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Chapter 158 [Loli Doctor] Violating and Infantilizing a Female Doctor Who Wants to Take the Lead.

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”…Too slow,” Alexis growled

 This was the private room assigned to him in the mage garden box

 Alexis sat down on a chair at a table set for one, folded his arms, and waited for a while

 ”Well, I knew this was going to happen…”

 Yes, he knew this was going to happen. He had predicted this in advance

 After all, it was Sara against whom he was not going to get what he wanted


 Alexis gets up from his chair. There is no point in staying here forever

 It’s going to be morning before he knows it. …Although morning and night would not be recognizable in Avalon, there is a difference in brightness between morning and night, as if there is a pseudo-time in the mage garden box

 Even so, the light does not dim down to night’s darkness but only to dusk’s dimness. Even with the room light dimmed, the scenery is still dimly visible, and it is easy to recognize the other person’s face

 Now, Alexis opened the door, went out into the hallway illuminated by the wall sconce, and started to wander

 He had just finished his shift as a guard, and Sara’s guarding time should be over. Although there are no other restrictions, he cannot take the trouble to do so. There is the problem of sleeping time too

 (Should I have done it after returning from the dungeon? …No, in her case, the longer I put it off, the more it will be forgotten…)

 However, just when he thought it would be too much trouble to look for her, he found Sara

 Naturally, she was not far from Alexis’ room

 She was looking out of the big open window facing the corridor at the garden in a daze

 When Alexis called out to her, “Hey Sara,” she turned around without seeming to be upset

 ”Oh, Alex-kun. Do you want to see it too? The moon is beautiful tonight.”

 Sara smiles at him, and Alexis says, “…oh, no, it’s not.”

 ”…Oh, did you find out?”

 Sara smiles mischievously

 ”Hey, you…”

 Alexis sighed

 ”I told you to come to my room later, didn’t I?”

 ”Oh, were you serious? I mean, you had done it in the bathroom. You’re so eager.”

 ”Don’t you know how eager I am for that?”

 ”Well, I don’t know.”

 Sara smiles at him

 As usual, she is always trying to make people feel uncomfortable

 ”Well, you haven’t done it lately, have you?”

 Alexis grabs Sara’s hand

 ”But, I’m not your slave like the other girls, okay?”

 Sara says with a smirk


 Alexis loosens his grip on her hand

 That’s true if he thinks about it. Lately, he had felt that basically, any woman in his vicinity could be his partner


 If that’s the case, why doesn’t she refuse to go to the same bathroom with him? She doesn’t even try to shake his arm, and he doesn’t feel much rejection from Sara..

 ”You hate it?”

 Alexis asks, and Sara gives a small laugh as if she is about to blow up

 ”What? Do you want to do it with me so badly?”

 When she asks him that, Alexis is very reluctant to answer


 He tries to say no, but then he thinks, “No, wait a minute…”

 It’s true that nowadays it’s easy to get laid with anyone. But that’s only the case these days. For most of his life, if he had the chance to be asked, was he the kind of guy who, given a chance, would say no? Of course not

 ”I wanna do it.”

 When he said it clearly, Sara looked shocked

 ”Eh… Uh, well…”

 She looked upset for a moment, probably because she didn’t expect to be told so clearly

 Well, Sara has a habit of controlling others and gloating about it. The way Alexis turned back to her must have upset her more than she could see

 ”Hmm… I-I see.”

 Sara immediately smiled and nodded, but it was too late

 ”—So? You’re not going to play with me?”

 Alexis smiles and asks

 ” Is my p*nis no longer of interest to you as a research material?”

 ”Well… that’s…”

 Sara smiles

 ”…No, not at all, you know? But…”

 Sara’s lips are closed, vaguely

 Her reluctance to answer may be due to what she had said earlier

 —I-I’m not good at having s*x with you, to tell you the truth..

 This statement is probably the reason why she did not come to Alexis’ room frankly and why she is still reluctant to answer

 ”Hmm… Uh, still, let’s not do this, shall we?”

 Sara said softly, but Alexis shook his head

 If this is the case, he’d like to push her hard. Should I push her hard? Alexis thought

 ”Is that okay? Or what? Have you got someone you want to protect?”

