Avalon 185

Chapter 185 [Mage] She Grumpily Invited to Screw Her, so They Do It in the Sitting Position Face-to-face

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 Morning is still far away.

 Beyond the darkness, there is a sound of clothes being rubbed against the floor.

 ”Mmm… uhh…?”

 Alexis was still awake in the dark room.

 It seems that he had fallen asleep while sitting on the sofa. He feels a pain in his back. It made him feel like he had not slept at all. But when he looked up to sleep on the bed, he saw Maria’s face in front of him.

 When he looked into her unglazed green eyes, Alexis had a thought.

 —Oh, I had put Maria on my bed.

 Then he would have to sleep on the sofa. Even so, there must be a more comfortable way to sleep.

 So he tries to lie down, but he can’t move. And Alexis realized that he was now sitting up, and that his pants and underpants had been pulled down to his knees without his knowledge, and that Maria was naked on his bare knees.


 He couldn’t help but let out an upset voice.

 Maria seemed to notice that Alexis had woken up and looked into his face.

 Their eyes meet.

 ”…Prince-sama. Are you awake?”

 Maria smiles thinly.

 ”Wh-What are you doing…?”

 Even Alexis couldn’t shake her. It’s no wonder. He never expected Maria to behave like this. Rather than being excited, he was more alarmed.

 Indeed, he could feel her plump ass against his thigh. When Maria moves, her large breasts also hit his chest.

 It is hard not to notice the softness of her breasts. However, he wonders whether he should touch her unnecessarily or not.

 ”Prince-sama,” Maria whispers.

 ”…please be still. I will… make you well”

 Maria’s hips start to move loosely.

 Her pussy is pressed tightly against Alexis’ p*nis, and it is moved back and forth.

 Her already moist crack clamps down on Alexis’s cock, making a quiet, wet, tapping sound.

 ”Ugh…—Wait, Maria…”

 Alexis’ brow furrows as pleasure rises in his lower half.

 Still, Maria breathed quietly and kept moving her hips.

 ”…Mm, mmm. Haah… How do you like it? Prince0sama…”

 Maria’s eyes are fixed on Alexis.

 She was not only not wearing her glasses but also wore her hair down.

 Her soft white skin was tightly pressed against Alexis’.

 ”Kuh… W-What are you thinking…?”

 Even so, his p*nis swelled up and started to move in a blink of an eye.

 This is an irresistible force.

 ”Maria. You don’t want to do this with me, do you?”

 Maria’s expression turns miffed when he mentions this to her.

 ”…Yes. But Prince-sama… you don’t do anything for me…”


 ”Mmm—Haah, haah… yes. Nothing… even though I slept unprotected in the same room. You didn’t touch me at all….”

 Maria is rubbing her pussy against Alexis’s p*nis, her breathing becoming more and more labored.

 ”Even though I was waiting for you… Haah, haah… What are you thinking, Prince-sama…?”

 Seething, Alexis remembers the absurdity of the situation.

 ”Wh-What do you mean…? I mean, you don’t like that kind of thing?”

 ”T-That’s true… But… Mm, mmm”

 Maria did not stop moving her hips. Not only that, she put her hands on Alexis’ back.

 ”Haah, haah… Your cock, it moves so well…”

 Maria points out, her eyes melting.

 Alexis’s p*nis does not stay still but wiggles spontaneously in the face of physical pleasure and arousal.

 This stimulates Maria’s secret parts nicely as her crotch is being fucked and she lets out an amorous gasp from time to time.

 ”Haaah, haaah… —Oh, it’s rubbing against me…”

 ”Aren’t you the one rubbing against it?”

 Alexis points out, and Maria replies, “Yes, I am, but….” After a pause, she adds.

 ”Well, it’s not that, it’s… ummm…. I mean, Prince-sama’s p*nis, it moves…”

 ”Well, that’s true, if you get your pussy pressed up against it, it’s going to move. By the way, can I put it in?”

 Alexis asked, and Maria nodded.

 Alexis positioned the glans, thinking that it was okay to do so.

 ”…And don’t be bitter about it later, okay?”

 ”Haah, haah. How… how about it?”

 Maria smiled at him, and Alexis said, “I won’t put it in if you’re going to be bitter about it.”

 ”Mmm… I, I understand. I won’t. So…”

 As if urging her to do so, Maria presses her clitoris more forcefully.

 Alexis extended his p*nis and inserted it into her vagina while she was still on her knees. It was already wet enough, so the p*nis slid in.

