front of him was Maria.

 Maria looked at the frozen expression on Alexis’ face and her gaze drifted somewhat guiltily, then she whispered, “…did I stutter?”.

 ”Oh, uh…”

 He didn’t know what to say to her in such a situation.

 As Alexis was at a loss for a response, Maria, now in only her underwear, took a step or two toward him.

 ”It’s all right. Please make yourself comfortable.”

 Maria said in a hushed voice.

 ”I have experience, you know…”

 Maria folds her knees in front of Alexis and looks up at him from between his knees.

 ”I think I can serve you well enough to satisfy you, prince-sama.”

 After saying this, Maria smiles thinly, moving only her mouth.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Alexis feels a tugging in his heart.

 H feels something unidentifiable from Maria.

 Unsure of what it is, Alexis watches as Maria puts her hand on his belt.

 Maria loosens Alexis’s belt, slides his pants down lightly, and inserts her hand through the gap.

 Her slender fingers gently stroked Alexis’s p*nis through his pants.

 It was a frustrating but steady touch that made Alexis’ arousal increase.

 As soon as the object started to lean back, Maria’s hands slipped into his pants. Again, Maria’s palms trailed slowly down to Alexis’ glans and then to his backside. Maria’s other hand gently rubbed the back of his balls, as if massaging them.


 Alexis almost let out a squeak.

 Indeed, she had experienced it herself, she said. Sara’s technique was great, but Maria’s was even better.

 Naturally, Alexis’s p*nis begins to swell and stretch.

 Maria seemed to feel a sense of discomfort in her hand, and let out a small voice “eh”.

 In the meantime, Alexis’s p*nis had grown, and at last it crawled out of the gap between his pants and trousers.


 Maria’s face, whose expression was almost unreadable, turned pale at once.


 A high-pitched scream rang out.

 The thing she had thought she had touched was far from what she had imagined, to her astonishment. Then came the horror of seeing such a monstrously deformed creature.

 Maria jumped backward and fell on her bottom on the floor as if she had been knocked out.

 Seeing such a reaction, Alexis felt like holding his head with his hands.

 (Well… that reminds me. Lately all of them accept my dick so easily. I forgot how they usually react…)

 Alexis stands up and clears his throat.


 He says to Maria, who looks stunned and shivers a little after he lets out his voice.

 ”Look. Men’s things vary in length and vigor from person to person, don’t they?”

 ”Not—Not that kind of level…!”

 It was a perfectly reasonable reply, Alexis thought.

 Well, it was rather strange that he had so far been able to wrap up the conversation with that excuse.

 ”Why did the prince-sama…! P-Prince-sama… has the monster of Avalon between his legs…”

 Maria looks at him with a pale face, as if she’s not in her right mind.

 (…Well, it’s true, there are people like this…)

 As he was thinking so, Alexis was waving his tentacles from side to side.

 Anyway, it’s still rude. She pointed at a man’s crotch and called it a monster of Avalon.

 ”So, you dare to mock my p*nis…”

 Maria looks flustered as she replies, “No, of course not!”

 But when her eyes meet Alexis’s tentacle—or rather, when the glans turns toward her—she shrugs.

 Well, Alexis feel sorry for her… But it is Maria who offers to play with him instead. Nevertheless.

 ”Well, I’m aware that you will have to react that way… So, I won’t force you to do it. You can leave if you don’t want to…”

 ”No, no, it’s okay…”

 Maria managed to answer with a trembling voice.

 If she didn’t take care of Alexis, Valencia would have to take care of Alexis… Perhaps she had come to her senses, she was unable to withdraw from the situation.

 ”I, I, I will do my best. So… Please… about Valencia-chan…”

 Maria is frightened, but finally manages to speak.

 Alexis admires her spirit of self-sacrifice, but it makes him feel like a villain.

 (I feel guilty…)

 He thought so, but Maria is not going to back down.

 So, he has no choice. Alexis thought that the only thing to do was to be as gentle as possible so that she would not be frightened.

 ”Well, if you’re so scared, why don’t we start by getting you used to it?”

 ”No, I’m fine. Don’t worry… that’s what I’m here for…”

 Maria says so, but when the tentacle close to her, she shrugs and says, “Oh, um… It’s not going to bite me, right…?”

 ”Don’t worry, my thing doesn’t have teeth.”

 Hearing Alexis’ answer, Maria finally reaches out her hand fearfully.

 She traces the glans several times and says in a muffled voice, “Ah… R-really…”.

