Avalon 142

Chapter 142 [Princess-Maiden] 69 with the Princess-Maiden who Wants to Keep the Protagonist All to Herself

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 That night, Alexis received a knock at his door.

 He was in the middle of muscle training before going to bed, but he stopped his work and said, “What is it?” Then he heard a voice through the door.

 ”I’m here for a night visit, Alexis-sama”


 It’s easy to tell who it is just from the sound of the voice.

 ”Your night visit is always so abrupt”

 Alexis growls as he opens the door.

 Fransisca is wearing a cloak and tilts her head, “Is that so?”.

 ”Pretty much. If you want to do it, it would be better if you ask me frankly…”

 With these words, Alexis invited Fransisca into his room and sat himself on the bed.

 ”…But, Alexis-sama, you say that it is wrong for me to ask for it and that I should be punished for it… Maybe this way of saying it is smoother”

 Fransisca lowers her eyebrows in trouble.

 ”What are you? Are you using that line as a code word for getting into bed?”


 Fransisca tilts her head at Alexis’ interpretation.

 ”…Really,” Alexis muttered to himself.

 In fact, it was about time to do something about it.

 ”Okay, Fransisca,” he beckoned.

 ”Since you’re here, I’ll play with you.”

 Fransisca’s face lit up, and she came up to Alexis, saying, “I would be honored”. She flings off her cloak and leans against Alexis in her negligee.

 Fransisca’s soft white skin is pressed against Alexis’ chest through the robe.

 ”Alexis-sama, please kiss me…”

 Fransisca pulls her face close and asks aggressively.

 ”You’re a slave, and you’re ordering me around?”

 Alexis points out with a wry smile that the situation has turned out to be as promised. Fransisca’s expression turned into an expression of surprise. Alexis smiles at her and says, “I’m going to have to punish you for this, okay?”.

 ”O-Of course you will… But Alexis-sama is not good either”

 Fransisca’s lips pouted in frustration, and she hugged Alexis insistently.

 ”Because you never kiss me unless it’s an opportunity like this”

 Fransisca complains in a whispering voice at such a close distance that her breath catches in the air.

 ”Do you usually want me to kiss you?”

 He asks, and Fransisca says, “Of course I do.”

 She then covered his lips with hers.

 ”Mmm… *Kiss*.. because I…”

 Fransisca’s voice is sweet as she repeats the pecking kisses.

 ”Because I love you”

 She gives Alexis a passionate look, which makes even him blush.

 ”Hey you—”

 As Alexis continues to speak, Fransisca interrupts him.

 ”I-It was unconscious, but… But… half of it is true. I mean it, you know? I’m holding back a lot, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca puts her lips on Alexis again.

 ”It’s not that I’m not jealous, you know…?”

 Fransisca’s voice is slightly tearful as she speaks.


 Alexis is startled but soon realizes that she is talking about what she had said when she was sick in bed and smiles.

 ”You want me all to yourself so badly?”

 ”Yes… I want you, Alexis-sama… Will you let me?”

 The expectant look in her eyes tells him that this is what she really wants.

 Even though he would like to tell her that he’s going to punish her, it’s hard not to be pleased by her earnestness.

 ”…I can’t help it,” Alexis murmurs, stroking Fransisca’s hair.

 ”You’re a lonely one, aren’t you? Well, I guess I’ll just have to give you a taste of my cock, won’t I?”

 As soon as he said that, Alexis pushed Fransisca’s body down and made her sit on her knees.


 Fransisca’s cheeks turned red because of the surprise.

 Her legs were opened by Alexis’ hands to the left and right. Even her private parts and asshole, covered with silver hair and not wearing panties, were exposed in front of Alexis’ eyes.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, don’t look too much…”

 Fransisca makes a muffled sound as she is forced to stare at her embarrassing parts. To her, Alexis smiles thinly and says, “You,” and he adds.

 ”If you want me all to yourself, does that mean I also have you all to myself?”

 ”Eh… yes…”

 Fransisca nodded maturely, her ears reddening as if that in itself was not a big deal.

 ”That means you’re mine. That means I get to see every inch of your body”

 While speaking plausibly, Alexis looks down at Fransisca’s red and ripe secret, which is the opposite of her pure and innocent status as a Princess-Maiden.

 Her legs are opened to the left and right, which extends even the folds of her flesh, revealing the red ripe inner part of her body. The vaginal hole, which has been penetrated many times before, opens its mouth and twitches occasionally as if it is concerned with Alexis’ gaze.

 Then, when he touched the tightly closed and fresh asshole below it with his finger, Fransisca’s body jumped.

 ”Ah… No, please, no, no, that way…”

 Fransisca turns even redder, and Alexis says.

 ”You can’t deny me something that belongs to me, can you?”

 Fransisca’s lips twitched as he said this.

 ”Well, then, Alexis-sama…”


 ”Alexis-sama is mine, too. I’d like you to show me, you know, Alexis-sama’s body”

 Alexis widened his eyes, not expecting Fransisca to say such a thing.

 Well, she might have a point.

