Avalon 186

Chapter 186 [Mage] Ejaculating from a Frustrated Mage’s Blowjob

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 Without pulling out from inside of Maria, they had started the second act in the face-to-face sitting position.

 His p*nis did not seem to stand for a while after ejaculation, but Alexis kissed Maria again, this time with his hands on her breasts.

 Maria’s eyes narrowed in fascination, and her tongue began to entwine with Alexis’ aggressively.

 ”Mmm, mmm, *Kiss.* Mmmm—”

 When he lightly pinches Maria’s nipples, her body shivers, and trembles.

 ”*Kiss*—Haah. It’s so frustrating…”

 Maria mumbles in between the parting of her lips.

 ”Why?” Alexis responds, and Maria says, “Because…”

 Maria pauses her words there and puts her lips on his again.

 Then she twirls her tongue around his, slurps his saliva, and after a few moments, separates her lips and finally answers.

 ”I have never felt such a good feeling when kissing a man before…”

 Maria says with a fascinated expression on her face, but with a look of unconvinced.

 ”I-I see…”

 Alexis nods his head and feels awkward at the same time.

 (Maria used to be a prostitute…)

 He had the impression that she had contempt for the s*xual act. In fact, she must have contempt for it. He can see it in the frustrated expression on her face from time to time. However, he doesn’t think she would feel bad about being called “only me”.

 Therefore, Alexis does not feel like pointing out the fact, and he again locks his tongue with hers.

 As they kiss, again and again, Maria leans her body against Alexis and begins to stroke his balls with her hands down to help his erection.

 Maria’s use of her hands was exquisite, and Alexis let out a moan.

 In no time at all, the p*nis regained its energy, and Maria parted her lips and smiled.

 ”Haah, haah, haah… Then, do it again… please”

 With her expectant eyes, Alexis has no reason to refuse her.

 ”Yeah, okay”

 Alexis moves his p*nis in the same way as before, giving Maria the pleasure she is looking for.

 Maria shudders and her face shows a hint of ecstasy.

 ”Haah, haah, Prince-sama. The second one is great, too…”

 Alexis responded lightly to the whispering, “Thanks a lot.”

 ”Ah… I’m cumming again… Ahhh…”

 Maria shuddered and reached her climax, and then she kissed Alexis’ lips lightly this time.

 ”*Kiss…* Geez, what a prince you are…”

 Alexis thought he had done something wrong when she lightly scowled at him, but it was not so.

 Maria’s complaint was just resentment.

 ”I hate that you have a p*nis that can easily make a woman climax…”

 ”Hey… you said you’d stop complaining about it, didn’t you?”

 ”Ah… That’s… that’s not fair. It’s too one-sided…”

 ”…If you want something one-sided, then just do it one-sidedly too”

 Maria must have been annoyed when Alexis smiled thinly.

 ”Well, then, I’ll make you feel good too…”

 As if she had said that, Maria slowly raised her hips and pulled out the p*nis from her vagina, though she bit her lips regrettably for a moment.

 Alexis, sensing her intention, also helped Maria’s action by shortening his p*nis.

 When the p*nis was pulled out, a cloud of white fluid poured out from Maria’s gaping vagina. Maria gets down on the floor and kneels down without wiping it off.

 The white slime is still trickling down her thighs, creating a white pool on the floor.

 Maria, however, put her hands on Alexis’ p*nis covered with his semen and her love juice, and then she started to flick her tongue on it.

 Maria cleaned Alexis’ p*nis with her tongue, and then she “sniffed” it into her mouth while her vagina was still overflowing with white fluid.

 Now, Maria’s tongue was wrapped around his p*nis.

 With a sizzling sound, the semen left in the urethra was sucked out along with the cowper fluid.

 ”Kuh,” Alexis gasped.

 Maria’s tongue was exquisite.

 Not only was his whole p*nis sucked and he could enjoy the sensation of her oral cavity, but also her tongue was twirling around his cock and stroking the sensitive spots.