 ”…You know, Alex-kun. I’m not that kind of girl.”

 Sara chuckled in an unintentional tone

 Then she seemed to think about it again for a while

 ”…yeah, okay.”

 Sara nodded

 ”Well, I don’t have a choice. If you insist… But I’m not really up for it, you know? That’s true, okay?”

 ”Well, I don’t know about that.”

 Alexis grinned back

 This was payback for her earlier attempt to smirk at Alexis


 Sara looked somewhat dissatisfied

 ”…it seems that you’re really interested in my ‘childish’ body, huh? If you insist, I’ll play along with you, lolicon-kun, but only if you behave yourself, okay? Do you understand?”

 She puts her little chest out as if she were talking to a child and points her little hand at Alexis’ face, extending her index finger

 To say that Alexis doesn’t complain about her older attitude would be a lie

 However, he smiles back and says, “Okay,” for the time being

* * *

 In the end, Sara was probably reluctant to let Alexis take the lead

 Alexis could clearly sense this even after he took her to his room

 ”…You know what, Alex-kun?”

 Sara turned around when she saw that the door was closed and spoke to Alexis, who was about to take off his armor and go to bed

 ”You must be very quiet today, okay? When you take off your armor, stay on the bed, okay?”

 She said this to Alexis while she was alerted by his movements. She is cautious

 ”Yeah, okay,” Alexis says, sitting down on the bed and looking at Sara

 ”Should I take these off, too?” he asks Sara, picking up his own clothes

 Sara smiles, “Yes.”

 ”Then, would you mind if I do that?”

 ”Yeah, sure”

 Alexis nods and removes all his clothes, pants, and underwear

 Sara, on the other hand, keeps her clothes on. She is now wearing a healer’s robe over her chainmail, which she uses for dungeon exploration

 She seems to be wearing a skirt under the robe, which means that she could have s*x as long as she pulls down her panties and removes them

 However, she still did not want to take off any of her clothes and walked up to Alexis, who was now naked

 ”You’re not going to take off your clothes?”

 Because of Sara’s short stature, they can look straight at each other only when Alexis is sitting, and Sara is standing

 ”If we can do it like this, it’s okay, besides…”

 Saying this, Sara grabbed Alexis’s still-stretched p*nis with a skillful hand

 ”You know… You asked me to come with you… Hmm, you shouldn’t stand up, okay?”

 Sara moves her face between Alexis’ legs and begins to lick his p*nis with her little tongue

 ”…*Smooch*… Mmm, you have good taste, really…”

 Sara carefully licks Alexis’ dick while she says so

 She gently touches the ball sack, then runs her tongue over the tip of the cock, strokes the underside of the cock, and sucks the oozing Cowper juice

 ”I may not be the same age as you, but my looks are just like this, you know? But you still want me to do it…”

 Sara’s tone was so gentle that it didn’t sound like a complaint at all

 And because of her careful use of her tongue, Alexis soon began to feel comfortable

 Now, as she does, Alexis murmurs, “…Sara,” and puts his hand on her head

 Sara jerked a little, but then she shut up and started licking Alexis’s p*nis again. Soon, the cock began to grow quickly, getting harder and thicker, and Sara pulled her mouth away and smiled at Alexis

 ”—Hmm, are you ready for it?”

 Alexis nodded

 ”Let me touch you too, Sara”

 Sara laughed and said, “No.”

 ”Stay like this, Alexis. I’m going to finish you off, okay?”

 With that, she put her lips on Alexis’ p*nis again

 Alexis’ p*nis swells and grows in length and thickness. It can no longer fit in Sara’s tiny mouth, so she begins to use both hands to handle the rod

 The little girl is working on Alexis’s p*nis between his legs

 Alexis is aroused by this sight and wonders, under his breath

 As he did before, he could force it to do so, but Sara seems to be very cautious now. And if he pushes her too much, he might be used as experimental material in a dangerous sense this time

 For now, he has no choice but to go along with her quietly. No, even if he does so, it would be a shame to let her make him come one way or the other

 So, Alexis speaks up slowly, “…hey, Sara.”

 Sara’s hands and mouth stopped

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