Avalon 157

Chapter 157 [Princess-Maiden, Maid, Female Knight] Having a 4P and Semi-Lesbian Play in the Bathhouse

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 Alexis was invited to join the four women in the bathtub.

 On the way there, they half-heartedly argue over who should wash Alexis’ body, but when they are done, he finally soaks himself in the bathtub.

 ”I’m tired…”

 Alexis looks up at the ceiling and mutters so. Yes, he is tired.

 It was more tiring than going into the bathtub one-on-one to say hello to him from the beginning. Anyway, he didn’t expect to start a little argument over the right to wash his body.

 Fortunately, there was no aggressive person in the room. So, he did not have to worry about being jostled.

 Instead, the outer atmosphere of the place was relatively calm and relaxed…which sounds better. Still, it was a situation that demanded mutual understanding while silencing each other’s true intentions.

 Because it was too much of a hassle to put himself in the center of the tense atmosphere, the quiet struggle ended with a single word from Alexis, “I’ll clean it by myself.”

 For the note, the only one who did not participate in the fight was Sara, who said to Alexis, who went to the bathtub ahead of her, “You look like you’re having a hard time.”

 She seemed to have finished her own business quickly and was relaxing.

 ”Huff…” Alexis sighs quietly.

 It is really nice to be popular with a wide variety of women. But sometimes, he realizes that a surprising amount of heartache is involved. Such is the case now.

 ”If you learn from this, why don’t you stop playing around so casually?”

 Alexis did not expect Sara to give him such advice. Even though she seemed like an easygoing person.

 ”Let’s not do that. After all, the fun is just beginning, isn’t it?”

 Alexis was soaking in the bathtub and watching the three women chatting while they were washing up. Do they get along well with each other or not? Well, they must be good friends fundamentally.

 ”A 4P would be nice today… and I haven’t done that much yet…”

 Looking at the fresh female bodies this way, his lasciviousness is aroused. And before he knew it, he was smiling.

 ”Oh… I’m not in the headcount, am I?”

 Sara muttered with a wry smile.

 ”Well. You’re avoiding me, aren’t you? I don’t force myself on women who don’t want to be with me”

 Alexis responded.

 ”Hmm… well, that’s…”

 Sara was not sure what to say.

 As she does so, she twirls her wet hair around her fingertips, which has slightly spilled out of the towel she is holding up.

 She lets out a muffled “hmm,” in a timid manner.

 ”…What? Are you?”

 Alexis was surprised by Sara’s attitude and thought for a while, but then something hit him, and he grinned.

 ”What? Do you really want me to do it? You’re not as honest as I thought you’d be”

 ”Well, that’s not what I meant…!”

 Sara’s cheeks flushed, and her voice grew slightly louder for a moment.

 Soon after, she turns her head away from him with a blank expression.

 ”…Well, you’re right. I’m trying to avoid getting into “that” kind of mood with Alex-kun. —That’s… what I’m talking about, you know? Because…”

 Sara turned her head down and said in a hushed voice.

 ”…I can’t help it. To be honest, I’m not very good at s*x with you…”


 Alexis choked on her words and blinked his eyes.

 Basically, it was a rare glimpse of the true face of the usually aloof and elusive Sara.

 ”…Hey, you. Come to my room later”

 Alexis told Sara with a grin.

 ”Eh…!? A-Alex-kun? Did you hear what I just said?”

 Sara disapproves, but she knows exactly what he’s asking her to do.

 ”I’ll let it slide for now. Is that okay?”

 Alexis says this and then gets out of the bathtub, noticing that the women in the washroom have finished their work before he knows it and is still chatting with each other.

 ”How long are you guys going to keep digressing? You asked me to come here, is that what this is about?”

 Alexis calls out to the three women who have turned around, and by removing the towel from his waist, he shows them the part of his body that has begun to stretch out.

 Fransisca smiled shyly and asked, “Do you want to be served?”.

