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Chapter 158 [Loli Doctor] Violating and Infantilizing a Female Doctor Who Wants to Take the Lead.

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 ”Hmm, what is it?”

 Sara looks Alexis up and down and smiles at him

 Alexis says, “I want to kiss you.”

 Sara gives a puzzled look, but then she says, “Hmm…,” and then she looks worried

 ”I wonder what I should do…”

 ”Please,” Alexis urged

 ”…but I’m licking Alex-kun’s cock right now, you know?”

 ”I don’t care. You know I’m not the kind of guy who cares about that kind of thing, right?”

 ”Hmmm… W-Well, you’re right.”

 Sara smiles, annoyed

 She is still wary. She is also confused. It’s because she asked for a kiss

 ”Hey. Can’t I?”

 Alexis urged Sara. As much as possible, he acts like a poor little boy. Then Sara, finally willing to let her guard down, muttered, “…I can’t help it…”

 ”Just a little bit, just a little bit, okay? …uh, and don’t move, okay?”

 Sara keeps her right hand on Alexis’ p*nis. Her left hand was on Alexis’ knee, and she leaned forward

 —Sara’s body is so tiny that she inevitably ends up straddling Alexis’ lap halfway

 As she does so, Sara leans forward and presses her lips to Alexis’

 ”Nnnn …*Kiss*”

 She kisses him very carefully, tracing the shape of his lips

 But when she gets this close

 Alexis squeezes Sara tightly and inserts his tongue between her lips


 Sara’s words were interrupted by the forceful thrust of his tongue

 Alexis continues to trace Sara’s mouth, leaving his p*nis still in her hand, and quickly slips one of his own hands under Sara’s robe and then under her skirt

 Sara is startled and tries to move her body away, but Alexis’ hands are holding her tightly, and she cannot move away. Even just one arm is enough of bondage for the petite Sara

 ”—Haah, mmm… *Kiss*… *Kiss*…”

 With her lips covered, Alexis put his hand between Sara’s legs and traced her crack over her cotton panties. Immediately, he realizes that the crack is moist and wet

 ”…Sara, you’re wet”

 Sara’s lips pout before she can respond

 ”Hey, hey. Don’t force…! No one told me you could touch me…”

 Alexis hugs Sara tightly and apologizes, “I’m sorry.”

 ”After all, I couldn’t resist looking at Sara. You didn’t like it?”


 Sara let out another upset voice. Soon after that, she let out a dry laugh, “Hahaha…”

 ”Hey, isn’t this something out of the ordinary? Alex-kun…”

 ”Really? Well, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Sara’s body. Maybe I’ve been starving.”

 ”Hmm…what? Uh…well? What…?”

 Sara is definitely upset

 At this point, Alexis thinks to himself, “Well, that makes sense.” She is not so cautious when she is treated in this way. She is trying to give the impression that she is in a superior position, but it is only on the surface. In reality, she forces her way in. The rest should be done in a casual manner

 ”…okay, let’s do it this way,” Alexis decides

 Before Sara can say anything, Alexis tightens his arms and says, “I can’t do this.”

 ”I can’t take it anymore. I’m sorry, Sara.”

 With that, he reached out his p*nis, pulled it under her skirt, and pushed her panties down

 Sara’s face turns pale for a moment, and she lets out a nasal voice, “Mmm,” as if she can’t help but feel it

 ”—Hyaa, hey! —S-Stop it…”

 Her eyes are now wavering between confusion and excitement, and her voice is weak in refusal

 At this sight, Alexis was sure he could do it

 ”I can, right? Come on, it’s okay, right? Just for a little bit”

 There are few words in the world as unreliable as that

 Sara must have thought the same thing. But for now, it’s okay

 Alexis slid her panties down to the side and slid his dick in

 No, he thought of rubbing it between her small, slippery crack for a while. But it was so wet and slippery that he didn’t need it, and his p*nis slipped into her small vaginal hole

 ”Mmm—Huh?” Alexis also uttered a question mark


 Sara is at a loss for words, with her ears reddening

 The silence is short-lived

 ”…Heh?” Alexis had a smirk on his face before he knew what was happening

 ”What? For someone who didn’t like it, you’re all ready for it here”

 He moved his dick, and Sara’s mouth started to scream, “Hyah! Mmm, ahh,” Her unguarded voice leaked out from her mouth

 ”Besides,” Alexis says as he repeatedly pulls it in and out in shallow thrusts

 ”It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? Even though you’re so wet, your pussy is supposed to be small, but it’s so easy to penetrate without any foreplay”

 When Alexis thrust, “Hwahhhh!” comes out of Sara’s mouth again

 She clung tightly to Alexis’ body, shaking her body and saying, “Okay! I got it! I got it!” she answered, half yelling

 ”I-I’ll tell you—So! Ah! Hwahh—No, stop it, don’t do it so hard—Mmm! Ahh!”