 ”Ah, ahh—”

 Maria’s hips jumped up and down.

 ”Haaah—haaah… Move it. I want you to grind my pussy with your cock, while I rock my pussy”

 Maria begged as she rocked her hips, and Alexis let out a sigh.

 ”…Really. What’s going on here?”

 However, Alexis was not so satisfied.

 Maria’s vagina was wet and soft, and it was clamping down on her like a tangle.

 ”…Okay, I’m going to move it”

 After the preface, Alexis move it as he told.

 Of course, Maria’s body trembles immediately.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

 Maria’s voice was full of ecstasy.

 ”Ahh—Prince-sama, ah, ahhhh!”

 Her eyes, rapt and ravishing, were fixed on Alexis from a close distance.

 Watching Maria’s face, thinking that she had spontaneously made this kind of expression, Alexis couldn’t help but cover her lips with his.


 He held the back of Maria’s head when she tried to pull her face away, and dug his tongue into her oral cavity.

 ”Hwaa—Mm, mmm, *Kiss*—Mmm—”

 Maria’s body shakes repeatedly, and finally she closes her eyes and accepts Alexis’ tongue.

 While their tongues entwined with each other, Alexis stirred his p*nis inside her vagina, which was equally entwined with his tongue.


 A deep breath escapes from Maria’s lips, and her body convulses several times. Maria’s arms cling to Alexis and her body twitches several times. She seems to have reached in the middle of the kiss.

 Watching her, Alexis pulls his lips away from hers.

 Maria’s face is completely melted, and her stringy saliva drips on the edge of her lips.

 ”Haah, haah, haah—I, I came first..”

 Maria seemed somewhat frustrated as she mumbled.

 ”…What are you going to do? Do you want me to finish? Or should I make you come again?”

 Alexis was a little proud of himself as he lightly moved his p*nis while it was still inserted.

 Maria gives him a look of obvious annoyance.

 ”Wh-Why do you ask me that?

 ”Because you wanted my dick, didn’t you?”

 Alexis wiggles his dick inside Maria.

 Maria’s body jumped up.

 ”Haah—ahh, ahhh! Oh, don’t move me… there’s still a lingering sensation…!”

 ”But that’s good, isn’t it?”

 Maria exclaims, her brow furrowing as Alexis smirks.

 ”Ugh… ugh… S-Stupid!”

 She puts her hands on Alexis’ shoulders.

 ”Oh, you…! If you’re a gentleman, be a gentleman and let the lady shake you…! And then, stretch out your nose and let the woman squeeze your cum out of you…!”

 Maria began to move her hips up and down.

 ”Haah, haah—Mmm—J, Just let me, just let me do it…!”

 Maria’s eyes were filled with anger.

 Yet, her expression quickly slips again, and her mouth slackens.

 It was probably because of the movement of Alexis’s p*nis in her vagina.

 —Seeing this, Alexis thinks that it is a very difficult task to be told to stop. After all, her vagina is ripe and she knows how to take a man’s cock into her mouth. It’s so tight and she squeezes the p*nis from all sides as if she is licking it.

 So, when the p*nis feels good, it wiggles around in the vagina. Besides, it can’t be helped because the p*nis is tentacle-like.

 ”Haah, haah—uh, no. No!”

 Maria repeats, “No, no, no,” as if mumbling, and finally, she stopped moving her hips.

 Though her big swinging movements are very pleasurable.

 But Alexis’ p*nis does not stop even if she stops.

 He know exactly why Maria has stopped moving. Still, he places his dick on a hard spot deep inside her and shakes it to transmit vibrations to it.

 Maria’s body shook and trembled in an instant.


 This time, she arched her back, her whole body stiffening and convulsing.

 After shaking for a while.

 ”Ah, ahhh…!”

 Maria hugs Alexis again, letting out a voice that can’t be described as disappointment.

 ”Haah… This, this is a foul, after all…”

 Maria seems to have finally come to the point of giving up, and she just rocks her hips back and forth.

 ”Can’t you move your hips up and down like before?”

 Maria’s hip movements were so nice that Alexis made a suggestion to her.

 But Maria shakes her head, “…no.”

 ”I can’t stand up anymore. I can hardly move…”

 After this declaration, she rests her head on Alexis’ shoulder.

 ”Prince-sama, you’re amazing… Y-You’re the only one in the world who can do this to me…”

 At the sound of Maria’s shy voice, Alexis felt his lower half of his body become more energetic. As the blood rushed to his lower body, his pleasure increased.