 Alexis answered, “Of course,” and Fransisca nodded and knelt in front of Alexis. She takes the extended p*nis in her hand and kisses the glans.

 She extends her tongue and starts to lick the underside of the cock as she does with a popsicle.

 ”…Mmm, mmm…”

 Francisca’s eyes soon widen, and she seems to have lost all awareness of anything but the p*nis in front of her.

 Then Fatima walked up to Alexis.

 Her cheeks were flushed, and she said only “…me too if you’ll excuse me,” Then she got down on her knees and began to give oral services to Alexis’ long p*nis, just as Fransisca had done.

 Seeing her sister like this, Valencia seemed to have made up her mind.

 ”Well then, I’m going to do the same…”

 She said with a bright red face and knelt down in front of Alexis, just like the other two, and put her hands on the floor and started to caress his p*nis with her tongue.

 Fransisca is in the center, Fatima is on her right hand, and Valencia is on her left, kneeling down to serve Alexis’ manhood.

 All three are sucking at the same time. Alexis’ length and freedom of movement allow him to perform this trick.

 Watching a woman kneel down and do as he pleases is always a pleasure. And this time, it was all three of them simultaneously.

 ”Hey, guys!”

 Alexis was giving them instructions on the spur of the moment.

 ”Now give me a breastjob”

 After Alexis smiled and said so, the three of them looked at each other with puzzled looks.

 ”Eh… like… like this?”

 Fransisca confidently leans toward Alexis and presses her breast against his p*nis. Then Fatima moves in to pinch his p*nis between hers, and Valencia seems to follow reluctantly when Fransisca beckons her.

 Alexis’ p*nis was pressed against the three breasts from three different directions.

 Perhaps ticklish from the breast-on-breast contact, the girls shudder and give each other puzzled glances.

 That’s probably true—none of them has the propensity to get aroused by female-on-female activities. It should be so. Therefore, embarrassment and perplexity must come first.

 However, when Alexis says, “Do it,” they obey.

 When Alexis urges them to “do it more properly,” they move more, even though they are puzzled.

 Their soft breasts are pressed against each other, changing their shapes.

 Although they are still hesitant in their posture, their breathing is becoming ragged, as if rubbing against each other is stimulating them.

 Alexis smiles at the girls’ mixed reserve and decides to give them a new instruction.

 ”—Oh, by the way, it’s not good that I’m the only one who feels good, is it? Sorry, sorry.”

 After this preface, Alexis says, “So…”.

 ”Touch each other’s pussy and make each other feel good. I’ll allow you to do that”

 Sure enough, the girls choked up.

 Fatima was the first to speak, “Oh…uh, Alex?”

 ”I can’t do that, as expected… I’m only doing what I have to do because it’s against you. But I’m not going to dishonor Her Highness”

 ”If you don’t like it, you could do it with your sister…”


 Fatima exclaimed.

 Valencia is her own sister by blood. She would have a different kind of resistance than she did to Fransisca.

 But Valencia’s reaction was.

 ”Ane-sama… It’s okay with me”

 She says this and touches Fatima’s hand on the floor with a somewhat feverish expression on her face.

 ”Alexis-sama’s orders, I’ll do anything. So does Her Highness. Don’t you, Ane-sama?”


 Fatima can’t say anything back.

 For her, it’s not good that she’s so preoccupied with the task that she forgets what she’s supposed to do. She almost said it.

 Besides, Valencia, her sister, is a knight for the princess. It’s crazy that a knight for the princess should obey the order to defile her.

 Fatima wants to say so but can’t say anything when she sees Alexis’ face.

 In the end, she’s just like them. She is a slave for Alexis, and she has been completely corrupted.

 ”…if Her Highness says it’s okay”

 In the end, that was Fatima’s compromise.

 Fransisca blinked, surprised that she had been given the authority to decide.