 As Sara tries to lift her hips, but her knees are too weak to do anything but swing back and forth, Alexis slows down the speed of the piston for a little while

 He exhales, and with a big smile on his face, he urges Sara, “So…”

 ”What do you mean?”

 Sara looks regretful and turns her head away with reddish cheeks

 But Alexis speeds up the piston, and Sara says, “Okay, I’ll say it!”

 ”…I-I really want Alex-kun’s cock, but I’ve been holding back… …s-so I put my fingers inside of it a lot and started to thrust it in and out… and it spread…”

 Seeing Sara’s embarrassing confession with her face turned away, Alexis was pistoning his p*nis again

 ”Ohhhh,” Sara said, her body shaking and trembling

 ”E-Even though I told you…! Mmm, hwahh, ahhh, mmmm! Hwahhh”

 When Sara is losing her voice, Alexis can’t help but smirk at her

 ”I can’t keep quiet after hearing such an embarrassing confession, can I?”

 ”That’s why…! Stop, stop it…! I, I’m… crazy, please stop it—”

 Sara clings to Alexis’ body with teary eyes, shaking her head

 ”P-Please stop it—Mmmm—I’m cumming, I’m going to cum, Ahhhhh— !”

 Sara’s body jumps up and down, and she spits out a water stream. Sara lets out a disappointed cry, “Ohhh,” as she soaks Alexis’ lower body and the bed with her panties

 ”Stop it, that’s why I’m going to… pee…”

 Sara whimpers in a muffled voice. Her voice is completely weepy

 ”*Sob*… Uhhh… Stop it… Mmm…”

 Alexis pats Sara’s head as she cries like a child, clinging to Alexis

 —I see. This must be the reason why she didn’t want to have s*x with Alexis

 But Alexis strokes Sara’s head and moves his p*nis further

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s okay to keep going.”

 With these words, he slowly moved his p*nis deeper and deeper into her tiny vagina. Sara shuddered as if she could still feel it after her climax

 ”Mmmm—nghhhh…! But… I… care… about it…”

 Alexis strokes Sara’s head again and again as she cries out, her voice mixed with her own

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 Alexis repeats this over and over while he slowly strokes the tiny opening of Sara’s vagina


 Sara’s body shakes and trembles, even though she is in the middle of crying as if the intense pleasure makes her whole body melt

 ”No, I’m going to cum again, I’m going to cum…”

 However, Alexis just patted Sara’s head as she complained in a weak voice, “It’s okay. Just let it out,” and Sara’s body trembled

 ”Oh, oh, ohhhhhh—!”

 With another climax, Sara seems to have drained all that was left in her bladder

 She looks like she has given up and rests her head on Alexis’ chest

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 She no longer says “no” or “stop…” anymore

 Sara’s expression was so relaxed that she was like a shell of a person who only reacted every time Alexis moved his p*nis

 Then, Alexis said, “I’m going to let it out,” and Sara nodded her head

 When he slightly quickens the movement of his p*nis, he can see another charming sound escaping from her lips, and her mouth is loosening

 ”Haah, mmmm—Let it out, let it out inside…”

 She must have given up her resistance. After all, she can’t even stand up on her hips, but she is clinging to Alexis’ body, rocking her hips, and begging for Alexis to cum inside her

 ”Oh my God. You’re like a child who can’t stand it when I do that”

 But the begging is not a child

 Sara, however, made a bright red face and nodded her head

 Then she turned her face away from him and said, “Yes, I want it…can I have it?” she said in a sweet voice with a lisp

 Apparently, she did it on purpose. And Alexis can feel her vagina tightening, even though she has reached it several times. She is excited to act like a child

 ”I can’t help it,” he giggles, and his dick pulsing wildly as it rises to the limit

 ”I’m going to cum—!”

 Alexis had finally ejaculated into Sara’s vagina

 But it was a small vagina and a small uterus. Soon, a cloud of white cum poured out from the joint, making a new puddle of white cum on the bed sheet

 ”—Kuh, haah!”

 Sara straddles Alexis’ knees, straddling him more deeply as she shifts her posture, gasping with ejaculation

 Then she gives him a mellow look and says, “—Hey.”

 ”Can you kiss me? Can you…?”

 Sara’s request is still lispy, but unlike Alexis’ earlier one, it has no tact

 Alexis nodded his head, and then he covered Sara’s lips while letting out the last drop of his cum

 Sara kissed Alexis for a while, shaking in ecstasy and ecstasy, and then calmed down after a while and started to let go of her body

 ”…Um. Can you forget about today, please…?”

 Her voice was not childish like before

 Sara turned away her flushed face that she could not get rid of, grabbed her wet skirt, and quickly left Alexis’ room

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