Avalon 93

Chapter 93

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 A dreadful morning has arrived.

 ”Ugh… if only noon didn’t come forever…”

 That’s what Alexis really thought.

 After all, his fifth brother, Jerome Garland Krangal, is scheduled to arrive this afternoon.

 And having to meet his brother would be a hassle for him. Plus he will have to come up with an excuse for not reporting in.

 (Huff… I have no idea what to do. I was busy screwing yesterday.)

 He is usually a random person.

 And, Fransisca, who came to the command center later than Alexis, said to him, who was sitting on a chair wrinkled brow in the morning, “…Um”.

 ”Is it okay to leave the bed like that? I wonder if Jerome-sama will question you about it…”

 Fransisca pointed out to Alexis that it was necessary to cover up its presence in a corner of the control room.

 ”…Call the men. I’ll get them to carry it out.”

 ”Ah, yes, I understand, and…”

 Fransisca smiles.

 ”Alexis-sama don’t want it either, do you? To be honest…. At least you want to look good, don’t you?”

 Alexis’ response to Fransisca’s question was, surprisingly, “Well, In fact, I don’t mind it”.

 ”From your attitude, you mind it.”

 Alexis rested his elbows on the table and rested his chin on the back of his hand.

 ”Well, the other guy is my brother, okay? You know him too, don’t you?”

 ”Yes, that’s true, but…”

 ”And first of all…”

 ”First of all?”

 Alexis growled seriously at Fransisca, who blinked at him.

 ”…My father will kill me if he finds out you’re doing too much.”

 ”I-Is that so…?”

 ”Well I haven’t told him that you made me a guardian before.”


 Alexis said to Fransisca, whose face was tightened, “And then”.

 ”…I also didn’t report that you treated me roughly in various ways. I mean, you know it right—”

 Fransisca choked as Alexis looked at her.

 ”In other word—now you’re living on the edge of the wind, where I just say a word and they’ll cut off the support,” said Alexis. But, Alexis let out a sigh against Fransisca.

 ”…—Still, I’m sure I’m going to be the one who gets the biggest kick in the ass when they find out that I’m making you my slave…”

 He muttered like this.

 Hearing his words, Fransisca felt relieved. She was convinced that he had no intention of reporting what had happened at first to his home country.

 Nevertheless, just to be safe, she told him.

 ”Oh, um, Alexis-sama, I know it’s selfish of me to ask you to do this, but that’s the deal we made when I became slave…—”

 Fransisca mumbles haltingly.

 Alexis nodded gravely, realizing what she meant.

 ”—Yes, I know. You don’t want me to report what happened, do you?”


 ”…—Well, then it’s a simple matter. Do you understand?”

 Alexis puts his palms on the table and looks straight at Fransisca.

 Fransisca gulped and nodded.

 ”I suppose that—”

 ”…An accomplice… No, an equal partner. Fransisca, until my brother returns, you and me—”

 ”…Yes, I understand. I mean, you don’t want him to know we’re together, do you?”

 ”…Thank you for understanding me so quickly.”

 Alexis was relieved.

 But Fransisca seemed to remember something.

 ”…That. But what about the others in the fort? I think everyone knows…”


 Alexis says her name with a sigh.


 Fransisca gulped, wondering what he was going to say this time.

 After all, they had just had a fight the other day, and the awkwardness was still there. Even though it was her own fault, he hadn’t asked her out yesterday.

 While Fransisca watches with bated breath, Alexis says.

 ”…Gather the main troops and the men in charge immediately. Now. Let’s discuss it… now!”

 ”Y-Yes!” Fransisca nodded hurriedly.

* * *

 While they manage to arrange the meeting and keep up appearances, noon arrives.

 As Alexis and Fransisca wait restlessly in the command center, Jerome Garland Krangal finally appears.

 He walks into the command center with one of his knights in tow, wearing a helmet that completely covers his face and flashy armor.

 His shiny light-blond hair, which is completely different from Alexis’, is sparkling, and is done in a moustache-wolf style. Only his eyes are green, reminding Alexis that he is related to him by blood, and the way he smiles with squinted eyes enhances his innocent face like his mother’s, making him look much younger than his age.

 Despite his sweet face, his arms and legs are long and tall, and he wears a fur-lined white coat of the same tight silhouette over his tight suit-like clothes, which further enhances the length of his arms and legs.

 ”Whoa—it’s dazzling! You are dazzling…!”

 This is what Alexis says with an exaggerated reaction at the opening of his speech, causing the young man to raise his eyebrows involuntarily.

 ”…You know, Alexis? I know you do this every time, but…. Are you making fun of me?”

 ”No, I’m not. I’m just jealous of you, like I always am. You’re my aniki, after all.”

 ”Aniki, huh…? You’re always bad-mouthing me. I told you to call me Onii-sama, didn’t I?”

 Seeing Jerome’s fresh smile, Alexis couldn’t help but mutter “…Disgusting…”.

 ”I mean, what’s with this Onii-sama… you expect me to say such a line with this face of mine? I’m going to throw up…”

 Alexis looks up at the ceiling with a pale face.

 Somehow Fransisca understood why he tended to avoid his brother.

 As Fransisca is looking at Alexis, Jerome walks up to her.

 Jerome kneels down in front of Fransisca, who is standing, and thanks Fransisca with an exaggerated gesture.

 ”It’s been a long time, Princess Fransisca,” Jerome says, looking at Fransisca and smiling briskly.

 Alexis did not miss Fransisca’s gesture of taking a half step backward with an embarrassed look on her face.

 ”…It’s been a while. Thank you for your hospitality. How is King Krangal?”

 Fransisca managed to smile and replied to Jerome.

 ”Yes, thanks to you,” Jerome laughs.

 ”The other brothers are doing well too.”

 ”I see. …Are you mad at me?


 Hearing Jerome’s answer, Fransisca looks somewhat relieved, “…I see,”.

 ”…What? Is something wrong?”

 Alexis, unable to suppress his curiosity, finally asks a question.

 Jérôme stood up and laughed, “No, nothing”.

 Alexis then looked at Fransisca and said, “Hey?” to which she also nodded her head, which made Alexis feel confused.

 ”…Something doesn’t feel right. You guys look like you’re keeping this as a secret between you two….”

 Since they are brothers, Alexis can’t help but say what he thinks without hesitation.

 ”No, it’s not like that…”

 Fransisca looks back at Alexis in a hurry, while Jérôme laughs, “What are you talking about?”.

 ”Don’t you have a lot? You know, “your own secrets.””

 Alexis kept his mouth shut after hearing him say that.

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