 ”Mmm… I… I…”, Fransisca said, sounding troubled. Then she begins to be silent.

 ”Well, what do you think?”

 Finally, Alexis was urging on.

 Fransisca turns red and turns her head, “…I’m okay with it”.

 Immediately, Alexis lifted the corner of his lips and said, “Then.”

 ”Make sure I can see it, okay?”


 Fransisca gave a slight nod, kissed Alexis’ p*nis, and then reached for Valencia.

 Fransisca’s slender, white fingertips traced a path between Valencia’s closed legs.

 The sensation of being gently traced by the woman’s delicate fingertips seemed new to Valencia. She was startled, then her ears turned red.

 Valencia leaned forward and tried to focus on Alexis’ pieing to cover her embarrassment.

 However, Alexis says, “You must return the favor, okay,” Valencia also reaches for Fransisca.

 ”Y-Your Highness. Please forgive me”

 She said she would obey Alexis-sama, but she was sorry.

 In response to Valencia’s apology, Fransisca shakes her head and opens her legs slightly for her touch.

 Their breasts are still pressed against Alexis, and their fingertips touch each other in their most sensitive places.

 ”Mmm—mm, hmm, haah…”

 ”H-Hah, ah… this… might be… wrong, Your Highness…”

 It didn’t take long for them to react.

 Women know each other well enough to be aware of the weaknesses of the female body.

 The pleasure and lust that was rising gradually made them hesitant. Still, they could not relax their hands or interrupt their work because of Alexis’s order.

 Their faces were becoming increasingly debauched, and they were breathing hard and letting out a gasp while holding Alexis’ p*nis between their breasts.

 ”Fatima, you too!”

 Alexis urged, and Fatima, who had been hesitating until the very end, finally moved.

 ”E… Excuse me, Your Highness…”

 She refused once, but she finally pressed her breasts, which had been separated for some time, against Alexis’s p*nis. Fransisca smiled at her and reached her hand toward Fatima.

 Fransisca’s hand was about to touch Fatima’s inner thigh, and Alexis saw that Fatima closed her legs nervously.

 ”Fransisca, I have good news for you. Fatima likes the back hole better than the front”

 ”Oh…that’s true,” Fransisca responded.

 At this, Fatima’s face changes color as she feels the fingertips move.

 ”Eh… Y-Your Highness! Don’t—no, that one’s fine…!”

 As expected, she can’t let the hand of the princess in her service touch the dirtiest part of her body.

 And Fatima turned her reproachful eyes to Alexis and opened her tightly closed legs.

 But when she sees Fransisca’s hand reaching out to her, she is relieved and feels self-loathing for having opened her legs to be touched by the princess.

 ”Nn, …uh… Your Highness…”

 Fatima seemed more restrained or self-loathing, with an indescribable expression on her face.

 Alexis noticed this and patted Fatima’s head.

 But that doesn’t mean she will abandon seeing the two women in front of her.

 ”Fatima, your princess is busy with you. Don’t you think your sister misses you too? Touch her”


 Fatima bites her lip and reaches for her sister.

 ”Ane-sama,” Valencia says, moving her body close to Fatima’s so she can easily touch her.

 ”Let’s make each other feel good together, okay? Mmmm…”

 Valencia’s face is enraptured, and she accepts Fatima’s hand in her secret place without hesitation.

 ”—Haah, hmm, hmm. Alexis-sama is going to see us… Mmm… mmm…”

 Valencia seems to be all set.

 But soon, it becomes clear to Fatima why.

 Under Alexis’s licking gaze, the three women are exposed to the lasciviousness of the other three. Although there is some embarrassment and resistance, Alexis’ eye is even more pleasurable.

 Besides, it was not a bad experience for the three of them to share their Lord’s p*nis.

 They lick each other, getting coated with Cowper’s fluid, and pressing their breasts against his p*nis. They could no longer tell whether the saliva on their faces was from each other or Alexis.