 (But it’s no big deal to take off my clothes…)

 Alexis interrupted Fransisca’s posture and took off his own clothes. Then he stripped naked and sat cross-legged on the bed again.

 Fransisca waited quietly, and when she saw Alexis sitting down, she leaned forward and put her cheek on Alexis’ p*nis.

 She kisses Alexis’ p*nis with “…Mmm”.

 After a hot sigh, Fransisca asks him, her eyes wet with arousal.

 ”Are you sure? You are mine just, for now, you know…?”

 ”Yes, that’s fine…”

 Alexis picks up Fransisca and lies down, then repositions himself below her.

 ”Hyaa!? A-Alexis-sama!?”

 No wonder Fransisca sounded upset.

 When Alexis lies down, he pulls her legs up so that her ass faces him and straddles his face.

 Fransisca also kept touching Alexis’s p*nis.

 ”No, stop. This position…”

 ”It’s okay. From here, I can see your pussy.”

 ”—No, don’t. It’s not proper to be straddling your face…”

 Fransisca, red with embarrassment, protests with a trembling voice.

 But when Fransisca tries to move, Alexis holds her legs tight and does not let her go.

 ”P-Please. I’m not supposed to be on top of Alexis-sama…”

 Apparently, Fransisca was not only embarrassed but also teary-eyed with embarrassment.

 She probably feels that the very act of straddling a person’s face is more than vulgar but also irreverent.

 ”I’m yours, aren’t I?”

 Alexis says with a grin.

 ”Then there’s no problem, right?”

 ”Eh, yeah…”

 Alexis reaches his tongue to Fransisca’s secret place and licks it. Then Fransisca feels a tingling sensation, and she lets out “Hyah,” letting her weight rest on top of Alexis’ body.

 ”Haah, haah. No, stop it… It’s dirty…”

 Despite her resistance, Fransisca’s breathing becomes shallow, as if she can’t help but feel the licking on her sensitive areas.

 Fransisca’s reaction is also a part of her shame and reluctance, so Alexis continues the action, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”.

 ”But if you think it’s wrong, why don’t you serve me too?”

 Alexis points out, and Fransisca finally notices.

 ”—Then, mmm,” she said, taking Alexis’ cock in her mouth.

 ”Mmm, mmm. Mmmm…”

 Fransisca was straddling Alexis’ body and sucking Alexis’ cock. However, her actions are interrupted in places by Alexis’ tongue lapping at Fransisca’s secret place.

 ”Nnghhhh—ahhhh, no, no, no…”

 Fransisca removes her mouth from his p*nis and utters a weak voice.

 ”What’s wrong with you,” Alexis grins.

 ”You’re dripping pussy juice all over my face. You’ve got some balls to mess up your master’s face, don’t you?”

 ”Ah—I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Because Alexis-sama…”

 ”Are you going to make excuses?”

 ”I didn’t mean… ah, ah…”

 Fransisca shudders with his p*nis in her hand as if she can’t stand the stimulation.

 ”Look, your mouth stopped working, okay?”

 ”Hwahh… Haah, mmm…”

 Realizing that Alexis would not stop, Fransisca thought she should at least make Alexis feel good, so she took his cock in her mouth again.

 ”Mmm, mm, mmm—ah, ahh—”

 Fransisca’s oral service is interrupted as she is about to suck it.

 ”Alexis-samaaaa, where—ahhhh!”

 Fransisca stops talking and jerks her body.

 Alexis’ tongue, as well as his fingers, are now sliding into Fransisca’s honey pot.

 ”Ah, there, no. Ah, ahhh!”

 Fransisca managed to lift her ass up, but her knees buckled.

 Her blowjob is interrupted, and she manages to hold her knees, which are about to collapse. She has to hold on to her knees; otherwise, she will end up with her pussy pressed against Alexis’ face.

 ”No, hwah… Ahh…”

 No wonder Fransisca is upset. Fransisca is most sensitive inside the vagina. Therefore, if she didn’t refuse, she would soon push herself against Alexis’ face.

 ”No, I’m sorry, no, no… Ah, ahh!”

 Against Fransisca’s will, her hips bucked up and down. More and more of her love juice spills onto Alexis’s face.

 ”No, stop it, I’m cumming, ahhh…”

 Fransisca shows some resistance, her arms and legs shaking.

 ”Are you cumming on my face?”

 When Alexis asks her, Fransisca shakes her head.

 In contrast, however, her vaginal hole tightens around his finger like a cramp, indicating that her climax is imminent.

 Visually, Fransisca’s slobbering hole is seen to open and close repeatedly. Her small clitoris is red, erect, and twitching together with her vaginal hole.

 ”Your cunt is telling me you’re about to cum, you know?”

 ”Ahhh… don’t look at me—don’t look at me so hard…”

 Fransisca shakes her head no. Still, it seems as if she can’t stop herself from getting excited. Fransisca continues to shake her hips.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahh—!”

 She tries to hold back, but she is brought to the climax in a short time. Then, her knees, which had been holding her up somehow, lose their hold, and she falls down onto Alexis’ face with a jerk.