 ”Well, except for the stretching, it’s like a normal p*nis… but here, it’s not really a mouth, is it…? It’s like other man.”

 Maria peeks into the urethra with fear.

 She then answered, “I-Indeed,” but her persistent rubbing of the glans with her fingertips caused cowper’s fluid to seep out.

 The moment she sees it, Maria’s expression becomes tense, “Hey…”.

 ”It’s drooling… I-I’m right, it has mouth…!”

 She looks at Alexis as if he’s a liar. But Alexis answered hurriedly.

 ”Hey, it’s just like a normal p*nis, except for the fact that it stretches and moves for a number of reasons.”

 ”I don’t think you can call it normal when it stretches and moves…”

 ”Good grief…”

 Alexis let out a sigh as Maria continued to complain.

 ”So, what the hell are you doing here?”


 Maria comes to her senses and rushes to sit on her knees in front of Alexis.

 ”I, I am here to serve prince-sama…”

 Maria answered in a timid manner with her gaze drifting to the floor.

 The way she answered made Alexis feel uncomfortable. —Even though, it’s best if they can talk quickly.

 ”Of course. Then you’ll have to do exactly as I say, won’t you?”


 Maria nodded her head in a fearful manner.

* * *

 After that, Maria spread the Cowper’s fluid on her palm and handled Alexis’ p*nis in a fearful manner.

 But soon she regained her composure, perhaps convinced that it was really no different from a man’s p*nis, except that it could stretch and move.

 Maria opened her negligee to the left and right, and put Alexis’ p*nis between the cleavage of her breast. Then she rocked her body back and forth and handled Alexis’ cowper-soaked cock. Occasionally, she flicked the glans with the tip of her tongue.

 Alexis exhaled and reached out to touch Maria’s breast, but she brushed his hand away.

 ”…It’s okay. You don’t have to do anything, just let me do it…”

 With these words, she silently tries to lead Alexis to higher ground without looking up.

 Maria did not say a word, but just continued to serve Alexis’ p*nis with her breasts, hands, and mouth.

 Alexis feels his p*nis certainly felt good. Every time his p*nis, which had been made slippery by the Cowper’s fluid, was moved back and forth so that the soft breasts were scraped by her, the pressure of the p*nis enveloped the body like a sensation of debauchery. The tip of her tongue also skillfully twines around Alexis’ glans and urethra, giving him a tingling sensation of pleasure.

 If left to her own devices, Alexis would be able to ejaculate. However…

 (…I’m missing something…)

 Really, this situation of just being fucked one-sidedly is somewhat work-like.

 Maria doesn’t seem to feel any better.

 He reaches out his hand once again, and again she shoves his hand away. Then she says again, “It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about me…”.

 She says this in a subdued voice, but her eyes are still locked, and Alexis guesses that she may not really want to be touched.

 If this is the case, it may not be a good idea to touch her by force.

 Maybe he should be led to ejaculation quietly. Still, it is not enough.


 His thoughtful attitude leaked out into his voice.

 Maria stopped moving suddenly, and then she murmured, “Umm…,” she said.

 ”I’m sorry… Would you prefer it this way…?”

 Maria pulls his manhood out of her breast and stands up.

 She pulled down her panties to her knees, and picked up Alexis’ p*nis and put it on her own secret place.

 ”Oh… Hey!”

 Alexis noticed this and tried to stop her, but Maria continued to guide Alexis’ p*nis deep into her pussy.

 ”Ah… Ggh… Ugh, ugh…”

 Maria’s eyebrows occasionally raised in pain. No wonder. She had inserted it before it was even wet.

 ”Hey. If it hurts, you don’t have to…”

 ”Uh… N-No. Haah, haah… it’s okay. It’ll get wet while I move… Haah, haah…”

 Maria was gasping for breath, but it was more obvious than fire that it was because she was biting back the pain, not because of arousal.

 Still, Maria continued to grab Alexis’ p*nis and piston it herself. For a while, Alexis was stunned and let her do her thing, but as she said, she started to get wet and finally started to move back and forth smoothly.

 However, Maria was still lying on her face, using her genitals as if they were tools, and working silently.

 (…Wait a minute)

 Alexis had an epiphany.

 (Now that my dick is inside Maria, I can move it around and stimulate it as much as I want…)

 Alexis thinks it’s a good idea.

 If she is going to be stubborn about finishing the job, he can just make her feel good with this inserted thing.

 In general, her s*x is too strange. She doesn’t seem to like it very much, but she knows how to handle a man’s object. Her strange attitude is so stuck in his heart that he can’t enjoy it from the bottom of his heart.

