Avalon 87

Chapter 87 [Female Knight] Make Her Aware of Her Propensity to be Excited by Abuse

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 Alexis, unusually, took off his own clothes, and had a naked Fransisca and Valencia on either side of him.

 He hugged them both at the same time, and was lost in a moment of sentimentality.

 ”…This is the best part, isn’t it…”


 While Valencia was upset as if she was half-donked, Fransisca was very familiar with the situation.

 ”Alexis-sama, Fatima and I are doing well together, aren’t we?”

 Alexis strokes Fransisca’s hair and says softly with a smile, “Yes, but,” Then, he adds.

 ”I’ve never been with another woman before.”

 ”So this is my sister’s seat then…?”

 Valencia had mixed feelings when she realized this.

 Valencia and Fransisca, on the other hand…


 She leaned forward by herself and turned her mellow eyes toward Alexis.

 Alexis pulls Fransisca closer and lays his lips on hers as she requested.

 ”—Mmm, nmu —Nmuu”

 Their tongues intertwine.

 Valencia’s ears were reddening at the sight of their saliva mixing with each other, making noises right next to each other.

 Alexis, who had just finished kissing Fransisca, says to Valencia, “What are you doing,” while she is at a loss as to what to do.

 ”You have a lot of things to do, don’t you? For example, you could be working on my dick. Or do you prefer to just stand there and watch?”

 Valencia comes to her senses and says, “I-I’m sorry, sir!,” she said aloud.

 ”Well, then…”

 Valencia glanced toward Alexis’ lower body. There was the presence of an elongated, gently moving object.

 Fransisca was also rubbing her breasts and moaning comfortably.

 Whether Fransisca or Alexis, they were of a much higher status than Valencia. Seeing them intertwined with each other, Valencia felt uncomfortable because she felt as if she was intruding on two people who were making love.

 Nevertheless, Valencia thinks that if Alexis asks her to serve him, she has to do it.

 ”So, if you’ll excuse me…”

 Valencia bent down and took Alexis’ moving p*nis in both hands, pulled it to her mouth, and held it in her mouth.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Alexis’ cock, already wet with pre-cum, bounces up and down, coating Valencia’s mouth with the fluid.

 It was supposed to be dirty, but perhaps the sense of guilt that she remembered drowned out her disgust, Valencia did not feel bad about it.

 Rather, she felt sorry for disturbing them, which made her existence seem small.

 Still, Valencia carefully flicked her tongue over Alexis’s piece as if she was apologizing for her behavior. It was then that he said.

 ”Valencia, can I have a word?”

 Alexis called out to her, and Valencia replied, “Yes,” taking her mouth off his cock.

 Alexis then lets go of Fransisca and makes her get down on all fours like a dog, and then he enters his p*nis into Fransisca’s vagina from behind.


 Fransisca’s mouth emits a pleasured cry. Fransisca then looked back at Valencia with a concerned look on her face.

 ”Alexis-sama, Valencia…”

 ”Okay, you first.”

 ”Eh—Y-Yes! —Ah, ahh!”

 Before Fransisca could respond, Alexis was tracing Fransisca’s vaginal walls and penetrating her with his cock.

 Fransisca was shattered and was lying on the bed on her back.

 ”Hahh, ah, ahhhh—!”

 Fransisca can do nothing but gasp and moan.

 As Alexis fucks Fransisca, he tells Valencia, who is looking puzzled at his side, “Wait a minute”.

 (Hmm, she doesn’t know what to do. Is it too early to ask her to play?)

 He thought so, so he changed his policy to take turns to play with them.


 Valencia’s eyes started to tear up.

 ”I-I knew it… I’m too difficult for you, right…>”

 She said these words while she was half crying. Or rather, she was already crying.

 Alexis was in a panic.

 ”What!? No, I didn’t say that…?”

 ”Ah, I’m already lose…! I’m— *Sob*!”

 Fransisca heard Valencia’s voice as Alexis stopped moving.

 ”Oh, um. Alexis-sama? Valencia should come first…”

 Fransisca, lying on her side, exhaling on her shoulder, gives her words in a bewildered tone.


 Alexis reluctantly pulls his p*nis out of Fransisca. Still, he felt that he would not be able to enjoy himself if he did not do something about this first.

 ”Mmm, ugh…”

 Fransisca’s body trembled with a thrill from the sensation of having his p*nis pulled out. She slowly raised herself up.

 ”It’s okay. I’m… always with you.”