 However, when Fransisca felt Alexis’ nose pressed against the wet spot in the crack as Alexis let out a muffled “—ggghh!”, she apologized.

 ”Ah… I’m sorry… —Hwahh, ah, no, Alexis-samaaaa!”

 Fransisca’s hips would not come up even as she said she was sorry.

 ”No, don’t breathe in there. Ahhhhh…”

 ”Don’t be absurd, you idiot!”

 Alexis then lifted Fransisca’s hips and said.

 ”You’re a real pain in the ass, you know that?”

 Not only Fransisca’s mouth stopped moving, but also her hands.

 Alexis switched positions again and had her lie down on top of him, this time face to face.

 She was breathing hotly, and her eyes met Fransisca’s at close range, still looking blank from the aftermath of her climax.


 Fransisca lets out a muffled voice. After all, Alexis covers her lips with his.

 ”You’ve made my face so slippery. I’m going to give it back.”

 Alexis then dips his tongue into Fransisca’s mouth.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Fransisca must have tasted and smelled her love juice’s sweet and sour taste, but she looked entranced and hugged Alexis tightly.

 She was more than happy to have Alexis’ tongue intertwine with hers.

 Alexis reached out his cock and placed it right in her secret place. Her body shudders.

 ”Haah, haah, oh…”

 He can see her amethyst eyes wet with anticipation, though he doesn’t stop kissing her.

 Then, to meet her expectation, Alexis extends his cock further and slowly buries it deep into the honey pot.

 ”Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm…”

 Fransisca’s body trembles.

 As Fransisca does this, her tongue is entwined more deeply into Alexis’ mouth.

 ”Nnnnghhhh, Haah, Haah, mmm…”

 Fransisca closes her eyes and follows Alexis’ tongue madly, letting out a charming sound from her slightly gaping lips.

 Alexis’ tentacle reaches deeper and deeper into Fransisca’s warm and soft body.

 At the same time, her warm and soft vaginal wall tightens around Alexis’ cock with occasional twitches.

 Now, Alexis was tempted to piston and ejaculate, but he preferred to let the cock go deep into her.

 When he rubbed the head against the tight cervix, Fransisca’s body trembled violently.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh—!”

 Fransisca’s lips parted, and her chin lifted as if she couldn’t hold the kiss.

 ”Ahhh, Alexis, sama… I, again…”

 After saying that, Fransisca put her lips on Alexis again.

 In return, the hand holding Alexis tightened its grip on her.

 Alexis continued to thrust his cock deep into her cervix.

 Fransisca’s body jumps up and down with her lips still sealed.

 Soon after that, Fransisca’s lips parted.

 ”—Puhha, haah, haahh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it…”

 Fransisca turned her eyes to Alexis and clung to him again. She rests her head on Alexis’ shoulder so that her breath falls on his ear.

 Suddenly, Alexis’ p*nis passes through the opening of the cervix and enters the uterus. Enjoying the ring-like tightness and the sucking sensation of her vagina, Alexis stroked the depths of her womb with the head of his p*nis.

 ”Hwah! Ahhh!”

 Fransisca’s reaction becomes visibly more intense.

 ”No, I’m cumming, I’m cumming—”

 Fransisca’s vocal plea hangs in Alexis’ ears along with her heated breaths.

 ”I’m going to cum? Can I cum, Alexis-sama—?”

 Fransisca asks desperately for permission as she presses her lips against Alexis’ ear.

 ”As usual, you have a weak spot here, don’t you?”

 Alexis laughs, and Fransisca’s hug becomes stronger.

 ”Of course— Haah, haah— I can’t stand it with you in me, Alexis-sama! —”

 ”You’re a bit cheeky today, aren’t you?”

 But Alexis was ejaculating inside of her.


 Fransisca turns her chin away with a look of delight on her face.

 ”No, Alexis-sama’s cumming inside me… ahhhhh…!”

 Fransisca seems to have reached her climax, and she is shaking her body, trembling.

 Her vagina spasmed and tightened more and more.

 ”This, Alexis-sama, is so hot! —Ahhhhhh—!”

 Not only the sensation of the cum pouring into her but also the sensation of Alexis’ long p*nis pulsating inside her vagina itself must be a pleasant sensation.

 Fransisca continued to cum two or three times.

 When every drop was inside Fransisca, she smiled happily and dropped a light kiss on Alexis.

 Then she takes a deep breath and smiles.

 ”…Alexis-sama, I have every last drop to myself.”

 ”Well, yeah. I guess you are satisfied, aren’t you?”

 Alexis asked, and Fransisca nodded her head.

 ”With so much sperm in me, I’m sure I’ll have lots of babies.”

 Fransisca smiled at Alexis.


 Alexis was a little surprised but smiled wryly.

 ”…Well, maybe you can do that when we get settled.”

 Fransisca’s face lit up, and she kissed Alexis again.

 ”I’m so happy. Today… is a happy day. I got a lot of kisses…”

 ”…yes,” Alexis replied, patting her head lightly.

 Fransisca’s eyes narrowed as if she was pleased.

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