 (—Then, I’ll make it so that she can enjoy it…)

 Alexis thinks so and starts to move his p*nis.

 First, he traces the vaginal wall with the glans, and then he explores the place where she seems to be comfortable.

 Maria seemed to notice the strange movement of the cock inside her, and she was shaking herself tremendously.

 ”Eh… Ah…”

 Maria looks frightened and turns her eyes to Alexis for a moment. She wonders what it is that she is inserting. She must have realized that it is not just a phallic object, but a deformity.

 ”Ah—no… stop…”

 Maria turns pale, probably because she does not know what is going to happen.

 Thinking that he could finally see her reaction, Alexis plays more inside her.

 When he pushes the upper part of the entrance, which is slightly beyond the entrance, and vibrates it with his glans, a moan escapes from Maria’s lips.

 Feeling like he had found the right place, Alexis gives it a little shake.

 ”Ah. Ah, ah…”

 Maria let out a muffled voice and trembled.

 ”No—Don’t, stop it…”

 Maria’s brow furrows and tears begin to form at the corners of her eyes.

 Then she shakes her head in fear.

 ”No, no more… Ah, ah. T-That. That…. Ah…”

 As he saw the modest but clear response, Alexis felt a sense of satisfaction. He thinks that it is not in his nature to be the only one who gets comfortable.

 Maria tries to squeeze Alexis’ p*nis with both hands, but this does not stop the movement of Alexis’ p*nis.

 She says no, no, no, but gradually the corners of her eyes start to droop, her knees start to shake, and finally she slumps to the floor from a standing position.

 Then, with Alexis’ p*nis in her vaginal hole, she keeps letting out a little voice, “Oh, oh…”.

 ”Stop, don’t—Ah, ahh, ahhhh—!”

 Maria’s body finally shook violently.

 Maria turns her chin away as if she can no longer stand it, and her whole body trembles for a while.

 ”Ahh—nghhh—… ah, ah—… “

 As usual, her voice sounds like she’s biting her tongue. But from the way her vagina tightened as it spasmed and twitched, she must have reached her goal.


 Maria sighs heavily and shakes her head.

 ”—No, no. No, not like this… W-Why won’t you come? No, no…”

 Maria’s eyes were teary.

 She continued to sit up and move her hips, trying to get Alexis to come higher.

 But Alexis wanted to see Maria’s reaction a little more, so he held back his arousal and continued to stimulate Maria’s sensitive areas.

 ”Oh… Oh, oh…”

 Sure enough, Maria’s reaction soon came out.

 ”Haah—This, this is… —Ah, ah…”

 Maria finally falls down limp, and her body shakes violently.

 ”Ahhh. Oh, no, stop… Ah, ah, ahh—”

 Maria could no longer suppress the look of debauchery on her face.

 Saliva trickled from her open lips, wetting the floor.

 She tries to apologize for this, but she can’t, and is led to another climax.

 ”Ahh… Ah, ahhh…!”

 This time, Maria’s reaction was a little louder.

 For a while, her body trembled and shook. Her vaginal hole was also tightening up to Alexis’s cock with a twitching sensation.

 Of course, Alexis was Alexis, and he couldn’t hold back any longer.

 ”Haah, haah… I’m going to cum…”

 After Alexis refused, he shot his load into Maria.

 Maria shuddered again as she became aware of the hot sensation of a large amount of cum being poured into her with great force.

 ”Ah-What? Ah, ahhhh…”

 Even the amount of liquid that poured in one after another was clearly in the realm of the deformed.

 Maria was frightened, but she was aware that her vagina and uterus were trembling urgently with the hot sensation.


 Maria looked at her distended abdomen and then relaxed her body.

 Then she closed her eyes with a bitter look on her face and muttered in a muffled voice, “You liar…”.

* * *

 In the end, it seems that the attempt to ease Maria’s attitude toward Alexis has failed.

 ”…Prince-sama is a liar… Wh-Wh-Which part of it… That was normal p*nis…?”

 Maria said with tearful eyes and quickly put on her clothes, then ran out of the room.


 Alexis was left alone in the room, sitting on the bed.

 Really, she could have at least smiled a little bit, but it couldn’t be helped. But what can be done is what can be done.

 And her attitude, she seemed to be very angry. It seems the distance between them has been rather opened up.

 (Although it depends on Fatima’s condition… we are going to be in the same party for a while. I was hoping we could get to know each other a little better…)

 As for her, it’s not going to be easy…

 Alexis sighs thinking this.

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