 Fransisca whispered to Alexis, who nodded and turned to Valencia. But Valencia was already sobbing.

 ”*Sob*… *Sob*…. Ueee—I, I’m… sorry, I’m sorry… I’m so pathetic…! Don’t mind me… Don’t worry about me! I’m a miserable creature!”

 When Alexis reaches for her hand, Valencia backs away and tries to move away.

 ”No, you don’t have to say that.”

 Alexis was troubled, but he knew she was in over her head, so he pushed Valencia down halfway.

 ”*Sob*… *Sob*… I’m just miserable even if you give me such a favor, so…”

 Valencia writhed. But it was not very forceful, so Alexis dug his fingers deep into her blonde hair-covered pussy.

 There is a gurgling sound.

 He stirs it, and a wet, messy sensation envelops his finger.

 ”Hyaahhh—! I don’t want to, I don’t want to—”

 Valencia’s reaction was loud.

 ”Haaah— ahhhhh— What is this…!?”

 Valencia herself looked puzzled.

 The other day, when Alexis holds her, she knew how good s*x felt. She thought she knew it, but…

 ”Ah… Ah, ah… I’m so miserable, I should be so miserable…”

 Valencia rolls herself over onto her stomach.

 Alexis covers her back so as not to let her go, and then he stretches out his cock and moves it back and forth over Valencia’s muddy place.

 ”Oh, oh, ohhhh!”

 Valencia’s eyes narrowed and her body shook violently.

 ”I’m sorry, Alexis-samaa—! I’m so miserable, I’m so pathetic— Ah, ahhhhh— My inside is squeezing— Ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Valencia’s whole body convulsed. Then she relaxed her tense limbs and laid her body on the bed.

 ”Ahhh— I’m sorry… I’m sorry that someone like me came, even though I’m in such a lowly position… Ah, ahhh…”

 Alexis again pulls Valencia, who is drifting in and out of consciousness, to sit on his cross-legged knees with his back to the floor.

 He extends his tentacle and pokes the honey pot with his glans, causing Valencia’s body to jump up and down.

 ”Ah— No, no, no! I can’t let someone like Alexis-sama play with a lowly woman like me—”

 Despite her words, Valencia seems to be the type of person who finds comfort in being miserable. Maybe it’s because of her memories from her training as a trainee.

 And Alexis tries to make her feel as good as he can, and whispers in her ear, “Yes, I know,” he says.

 ”You really are a miserable little thing”

 As he says this, he slowly thrusts his cock deep into Valencia’s honey pot.

 ”Oh, oh, oh—”

 Valencia’s body was shaking and trembling, even though she had already reached the end of her orgasm once.

 ”I didn’t know you could feel so much. You perverted, lowly bitch!”

 Valencia’s reaction is loud as Alexis piston his p*nis with a stronger tone of voice.

 ”Hwahh, ah, ahh—! Oh, no, no! I, I didn’t mean—!”

 Valencia’s whole body was shaking, but she managed to resist.

 But her resistance was not against Alexis’ words. It was a response to her own heightened sensitivity to the abuse. The proof of this was in the words of Alexis.

 ”What are you pretending to be, you pervert? You’re still enjoying the verbal abuse, aren’t you? Look at the look on your face. Tell yourself I’m a sow and admit your lowliness.”

 Alexis says coldly.

 But Valencia’s head was hot and white.

 ”Y-Yes, haah, haah, I am a lowly sow—!”

 The next thing she knew, she was yelling out to herself.

 Hearing those words, Alexis is convinced that he is right.

 From the very beginning, she had been willing to challenge him to a difficult position, even if it meant crying.

 He had always thought it was because she was simply stupid, but maybe she was unconsciously seeking for such a situation.

 ”Okay. You miserable animal!”

 Alexis strongly assured Valencia.

 ”And you’re happy to have my cock in your pussy, aren’t you?”

 Alexis grabbed Valencia by the back of the head and pulled.

 Valencia’s chin lifted as he did so, and she shook again.

 ”Oh, oh, oh…”

 Valencia kept her chin averted and her eyes narrowed in ecstasy.

 ”Ah, ahhh, I’m so happy— I’m so happy, Alexis, samaa!”

 As Valencia’s hair is pulled back as she speaks brokenly, Alexis rubs the inside of her vagina more vigorously with his cock, and she moans out, “Ohhhhhh!”