 ”…How do you say that, you bitch?”

 When Alexis pulls Maria’s hips closer, she shivers, probably because her whole body is sensitive from the afterglow.

 ”Haah, haah. B, Because…”

 Maria looks away awkwardly.

 When she doesn’t say anything, Alexis contracts his p*nis and pulls it back to a shallow position. Sure enough, Maria started to look at him hungrily.

 ”Ah… P, Prince-sama…”

 Maria sighs sadly and Alexis responds, “I’ll leave you to it.”

 ”If you don’t answer me properly, I won’t give you my cock.”

 ”Ah, no.”

 Maria bites her lip in frustration.

 ”…I’m not going to let a man’s cock drive me around…”

 After a few more mumbled words, Maria finally gave up.

 She looked up and started to gaze into Alexis’ eyes.

 ”I, I mean… y, you’re the only person in the world I’ve ever wanted to fuck, you know… I, I mean it, okay…?”

 In a muffled voice, Maria made a muffled excuse.

 Yes. To her, it was probably just an excuse. An excuse for not wanting to be thought of as the kind of woman who wants a man’s p*nis so badly.

 But to Alexis, it just sounds like, “I want to have s*x with you.”

 ”…I see.”

 Alexis smiles thinly and inserts his p*nis into her again.

 ”Ah, ahhh—”

 Maria smiles ecstatically.

 ”I understand— Why other people want to have s*x with you. Oh, ahhh… After all, me, too…”

 Maria’s hips tremble with a rush of pleasure.

 ”I’m going crazy, too, I’m going to be thinking only about your p*nis. I’m like that, others will be more and more like that… more and more like that… Idiot!”


 She adds the word “idiot” at the end, even though her whole body is shaking from the hard thrusts of the p*nis.

 With a smile on his face, Alexis exhales.

 ”Even so, you still don’t like me, do you?”

 Maria’s tightness tightens as Alexis moves his p*nis and shakes it. And a tingle rises in her lower half.

 ”You want my cock even though you don’t like me, don’t you?”

 He points out, and Maria nods her head with a melted expression on her face.

 ”I want it… I want it, but you won’t give it to me. This is impossible… that’s why I’m acting like this…you’re disgusting to make me act like this! Idiot, idiot…!”

 Maria wraps her legs around Alexis’ back. She moves her hips and shakes her body again and again.

 ”Haahh, I’m such a fool… Mmm, please kiss me, Prince-sama, do it again like before…”

 Maria opens her mouth pleadingly and sticks out her tongue.

 Alexis flicked his tongue against her tongue and covered her lips with his.

 Maria shuddered and came a third time.

 This time, Alexis could not hold back his ejaculation and spewed it into Maria’s body.

 Maria didn’t make a disgusted face, but let out a heated sigh and clung to Alexis even more.

 ”Prince-sama—*Kiss* *Kiss.* Mmmm, Prince, sama…”

 She licks off Alexis’ saliva, calling out to him at intervals and entwining their tongues together in a dream.

 Maria seemed to be into kissing as well as into his p*nis.

 So Alexis continued kissing her profusely until he finished ejaculating.

 Eventually their lips parted and their tongues finally parted. Maria looks lonely as she watches the threads of saliva leave her body.

 After he had finished spewing out his load, Alexis’ p*nis became smaller and smaller inside Maria.

 Maria’s abdomen is bulging out from the semen, and she remains still and silent as she hugs Alexis on her lap.

 After a while of silence in that state.


 Maria turns bright red and opens her mouth in embarrassment and regret.

 ”Do you want to have s*x with me again?”

 Alexis couldn’t help but giggle.

 ”You’re the one who wants to, aren’t you?”

 Maria’s expression immediately turned sullen.

 Before she could say anything, Alexis answered, “Okay, okay.”

 ”Okay, just one more time, okay? Just one more time, I’m going to cum in you.”

 Maria’s face lightened up for a moment, and soon she looked miffed.

 ”I’m not really the type to do this kind of thing, you know?”

 ”Yes, yes I know…”

 ”No, really, it’s only for you, Prince-sama… I feel so good only with you…”

 Maria’s face turns bright red. However, she can’t move her hips as big as she did at first because of her slackness. She just shakes her hips.

 ”…I think you are moving in the wrong direction…”

 Alexis blurted out, and Maria scowled at him, “…did you say something?”

 To this, Alexis hastily replies, “Nothing.” Then, noticing the sensation of his p*nis swelling up again, he decides to comply with Maria’s request.

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