 And as their fingertips carefully move around each other’s secret places, they start to make a wetting sound and eventually wet their fingertips and legs.

 They realize they want to be penetrated because they are of the same s*x.

 So, a slender fingertip is inserted into their vagina without anyone’s notice.

 But the woman’s finger is thinner than the p*nis and even thinner than the man’s.

 ”…—Alexis, sama!”

 Finally, Fransisca turns her wet, upturned eyes toward Alexis and begins to beg.

 ”I can’t take it anymore. I want Alexis-sama to touch me. I want you to put your cock in me…”

 Fransisca is panting and moaning, her voice desperate.

 Fransisca and the other two girls are looking at him hungrily.

 ”You guys are such sluts. I can’t believe you need a man to satisfy you”

 Alexis smiles, his lips lifted in satisfaction.

 Just as well. Alexis’ cock is also aroused by the three of them simultaneously giving him a breast job and a blowjob, and it’s ready for some penetration.

 ”Well, who should I put in first? Let’s see. I’ll pick out a pussy for you”

 Alexis said, and Fransisca, Fatima, and Valencia all got down on all fours with their backs to Alexis and lifted their asses high.

 In this way, Alexis, who was standing, could see them from their private parts to their assholes.

 Everyone’s thing is so wet, and the vaginal hole is so tight that it seems ready to swallow a p*nis at any moment.

 ”Well, let’s take it in turns to get fucked”

 Alexis put his hand on the rightmost Fatima’s butt and inserted his cock into her vaginal hole.

 Then he extended and retracted his cock, thrust up the back of the vagina, and stroked the walls vagina.

 ”Ahh, ahhh—”

 Usually, he only touches her anally, but the act of making her touch him between the two women may be a way of making her impatient. So, she responds relatively sensitive to his touch.

 Now, Fatima crawls on the floor with her upper body and shakes her body.

 ”Hwah! Ah! Ahh!—”

 Inside her vagina, the p*nis is consciously rubbed against her backside. By doing so, Alexis stimulates her bowels as well.

 Seeing that Fatima was about to reach her goal, Alexis pulled out his p*nis and inserted it into Fransisca.

 She, too, seemed to be waiting for it and let out a loud shaking sound.

 In Fransisca’s case, the depths were thoroughly developed. Therefore, Alexis inserts it halfway to the opening of the cervix. Then he makes it shallower and shallower as if trying to hurry the process.

 Fransisca seems aroused by the repeated thrusts to the point before the expected point, without getting the pleasure she expected.

 ”Ahh, ah, ah…! Alexis, sama—!”

 While shaking her hips, her knees buckling, and her hands on the floor, Fransisca’s face is filled with ecstasy.

 She moves her hips to push her ass against Alexis as if she is about to climax or wants to reach the depths of her body.

 However, at that moment, Alexis pulls out his p*nis and inserts it into Valencia.


 Valencia lies down and accepts Alexis’ penetration with clenched teeth.

 ”Huh! Ah! Ahh, so hard!”

 Alexis’ pistons seemed to be very stimulating, including the fact that she was rushed and she was shaking and shaking her body.

 ”Haah— I’m cumming…!”

 Valencia had tears in the corners of her eyes and a smile of ecstasy on her face. But Alexis was pulling out his p*nis again.

 After having fucked them all this way, Alexis was spraying their bodies with cum as much as he wanted.

 He made them cum to the limit without bringing them to climax. Perhaps because of this, the girls seemed to climax by being drenched with semen.

 After each reached climax, they lay down on the floor in a limp state.

 They enjoy the afterglow and catch their breath in the white slime. This seems to feel good, too, as their eyes are vacant, and their bodies are twitching.

 Alexis was also satisfied and said to them, “Okay.”

 ”Now that we’re refreshed let’s cleanse ourselves again and go back to the hot tub.”

 The girls let go of their consciousness and nodded vaguely, “…yes”.

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