 ”Ah, ah! Ahh! Alexis-sama’s precious cock is— Ah, ahh! Inside me, inside this lowly me, ahhhhh…!”

 Alexis was bouncing on his knees, stirring Valencia’s insides.

 Valencia’s vagina, perhaps containing the afterglow of her earlier orgasm, was trembling and clamping down on Alexis’ cock several times.

 ”Haaaaahhhhhh— I’m going to come— I’m coming again, even though I’m so low—”

 ”Haah, haah… are you coming again? Are you going to cum again, you animal?”

 When Alexis verbally torments her like this, Valencia’s vaginal walls begin to tighten more and more.

 ”Hii— Yes, I’m, I’m— Ah, ahhhhh!!”

 Valencia was shaking and trembling as she reached her goal again.

 ”Ugh, damn…!”

 The tightness inside Valencia became even stronger.

 Alexis pulled out his cock and stood up, pulling Valencia down from her knees. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up.

 ”Here, let me shower you with my cum. Isn’t that good for a bitch?”

 Alexis brought a load to the top of Valencia’s head and ejaculated into it.

 Valencia’s hair was drenched with a huge amount of white cum, which was spurting out in a powerful gush.

 ”Oh, oh, oh…”

 Valencia closed her eyes with a prodigal expression as she felt her whole body being drenched with cum.

 ”Haah… I’m…”

 Valencia is staring blankly, her voice sounding weak.

 ”Aren’t you happy? Aren’t you honored to have my precious cum on you?”

 When Alexis said this, Valencia nodded her head.

 ”Y-Yes. Alexis-sama is Her Highness’s Master and it’s too much to ask you to do this to me, who’s no more than a slave…”

 After hearing those words, Alexis let go of Valencia’s hand and released her.

 Valencia seemed to fall down on the bed and seemed to have found a drop of semen from her hair on Alexis’ finger.


 Valencia kneels down and stretches her tongue on Alexis’ leg.

 ”Mmm… *Slurpp*…”

 Valencia kissed Alexis’ leg and licked his semen.

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Can I clean you up, please?”

 Valencia says in a muffled voice, and carefully licks off the white cum.


 Seeing her unexpected behavior, Alexis was about to stretch out his p*nis again even though he had just taken it out.

 However, he looked away, thinking that it would be better to refrain from a second round, and saw that Fransisca had one hand on her breast and the other hand on her secret place to comfort herself.

 ”Are you masturbating again?”

 When Alexis asked her, Fransisca’s body trembled.

 Her cheeks are upturned, her eyes are moist, and her breathing is labored.

 ”B-Because… I was on my way… but I couldn’t hold back…”

 Seeing Fransisca’s slurred excuses, Alexis had a brilliant idea.

 ”Oh. You couldn’t stand it? And with whose permission are you doing this?”

 He asked nastily, putting his hand on Fransisca’s head, and she said, “I’m sorry”.

 ”I-I don’t have anyone’s permission… not even Alexis-sama’s permission… So, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 ”But, you did come, did you?”

 When Alexis confirmed this, Fransisca looked flustered and shook her head widely.

 ”No, that’s not true! I’m not allowed to come without Alexis-sama’s permission… Haah, haah…. I already know that…”

 Even as she speaks, Fransisca seems to be getting more and more aroused, the vermilion on her cheeks increasing.

 ”I see. You haven’t come yet”

 Alexis confirms again, and Fransisca rubs her cheek sweetly against his leg.

 ”Y-Yes. So, so, Alexis-sama… about me…”

 She gives Alexis a flirtatious look.

 Unexpectedly, Alexis’ crotch begins to stretch again. Fransisca’s cheeks break into a smile.

 Alexis smiles at her and says.



 The next moment, Fransisca looks blatantly stunned.

 Alexis wanted to smirk, but he held it in and told her what he had thought of.

 ”This is for masturbating next to me without permission. You’ll have to leave for a while. No masturbation, of course. No cumming. Do you understand?”

 ”Eh? What? No, no, no—”

 Fransisca was very upset.

 Of course she was. In her experience, she had never expected to be rejected.

 But once Alexis had the idea to do this, he had no intention of reversing the proposal.

 ”Besides, break time is almost over. You know what I mean?”

 Fransisca seemed to have no choice but to back off.

 ”I-I understand…”

 She pulls away, but her upturned cheeks are still shaking, as if her body is tingling.

 (—Well, how long she can keep this up?)

 With this thought in mind, Alexis decided to monitor Fransisca’s progress.

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