 ”Haah, haah!”

 Alexis felt a rush of ejaculation.

 Maria’s tongue was very skillful, even though she was only playing with him in this way.

 With a p*nis in her mouth, Maria said something.

 ”Ohhihaa. Ohhaha, hahihe, hihefu hahahe”

 ”Prince-sama. If things go on like this, you can let it out,” she said.

 ”…Well, even if you don’t tell me, I’ll still do it…”

 Alexis felt bad. He felt as if he was being rolled in the other’s palm, and he did not like this kind of one-sided action.

 Probably, Maria might have had the same feeling when she was penetrated by Alexis.

 Still, the thrill in the lower part of his body swells up as if it would burst. He felt pressure in his lower abdomen.

 ”…Kuh, it’s out…”

 Alexis said, and Maria nodded.

 Then Alexis spurts out his second load into Maria’s mouth without hesitation.

 Maria had no intention of swallowing Alexis’ semen from the beginning. So, she just opened her mouth to catch it, but did not stop it from trickling down the edge of her lips.

 Maria was sitting naked on the floor, so the white fluid from her mouth quickly flowed down her neck, between her breasts, to her abdomen, and to her secret place.

 The pool of semen, which had originally overflowed from Maria’s vagina and soaked the floor, spread further.

 Looking at the p*nis, which continues to ejaculate while jumping up and down, Maria gives a melted smile.

 She then pulls his p*nis out of her mouth and kisses the tip of his p*nis with her palm, which is still flowing with a cloud of white fluid, on the pole.

 ”…Fufu. I made you cum this time, didn’t I?”

 Maria gave Alexis a very satisfied smile.

 And having finally finished ejaculating, Alexis was now pissed off and replied, “Well, yeah.”

 ”For every one time you make me cum, you cum with my dick more times than you can count, right? And you’re still covered in my cum, aren’t you?”

 Maria looked down at her body and saw that it was covered in white.

 She would be miffed again and grumble bitterly. But as Alexis thinks this, Maria’s mouth relaxes and she says.

 ”…Yes. I was defiled by Prince-sama, wasn’t I?”

 ”I don’t know what you mean…”

 As Alexis sighs, Maria looks up and turns her head to look at Alexis.

 ”…It was Prince-sama who taught me how to appreciate men. You know, I didn’t know that a p*nis could feel so good, or that a man could be so kind”

 ”Hmm… What?”

 Alexis wonders if he’s done something wrong.

 But then, Maria put her mouth on the tip of the p*nis again and swallowed the white fluid left in the urethra. Then she murmured in a small voice, “…it’s bitter.”

 ”Well, maybe…”

 When Alexis nodded his head, Maria touched his p*nis with her hand still stained with the white stain.

 ”I-I hate this taste. …But I can drink again if it’s from you”

 Maria then flicks her tongue over Alexis’ p*nis, cleaning it.

 ”Yes, it’s clean”

 After nodding, she whispered.

 ”…From now on, if you want to have s*x, you can call me”


 Alexis asked, half in disbelief.

 Maria’s cheeks turned red and she turned her face away from him.

 ”I-I said,” she said, her words getting stronger.

 ”… I’m willing to play the prostitute for you!”

 Maria looked up again and stared at Alexis.

 ”D-Do you mind it? Don’t you like it?”

 She had a very quarrelsome attitude.

 Alexis smiled, thinking that for a while she would not be able to balance her anger and her desire for him.

 ”…No, I don’t mind. But if you don’t want to do it, then I don’t like it”

 ”…Then, it’s okay. I don’t mind doing it too. I don’t know why. But I don’t mind…”

 Maria looked down.

 Rather than hiding her embarrassment, she might have been thinking about it. Perhaps she was still not clear in her mind.

 Still, Alexis put his hand on Maria’s head.

 She did not mind at all. So he stroked it slowly and silently.

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